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News items posted on since June 1, 2000, listed with newer items at top of list....

Future dim for Allagash lawsuit   (Bangor Daily News, 8/22/07)

Plum Creek hearings sought for Greenville   (Bangor Daily News, 8/20/07)

Goldfinches, cedar waxwings are late breeders   (Bangor Daily News, 8/20/07)

Saco to consider buying second wind turbine   (Portland Press Herald, 8/20/07)

Opponents Say Kibby Windmills Will Ruin Spectacular View   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/20/07)

Eat local, and change the world   (Portland Press Herald, 8/18/07)

Maine Farm Days gives agriculture a chance to shine in Clinton   (Bangor Daily News, 8/18/07)

Wood boiler debate heats up   (Bangor Daily News, 8/17/07)

Ruling: Pollution papers are open to all   (Portland Press Herald, 8/17/07)

Outdoor Wood Boilers Scrutinized at BEP Hearing   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/16/07)

Maine Farm Days begins tomorrow in Clinton   (Portland Press Herald, 8/16/07)

Incinerator's operator agrees to pay penalty   (Portland Press Herald, 8/16/07)

Town councilor's remarks anger Katahdin company   (Bangor Daily News, 8/16/07)

Editorial: New rules to reduce pollution from and complaints about outdoor wood boilers   (Bangor Daily News, 8/16/07)

Opinion: Status has helped Maine protect its land from being used as a low-level nuclear waste dump   (Bangor Daily News, 8/16/07)

Eight Thousand Acres Being Added to Baxter Park   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/15/07)

Potential energy savings have towns seeing green   (Portland Press Herald, 8/15/07)

Beach pollution fight heads inland   (Portland Press Herald, 8/15/07)

Professor to discuss saving of Maine's sea birds   (Portland Press Herald, 8/15/07)

Editorial: Backyard wood-fired boilers neat for owners, but not always for neighbors   (Portland Press Herald, 8/15/07)

Two major land deals may affect public access   (Bangor Daily News, 8/15/07)

DIF&W identifies 'big cat' fur sample as that of red fox   (Bangor Daily News, 8/15/07)

Opinion: Too much access isn't a good thing   (Kennebec Journal, 8/15/07)

Editorial: Proposal to put 38 wind turbines on Stetson Mountain in Washington County   (Bangor Daily News, 8/14/07)

Wood burners save money, but often anger neighbors   (Kennebec Journal, 8/12/07)

Local farmers' markets add color to summer   (Kennebec Journal, 8/12/07)

Opinion: Maine should stop burning and develop true alternate energy sources   (Portland Press Herald, 8/12/07)

Annual meeting of the China Lake Association   (Kennebec Journal, 8/11/07)

Baldacci honors two for forestry contributions   (Bangor Daily News, 8/11/07)

Terns’ delicate aerial ballet most captivating   (Bangor Daily News, 8/11/07)

Castine: High number of cancer cases raises alarms   (Bangor Daily News, 8/11/07)

Opinion: Merging Maine's forest past and forest future   (Bangor Daily News, 8/11/07)

DEP staff backs Sappi plan to burn wood waste for fuel   (Portland Press Herald, 8/9/07)

Groups to sue over habitat of Canada lynx   (Portland Press Herald, 8/9/07)

Plum Creek study: Taxes would outpace services   (Portland Press Herald, 8/9/07)

LURC forum targets wind farm noise   (Bangor Daily News, 8/9/07)

Household Chemicals Focus of Portland Conference   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/8/07)

Opinion: Governor's Task Force Regarding the Management of Public Lands and Publicly-held Easements   (Kennebec Journal, 8/8/07)

Concerns heard about wind farm   (Bangor Daily News, 8/8/07)

Editorial: A stronger LURC   (Bangor Daily News, 8/8/07)

Opinion: Have you had the chance to read about Plum Creek’s plans for Moosehead Lake?   (Bangor Daily News, 8/8/07)

Brooksville: EPA schedules informational meeting on Callahan mine site   (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/07)

Protecting environment linked to peace   (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/07)

Editorial: Restricting days at sea has failed to stop overfishing   (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/07)

Opinion: Maine farmers express why they wanted Bt corn   (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/07)

Commissioner admits improper LURC contact   (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/07)

Officials fear rescue scenario for Plum Creek   (Kennebec Journal, 8/7/07)

Editorial: Maine should be bankrolling research into cellulosic ethanol   (Portland Press Herald, 8/5/07)

Bacteria counts better at beaches   (Kennebec Journal, 8/4/07)

Editorial: Approval of Bt corn   (Kennebec Journal, 8/2/07)

Editorial: Critical habitat designation for Maine's lynx   (Kennebec Journal, 8/2/07)

Opinion: Tunas follow the food fish to Canada   (Portland Press Herald, 8/1/07)

Mars Hill wind farm attracts tourists   (Portland Press Herald, 8/1/07)

Scientists look for ocean intruders   (Portland Press Herald, 7/31/07)

Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance grants   (Kennebec Journal, 7/28/07)

Review of how quarries affect the Kennebec River   (Kennebec Journal, 7/28/07)

Kennebunkport Conservation Trust's volunteer island stewards   (Portland Press Herald, 7/30/07)

Borestone Mountain: For one day Audubon opens its private lodge to nature-loving public   (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/07)

Lynx habitat, populations under review   (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/07)

Moosehead region to hold subdivision hearing   (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/07)

Opinion: Milfoil proves much easier to acquire than control   (Portland Press Herald, 7/29/07)

Billboard ban: A law for sore eyes   (Portland Press Herald, 7/29/07)

Maine allows farms to grow modified corn   (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/07)

Home-grown energy generates hot neighbors and ill winds   (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/07)

Editorial: Verso decision should aim to get the Androscoggin up to Clean Water Act standards   (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/07)

Dead whale found off Petit Manan   (Bangor Daily News, 7/28/07)

LURC backs zoning change   (Bangor Daily News, 7/28/07)

Modified corn OK'd for Maine farmers   (Bangor Daily News, 7/28/07)

Plum Creek opponents change strategy   (Bangor Daily News, 7/28/07)

Maine To Allow Genetically Modified "BT" Corn   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/27/07)

Groups Challenge LURC Authority Over Plum Creek Plan   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/27/07)

Trying to keep nests of terns on the Maine coast safe from predators   (Kennebec Journal, 7/27/07)

Editorial: Lynx review   (Bangor Daily News, 7/27/07)

Editorial: Mercury in the water   (Bangor Daily News, 7/26/07)

Maine Fisheries and Wildlife officials await new invasion   (Kennebec Journal, 7/27/07)

Access to land owned by state still a hot issue   (Bangor Daily News, 7/26/07)

Baldacci names members to new Allagash panel   (Bangor Daily News, 7/25/07)

Passengers find Island Explorer system to be easy, environmentally friendly   (Bangor Daily News, 7/25/07)

Messalonskee group plans war on milfoil   (Kennebec Journal, 7/23/07)

Ruling on lynx protections mishandled, to be reviewed   (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/07)

Eat fish or avoid it? Scientists weigh in   (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/07)

Solar home or 'monstrosity'?   (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/07)

Editorial: Wind Power Picks Up   (Bangor Daily News, 7/24/07)

Land acquisition fund seeks voter OK to borrow additional $17M   (Associated Press, 7/23/07)

Tracking Thoreau, day by day   (Portland Press Herald, 7/23/07)

Popular conservation fund appealing for more money   (Portland Press Herald, 7/23/07)

Hundreds across state participate in count of loons   (Bangor Daily News, 7/23/07)

Greenville: DOT slates hearing on Plum Creek   (Bangor Daily News, 7/23/07)

Down East: LNG discussions wrap up   (Bangor Daily News, 7/23/07)

Dixmont Dairy farm fails to clean up act   (Bangor Daily News, 7/23/07)

Cell phones being used to call Maine owls   (Kennebec Journal, 7/23/07)

Annual loon count held in central Maine   (Kennebec Journal, 7/23/07)

Opinion: Why we didn't use the nasty stuff on Messalonskee Lake, Isn't poisoning a lake cheaper than building a new ramp?   (Kennebec Journal, 7/23/07)

Selected quotes from Thoreau's travels in Maine   (Associated Press, 7/22/07)

New map pays tribute to Thoreau's journeys in Maine's North Woods   (Associated Press, 7/22/07)

Editorial: Katahdin is a wonderful mountain, and Baxter State Park is a true gem   (Portland Press Herald, 7/22/07)

Opinion: Toxic chemicals inside us are a nightmare we can end   (Portland Press Herald, 7/22/07)

Opinion: Can promises be fulfilled for new power plant?   (Portland Press Herald, 7/22/07)

Horseshoe crabs spawn a mystery   (Portland Press Herald, 7/21/07)

Warblers consistent songsters   (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/07)

Decision on lynx sparks investigation   (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/07)

Fishing top issue at LNG hearing   (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/07)

Eco-paddler ends East Coast voyage   (Village Soup, 7/20/07)

Thoreau and Indian Guides to be Honored in Greenville   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/20/07)

Opinion: Biotech-enhanced crops can co-exist   (Portland Press Herald, 7/20/07)

Plan for power plant unveiled   (Portland Press Herald, 7/20/07)

New wind-energy plan builds support   (Portland Press Herald, 7/19/07)

Opponents lay out concerns about LNG plant proposal   (Bangor Daily News, 7/19/07)

Economy vs. environment focus of LNG forum testimony   (Bangor Daily News, 7/18/07)

Wind project garners support   (Bangor Daily News, 7/18/07)

Coastal Choices: Learning from Five Conservation Success Stories on Maine's Coast   (Maine Coast Heritage Trust, 7/18/07)

Volunteers aid health of China lakes   (Kennebec Journal, 7/18/07)

Audubon Society Backs Washington County Wind Farm Plan   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/17/07)

Editorial: Before Maine gets Bt corn, protect organic farmers' crops protection   (Portland Press Herald, 7/14/07)

Pesticide panel mulls Bt-modified corn   (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/07)

Gov. Baldacci, son and team scale Katahdin   (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/07)

Editorial: Money from Maine’s conservation license plates   (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/07)

Maine may finally let Bt corn be grown, sold   (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/07)

LURC members tour wind farm in Mars Hill to gain perspective   (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/07)

New Generation of Electric Cars Being Sold in Maine   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/12/07)

Editorial: Black Nubble wind project's undeniable merits   (Kennebec Journal, 7/12/07)

Global Warming could hurt Maine industries   (Portland Press Herald, 7/12/07)

Searsport: Panel aims to draw port, conservation boundaries   (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/07)

Hearing on new span over Allagash nixed   (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/07)

Deal to restore fish runs   (Portland Press Herald, 7/11/07)

Lobstermen worry deal will rush whale protections   (Portland Press Herald, 7/11/07)

Sappi Fine Paper agrees to remove a dam and build passageways   (Portland Press Herald, 7/11/07)

Editorial: Killing lots of deer no real strategy for tick control   (Portland Press Herald, 7/11/07)

Holden: Developer warns councilor in deer habitat tussle   (Bangor Daily News, 7/11/07)

Parties OK deadline in fishing gear suit   (Bangor Daily News, 7/11/07)

Recycling simplified with 'single-stream'   (Bangor Daily News, 7/11/07)

Acadia National Park: Falcon nesting sites fail   (Bangor Daily News, 7/11/07)

Opinion: Whose job is it to foster landowner-sportsman ties?   (Kennebec Journal, 7/11/07)

Owner Of Former Holtrachem Plant Seeks Appeal To U.S. Supreme Court   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/10/07)

Sappi, Regulators And Environmentalists Announce Agreement On Presumpscot Dam Removal   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/10/07)

New Federal Rules To Settle Lawsuit Over Whale Entanglements   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/10/07)

Black Nubble wind project supporters line up   (Kennebec Journal, 7/10/07)

Editorial: Restrict use of ATVs by children   (Kennebec Journal, 7/10/07)

Editorial: New boat launch on Messalonskee Lake   (Kennebec Journal, 7/10/07)

HoltraChem case could go before nation's highest court   (Bangor Daily News, 7/10/07)

Forest owners under pressure to sell off land   (Portland Press Herald, 7/9/07)

Residents organize to oppose mining plan   (Portland Press Herald, 7/9/07)

Whippoorwills have declined by as much as half in the last four decades   (Bangor Daily News, 7/9/07)

Experts back deer hunts to fight disease   (Bangor Daily News, 7/9/07)

Mainers take part in Live Earth event   (Kennebec Journal, 7/8/07)

Messages accompany music on Live Earth day   (Portland Press Herald, 7/8/07)

Live Earth concerts taking heat amid hype   (Portland Press Herald, 7/8/07)

Editorial: Climate change test   (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/07)

Trail festival to celebrate Thoreau's 1857 trek   (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/07)

BEP faces tough issues, prepares for LNG hearings   (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/07)

Live Earth showings set for Maine, world   (Portland Press Herald, 7/5/07)

State biologists probe sighting of mountain lion   (Bangor Daily News, 7/5/07)

Local Vegetable Growers Seeking the Attention of Whole Foods Store   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/4/07)

Government holds up new fuel sources   (Portland Press Herald, 7/4/07)

Editorial: Canada lynx litters decline, but nobody really knows why   (Portland Press Herald, 7/4/07)

Public invited to Open Farm Day   (Kennebec Journal, 7/2/07)

Editorial: Wood ethanol shows that Maine can play   (Portland Press Herald, 7/2/07)

Energy measure has state worried   (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/07)

Feds to support state conservation effort   (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/07)

Opinion: Chemical testing results startling   (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/07)

Eider ducklings face uncertain future   (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/07)

Opinion: I have created a wildlife habitat in my backyard   (Kennebec Journal, 6/30/07)

Fall Atlantic salmon season approved   (Portland Press Herald, 6/30/07)

Already, '07 a year of bad air days   (Portland Press Herald, 6/30/07)

Farm vacations bring quiet thrill   (Portland Press Herald, 6/29/07)

Rainforest Alliance Awards First SmartLogging Certification to Maine Master Logger Certification Program   (Rainforest Alliance, 6/29/07)

Fort Halifax Dam deal rejected   (Kennebec Journal, 6/29/07)

Is it a mountain lion?   (Kennebec Journal, 6/29/07)

Governor names members of wind power task force   (Portland Press Herald, 6/29/07)

Bar Harbor: July 4 events to go green   (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/07)

State's bald eagles still protected by laws despite federal delisting   (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/07)

Maine salmon commission approves fall fishing season - but with a catch   (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/07)

All sides hail compromise on shorebird habitat bill   (Bangor Daily News, 6/28/07)

Saco has financial deal with MERC   (Portland Press Herald, 6/28/07)

It's ATVs vs. landowners over access   (Portland Press Herald, 6/25/07)

Editorial: Plum Creek proposal inspires wider debate   (Portland Press Herald, 6/25/07)

Opinion: American Indians have shown the way in respecting earth   (Portland Press Herald, 6/25/07)

Opinion: The true cost of losing the meadowlark's song   (Kennebec Journal, 6/24/07)

Bear attacks on humans in Maine rare, but possible   (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/07)

