Maine Environmental Policy Institute

About the Maine Environmental Policy Institute

The mission of the Maine Environmental Policy Institute (MEPI) is to help Mainers understand the importance of healthy ecosystems to their families and communities. The Institute, an independent nonprofit organization based in Hallowell, Maine, is dedicated to researching environmental challenges facing the state and reporting this research to policy makers and the public. MEPI has received the Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence and the Sierra Club's Environmental Media Award.

MEPI projects include:

  • Maine Environmental News
  • Black Bears: A Situation Analysis on Baiting and Hounding, the centerpiece of a nonpartisan voter's guide to November's bear-baiting referendum.
  • North Woods Reports, featuring the work of veteran journalist Phyllis Austin.
  • Forest Practices in Salmon Watersheds
  • Low Impact Forestry
  • West Nile Virus Mosquito Control
  • Eat Local Foods Coalition

    William Sugg is the director of the Institute. Will has worked in conservation field work, research, and policy since 1986, for the Smithsonian Institution, The Peregrine Fund, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Forest Ecology Network. Will is past editor of The Green Disk, a computerized encyclopedia of contemporary environmental issues. He has a zoology degree from North Carolina State University, and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy from George Mason University.

    He is the founder of Planet Maine Web Design and Hosting.

    Maine Environmental Policy Institute
    210 Water Street, POB 347, Hallowell, Maine 04347.