Black-crowned night herons easy to identify   (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/07)

Editorial: Localized rules as a way to increase fish populations   (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/07)

Bill enacted to alter water extraction rules   (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/07)

Wood chips prove ethanol grows on trees   (Portland Press Herald, 6/22/07)

Kids' column on climate now national must-read   (Portland Press Herald, 6/22/07)

Groups ramp up dissent against Moosehead plan   (Bangor Daily News, 6/19/07)

Maine takes aim at global warming   (Bangor Daily News, 6/19/07)

Editorial: There is no excuse for not switching to the curly bulbs   (Bangor Daily News, 6/19/07)

Opinion: Maine’s system of fish and wildlife management is broken   (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/07)

Editorial: Time to get wind power moving   (Kennebec Journal, 6/18/07)

School experiences helped map environmental activist's path   (Portland Press Herald, 6/17/07)

Maine beginning an effort to try to curb 'flushed' prescriptions   (Kennebec Journal, 6/16/07)

Despite appeal of wind energy, projects have foes   (Bangor Daily News, 6/16/07)

Opinion: Unplugging the myths of our energy future   (Bangor Daily News, 6/16/07)

Anglers hoping for the revival of a traditional spring Atlantic salmon season   (Bangor Daily News, 6/16/07)

State launches recycling plan for CFLs   (Bangor Daily News, 6/15/07)

Editorial: Chemical trespass in our bodies   (Kennebec Journal, 6/14/07)

Group of fourth-graders in Portland creates a list of priorities to stop global warming   (Portland Press Herald, 6/14/07)

Preserve keeps Buxton property intact   (Portland Press Herald, 6/14/07)

Experts: Climate change is affecting Maine's ecosystem   (Bangor Daily News, 6/14/07)

Popular Energy-Saving Bulbs Pose Disposal Problem   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 6/13/07)

Kennebec River bill wins Senate approval   (Kennebec Journal, 6/13/07)

Environmental bond wins   (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/07)

A new study of chemical pollution in Maine people   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 6/12/07)

New study finds that Maine people are polluted with dozens of hazardous chemicals found in the products used every day   (Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine, 6/12/07)

Study shows everyday items expose all of us to pollutants   (Kennebec Journal, 6/12/07)

Study finds 36 toxic chemicals in bodies of Mainers tested   (Portland Press Herald, 6/12/07)

Tests on 13 Mainers find industrial chemicals   (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/07)

Meetings to focus on salmon seasons   (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/07)

Toxins found in systems of 13 Mainers   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 6/12/07)

Environmental Regulators to Take Close Look at Toxic Pesticides   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 6/11/07)

Law seeks more protection for striped bass   (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/07)

Newport: Farmers markets busy, branching out   (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/07)

Editorial: LURC unanimously approved the rezoning of 244 acres for a $65 million resort   (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/07)

Editorial: A Better Energy Bill   (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/07)

Opinion: Energy security depends on LNG terminals   (Portland Press Herald, 6/5/07)

LURC prepares to tackle full slate of projects   (Bangor Daily News, 6/8/07)

LURC to weigh scaled-down wind farm project   (Bangor Daily News, 6/7/07)

Environmental groups support one wind power project   (Bangor Daily News, 6/7/07)

Opinion: Climate Change Calls for Leadership on Wind Power   (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/07)

Global warming already affecting New England   (Portland Press Herald, 6/5/07)

On N.H. mountaintop, dire warnings on global warming   (Associated Press, 6/5/07)

Petitioners seek end to December partridge hunting statewide   (Bangor Daily News, 6/5/07)

U.S. salmon plan earns perfect score   (Bangor Daily News, 6/5/07)

Wild Atlantic Salmon Focus of 16 Nation Review   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 6/4/07)

Mount Katahdin: Volunteers aid trail cleanup at Baxter State Park   (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/07)

Editorial: Wind compromise   (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/07)

Cleanup slated for along the Kennebec   (Kennebec Journal, 6/4/07)

LURC staff endorses resort's rezoning plan   (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/07)

EPA deal OKs mill for pulp process   (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/07)

Editorial: Localized fish management   (Bangor Daily News, 5/29/07)

Conservationists select Drouin   (Kennebec Journal, 5/29/07)

Editorial: Alewives will give you a run for your money   (Kennebec Journal, 5/30/07)

Opinion: Garbage and pesticides as economic development   (Bangor Daily News, 5/28/07)

Rachel Carson's legacy endures   (Portland Press Herald, 5/27/07)

Carson refuge nestles quietly near growth   (Portland Press Herald, 5/27/07)

Opinion: Fisheries will recover, but Maine has lost its place at sea   (Portland Press Herald, 5/27/07)

For Some Investors, Money Grows on Trees   (New York Times, 5/27/07)

Car dealer to industry: Come clean   (Portland Press Herald, 5/25/07)

Quoddy Bay LNG meeting draws foes   (Bangor Daily News, 5/25/07)

Editorial: Maine right to support California push for clean air   (Portland Press Herald, 5/24/07)

Wardens say leave wildlife in the wild   (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/07)

Bear trap bill rejected by House 82-60   (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/07)

Opinion: Maine Mountain Power’s recently revised wind-energy plan   (The Phoenix, 5/23/07)

Eastport outlines LNG site concerns   (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/07)

2006 Land Heritage Award Presented to Tin Smith   (Maine Coast Heritage Trust, 5/23/07)

Maine joins call for EPA to let states cut emissions   (Portland Press Herald, 5/22/07)

Editorial: President made it clear he will do nothing to require cars to use less gasoline   (Bangor Daily News, 5/21/07)

Exploration of tidal power moves forward   (Portland Press Herald, 5/21/07)

Shutdown of New England's largest seal rescue and rehabilitation organization   (Portland Press Herald, 5/21/07)

Editorial: River restoration bill would entail many costs   (Portland Press Herald, 5/21/07)

'Good bugs' control pests at Madison tomato greenhouse -- without chemicals   (Kennebec Journal, 5/21/07)

Opinion: Another bear-hunting referendum will surely trap one thing -- money   (Portland Press Herald, 5/20/07)

Freedom wind project returns   (Kennebec Journal, 5/20/07)

Spring storms take toll on Maine's bald eaglets   (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/07)

State's role looms large in monitoring waste flow   (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/07)

Measure to ban deca advances in Augusta   (Bangor Daily News, 5/18/07)

Bear-trapping foes continue after 11-1 vote against measure   (Bangor Daily News, 5/18/07)

C.N. Brown, based in South Paris, fined $175,500 by EPA   (Kennebec Journal, 5/18/07)

Power to pedalers: Save gas, save climate, save health   (Portland Press Herald, 5/18/07)

15 seals released back into the sea   (Portland Press Herald, 5/18/07)

Lobstermen Win Skirmish In Whale-Gear War   (Ellsworth American, 5/17/07)

Editorial: Compromise to lower dangerous pollution from outdoor wood boilers   (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/07)

Opinion: Bill requires dam owners to provide safe and effective passage for all twelve species of diadromous fish   (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/07)

LL Bean changes paper supplier   (Portland Press Herald, 5/16/07)

EPA awards five grants to help revitalize brownfields in Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 5/16/07)

Opinion: Free our fish to move freely up and down rivers   (Portland Press Herald, 5/16/07)

Fishery group seeks localized oversight plan   (Bangor Daily News, 5/16/07)

Freedom might nix ordinance that stopped wind farm   (Kennebec Journal, 5/15/07)

Landfill breaks ground on gas-to-energy project   (Bangor Daily News, 5/15/07)

1,500 Scientists Worldwide Call for Protection of Canada's Boreal Forest   (Boreal Songbird Initiative, 5/14/07)

Editorial: Weaning the U.S. off foreign oil Higher fuel efficiency is first step   (Kennebec Journal, 5/14/07)

Opinion: Greenhouse gas legislation fits Maine's conservation ethic   (Kennebec Journal, 5/14/07)

'Green' power lights state buildings   (Portland Press Herald, 5/14/07)

Sustainability and respect for the environment were the themes during commencement ceremonies for at Unity College   (Portland Press Herald, 5/13/07)

Maine Public Utilities Commission campaign calls for 10,000 carbon-free homes   (Portland Press Herald, 5/13/07)

Reviving Scarborough property as an organic produce and livestock farm   (Portland Press Herald, 5/14/07)

Visitors flock to festival highlighting MDI's birds   (Bangor Daily News, 5/12/07)

Panel rejects ban on bear traps 11-1   (Kennebec Journal, 5/11/07)

Editorial: Bear trapping should be relegated to history   (Portland Press Herald, 5/11/07)

Groups divided over wind power project   (Kennebec Journal, 5/10/07)

Found a baby animal? Let it be   (Portland Press Herald, 5/10/07)

Opinion: Keep environment in mind when preparing for summer   (Portland Press Herald, 5/10/07)

Redington Project Scaled Back in Effort to Draw Support   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 5/9/07)

Bear-trap debate is aired   (Kennebec Journal, 5/9/07)

Proposed bear-trapping ban stirs great debate   (Portland Press Herald, 5/9/07)

Opinion: Look before we leap on carbon taxes   (Portland Press Herald, 5/9/07)

Opinion: Look before we leap on carbon taxes   (Portland Press Herald, 5/9/07)

Bear-trapping debate gets heated at hearing on bill   (Bangor Daily News, 5/8/07)

Augusta to help Togus Pond group seek grant   (Kennebec Journal, 5/8/07)

DIFW set to create task force on deer   (Bangor Daily News, 5/8/07)

Editorial: The cost of including hunting access to preserve the land around Katahdin Lake   (Bangor Daily News, 5/8/07)

Fish could soon be back in Cape E brook again   (Portland Press Herald, 5/7/07)

Hybrids are still a rarity -- only 0.29 percent of vehicles on the road   (Kennebec Journal, 5/8/07)

Hybrids are still a rarity -- only 0.29 percent of vehicles on the road   (Kennebec Journal, 5/5/07)

New steps in Annabessacook oil probe   (Portland Press Herald, 5/5/07)

Test your air-quality awareness, celebrate clean air   (Portland Press Herald, 5/3/07)

Biddeford OKs five-year contract with trash plant   (Portland Press Herald, 5/3/07)

Opinion: Ban chemicals found in baby bottles, toys   (Portland Press Herald, 5/3/07)

Developer proposes smaller wind farm near Sugarloaf   (Bangor Daily News, 5/3/07)

Wind turbine noise raises concern   (Bangor Daily News, 5/3/07)

Legislature to Consider Risk of Chemicals in Baby Bottles and Toys   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 5/2/07)

Decline of honeybees threatens spring crops   (Kennebec Journal, 5/2/07)

Katahdin Lake deal in jeopardy   (Portland Press Herald, 5/1/07)

8,000-acre land deal in trouble   (Bangor Daily News, 5/1/07)

Shorebird habitat deal brokered   (Bangor Daily News, 5/1/07)

Editorial: Papering over pollution   (Bangor Daily News, 5/1/07)

Decline of honeybees threatens spring crops   (Kennebec Journal, 5/1/07)

Lawmakers Attempt to Clarify Wind Power Permitting Regulations   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 4/30/07)

Androscoggin Cleanup Still a Major Environmental Issue   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 4/30/07)

Opponents of bear trapping take message to YouTube   (Kennebec Journal, 4/30/07)

Dixfield presentation on global warming   (Kennebec Journal, 4/30/07)

Managing Katahdin Lake next for park   (Bangor Daily News, 4/30/07)

Webcam eagles rekindle hopes   (Bangor Daily News, 4/30/07)

Washington County: LURC approves wind farm application   (Bangor Daily News, 4/30/07)

Editorial: Government reports about the cost of climate change   (Bangor Daily News, 4/30/07)

Pingree has body tested for 67 chemicals found in everyday items   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/29/07)

Sherman Lake's death gives life to marsh - again   (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/07)

Ogunquit envisions lure of being 'green town'   (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/07)

Methane captured from a Hampden landfill will be used to generate electricity   (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/07)

Climate debate stays on high heat   (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/07)

Opinion: Rules protect important wading bird and waterfowl habitat, vernal pools that are breeding habitat for small amphibians   (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/07)

Opinion: Dispute over land use hard on the beavers   (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/07)

Revised Plum Creek plan saves shoreland   (Kennebec Journal, 4/28/07)

More Mainers becoming 'locavores'   (Kennebec Journal, 4/28/07)

Dye put in Piscataqua as part of pollution study   (Portland Press Herald, 4/28/07)

Informed Growth Bill both praised, attacked   (Portland Press Herald, 4/28/07)

Critics not swayed by new Plum Creek plan   (Portland Press Herald, 4/28/07)

Plum Creek revises Moosehead plan   (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/07)

Nest boxes easy to set up for bluebirds   (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/07)

Puffin population attracts flocks of enthusiastic fans   (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/07)

Marketers take note: It's a green consumer audience and it's getting greener every week   (Portland Press Herald, 4/28/07)

Plum Creek Unveils Third Version of Development Plans   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 4/27/07)

Grant to help inspections for milfoil   (Kennebec Journal, 4/27/07)

Editorial: Bill to protect organic farmers reaches too far   (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/07)

Opinion: Responding to risks of climate change, By Sen. Susan Collins   (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/07)

UM speakers discuss impact of climate change on fisheries   (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/07)

Legislators hear wood boiler comments   (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/07)

Legislative committee backs ban on deca   (Bangor Daily News, 4/26/07)

Editorial: Good idea: Ganging up on climate change   (Portland Press Herald, 4/26/07)

DEP cites developers of Augusta Crossing   (Kennebec Journal, 4/25/07)

Oil fouls Annabessacook   (Kennebec Journal, 4/25/07)

Lawmakers urged to pass pollution cuts   (Portland Press Herald, 4/25/07)

Experts: BNAS reuse not doomed by pollution   (Portland Press Herald, 4/25/07)

LNG protesters greet FERC officials seals   (Bangor Daily News, 4/25/07)

Liability over gene-altered crops debated   (Bangor Daily News, 4/25/07)

Farmers take sides in organic-modified battle   (Kennebec Journal, 4/24/07)

Clean-energy advocate peddles awareness   (Kennebec Journal, 4/24/07)

Editorial: Policing gravel pits   (Kennebec Journal, 4/24/07)

Experts find traces of deca in seals   (Bangor Daily News, 4/23/07)

Hundreds join at COA to mark Earth Day   (Bangor Daily News, 4/23/07)

Opinion: Will proposed law mean farmer fratricide?   (Kennebec Journal, 4/22/07)

Opinion: Dylan's got the answers about genetic engineering   (Kennebec Journal, 4/22/07)

2 eagle chicks on webcam fail to survive nor'easter   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/07)

Snow, cold have negatively impacted birds   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/07)

Quoddy Bay LNG inks deal with tribe   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/07)

Want to save a planet? Waste not   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/07)

Don't just get clean - get green   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/07)

Editorial: A walk-behind mower emits as much pollution per hour as 11 cars   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/07)

Spring cleanup at the Scarborough Marsh   (Portland Press Herald, 4/22/07)

Volunteers take to streets to warn of lead paint risk   (Portland Press Herald, 4/21/07)

Earth Day celebrations scheduled   (Portland Press Herald, 4/21/07)

Bar Harbor college goes all out for Earth Day   (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/07)

Houlton to be site of major DEP cleanup   (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/07)

Opinion: Brominated flame retardants, or PBDEs, have been a cash cow for the bromine chemical industry for several decades   (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/07)

Ad blitz targets proposed flame-retardants ban   (Portland Press Herald, 4/19/07)

GAO warns of cost tied to changes in climate   (Portland Press Herald, 4/19/07)

Biddeford tables final vote on MERC contract   (Portland Press Herald, 4/19/07)

'Carbon calculator' shows your pollution   (Portland Press Herald, 4/19/07)

Popularity of Allagash documentary could spur use of wilderness waterway   (Bangor Daily News, 4/18/07)

Towns near landfills targeted   (Bangor Daily News, 4/18/07)

Approval of LNG deal confirmed by recount   (Bangor Daily News, 4/18/07)

3 farmers' markets set to operate in Augusta   (Kennebec Journal, 4/17/07)

Eeditorial: Whale rules entangled in suit   (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/07)

Editorial: Maine's attractive 'brand,' as Brookings noted, is put at risk by unplanned development   (Portland Press Herald, 4/16/07)

Editorial: Snow in April is no disproof of climate change   (Portland Press Herald, 4/16/07)

Mainers get in 'step' with climate rally   (Bangor Daily News, 4/16/07)

Opinion: Private property rights vs. saving pristine habitats   (Bangor Daily News, 4/16/07)

Climate rallies join national push   (Portland Press Herald, 4/15/07)

Migrating sandhill cranes an impressive sight   (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/07)

Opinion: Make a commitment to good environmental choices   (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/07)

Editorial: New climate, new policies   (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/07)

Editorial: Bear trapping proposal is not about science   (Portland Press Herald, 4/16/07)

Editorial: Greener' Investing   (Bangor Daily News, 4/13/07)

Editorial: Clean Air Act Foul   (Bangor Daily News, 4/13/07)

Ban On Trash-To-Energy Bill Considered In Augusta   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 4/13/07)

Editorial: Maine's dairy farms are an essential part of our rural landscape   (Kennebec Journal, 4/12/07)

Lobstermen fear whale rules   (Portland Press Herald, 4/12/07)

Foes of MERC contract force special meeting   (Portland Press Herald, 4/12/07)

In Hampden, gas from waste set to become 'green power'   (Portland Press Herald, 4/12/07)

Baby eagle spotted in Maine nest after all   (Bangor Daily News, (4/12/07)

Emissions reduction plan unveiled   (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/07)

Group asks BEP to deny Downeast LNG's application   (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/07)

Opinion: Efforts to control warming may backfire   (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/07)

Opinion: Warming requires action now   (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/07)

Governor's plan would require polluters to pay   (Portland Press Herald, 4/11/07)

Editorial: Questions about Deca should lead to a ban   (Portland Press Herald, 4/11/07)

Heated debate punctuates hearing on shorebird zones   (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/07)

Webcam eagles hatching attempt comes up empty   (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/07)

Hampden landfill to harvest gas power   (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/07)

Center to target salmon research   (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/07)

Opinion: Activities as part of a national initiative to reduce carbon emissions   (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/07)

Proposed expansion at Saddleback Mountain   (Kennebec Journal, 4/11/07)

Opinion: Maine has done a poor job of protecting and managing its native brook trout   (Kennebec Journal, 4/11/07)

Shorebird Habitat Debated at Statehouse   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 4/10/07)

Industry ad ignites deca bill backers   (Bangor Daily News, 4/10/07)

DEP enforcement in '06 brings in $1.3M   (Bangor Daily News, 4/10/07)

Report: Old Town landfill ash OK   (Bangor Daily News, 4/10/07)

Opinion: U.S. needs national policy on global warming now   (Bangor Daily News, 4/10/07)

Shorebird law stirs coastal anger   (Bangor Daily News, 4/9/07)

A spruce forest's secrets revealed   (Bangor Daily News, 4/9/07)

Editorial: No need to hype climate change report   (Portland Press Herald, 4/9/07)

Honeybee die-off hits Maine growers   (Portland Press Herald, 4/8/07)

Opinion: Fresh breeze blows from Supreme Court   (Portland Press Herald, 4/8/07)

Opinion: Lawmakers should leave LURC alone - it's doing fine as it is   (Portland Press Herald, 4/8/07)

The lure and lore of Katahdin through time   (Portland Press Herald, 4/8/07)

Editorial: If offshore aquaculture is to become widespread, it can't be at the expense of forage fish   (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/07)

Dover-Foxcroft couple wants to donate 115 acres as forestry class-room   (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/07)

Bill to ban fire retardant debated by lawmakers   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/07)

Dixmont Farm, EPA reach accord   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/07)

BEP upholds Red Shield boiler permits   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/07)

Editorial: Develop a comprehensive list of preserved lands across the state   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/07)

Opinion: Bills would undermine Land Use Regulation Commission’s ability to balance development and conservation   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/07)

Bill To Ban Flame Retardant Draws Chemical Industry Opposition   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 4/5/07)

$45 million refinery project that would turn forest products into clean-burning oil is on hold   (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/07)

Two Superfund-site buildings to be stripped, donated for Winthrop's use   (Kennebec Journal, 4/5/07)

Phosphorus called key to Manchester modular-home lot OK   (Kennebec Journal, 4/5/07)

Editorial: Time for Congress to address global warming   (Kennebec Journal, 4/5/07)

Editorial: Climate Debate's New Phase   (Bangor Daily News, 4/4/07)

Editorial: Bond package is bipartisan achievement   (Kennebec Journal, 4/4/07)

Arctic charr joins brook trout as Maine Heritage Fish   (Associated Press, 4/4/07)

Justices side with Maine in two air pollution cases   (Portland Press Herald, 4/3/07)

Opinion: LURC can't ignore landowners' rights   (Portland Press Herald, 4/3/07)

Rock goes GREEN   (Portland Press Herald, 4/3/07)

Environmentalists in Maine are applauding two rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court that bolster the federal clean air initiative   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 4/2/07)

Wind Turbine Planned for State Capitol   (Kennebec Journal, 4/1/07)

Editorial: No need to muck up compost permit authority   (Portland Press Herald, 4/2/07)

Agreement is reached on $295 million bond package   (Portland Press Herald, 4/2/07)

Gulf of Maine at center of new fish-farm debate   (Portland Press Herald, 4/2/07)

Poland Spring pays millions to take water from the ground in Fryeburg, but where does the money go?   (Portland Press Herald, 4/2/07)

Editorial: Allagash Advisory Council   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/07)

Owl monitoring program survey a real hoot   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/07)

Officials asked to help improve recycling at Hatch Hill Solid Waste Disposal Facility   (Kennebec Journal, 3/29/07)

Compost fight muddies water   (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/07)

Old Town: Town looking at ecotourism options on river   (Colby College, 3/29/07)

Lawmakers to Address Need for Water Withdrawal Rules   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 3/28/07)

Celebrating Rachel Carson and the Natural World: Friday and Saturday, May 4th and 5th, 2007 at Colby College   (Colby College, 3/28/07)

$75M sought for LMF program   (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/07)

Acadia National Park: Nesting falcons prompt more trail closures   (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/07)

Camden students grow own lunch   (Portland Press Herald, 3/28/07)

Study of water testing program urged   (Portland Press Herald, 3/28/07)

Residents challenged to fight warming   (Portland Press Herald, 3/28/07)

Report: Catch-share programs hold key   (Portland Press Herald, 3/28/07)

Storage tank deal approved in Perry   (Portland Press Herald, 3/28/07)

Editorial: Growth caps push sprawl down the road   (Portland Press Herald, 3/27/07)

Answers to Questions About Liquefied Natural Gas   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 3/26/07)

Support Land for Maine's Future: Attend the Hearing Tuesday or Email Lawmakers Today   (Maine ECO, 3/26/07)

Editorial: State should ban flame retardant   (Kennebec Journal, 3/26/07)

Opinion: State's future shaped by today's investments   (Kennebec Journal, 3/26/07)

Opinion: We can have electricity and eels  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/25/07)

Farm-raised fish from a frightening perspective   (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/07)

Opinion: Region has become a world leader in fisheries regulation   (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/07)

Opinion: Maine has lots of room ­ and reasons ­ for land and research bonds   (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/07)

Editorial: Scuttle 'days at sea' before it sinks the industry   (Portland Press Herald, 3/24/07)

Judge in emissions suit rejects companies' push for secrecy   (Associated Press, 3/24/07)

Maine a model of e-waste disposal   (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/07)

Opinion: Designing the Eco-tecture of community  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/24/07)

Energy gurus tout BNAS 'Eco-plex'  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/23/07)

Toxic Industrial Emissions Up in Maine   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 3/23/07)

Editorial: Eels vs. dams  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/25/07)

Editorial: Expand efforts to fight milfoil   (Kennebec Journal, 3/22/07)

Wildlife officials may turn to zoning laws to protect whitetails' winter habitat   (Bangor Daily News, 3/21/07)

New research: Peregrine falcons show highest toxic "Deca" levels ever reported   (NRCM, 3/21/07)

Maine to receive $4.2M to protect forests   (Bangor Daily News, 3/21/07)

Opinion: Now is not the time to cut LURC off at the knees   (Portland Press Herald, 3/21/07)

Land management practices in keeping with organic practices on all town-owned property  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/20/07)

Editorial: Making the milfoil program more efficient is a clear winner   (Portland Press Herald, 3/20/07)

Maine Audubon Society conducting the Maine Owl Monitoring Program   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/19/07)

Editorial: Legislation to create a mercury monitoring system   (Bangor Daily News, 3/19/07)

Milfoil fighters forced to look for other funds   (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/07)

Award-winning potato resists destructive bugs   (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/07)

Can Maine's industry survive as ground stocks decline and regulations rise?   (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/07)

Debate over bait-fish restrictions keys on issue of invasive species   (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/07)

Opinion: Making the switch to organic foods benefits consumers   (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/07)

Editorial: Eastern cougar haunts land of myth ­ and maybe Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 3/18/07)

Maine at a crosswind   (Portland Press Herald, 3/17/07)

Editorial: Fickle winds blowing in Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 3/18/07)

Special disposal and handling requirements that come with CFLs   (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/07)

Snowy owl, a winter visitor, still being spotted   (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/07)

Opinion: Brunswick's new elementary school will incorporate efficiency and sustainability  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/16/07)

Editorial: Buying Maine food -- not just potatoes   (Kennebec Journal, 3/15/07)

Activists push dam owners to protect fish   (Kennebec Journal, 3/16/07)

"Get Real, Get Maine" campaign promoted at the Wal-Mart Supercenter at Waterville   (Kennebec Journal, 3/16/07)

EPA declares Winthrop site free of chemicals   (Kennebec Journal, 3/15/07)

Winthrop woman proud of anti-pollution efforts   (Kennebec Journal, 3/15/07)

Wind farm would be N.E.'s largest   (Bangor Daily News, 3/14/07)

Brits share advice on greenhouse gas   (Bangor Daily News, 3/14/07)

Freedom awaits next options on wind farm   (Kennebec Journal, 3/14/07)

Opinion: Conservation groups are lobbying for $75 million for the Land for Maine's Future program   (Kennebec Journal, 3/14/07)

Maine Energy trash bid is lowest Biddeford gets   (Portland Press Herald, 3/14/07)

British say reducing emissions aids growth   (Portland Press Herald, 3/14/07)

British MPs View Maine's Climate Change Policy   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 3/13/07)

Are they here? Cougar's existence studied   (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/07)

L.L. Bean envisions 'green retreat' in town   (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/07)

Developer open to scaling back Kennebunk plan   (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/07)

Sears Island panel to resume efforts as factions squabble over future use   (Bangor Daily News, 3/13/07)

Sears Island panel to resume efforts as factions squabble over future use   (Bangor Daily News, 3/13/07)

Canada stands firm against LNG tankers   (Bangor Daily News, 3/13/07)

Wilderness areas grow at faster pace   (Portland Press Herald, 3/12/07)

Senators: Canada can't block LNG ships' path   (Portland Press Herald, 3/12/07)

Allagash documentary debuts in the capital city   (Kennebec Journal, 3/12/07)

Editorial: Fulfilling Maine's promise to stem climate change   (Kennebec Journal, 3/11/07)

Wind farm rejected in Freedom   (Kennebec Journal, 3/10/07)

Canadian position on LNG rejected   (Bangor Daily News, 3/10/07)

Red Shield ash samples test positive for toxic lead levels   (Bangor Daily News, 3/10/07)

Windpower Project Denied in Town of Freedom   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 3/9/07)

Panel wants to preserve 1,047 acres at BNAS site   (Portland Press Herald, 3/9/07)

Regulators: LNG reviews still on   (Portland Press Herald, 3/9/07)

Restricting phosphorus is clearly good for lakes   (Portland Press Herald, 3/9/07)

Anglers upset by commission's salmon ruling   (Bangor Daily News, 3/9/07)

Climate change has 'losers,' but ocean also has 'winners'   (Portland Press Herald, 3/8/07)

Do green lawns make green water?   (Portland Press Herald, 3/8/07)

Editorial: Bills to lift the state’s ban on Sunday hunting have failed   (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/07)

Opinion: Debates on fisheries issues need more reason, less emotion   (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/07)

Feds to move ahead on LNG projects despite Canadian opposition   (Associated Press, 2/24/07)

Opinion: Will Katahdin Lake fight lead to peace elsewhere?   (Kennebec Journal, 3/7/07)

Residents call on city to regulate trash plant odors   (Portland Press Herald, 3/7/07)

Egg opens season two of eagle nature show   (Portland Press Herald, 3/7/07)

Anglers predict 'showdown' against ban   (Bangor Daily News, 3/7/07)

Chlesea clear-cutting nets $20,000 fine   (Kennebec Journal, 3/6/07)

Windmill firm chooses Bath  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/5/07)

Opinion: Protecting global migratory bird habitat  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/5/07)

Wells Project aims to fill gap in conservation of land   (Portland Press Herald, 3/5/07)

Warming may freshen gulf waters   (Bangor Daily News, 3/5/07)

Editorial: Cut Carbon, Save Money   (Bangor Daily News, 3/5/07)

Editorial: LURC's Authority   (Bangor Daily News, 3/5/07)

Climate change in the Maine woods   (Portland Press Herald, 3/4/07)

Editorial: Battle of Fort Halifax drawing to a close?   (Kennebec Journal, 3/3/07)

Boston company is primed to purchase Fort Halifax Dam   (Kennebec Journal, 3/3/07)

Debate Over Clean Emission Standards Pits Maine And Other States Against Auto Industry   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 3/2/07)

Study: Global Warming Affecting Gulf Of Maine Fish   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 3/2/07)

Group begins new drive to regulate water supply   (Kennebec Journal, 3/2/07)

Bill puts new spin on Sunday hunting   (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/07)

H2O takes new tack against big bottlers   (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/07)

Lobster catch value drops $42 million in 2006   (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/07)

Editorial: Whales and lobstermen can have a tough time living together   (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/07)

Editorial: 1,000,000 and counting: Fluorescents are incandescent   (Portland Press Herald, 3/2/07)

Editorial: Casco Bay continues on long road to recovery   (Portland Press Herald, 3/2/07)

Herring Harvest Draws Debate at Fishermen's Forum   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 3/1/07)

Anti-pesticide supporters aggravated by Brunswick complaint   (Portland Press Herald, 3/1/07)

Developer would consider Hollis land conservation deal   (Portland Press Herald, 3/1/07)

Toxic Pollution in Casco Bay   (Portland Press Herald, 3/1/07)

Editorial: Al Gore paying a price for convenience at home   (Portland Press Herald, 3/1/07)

Editorial: Maine is now home to 97 percent of the East's remaining populations of native brook trout   (Kennebec Journal, 2/26/07)

Opinion: Barrows goldeneye deserves some state protection   (Portland Press Herald, 2/28/07)

University of Maine energy-efficient campus-wide upgrades   (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/07)

Another new Sunday hunting bill on Augusta agenda today   (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/07)

Mallards display adaptive behavior   (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/07)

Lobstermen: no compromise on dragger bill   (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/07)

L.L. Bean to use DIF&W logo   (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/07)

N.B. moves to halt LNG   (Bangor Daily News, 2/28/07)

Editorial: Lawmakers consider changing state law to allow these fishermen to catch some lobster   (Bangor Daily News, 2/28/07)

Opinion: A different light bulb can make a difference   (Bangor Daily News, 2/27/07)

Researchers See Crucial Role for Forests in Reducing Global Warming   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/26/07)

Non-native fish threat in Maine   (Kennebec Journal, 2/26/07)

Editorial: War over the North Woods creates nothing but losers   (Portland Press Herald, 2/26/07)

Experts: Deforestation hurts climate   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/26/07)

Bill would ban non-native bait fish   (Portland Press Herald, 2/25/07)

Biofuels have come a long way in Maine over the past six years   (Portland Press Herald, 2/25/07)

Gore's 'Truth' spurs Mainers to action   (Portland Press Herald, 2/25/07)

Editorial: Ban live bait in Maine's wild trout waters   (Portland Press Herald, 2/25/07)

LNG critic warns of fishing disruptions   (Portland Press Herald, 2/24/07)

Top Plum Creek official to leave Maine for Montana   (Associated Press, 2/24/07)

Editorial: EPA revision of the Toxics Release Inventory   (Bangor Daily News, 2/23/07)

Opinion: Can we 'govern' our way out of our energy problems?   (Portland Press Herald, 2/23/07)

Not at all unusual for robins to be here in January and February   (Kennebec Journal, 2/23/07)

Opinion: Get involved with your local land trust  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/22/07)

Veteran instructor puts environmental practices to use at Wells Junior High   (Portland Press Herald, 2/22/07)

Baldacci creates land-use task force   (Portland Press Herald, 2/22/07)

Panel to explore access, recreation on public land   (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/07)

LNG divides New Brunswick, Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/07)

Baileyville: Town fined $14,175 for wastewater problems   (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/07)

Editorial: Don't feed bambi   (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/07)

Lobstermen gear up to fight landing bill   (Portland Press Herald, 2/21/07)

Rare loon deaths in New Hampshire faze scientists   (Scientific American, 2/20/07)

Lobstermen gear up to fight landing bill   (Portland Press Herald, 2/21/07)

Bill raises questions over origin of bait fish   (Portland Press Herald, 2/21/07)

For some farmers, an idea that gets their goat   (Kennebec Journal, 2/21/07)

Lobster Industry Says No to Dragging Proposal   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/20/07)

Westbrook dam key to Presumpscot fish restoration   (Portland Press Herald, 2/20/07)

Falmouth to educate on invasive vegetation   (Portland Press Herald, 2/20/07)

2007 Maine Water Conference will be held Wednesday, March 21, 2007   (University of Maine, 2/20/07)

Biodiesel reaches China town warrant   (Kennebec Journal, 2/20/07)

Impact of climate change on the fisheries industry   (Bangor Daily News, 2/20/07)

Editorial: New direction for Allagash   (Bangor Daily News, 2/20/07)

Canadian LNG Plant Proposal Hits Roadblock   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/19/07)

Lawmakers to Tackle Non-Native Fish Issue   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/19/07)

Take a slide show trip down Allagash Wilderness Waterway   (Village Soup, 2/19/07)

Bowdoinham recycling goes to single stream  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/19/07)

Farmland future sparks concern in Cape   (Portland Press Herald, 2/19/07)

Bath hopes to stop gas leaks at landfill   (Portland Press Herald, 2/19/07)

Opinion: Turbines on mountains a better choice   (Portland Press Herald, 2/19/07)

Editorial: Listing decision should be based on science   (Kennebec Journal, 2/19/07)

Lead-laden lunchboxes OK'd by government   (CNN, 2/19/07)

Legislative agenda addresses farm issues   (Bangor Daily News, 2/19/07)

Editorial: Concern with the spread of milfoil to other lakes in the Belgrade area and beyond   (Kennebec Journal, 2/17/07)

DEP urges legislative ban on fire retardant   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/07)

Quoddy Bay vows to forge ahead on LNG   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/07)

Next spring season for salmon may be in ’08   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/07)

Milo: 2 bobcats shot, killed   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/07)

Freedom Board questions turbine noise   (Kennebec Journal, 2/16/07)

Opinion: Debate on 'climate change' just getting, er, warmed up   (Portland Press Herald, 2/16/07)

Snowe urges action on global warming   (Portland Press Herald, 2/15/07)

Tidal power test facility proposed for Maine river   (Portland Press Herald, 2/15/07)

Bill to outlaw feeding of wildlife is shot down   (Portland Press Herald, 2/15/07)

Canadian government opposes Washington County LNG   (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/07)

Retailer agrees to fine for improper bulb disposal   (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/07)

Threatened species listing debated   (Bangor Daily News, 2/14/07)

Panel says feeding wildlife OK for now   (Bangor Daily News, 2/14/07)

Activist: I'll sue to preserve eels   (Kennebec Journal, 2/14/07)

Opposition mounts to York subdivision plan   (Portland Press Herald, 2/14/07)

Editorial: Federal climate change policies are inevitable   (Portland Press Herald, 2/14/07)

Elementary officials ask state to probe school, area cancer rates   (Portland Press Herald, 2/14/07)

Opinion: Migratory shorebirds need state's protection   (Portland Press Herald, 2/14/07)

Editorial: Feeding Maine's wildlife only creates problems   (Portland Press Herald, 2/12/07)

Opinion: Lot development will continue to decrease open space and wildlife habitats   (Portland Press Herald, 2/12/07)

Opinion: Rejection of the proposed wind energy complex on Redington and Black Nubble mountains   (Portland Press Herald, 2/12/07)

Editorial: Maine lacks a comprehensive siting plan for these alternative energy projects   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/12/07)

Results of so-called "body burden" testing of 13 Mainers   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/12/07)

Opinion: After Redington: We need a windpower siting study   (Kennebec Journal, 2/11/07)

Editorial: Land for Maine's Future needs to keep at it   (Kennebec Journal, 2/11/07)

Acoustic tools may help endangered whales   (Portland Press Herald, 2/10/07)

Landfill emission worsens in Bath   (Portland Press Herald, 2/10/07)

Editorial: Rules announced last year to protect shore birds   (Bangor Daily News, 2/10/07)

Mars Hill resident urges board to be wary of wind turbines   (Kennebec Journal, 2/9/07)

Editorial: Bald eagle has emerged as the poster child for the efficacy of the Endangered Species Act   (Kennebec Journal, 2/9/07)

Allagash task force presents findings   (Bangor Daily News, 2/9/07)

Report aims to ease conflict over waterway management   (Portland Press Herald, 2/9/07)

United Nations Official Visits Maine to Speak on Climate Change   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/8/07)

Panel Reccommends Stronger Management of the Allagash Region   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/8/07)

Maine Researchers Study Climate Change in the Arctic   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/8/07)

Opinion: Protect the air within our hometowns  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/8/07)

Review: Wells Harbor dredging did little harm   (Portland Press Herald, 2/8/07)

Efficiency the way to shrink our carbon footprint   (Portland Press Herald, 2/8/07)

State seeks windfall on energy plan   (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/07)

Hearing on Millinocket-area ecotourism resort set   (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/07)

Editorial: Attention has turned to reducing greenhouse gas emissions   (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/07)

Climate Action Plan Unveiled By Baldacci Administration   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/7/07)

The town Of Perry Faces Another Skirmish Over LNG   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/7/07)

Funds to conserve Maine lands sought   (Associated Press, 2/6/07)

Timber in transition: Booming values shift Plum Creek from logging to real estate   (Missoulian, 2/6/07)

Timber in Transition: Development of Plum Creek land creates roadblock for wildlife   (Missoulian, 2/6/07)

Maine Audubon: Loon count reveals low number of chicks   (Portland Press Herald, 2/6/07)

Plan would water down protection of shorebirds   (Portland Press Herald, 2/6/07)

Acadia National Park: Funds increased in '08 proposal   (Bangor Daily News, 2/6/07)

Editorial: Saving on electricity   (Bangor Daily News, 2/6/07)

Workload puts strain on land-use agency   (Kennebec Journal, 2/5/07)

Regulators Propose Shorebird Protection Rule Changes   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/5/07)

Easement to protect 320 acres along lower Kennebec River   (Portland Press Herald, 2/5/07)

Plum Creek plan 'encouraging' to critics   (Bangor Daily News, 2/5/07)

Opinion: Protecting our native fish from bait fish invasion   (Kennebec Journal, 2/3/07)

New conservation land in Somerset   (Kennebec Journal, 2/3/07)

Sea levels could rise 2 feet during this century   (Portland Press Herald, 2/3/07)

Climate Change Report Spurs New Policy Considerations   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/2/07)

Legislature Considers Banning Another Flame Retardant   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/2/07)

Suit aims to enforce Allagash 'wild' status   (Portland Press Herald, 2/2/07)

PUC cites energy program savings   (Portland Press Herald, 2/2/07)

Appeals begin in wind farm OK   (Kennebec Journal, 2/2/07)

Chemicals and oil products stored at the former Augusta Tissue paper mill   (Kennebec Journal, 2/2/07)

Suit filed over access to Allagash   (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/07)

Reservations at state parks brisk on Web   (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/07)

Federal revenue sharing for Moosehorn dwindles   (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/07)

Suit Claims Illegal Expansion of Allagash Wilderness Waterway   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/1/07)

Alliance protects Shaker property   (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/07)

Editorial: Penobscot River project gets two boosts   (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/07)

Opinion: Despite Redington vote, wind power needed   (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/07)

Developer offers to give 120 acres to offset wetland   (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/07)

Editorial: The Biofuel Cafe   (Bangor Daily News, 2/1/07)

Editorial: A bear of a trap   (Bangor Daily News, 2/1/07)

Opinion: Redington fight emblematic of Maine's challenge   (Portland Press Herald, 1/31/07)

Senators want feds' help on dam project   (Bangor Daily News, 1/31/07)

Mars Hill: Windmill owners to analyze noise level   (Bangor Daily News, 1/31/07)

Which way the wind blows   (Bangor Daily News, 1/31/07)

Wood boiler makers agree to standards   (Bangor Daily News, 1/30/07)

Editorial: Ethanol's mixed reviews   (Bangor Daily News, 1/30/07)

Opinion: Plum Creek closer to win-win?   (Bangor Daily News, 1/30/07)

Flame retardant study raises red flags for health risk   (Portland Press Herald, 1/30/07)

Editorial: Maine Land Use Regulation Commission rejects construction of a large wind-power project in the western mountains   (Kennebec Journal, 2/5/07)

Town blows hot and cold on wind farm   (Portland Press Herald, 1/28/07)

Opinion: State's hope rests in natural gas, wind, water   (Bangor Daily News, 1/29/07)

Despite LURC ruling, governor upbeat on wind power   (Associated Press, 1/24/07)

Editorial: LURC wind farm vote a lost opportunity   (Portland Press Herald, 1/28/07)

Editorial: Kelp: It isn't just flotsam anymore   (Portland Press Herald, 1/28/07)

Divide in the state over the use of genetically modified foods   (Kennebec Journal, 1/27/07)

Kids save energy; state awards prizes   (Kennebec Journal, 1/27/07)

Editorial: Penobscot funding tide   (Bangor Daily News, 1/27/07)

River project to get $10M   (Bangor Daily News, 1/27/07)

Mars Hill residents voice concerns over wind tower noise   (Bangor Daily News, 1/27/67)

Editorial: Students eating local food in school lunches in Maine   (Kennebec Journal, 1/26/07)

Trap rules remain divisive   (Kennebec Journal, 1/26/07)

Editorial: Plum Creek, Version 3.0   (Bangor Daily News, 1/25/07)

Mystery toxin killed crows, state veterinarian concludes   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 1/25/07)

Land-use board shows power in wind farm vote   (Portland Press Herald, 1/25/07)

Panel rejects power project   (Portland Press Herald, 1/25/07)

LURC Rejects Windmill Project   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 1/24/07)

LURC stymies western Maine wind power project   (Bangor Daily News, 1/25/07)

Frenchman Bay Conservancy obtains 280 acres in easements   (Bangor Daily News, 1/24/07)

'Green' cemetery proposed by Penobscot River in Orrington   (Bangor Daily News, 1/24/07)

Limington sued over use of trust land   (Portland Press Herald, 1/24/07)

Opinion: Follow the money in the climate change debate   (Portland Press Herald, 1/24/07)

Regulators decide on western mountain wind-power project   (Associated Press, 1/24/07)

Editorial: Removal not always needed to mitigate impact of dams   (Portland Press Herald, 1/23/07)

Two river restoration projects awarded $1.8M in federal funds   (Bangor Daily News, 1/22/07)

Business applauds efficient boiler   (Bangor Daily News, 1/22/07)

Editorial: Plum Creek to rework Moosehead Lake plan   (Portland Press Herald, 1/22/07)

Bio-fuel Market on the Upswing   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 1/19/07)

Opinion: Maine wilderness: Beyond the Allagash battles   (Kennebec Journal, 1/21/07)

State, Maine Yankee agree on compensation   (Portland Press Herald, 1/21/07)

Opinion: Redington wind-power project an environmental boost   (Portland Press Herald, 1/21/07)

Plum Creek proposal put on hold indefinitely   (Kennebec Journal, 1/19/07)

Maple Hill Farm Bed & Breakfast and Conference Center installs solar thermal panels   (Kennebec Journal, 1/19/07)

Hallowell inn going from green to greener   (Portland Press Herald, 1/19/07)

Opinion: Donor intent followed for Wolfe's Neck Farm   (Portland Press Herald, 1/19/07)

Plum Creek to alter development plan   (Bangor Daily News, 1/19/07)

BEP takes charge of LNG review   (Bangor Daily News, 1/19/07)

Redington Opponents Call Windmill Project Illegal   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 1/18/07)

Opinion: Coal as a 'green' fuel — not so fast!  (Brunswick Times Record, 1/18/07)

Alder Stream Property Protected   (Northeast Wilderness Trust, 1/18/07)

Opinion: Do we need Redington wind project?   (Bangor Daily News, 1/18/07)

Shortened Lobster Season Could Benefit Whales   (Ellsworth American, 1/18/07)

Wind farm backer questions Freedom appeals process   (Kennebec Journal, 1/18/07)

Opinion: It may be cold, but we can't ignore global warming   (Kennebec Journal, 1/18/07)

Land board OKs conservation plan   (Portland Press Herald, 1/18/07)

Fourth-graders raise $112 to donate to local land trust   (Portland Press Herald, 1/18/07)

Brewer students find ways to conserve energy resources   (Bangor Daily News, 1/18/07)

2 trucks break through ice, sink to bottom of Eagle Lake   (Bangor Daily News, 1/18/07)

Trapping Proposal Panned by Both Trappers and Animal Rights Activists   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 1/17/07)

Lawn care ordinance goes to court  (Brunswick Times Record, 1/17/07)

DEP gives towns until Friday to file Montsweag Brook complaints  (Brunswick Times Record, 1/17/07)

Environmental groups tout agenda for session   (Kennebec Journal, 1/17/07)

Global warming plan a priority   (Portland Press Herald, 1/17/07)

Sides pan revised bear-trapping law   (Portland Press Herald, 1/17/07)

Environmental bills vie for lawmakers' eyes   (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/07)

Opinion: 'Multiple use' doesn't mean everything everywhere   (Portland Press Herald, 1/17/07)

Board favors purchase of land near Moosehead   (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/07)

Winds of change moving Hancock County turbines   (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/07)

Editorial: Tracking Mercury   (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/07)

Opinion: Gerald Morrison and Robert J. Peacock II: The facts about LNG vessels   (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/07)

Maine, other states join forces to muscle EPA on air pollution   (Portland Press Herald, 1/16/07)

Editorial: It's time for show and tell on the Presumpscot River   (Portland Press Herald, 1/16/07)

Maine losing fish catch to Bay State   (Bangor Daily News, 1/16/07)

New Brunswick seeks a part in LNG case   (Bangor Daily News, 1/16/07)

Opinion: Plum Creek's deceptive advertising   (Bangor Daily News, 1/16/07)

Opinion: Hunters should seek more land conservation   (Bangor Daily News, 1/16/07)

AMC preservation plan generating controversy   (Bangor Daily News, 1/16/07)

Proposal to erect 44 wind turbines on 13.7 miles of ridge line on Kibby Mountain   (Portland Press Herald, 1/15/07)

New Moosehead Lake plan submitted   (Bangor Daily News, 1/15/07)

Article Series: Understanding Climate Change   (Bangor Daily News, 1/11/07)

Opinion: With LNG, Maine ought to fight for fishermen’s rights   (Bangor Daily News, 1/11/07)

Editorial: When it's this hot, it's time to act   (Kennebec Journal, 1/11/07)

State needs to save Wolfe's Neck Farm   (Portland Press Herald, 1/11/07)

Refinery that would turn forest products into clean-burning oil   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 1/10/07)

York selectmen agree to keep historic 'town farm' property   (Portland Press Herald, 1/10/07)

Editorial: Conservation easement rules should be refined   (Portland Press Herald, 1/10/07)

Mercury 'hot spot' identified in Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 1/10/07)

Editorial: Agency moving to protect polar bears under the Endangered Species Act   (Bangor Daily News, 1/10/07)

Editorial: Mercury findings should fuel curbs   (Kennebec Journal, 1/10/07)

Opinion: Wilderness: Who defines what it is?   (Kennebec Journal, 1/10/07)

Collins Bill Aimed at Reducing Mercury Hotspots   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 1/9/07)

Group of Mainers aims to conserve land indefinitely   (Portland Press Herald, 1/9/07)

Selling natural foods, urban growth   (Portland Press Herald, 1/9/07)

Opinion: Connecting dots of climate change is bleak business   (Portland Press Herald, 1/9/07)

Editorial: Don't get burned by waste   (Bangor Daily News, 1/9/07)

Agricultural Trades Show starts Tuesday   (Kennebec Journal, 1/8/07)

Editorial: Labeling needed if cloned food is approved   (Kennebec Journal, 1/8/07)

Groups Challenge the Department of Agriculture's GMO Coexistence Plan   (Protect Maine Farmers, 1/8/07)

Opinion: Mercury study overdue   (Bangor Daily News, 1/8/07)

Opinion: Sears Island needs good compromise   (Bangor Daily News, 1/8/07)

New in trash: Automating to boost recycling   (Portland Press Herald, 1/7/07)

Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder   (Portland Press Herald, 1/7/07)

Opinion: Why transform wild Maine mountains into industrial sites?   (Portland Press Herald, 1/7/07)

Deer yard measures lauded   (Bangor Daily News, 1/6/07)

Dates set for Plum Creek hearings   (Portland Press Herald, 1/5/07)

Opinion: Fishways needed on Presumpscot's dams   (Portland Press Herald, 1/5/07)

Two more dolphins found dead on Cape Cod beach   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/24/06)

Lynx shooting lands Van Buren man in jail for 21 days   (Bangor Daily News, 1/5/07)

State panel supports replacement of Allagash waterway bridge   (Bangor Daily News, 1/5/07)

Public to sound off on Katahdin resort plan   (Bangor Daily News, 1/4/07)

Pipeline builder seeks wetlands permit for Brewer   (Bangor Daily News, 1/4/07)

Moosehead development hearings set   (Bangor Daily News, 1/4/07)

Opinion: Preserving the intent of Gov. Baxter   (Bangor Daily News, 1/4/07)

Katahdin resort plan to be aired   (Portland Press Herald, 1/4/07)

Nature center offers chance for adults to explore wild side   (Portland Press Herald, 1/4/07)

Plum Creek's Green Reputation Challenged by NRCM   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 1/3/06)

Opinion: What to do with all that trash?   (Portland Press Herald, 1/3/07)

Opinion: Outdoor wood burners drive down home values  (Brunswick Times Record, 12/11/06)

A Palermo lot to stay farmland forever   (Kennebec Journal, 1/2/07)

Conservation effort in Wells gets a big boost   (Portland Press Herald, 1/2/07)

City's swap could preserve land near marsh   (Portland Press Herald, 1/2/07)

Maine to get $2 million from ocean-pollution fine   (Portland Press Herald, 1/2/07)

Editorial: Energy security means more drilling   (Portland Press Herald, 1/2/07)

Biddeford to revisit MERC contract   (Portland Press Herald, 1/1/07)

Most eagles that breed in Maine remain through the winter   (Bangor Daily News, 1/1/07)

Opinion: Baxter deal a disaster for sportsmen   (Bangor Daily News, 1/1/07)

Editorial: Maine's conserved lands: enough for all uses   (Kennebec Journal, 12/31/06)

Groups oppose forest certification of Weyerhaeuser and Plum Creek   (Associated Press, 12/31/06)

115-acre expansion of Juniper Ridge Landfill is being proposed   (Bangor Daily News, 12/29/06)

Editorial: Sears Island Future   (Bangor Daily News, 12/29/06)

Panel favors debris used for power   (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/06)

Longtime BEP member chosen as new chairman   (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/06)

Opinion: Emissions concerns heightened by record use of coal   (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/06)

Wind Energy Proposed for Waldo County Town of Freedom   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 12/27/06)

Editorial: Moving ahead with wind power   (Kennebec Journal, 12/27/06)

Editorial: Redington wind project deserves LURC approval   (Portland Press Herald, 12/27/06)

State sets fast pace in conservation   (Portland Press Herald, 12/27/06)

Conservationists focus on community support   (Portland Press Herald, 12/27/06)

Bath preserve may be sold to land trust   (Portland Press Herald, 12/26/06)

Birders make annual Audubon count   (Kennebec Journal, 12/25/06)

Opinion: Suburbs a sin to "Smart Growthers"   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/24/06)

Opinion: Uncertain constituency leaves Maine's LURC in lurch   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/24/06)

Environmentalists Want Plum Creek's Lucrative Forest Certification Revoked   (Washington Post, 12/24/06)

Editorial: Bay State LNG ports could pull rug from under Maine projects   (Portland Press Herald, 12/24/06)

Opinion: Plum Creek's plan no benefit to Moosehead region's economy   (Portland Press Herald, 12/24/06)

Court finds Bush smog rules inadequate   (Portland Press Herald, 12/23/06)

Land panel's staff supports Franklin County wind farm   (Portland Press Herald, 12/23/06)

Passamaquoddy Bay: Second LNG applicant files with FERC   (Bangor Daily News, 12/23/06)

Opinion: Maine shouldn’t be Northeast's dumping ground   (Bangor Daily News, 12/23/06)

Controversial Wind Project Clears A Hurdle   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 12/22/06)

State Rethinks Expanded Protections For Shorebirds   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 12/22/06)

L.L. Bean gift puts Dakin Pool effort over top   (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/06)

Opinion: Baxter's Folly makes it to finish line   (Kennebec Journal, 12/21/06)

State revisits law shielding shorebirds   (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/06)

Eastport couple criticized for role in LNG dispute   (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/06)

Editorial: EPA has research releases backwards   (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/06)

Firm admits ships dumped oil off Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 12/19/06)

Editorial: Sprawl-fighting developments deserve an easier path   (Portland Press Herald, 12/19/06)

Sears Island accord closer   (Bangor Daily News, 12/19/06)

Group's plan aims to curb warming   (Portland Press Herald, 12/19/06)

Maine, others sue EPA over soot   (Portland Press Herald, 12/19/06)

Region urged to collaborate on emissions   (Bangor Daily News, 12/19/06)

Editorial: Beyond Baxter's Legacy: Discussion on use must continue   (Bangor Daily News, 12/19/06)

Acadia National Park: ATV damage continues   (Bangor Daily News, 12/19/06)

Blue jays have some quirky characteristics   (Bangor Daily News, 12/19/06)

Editorial: Don't change course on nuclear waste storage   (Bangor Daily News, 12/19/06)

Governors and Premiers Cooperate on Global Warming Issue   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 12/18/06)

Birders make annual Audubon count   (Kennebec Journal, 12/18/06)

Project brought the concept of so-called "smart growth" to the forefront of public discussion   (Portland Press Herald, 12/18/06)

Editorial: Ozone designation means Mainers can breathe easier   (Portland Press Herald, 12/18/06)

Company submits application for LNG terminal in Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 12/17/06)

Editorial: Katahdin Lake purchase a fitting tribute to Gov. Baxter's vision   (Portland Press Herald, 12/17/06)

Sears Island compromise close   (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/06)

Editorial: A stronger fisheries law emerges from Congress   (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/06)

Done deal: Katahdin Lake part of Baxter State Park   (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/06)

Oil leak from closed Sanford mill spreads far afield   (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/06)

Poland Spring set in Kingfield   (Kennebec Journal, 12/15/06)

Editorial: Giving back to the Kennebec River   (Kennebec Journal, 12/15/06)

Turbines at Mars Hill begin spinning to life   (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/06)

Freedom: Wind power project gets OK   (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/06)

Ownership of Water Still an Issue as Poland Spring Constructs New Plant   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 12/14/06)

Allagash Task Force Prepares Recommendations for Governor   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 12/14/06)

Initiative targets Kennebec River   (Kennebec Journal, 12/14/06)

Freeport farm on brink of preservation   (Portland Press Herald, 12/14/06)

Editorial: EPA injects reality into its auto mileage estimates   (Portland Press Herald, 12/14/06)

Allagash waterway panelists drop board oversight plan   (Bangor Daily News, 12/14/06)

FERC solicits views on pipeline   (Bangor Daily News, 12/14/06)

New Questions Facing Maine's Energy Market   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 12/13/06)

State lights way toward lower electricity costs   (Portland Press Herald, 12/13/06)

Editorial: New life for the Saco River?   (Portland Press Herald, 12/13/06)

China Lake flush mulled   (Kennebec Journal, 12/13/06)

Editorial: Fishing quotas a logical step to preserve catch   (Bangor Daily News, 12/13/06)

Sea Level Study Adds to Evidence of Global Warming   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 12/12/06)

Television Ad: Investigation Exposes Plum Creek Timber Violations   (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 12/12/06)

Maine ozone cutbacks praised   (Bangor Daily News, 12/12/06)

Eagles, lynx in traps fuel suit   (Bangor Daily News, 12/12/06)

Company agrees to Saco dam fishways   (Portland Press Herald, 12/12/06)

State meets air quality standards   (Portland Press Herald, 12/12/06)

Maine Meets Federal Air Quality Standards   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 12/11/06)

Land trust negotiating details of easement on 105 acres  (Brunswick Times Record, 12/11/06)

Editorial: Fishing legislation that almost everyone can love   (Kennebec Journal, 12/11/06)

Future rosy for cranberry growers   (Bangor Daily News, 12/11/06)

Opinion: An environmentalist's plea for cheery Christmas lights   (Kennebec Journal, 12/11/06)

Bush says U.S. committed to strong fishing industries   (Associated Press, 12/10/06)

Freedom planners approve wind power plan   (Portland Press Herald, 12/10/06)

Atlantic salmon test's success prompts call for spring fishing season   (Portland Press Herald, 12/8/06)

Study finds Agent Orange didn't hurt trainees   (Portland Press Herald, 12/8/06)

Anglers closer to salmon fishing in the Penobscot   (Bangor Daily News, 12/8/06)

Eagle under care after being snagged in trap   (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/06)

LURC OKs new fees for development   (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/06)

Crews keep oil spill from fouling river   (Portland Press Herald, 12/6/06)

Katahdin land deal nearing fruition   (Portland Press Herald, 12/5/06)

Officials to discuss a selective harvest of about 117 acres at Mt. Blue State Park   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/5/06)

Man pleads guilty in seal-killing case   (Bangor Daily News, 12/5/06)

Plum Creek proposes allowing residential development on 32,000 acres Oregon   (The Oregonian, 12/4/06)

Editorial: Plum Creek uses law that is speeding Oregon toward a bleak and ugly future   (The Oregonian, 12/4/06)

Funding Workshops for Renewable and Energy Efficiency Projects   (Community Energy Partners, 12/4/06)

LNG developer to pay $23.5M for impact on Mass. project site   (Bangor Daily News, 12/4/06)

Sea change in region’s fishery rules sought   (Bangor Daily News, 12/4/06)

Opinion: Global warming another fantasy   (Bangor Daily News, 12/4/06)

Danby: Air Pollution   (Bangor Daily News, 12/4/06)

Fishing groups tackle industry reform   (Portland Press Herald, 12/4/06)

Editorial: New management won't stop Allagash conflicts   (Kennebec Journal, 12/1/06)

Wind farm plan at hearing   (Kennebec Journal, 12/1/06)

Katahdin Lake fund drive $1.8M short   (Bangor Daily News, 12/1/06)

Opinion: Reading between the lines of Plumb Creek   (Bangor Daily News, 12/1/06)

Advocates to monitor Pleasant Pond quality   (Kennebec Journal, 12/1/06)

LURC begins reviewing Ktaadn Resorts proposal   (Bangor Daily News, 11/30/06)

Supreme Court takes up global warming for first time   (Associated Press, 11/26/06)

Editorial: Should one man's power be used to harm the national interest?   (Portland Press Herald, 11/29/06)

Editorial: Coastal insurance woes trump shorebird restrictions   (Bangor Daily News, 11/29/06)

Plum Creek review to begin   (Bangor Daily News, 11/29/06)

Editorial: Lawmakers must clear the path for unorganized growth   (Bangor Daily News, 11/29/06)

Allagash hearings revive divisions   (Bangor Daily News, 11/29/06)

Opinion: The politics of climate change to visit Augusta this year   (Portland Press Herald, 11/29/06)

Allagash Management Still a Focus of Contention   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 11/28/06)

Oakhurst Dairy to Go the Biodiesel Route   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 11/28/06)

Allagash gets a new format for old issues   (Bangor Daily News, 11/28/06)

Oakhurst making switch to biodiesel   (Portland Press Herald, 11/28/06)

Oceans awash in plastic junk   (Portland Press Herald, 11/28/06)

Wells developer pledges land preservation   (Portland Press Herald, 11/28/06)

EPA case key to Maine to be heard   (Portland Press Herald, 11/27/06)

Allagash panel seeks public comment   (Bangor Daily News, 11/27/06)

Feds justify withheld documents in LNG case   (Bangor Daily News, 11/27/06)

Opinion: The tipping point on global warming   (Bangor Daily News, 11/27/06)

Editorial: Forward on the Allagash   (Bangor Daily News, 11/27/06)

New England lawmakers expect boost in LNG fight   (Associated Press, 11/26/06)

Plan seeks to end feud over Allagash   (Portland Press Herald, 11/26/06)

Hopes mixed for 'greening' of Congress   (Portland Press Herald, 11/26/06)

Editorial: Where the Fish Roam   (Portland Press Herald, 11/26/06)

Appalachian Trail could be 'canary in coal mine' for eastern U.S.   (Associated Press, 11/26/06)

Pleasant Pond water quality remains a concern   (Kennebec Journal, 11/25/06)

Fishermen say new rope regulations will cost too much   (Associated Press, 11/26/06)

Contentious Shorebird Habitat Issue Focus Of Public Hearing   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 11/21/06)

Maine's wild turkeys have rebounded, but they can be aggressive   (Portland Press Herald, 11/22/06)

Property owners protest shorebird habitat rules   (Portland Press Herald, 11/22/06)

Landowners, lawmakers grapple with shorebird law   (Bangor Daily News, 11/22/06)

Editorial: Maine's stand on nuclear waste prudent   (Bangor Daily News, 11/22/06)

Brunswick Recount Verifies Pesticides Ordinance   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 11/20/06)

Lawncare ordinance survives ballot inspection  (Brunswick Times Record, 11/20/06)

Opinion: Maine shouldn't let draggers sell lobster bycatch   (Portland Press Herald, 11/21/06)

Opinion: Someone has to pay to keep what's special about Maine   (Kennebec Journal, 11/20/06)

Editorial: Energy efficiency standards should be regional   (Bangor Daily News, 11/21/06)

Opinion: We can't make progress on the Allagash without facts   (Bangor Daily News, 11/21/06)

Editorial: Getting down to specifics with Plum Creek   (Kennebec Journal, 11/20/06)

Lynx, deer heard in North Woods debate roles   (Portland Press Herald, 11/20/06)

Ski areas tapping wind power to promote green-energy source   (Portland Press Herald, 11/20/06)

Test results back on Hampden landfill gases life   (Bangor Daily News, 11/20/06)

Hearing eyes Freedom wind farm idea atop high ridge   (Kennebec Journal, 11/18/06)

Opinion: Katahdin Lake well worth selling some public lots to acquire   (Portland Press Herald, 11/18/06)

Editorial: Plum Creek's violations suggest more oversight needed   (Portland Press Herald, 11/18/06)

Mars Hill's wind farm almost ready   (Portland Press Herald, 11/18/06)

Indians’ LNG lawsuits rejected   (Bangor Daily News, 11/18/06)

Windmill project churns on   (Bangor Daily News, 11/18/06)

BEP OKs rules to protect aquatic life   (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/06)

Report cites violations by Plum Creek   (Portland Press Herald, 11/16/06)

Group turns up heat on Plum Creek   (Bangor Daily News, 11/16/06)

Editorial: Sears Island solution   (Bangor Daily News, 11/16/06)

Resorts seen as key to Plum Creek plan   (Bangor Daily News, 11/15/06)

Editorial: Mainers can't rely on private lands for playtime anymore   (Portland Press Herald, 11/15/06)

Opinion: For more than a dozen years conservationists have been working to get stronger protection for Canada lynx in the United States   (RESTORE: The North Woods, 11/14/06)

Editorial: World’s commercial fish and seafood stocks will collapse by 2048   (Bangor Daily News, 11/14/06)

Energy Department Settles Suit With Maine, Other States   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 11/13/06)

Editorial: New Maine: Green roofs and porous parking lots   (Portland Press Herald, 11/13/06)

Editorial: Considering new rules to reduce the number of birds killed in collisions with communications towers   (Bangor Daily News, 11/13/06)

Editorial: Does land popular with lynx need protection now? Maybe not   (Portland Press Herald, 11/12/06)

Opinion: No good can come from bargaining away public lands   (Portland Press Herald, 11/12/06)

Opinion: Soup's not the only warmth at farmers' market   (Portland Press Herald, 11/12/06)

Right whales, wrong timingfor lobstering   (Portland Press Herald, 11/11/06)

Preservation plan targets Down East   (Bangor Daily News, 11/11/06)

Likely rufous hummingbird makes rare visit   (Bangor Daily News, 11/11/06)

4 Allagash waterway hearings set   (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/06)

Sears Island group dividing into two camps   (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/06)

Landfill proposal a concern Down East   (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/06)

Heating oil leak fouls Baileyville treatment plant   (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/06)

Lawncare Ordinance Passes by Slim Margin   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 11/9/06)

What's next for Stoddard Pond?  (Brunswick Times Record, 11/9/06)

Conservationists to challenge rejection of lynx protection   (Associated Press, 11/9/06)

Exempted lynx: Feds opt not to designate ‘critical habitat’ in Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 11/9/06)

Perry voters approve recall ordinance, LNG gift   (Bangor Daily News, 11/9/06)

LNG terminal plans put fishermen at odds   (Portland Press Herald, 11/9/06)

Hinck defeats Eder, other election results   (Portland Press Herald, 11/8/06)

Politicians Sweep Midterm Elections   (The Onion, 11/8/06)

In Maine, a Public Park in Search of Public Support   (New York Times, 11/7/06)

Fishermen split over LNG   (Bangor Daily News, 11/7/06)

Plant, mow and water the ... roof?   (Portland Press Herald, 11/6/06)

Clamshell research gives hope to industry   (Portland Press Herald, 11/6/06)

Weevil disdains our kind of milfoil   (Portland Press Herald, 11/6/06)

Opinion: Keep Moosehead peaceful for future generations   (Bangor Daily News, 11/6/06)

Conservationists see gold in Camden Hills   (Portland Press Herald, 11/6/06)

Students take algae-to-biofuel project to MIT   (Portland Press Herald, 11/5/06)

Editorial: Mars Hill wind farm shows way to cleaner power   (Portland Press Herald, 11/5/06)

Opinion: Allagash Wilderness Waterway deserves stronger protection   (Portland Press Herald, 11/5/06)

Editorial: Pollution cases threaten future of Maine's air   (Portland Press Herald, 11/5/06)

Pectoral sandpiper sighting unusual   (Bangor Daily News, 11/4/06)

Plum Creek Timber donates land   (Bangor Daily News, 11/4/06)

Study warns ocean fishery headed for collapse   (Portland Press Herald, 11/3/06)

A development group is moving ahead with plans to build 40 houses on the shores of Brassua Lake   (Bangor Daily News, 11/3/06)

ATV group: Trail growth will take time   (Bangor Daily News, 11/3/06)

Maine’s ability to regulate out-of-state waste   (Bangor Daily News, 11/3/06)

Critics Question DMR At Blue Hill Hearing   (Ellsworth American, 11/2/06)

High court looks at EPA's power plant air rules   (Kennebec Journal, 11/2/06)

Opinion: Overzealous enforcement does the law no favors   (Kennebec Journal, 11/2/06)

Editorial: America's cold reputation on global warming   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 11/2/06)

Environmental groups defend Clinton-era clean air program   (Associated Press, 11/1/06)

Towns tackle E-waste disposal   (Bangor Daily News, 11/2/06)

Editorial: Migratory Bird Treaty Act   (Bangor Daily News, 11/2/06)

Opinion: Strange world of wildlife law   (Bangor Daily News, 11/2/06)

Editorial: Poisoning our environment  (Brunswick Times Record, 11/1/06)

New group is united by a river   (Kennebec Journal, 11/1/06)

Students connect food, academics   (Bangor Daily News, 11/1/06)

Opinion: Real value of Katahdin Lake purchase   (Bangor Daily News, 11/1/06)

Sprague Energy to Use Biofuel   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/31/06)

Maine Teenagers Study Biodiesel Process   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/31/06)

Court to hear clean air case   (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/06)

Sprague to open biofuel facility in S. Portland   (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/06)

Agents seize walrus skull, tusk   (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/06)

Editorial: No oil drilling off New England   (Kennebec Journal, 10/31/06)

Editorial: Progress on the Allagash   (Bangor Daily News, 10/31/06)

Eco-Peace, Permaculture Conference Nov. 10 in Belfast   (University of Maine, 10/30/06)

Black Bear Boilers makes a low-emission, wood-fired system   (Portland Press Herald, 10/29/06)

Energy expo draws crowd in Augusta   (Bangor Daily News, 10/30/06)

Black Bear Boilers makes a low-emission, wood-fired system   (Portland Press Herald, 10/29/06)

Editorial: Moosehead conservation deal marks the end of the beginning   (Portland Press Herald, 10/29/06)

DEP OKs closing of Pine Tree land-fill   (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/06)

Mars Hill project a County windfall   (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/06)

Our Changing World: Understanding the Science of Climate Change   (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/06)

Editorial: LURC must ensure that the required conservation truly offsets the proposed development   (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/06)

Millinocket officials claim Quimby eyeing land swap   (Bangor Daily News, 10/27/06)

Editorial: Fisheries Rule Failure   (Bangor Daily News, 10/27/06)

Council delays its decision on MERC contract   (Portland Press Herald, 10/27/06)

Katahdin land deal rift persists   (Bangor Daily News, 10/26/06)

Acadia revises estimates of park visitors   (Bangor Daily News, 10/26/06)

Gubernatorial Candidates Comment on Maine's Energy Future   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/25/06)

Conservationists, developer OK deal   (Portland Press Herald, 10/25/06)

Editorial: Let states adopt stricter tailpipe rules   (Portland Press Herald, 10/25/06)

Plum Creek inks deal to protect land   (Bangor Daily News, 10/25/06)

DEP plans open forum in Orono   (Bangor Daily News, 10/25/06)

More Mainers Oppose Plum Creek Plan for Moosehead   (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 10/23/06)

Sacred spot known as Picture Rocks is being returned to the Passamaquoddy tribe   (Associated Press, 10/22/06)

Plum Creek tactics in Montana criticized   (Bangor Daily News, 10/17/06)

Plum Creek methods blasted   (Kennebec Journal, 10/18/06)

New infestation of milfoil found in lake on Maine-N.H. border   (Associated Press, 10/23/06)

Brazil's pulp and paper industry is booming   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 10/24/06)

New milfoil infestation may be eradicated   (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/06)

Land trust seeks to preserve 71-acre Windham parcel   (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/06)

Editorial: Improve, don't undo, shorebird protections   (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/06)

Maine Coast Heritage Trust purchase restores Machias Bay shore land to tribe   (Bangor Daily News, 10/24/06)

Club, landowner discuss adding ATV trail   (Bangor Daily News, 10/24/06)

Officials OK expansion of County landfill   (Bangor Daily News, 10/24/06)

Opinion: Of recycling, responsibility and redemption  (Brunswick Times Record, 10/13/06)

Salmon season deemed a success   (Bangor Daily News, 10/23/06)

Rotting logs provide life for plants, animals   (Bangor Daily News, 10/21/06)

Opinion: On lynx and lawsuits   (Bangor Daily News, 10/21/06)

Growth expert tells state to preserve nature   (Portland Press Herald, 10/21/06)

MERC generates very little sentiment   (Portland Press Herald, 10/21/06)

EPA to begin cleaning up vacant mill in Augusta   (Portland Press Herald, 10/21/06)

Groups pushing for fish passage at Sappi dam   (Portland Press Herald, 10/21/06)

Development Pressures Reach Maine's Unorganized Territories   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/20/06)

Biologists, environmentalists, civic leaders meet for a conference on Maine's mountains   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 10/19/06)

Brownfields 2006 Conference in Boston on November 13-15   (Brownfields 2006, 10/19/06)

Out-of-state waste, trucks dominate landfill review   (Bangor Daily News, 10/19/06)

Opinion: Thoreau's world-class Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 10/19/06)

MariCal's plans for cobia farming   (Portland Press Herald, 10/19/06)

Habitat rules ignite debate across county   (The Quoddy Tides, 10/13/06)

Invasive sea squirt spreading in Cobscook Bay   (The Quoddy Tides, 10/13/06)

Salmon Toxin Levels Study Pubplished   (Ellsworth American, 9/21/06)

Editorial: Quimby's land will continue to be open to sportsmen for at least a year   (Kennebec Journal, 10/18/06)

Reports: Fish benefit outweighs risks   (Portland Press Herald, 10/18/06)

Opinion: Preserve Sears Island while promoting economy   (Bangor Daily News, 10/18/06)

Panel Struggling To Reach Consensus On Future Of Sears Island   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/17/06)

Fish Consumption Comes With Warnings   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/17/06)

Wood boiler ban frustrates council   (Bangor Daily News, 10/16/06)

New boardwalk that provides astounding views of Corundel Lake   (Bangor Daily News, 10/16/06)

Maine Home Performance with Energy Star   (Portland Press Herald, 10/15/06)

Opinion: Motoring away as the earth burns   (Kennebec Journal, 10/14/06)

Agreement ensures access to state land near Baxter   (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/06)

Eco-friendly focus finds its way into the heart and souls of Maine's churches   (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/06)

Animal rights group sues state over trapping   (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/06)

Quimby opens land to sportsmen   (Bangor Daily News, 10/14/06)

Allagash panel discusses replacement of key span   (Bangor Daily News, 10/14/06)

Czech-American philosopher reflects on ecology  (Brunswick Times Record, 10/13/06)

October 23-24 conference on human and environmental impact of prescription drug disposal   (Maine Benzodiazepine Study Group, 10/13/06)

Quimby, officials to meet on access   (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/06)

Candidates spar on environment   (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/06)

Animal Rights Group Sues Maine Over Trapping Issue   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/12/06)

Report identifies key conservation areas on N.H. Seacoast   (Associated Press, 10/12/06)

Maine delegation ranked seventh for its environmental advocacy   (Bangor Daily News, 10/12/06)

Ticks may be cause of moose mortality   (Bangor Daily News, 10/12/06)

Editorial: Setback of 250 feet for development near shorebird habitat   (Bangor Daily News, 10/12/06)

Opinion: Quimby purchase challenges Katahdin Lake deal   (Bangor Daily News, 10/12/06)

Bush Urges Expanded Drilling Of Alaskan Wildlife   (The Onion, 10/11/06)

Opinion: Brookings report's insights are dead right   (Kennebec Journal, 10/11/06)

Editorial: Nuclear waste: Uncle Sam's unmet obligations   (Kennebec Journal, 10/11/06)

City folks turn up noses at country odor   (Portland Press Herald, 10/10/06)

Editorial: Acting locally to stem global warming   (Kennebec Journal, 10/9/06)

Farmers urged not to fight Mother Nature   (Kennebec Journal, 10/9/06)

Organic dairy farm research on rise grows place   (Portland Press Herald, 10/9/06)

Shorebird protections raising hackles   (Portland Press Herald, 10/9/06)

Porous parking lots put storm water in its place   (Portland Press Herald, 10/9/06)

Opinion: Brookings Study: State's dour outlook is misplaced   (Portland Press Herald, 10/9/06)

Trying to pin milfoil to the mat   (Kennebec Journal, 10/9/06)

Lessons learned at the edge of extinction   (Portland Press Herald, 10/8/06)

Coalition gets intervenor status for proposed landfill   (Bangor Daily News, 10/7/06)

Opinion: Penobscot River’s special fall fishing season for Atlantic salmon   (Bangor Daily News, 10/7/06)

Extent of Mercury Pollution More Widespread, Report Shows   (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 10/6/06)

Mount Desert to consider deer hunt   (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/06)

Northeast climate may be more like South’s by 2100   (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/06)

Opinion: Plum Creek Version 2.0 – the devil is in the details   (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/06)

Opinion: BNAS site could help Maine become energy sustainable and independent  (Brunswick Times Record, 10/4/06)

Report offers advice on how to 'GrowSmart'   (Kennebec Journal, 10/5/06)

Study: Hotter, drier region   (Kennebec Journal, 10/5/06)

LakeSmart program offers free advice   (Kennebec Journal, 10/5/06)

Management plan for Seboomook hailed at forum   (Bangor Daily News, 10/5/06)

Think tank’s proposal for Maine: spending cuts, then invest savings   (Bangor Daily News, 10/5/06)

Editorial: Charting Maine’s Future   (Bangor Daily News, 10/5/06)

Opinion: Underground radioactive waste solution   (Bangor Daily News, 10/5/06)

Maine Yankee owners win suit   (Portland Press Herald, 10/5/06)

Editorial: Donation of midcoast land shows unusual generosity   (Portland Press Herald, 10/5/06)

Opinion: SAM's proud of its achievements   (Portland Press Herald, 10/5/06)

Need for Shorebird Protection Debated   (Ellsworth American, 10/4/06)

BNAS reuse planning sessions show consensus for saving natural spaces  (Brunswick Times Record, 10/4/06)

Bird-watchers take ocean trip   (Bangor Daily News, 10/4/06)

Editorial: The Quimby Bypass   (Bangor Daily News, 10/4/06)

Conservation Group Acquires Huge Land Gift   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/2/06)

MERC and city to settle disputes   (Portland Press Herald, 10/3/06)

Opinion: Wolfe's Neck Farm plan stretches too far   (Portland Press Herald, 10/3/06)

Editorial: Lynx and Lawsuits   (Bangor Daily News, 10/3/06)

Shorebirds a Thorn in the Side of Property Owners   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/2/06)

Burke Hill Farms in Cherryfield, an organic blueberry operation   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 10/2/06)

Editorial: Salmon listing can mean cooperation, not conflict   (Kennebec Journal, 10/2/06)

State to stress biofuels awareness   (Kennebec Journal, 10/1/06)

Biofuel producer taps into growing state interest   (Kennebec Journal, 10/1/06)

Mainers who want to farm in a small way get into microdairies   (Kennebec Journal, 10/2/06)

Company turns restaurants' grease into biofuel for trucks   (Portland Press Herald, 10/1/06)

The Dresden Farmlands promote “agritainment”   (Bangor Daily News, 9/30/06)

Environmental lawyer and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks  (Brunswick Times Record, 9/29/06)

Opinion: A really comprehensive plan for Brunswick would look at a future world without oil  (Brunswick Times Record, 9/29/06)

DEP clears way for Stinson site cleanup  (Brunswick Times Record, 9/29/06)

Federal Lynx Protection Concerns Some Landowners In Maine   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 9/28/06)

Farm tour part of local push   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 9/29/06)

UMO: Antarctic elephant seal discovery sheds new light   (Bangor Daily News, 9/29/06)

Former tribal representative takes position at LNG firm   (Bangor Daily News, 9/29/06)

Clean up of oil leak continues in Augusta   (Kennebec Journal, 9/28/06)

Abnormally high lead levels in the water at Lakehurst Acres   (Kennebec Journal, 9/28/06)

Salmon Farmers Approve Scientist’s Research   (Ellsworth American, 9/28/06)

Editorial: Penobscot dam removal the best Rx for Maine salmon   (Portland Press Herald, 9/28/06)

Feathers fly over shorebird nesting rules  (Brunswick Times Record, 9/27/06)

Study: Eating farmed salmon is risky   (Bangor Daily News, 9/28/06)

Glenburn man catches first Penobscot salmon in 6 years   (Bangor Daily News, 9/28/06)

Opinion: Two good ways to fight global warming   (Bangor Daily News, 9/28/06)

Opinion: What in the blazes does SAM stand for, anyway?   (Portland Press Herald, 9/27/06)

Spill left lasting impressions   (Portland Press Herald, 9/27/06)

Settlement money will help fund Scarborough Marsh's restoration   (Portland Press Herald, 9/27/06)

Atlantic salmon at very low levels, report finds   (Portland Press Herald, 9/27/06)

2 more LNG pipeline routes proposed   (Bangor Daily News, 9/27/06)

Scientists Puzzled over Decline of New England Salt Marshes   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 9/26/06)

State officials tout local spinach growers   (Village Soup, 9/25/06)

Editorial: Industry's attack on chemical plant security   (Kennebec Journal, 9/26/06)

Opposition Grows To Windmills   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 9/25/06)

Landowners fight lynx habitat designation   (Portland Press Herald, 9/25/06)

Opinion: Advice for those who post their land   (Bangor Daily News, 9/25/06)

Local agriculture celebrated in Unity   (Bangor Daily News, 9/23/06)

Deal bypasses recent Quimby purchase   (Bangor Daily News, 9/23/06)

Burrowing owl spotted Down East ruffles feathers   (Bangor Daily News, 9/23/06)

Editorial: Compromise bill on chemical security   (Bangor Daily News, 9/23/06)

The growth of organic farming   (Kennebec Journal, 9/23/06)

Baldacci to discuss Quimby land purchase   (Bangor Daily News, 9/22/06)

Biomass and Biofuels conference   (Bangor Daily News, 9/22/06)

Plum Creek seeks exemption from lynx critical habitat designation   (The Missoulian, 9/19/06)

Opinion: Quimby's coup no reason to redo Katahdin Lake deal   (Portland Press Herald, 9/16/06)

Warming study: High costs for coast   (Portland Press Herald, 9/20/06)

NRCM study say global warming could put chunks of Maine coast under water   (Bangor Daily News, 9/20/06)

Opinion: Moosehead, North Woods study needed   (Bangor Daily News, 9/20/06)

Local golf courses work hard all season to keep the bugs out   (Bangor Daily News, 9/20/06)

Study Describes the Impact of Global Warming on the Maine Coast   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 9/19/06)

Maine Coast Could Be Devastated by Global Warming   (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 9/19/06)

'Green' homes take root with local builders   (Portland Press Herald, 9/19/06)

Editorial: Hazardous waste cleanup program must be funded   (Kennebec Journal, 9/18/06)

Smoky debate: Wood-burning boilers come under fire   (Portland Press Herald, 9/18/06)

Opinion: Katahdin land deal poor use of state money   (Kennebec Journal, 9/18/06)

The science of salmon: Genetically diverse, healthy fish goal of researchers   (Bangor Daily News, 9/18/06)

Critics harsh on salmon hatcheries   (Bangor Daily News, 9/18/06)

Outhouse flap makes big stink on Buetin's island   (Portland Press Herald, 9/16/06)

Migrating birds look like cloud cover on weather service radar   (Bangor Daily News, 9/16/06)

Newly Acquired Parcel Bordering Baxter State Park Will Be a Nature Sanctuary   (Maine Environmental News, 9/15/06)

Land Preservation Plan Troubling To Sportsmens Alliance   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 9/15/06)

Salmon Fishing Returns To The Penobscot After Seven-Year Hiatus   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 9/15/06)

Salmon Restoration program yielding slow, but encouraging results   (Bangor Daily News, 9/15/06)

Some activities likely taboo on Quimby's land   (Portland Press Herald, 9/15/06)

Folks 'really fired up' over salmon-fishing experiment   (Portland Press Herald, 9/15/06)

Editorial: Noxious smog precursors from power plants plummet   (Portland Press Herald, 9/15/06)

Editorial: Atlantic salmon fishing returns to Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 9/15/06)

Candidates square off on energy, environmental issues   (Associated Press, 9/14/06)

Quimby's purchase re-ignites Kathadin Lake discussion   (Associated Press, 9/14/06)

Wilson Pond landowners learning what it means to be lake-friendly   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 9/13/06)

Large numbers of alewives may be spawning in Highland Lake within a few years   (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/06)

Salmon fishing season planned as experiment   (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/06)

State offers $7 million for energy fixes   (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/06)

Quimby land deal angers hunters   (Bangor Daily News, 9/13/06)

Waste capacity expanding at Old Town landfill   (Bangor Daily News, 9/13/06)

Opinion: Turbines would damage mountain range   (Kennebec Journal, 8/27/06)

Competing visions for Sears Island presented   (Bangor Daily News, 9/13/06)

Winthrop Oil spill cleanup not quite finished   (Kennebec Journal, 9/13/06)

Editorial: Sportsmen: Aim before firing on Katahdin deal   (Kennebec Journal, 9/13/06)

Panel eyes new Quimby land buy   (Bangor Daily News, 9/12/06)

Group urges state to revisit planned Katahdin land deal   (Portland Press Herald, 9/12/06)

Raising crops in suburbia   (Portland Press Herald, 9/12/06)

Group designates acreage Down East as bird haven   (Bangor Daily News, 9/11/06)

Calais nixes Nash's Lake development   (Bangor Daily News, 9/11/06)

Freedom to review $12M wind plan   (Bangor Daily News, 9/11/06)

Editorial: Linking east and west remains a good idea   (Portland Press Herald, 9/9/06)

Opinion: U.S. needs energy diet, alternatives  (Brunswick Times Record, 9/8/06)

Poll finds Mainers more concerned about environment   (Bangor Daily News, 9/7/06)

Norton Pond developer gets extension to submit final plan   (Bangor Daily News, 9/7/06)

BEP schedules hearing on Dragon in Rockland   (Bangor Daily News, 9/7/06)

Opinion: Let's lead by driving slower   (Portland Press Herald, 9/7/06)

Trustees, Poland Spring wrestle over agreement   (The Irregular, 9/6/06)

Kibby Wind Power Project underway   (The Irregular, 9/6/06)

Pine Tree Landfill closure endorsed   (Bangor Daily News, 9/6/06)

Editorial: The future of Maine's farms lies in embracing new and novel ways of doing things   (Kennebec Journal, 9/6/06)

Opinion: Can we regulate the water that belongs to all of us?   (Kennebec Journal, 9/6/06)

Quoddy area eyed for five tidal projects   (Quoddy Times, 9/4/06)

Editorial: It's good to meet the people who grow our food   (Kennebec Journal, 9/4/06)

10 percent of duck hunters also hunt crows   (Portland Press Herald, 9/3/06)

Opinion: Fisheries reform a boost for New England   (Portland Press Herald, 9/3/06)

Voters reject wind power project moratorium   (Bangor Daily News, 9/2/06)

Group opposed to expanding the Pine Tree Landfill   (Bangor Daily News, 9/2/06)

Last run for salmon-stocking program   (Bangor Daily News, 9/2/06)

Opinion: Urgent: Regulate outdoor wood burners  (Brunswick Times Record, 9/1/06)

Shops get environmental nod   (Kennebec Journal, 9/1/06)

Downtown Waterville Farmers' Market   (Kennebec Journal, 9/1/06)

Maine wildlife biologist plant transmitters in trout   (Associated Press, 8/31/06)

Waterville's Last Farm to go on the Market   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/31/06)

Canadian company to invest in salmon farming in Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 8/31/06)

Study finds sea-run alewives no threat to bass   (Bangor Daily News, 8/31/06)

Landfill closure proposal goes to Hampden council   (Bangor Daily News, 8/31/06)

Monarch butterflies see summer increase   (Bangor Daily News, 8/31/06)

Firm to invest $60M in state salmon farms   (Bangor Daily News, 8/30/06)

Editorial: More work needed to hit greenhouse gas goals   (Portland Press Herald, 8/30/06)

Region's cleanup efforts fall short   (Portland Press Herald, 8/29/06)

Hydrogen cell to provide electricity   (Portland Press Herald, 8/29/06)

Feds say pump not effective at old Winthrop landfill site   (Kennebec Journal, 8/29/06)

Editorial: Maine's tradition of public access worth protecting   (Kennebec Journal, 8/29/06)

Hydrogen Energy Project Unveiled in Wiscasset   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/28/06)

Opinion: Redington wind project right for Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 8/28/06)

Maine parks keeping visitors happy   (Kennebec Journal, 8/26/06)

State receives funds to aid rare wildlife   (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/06)

Opinion: Sears Island's future development considered   (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/06)

Coastal preservation groups teaming up  (Brunswick Times Record, 8/25/06)

Opinion: North Woods: a world-class tourism destination?  (Brunswick Times Record, 8/25/06)

Waterville losing last working farm   (Kennebec Journal, 8/25/06)

Opinion: Halt soaring autism rates   (Bangor Daily News, 8/25/06)

Millinocket Prepares to Regulate Outdoor Wood Boilers   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/23/06)

Opinion: State's making progress on energy   (Portland Press Herald, 8/24/06)

Tree farm plans tours of wetland at field day event   (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/06)

Pickerel Pond shoreland donated to state   (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/06)

Few respond to $200,000 LNG offer   (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/06)

Maine farms have reason to celebrate   (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/06)

E. Millinocket ponders ban on wood-fired boilers   (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/06)

DIF&W opens sales of licenses to fish for salmon in Penobscot   (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/06)

Editorial: Smoke and Boilers   (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/06)

Buried dam doubles Mantle Lake cleanup cost   (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/06)

Opinion: Lawsuit opens a window on New England's climate future   (Portland Press Herald, 8/23/06)

Nation's berry growers take notes in Maine   (Kennebec Journal, 8/23/06)

Study: Plum Creek would stress emergency services   (Kennebec Journal, 8/22/06)

Report addresses MTBE case; remedies offered for tainted well   (Bangor Daily News, 8/22/06)

BEP permit denial latest setback for Salisbury Cove pier   (Bangor Daily News, 8/22/06)

Maine Farm Days returning to Clinton   (Kennebec Journal, 8/21/06)

Management grants save rare ecosystems   (Kennebec Journal, 8/21/06)

Going green? Pass on grass   (Portland Press Herald, 8/21/06)

Editorial: 'Sudden oak death' disease shouldn't be given toehold here   (Portland Press Herald, 8/21/06)

Editorial: Plum Creek analysis a welcome aid to debate   (Portland Press Herald, 8/21/06)

Three Blaine House hopefuls divided on LNG   (Bangor Daily News, 8/21/06)

Grow a garden right outside your kitchen door and reap the benefits   (Portland Press Herald, 8/20/06)

LNG: 'fuel of the future,' Castine audience told   (Bangor Daily News, 8/19/06)

Nearly 10,000 take advantage of season passes to Maine parks   (Bangor Daily News, 8/19/06)

Effort to raise awareness for keeping the Cobbossee watershed clean   (Kennebec Journal, 8/17/06)

Plum Creek impacts detailed   (Bangor Daily News, 8/17/06)

Group pushes to stop aerial pesticide spraying   (Bangor Daily News, 8/17/06)

Editorial: Half-million Americans own hybrid gas-electric cars  (Brunswick Times Record, 8/16/06)

Northeastern States Announce Progress In Greenhouse Gas Initiative   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/16/06)

Plan to curb pollution moves forward   (Bangor Daily News, 8/16/06)

Don't confuse Swan Island with Swans Island   (Portland Press Herald, 8/15/06)

Shrinking the carbon footprint   (Portland Press Herald, 8/15/06)

Residents suggest Allagash oversight   (Bangor Daily News, 8/15/06)

Anti-LNG group plans auction fundraiser   (Bangor Daily News, 8/15/06)

Task force takes a look at Allagash   (Bangor Daily News, 8/15/06)

Millinocket neighbors say wood-burning units emit too much smoke, ash   (Bangor Daily News, 8/15/06)

Opinion: Outdoor wood boilers a serious lung health hazard   (Bangor Daily News, 8/15/06)

Legal muscle lined up for Plum Creek battle   (Portland Press Herald, 8/14/06)

Largest colony of Atlantic Puffins in the United States   (Portland Press Herald, 8/14/06)

Residents cool to idea of an Allagash board   (Bangor Daily News, 8/14/06)

Meeting Sears Island Initiative's challenges   (Bangor Daily News, 8/14/06)

Whippoorwills in Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 8/14/06)

Opinion: Fort Halifax dam decision   (Kennebec Journal, 8/14/06)

Editorial: Energy alternatives essential to stable economy   (Portland Press Herald, 8/12/06)

Ecological Impact Of Dams Being Re-Evaluated   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/11/06)

Allagash panel sets County hearings, visit to waterway   (Bangor Daily News, 8/11/06)

Opinion: Natural resources, small business   (Bangor Daily News, 8/11/06)

Herbicides' impact on base seen as minimal   (Portland Press Herald, 8/11/06)

Just off Maine's busy coast, a serene world of seabirds awaits   (Portland Press Herald, 8/10/06)

Opinion: Don't let fear guide views of nuclear power   (Portland Press Herald, 8/10/06)

Marsh-mall panel reviews Wal-Mart plan   (Bangor Daily News, 8/10/06)

Editorial: Reducing America's oil consumption is necessary to solve the longer-term problem of our limited supply   (Bangor Daily News, 8/10/06)

Coastal land trust wraps up campaign   (Portland Press Herald, 8/9/06)

Editorial: Protecting Maine's coast, one million-dollar chunk at a time   (Portland Press Herald, 8/9/06)

Editorial: Prudhoe Bay more reason to build windmills   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/29/06)

Opinion: Protect some wild places with limited public access   (Kennebec Journal, 8/9/06)

Trust raises $100M for conservation   (Bangor Daily News, 8/9/06)

River Coalition on brink of closing its doors   (Bangor Daily News, 8/9/06)

Over A Hundred Million Raised For Conservation   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/8/06)

Charges unlikely in Allagash incursion   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/8/06)

Cultivating chestnuts   (Portland Press Herald, 8/8/06)

AMC buys its second sporting camp   (Portland Press Herald, 8/8/06)

Opting for a safe, secure energy future   (Portland Press Herald, 8/8/06)

Editorial: Trans-Atlantic emissions trading program   (Bangor Daily News, 8/8/06)

Editorial: Fort Halifax Dam: SOS can't stop the unstoppable   (Kennebec Journal, 8/6/06)

Scat-sniffing dog helps scientists study right whale population   (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/06)

Opinion: Whole Bay Study confirms LNG opponents' arguments   (Bangor Daily News, 8/7/06)

Company will install about 100 solar water heating systems   (Kennebec Journal, 8/6/06)

Editorial: Why we editorialize about fuel conservation and report about gas-guzzling NASCAR racing   (Kennebec Journal, 8/6/06)

Lakeside residents play big parts in loon drama   (Portland Press Herald, 8/6/06)

Opinion: Setting the course for sustainable, authentic development   (Portland Press Herald, 8/6/06)

Enforcers protect clam industry   (Portland Press Herald, 8/6/06)

On brink of wind energy   (Portland Press Herald, 8/6/06)

Editorial: Disclose potentially harmful ingredients in pesticides that are now kept secret   (Kennebec Journal, 8/5/06)

Glenburn gets grant to stop erosion at lake   (Bangor Daily News, 8/5/06)

Gas testing at Pine Tree Landfill wrapping up   (Bangor Daily News, 8/5/06)

Opinion: Sears Island should be fully protected   (Bangor Daily News, 8/5/06)

Proposed Regulations Aimed at Conserving Water   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/3/06)

Wind Farm Proposal Draws Mixed Reactions from Area Residents   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 8/3/06)

Wind-power site takes shape at crest of N. Maine ridge   (Associated Press, 8/4/06)

Wind farm testimony offers different spins   (Portland Press Herald, 8/4/06)

Editorial: Politics of climate change take a hopeful turn   (Portland Press Herald, 8/4/06)

Two million dollars in federal funds to Maine to support habitat protection partnerships   (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 8/4/06)

Right whale dead; ship strike suspected   (The Quoddy Tides , 8/4/06)

Residents turn out for visit by FERC to proposed LNG site   (The Quoddy Tides , 8/4/06)

ISA outbreak hits Grand Manan pens; salmon kill ordered   (The Quoddy Tides , 8/4/06)

Water withdrawal regulation plan opposed as too costly, confusing   (Bangor Daily News, 8/4/06)

Tainted well pits couple vs. DEP   (Bangor Daily News, 8/4/06)

Recycling committee looking for fiscally sound improvements   (Bangor Daily News, 8/4/06)

Wind project whips up debate   (Portland Press Herald, 8/3/06)

Farmland trust launches Web site   (Bangor Daily News, 8/3/06)

Editorial: Mandatory speed limit along three areas of the East Coast to reduce what are called ship strikes   (Bangor Daily News, 8/3/06)

Plum Creek review may be delayed Developer says it cannot tell state officials terms of conservation plan   (Bangor Daily News, 8/3/06)

States to EPA: Label all hazards in pesticides   (Associated Press, 8/2/06)

Commission to recommend waste management policies to Legislature   (Bangor Daily News, 8/2/06)

Environmental permits needed for proposed Walmart Supercenter in Bangor   (Bangor Daily News, 8/2/06)

Mousam River gets a checkup   (Portland Press Herald, 8/2/06)

Opinion: For clean air, wind farm looks good   (Portland Press Herald, 8/2/06)

Hearings this week target wind farm plan   (Kennebec Journal, 8/1/06)

Editorial: We must cut energy costs by conserving   (Kennebec Journal, 8/1/06)

Data collected at landfill: Amount and direction of escaping gases monitored   (Bangor Daily News, 8/1/06)

Win-win situation for Penobscot River proves a loss for Howland landowner   (Bangor Daily News, 8/1/06)

Opinion: Maine and global warming are linked   (Bangor Daily News, 8/1/06)

MDI Biological Laboratory turning 'green' over building   (Bangor Daily News, 7/31/06)

Opinion: Step up to the energy debate   (Bangor Daily News, 7/31/06)

Blaine House hopefuls back alternative energy   (Portland Press Herald, 7/31/06)

Editorial: Cleaner air ought to be a priority for EPA   (Portland Press Herald, 7/31/06)

Opinion: Wind farm site threatens wilderness   (Portland Press Herald, 7/31/06)

Editorial: Ensuring a future for Maine's dairy farms   (Kennebec Journal, 7/30/06)

Opinion: Wind farm presents state with timely, clean energy choice   (Portland Press Herald, 7/30/06)

Opinion: Keep Maine from accepting nuclear waste   (Portland Press Herald, 7/30/06)

Editorial: Redington wind farm a step toward Maine's energy future   (Portland Press Herald, 7/29/06)

Windmill to be installed at Saco's wastewater treatment plant   (Portland Press Herald, 7/29/06)

Kennebec Estuary encompasses more than 9,000 acres of rich wetland habitat  (Brunswick Times Record, 7/28/06)

Study of Songbirds Finds High Levels of Mercury   (New York Times, 7/28/06)

Rep. Tom Allen: Report Confirms Bush Administration and Congressional “Dereliction” in Enforcement of the Clean Air Act   (Rep. Tom Allen, 7/28/06)

Breaching of the Sandy River Dam designed to restore salmon   (Kennebec Journal, 7/28/06)

Major decrease in Maine's park use   (Kennebec Journal, 7/28/06)

EPA slow to finish rules on air toxins   (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/06)

Attendance plummets at Baxter, Acadia claim   (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/06)

Ketch built in rain forest heading for Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/06)

Editorial: Maine not coy about banning invasive species   (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/06)

Editorial: 'No dumping zone' a step toward healthy Casco Bay   (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/06)

Opinion: Turns out there's a real climate-change debate still going on   (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/06)

Environmentalists urge reduced wind farm   (Kennebec Journal, 7/27/06)

Deal would doom wind farm project, developers claim   (Portland Press Herald, 7/27/06)

Senate leaves open possibility of drilling in the Gulf of Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 7/27/06)

Wind Farm Project Not Endorsed by Environmentalists   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/26/06)

Oil Drilling Legislation Debated in the U.S. Senate   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/26/06)

Snowe, Collins to vote against oil drilling in Gulf of Maine   (Kennebec Journal, 7/26/06)

Officials defend seizure of koi fish from restaurant   (Portland Press Herald, 7/26/06)

Editorial: Don't let Senate drilling bill open the wrong door   (Portland Press Herald, 7/26/06)

Sears Island issues prompt shoreline access questions   (Bangor Daily News, 7/26/06)

Body of dead right whale examined at Campobello   (Bangor Daily News, 7/26/06)

Eels, too, need safe downstream passage   (Morning Sentinel, 7/25/06)

Preservationists challenge development need for Sears island   (Waldo Independent, 7/25/06)

HoltraChem cleanup proceeds   (Bangor Daily News, 7/25/06)

Restoring park trails in Acadia   (Bangor Daily News, 7/25/06)

Mercury cleanup progresses into new phase   (Portland Press Herald, 7/25/06)

Fishing stakes are high   (Portland Press Herald, 7/25/06)

Maine fishermen divided on national fishing policies   (Associated Press, 7/25/06)

Public input about current rules for spraying to control browntail moths  (Brunswick Times Record, 7/24/06)

Poland Springs bottling company seeks to expand western Maine operations   (Bangor Daily News, 7/24/06)

Redington Wind plan stirs up environmental conflict   (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/06)

Visitors get a chance to see what life's really like down on the farm   (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/06)

Chewonki wants to go distance with new coastal trail   (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/06)

Editorial: Responsible boaters don't spread weeds   (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/06)

Tidal energy, fish habitat at odds in debate   (Kennebec Journal, 7/24/06)

Editorial: It's time to close Rt. 27 boat launch   (Kennebec Journal, 7/24/06)

Poland Springs bottling company seeks to expand western Maine operations   (Bangor Daily News, 7/24/06)

Retiree turns commercial organic hops farmer   (Bangor Daily News, 7/24/06)

Opinion: Increase the cost of vehicle fuel   (Bangor Daily News, 7/24/06)

DIF & W scours lake in Sullivan   (Bangor Daily News, 7/24/06)

Mainers find new ways to ward off mosquitoes   (Kennebec Journal, 7/23/06)

Editorial: Serious business behind the fun of Open Farm Day   (Kennebec Journal, 7/23/06)

Become a Habitat Steward and learn the consequences of your actions   (Portland Press Herald, 7/23/06)

Editorial: Use standard set of rules for testing lake water   (Portland Press Herald, 7/23/06)

Opinion: Answering call for permanent conservation at Moosehead   (Portland Press Herald, 7/23/06)

Opinion: Gulf of Maine fishery deserves better than this   (Portland Press Herald, 7/23/06)

Editorial: Loons face invisible dangers   (Kennebec Journal, 7/23/06)

Boater sewage banned in bay   (Portland Press Herald, 7/22/06)

Life in a tidal pool   (Portland Press Herald, 7/23/06)

Open Farm Day to feature nearly 100 sites   (Portland Press Herald, 7/21/06)

Maine Audubon chooses Educator of the Year   (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/06)

Drainage concerns critics of Bangor Walmart project   (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/06)

Greenville awaits landfill ruling   (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/06)

Georges Pond Feud Imperils Aquatic Life   (Ellsworth American, 7/20/06)

New rules about how much water farmers and water districts can draw down   (Ellsworth American, 7/20/06)

Trust gets easement to protect Oxford pond   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/20/06)

Experts: New Messalonskee Lake boat ramp may slow milfoil   (Kennebec Journal, 7/20/06)

Tests on Crystal Lake water no sure thing   (Portland Press Herald, 7/20/06)

Bath preserve ensures public access   (Portland Press Herald, 7/20/06)

Editorial: The biggest single threat to Acadia Park   (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/06)

Opinion: Maybe Plum Creek's vision will bring economic vitality back to Greenville   (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/06)

Whaling vote seen as first step in an environmental tragedy  (Brunswick Times Record, 7/19/06)

Opinion: Challenges facing Maine's fishing families are complex and daunting  (Brunswick Times Record, 7/19/06)

Baldacci opposes temporary radioactive storage   (Portland Press Herald, 7/19/06)

Lawmaker apologizes for latest Allagash rift   (Portland Press Herald, 7/19/06)

Editorial: Oil drilling ban still makes sense   (Kennebec Journal, 7/19/06)

Freeport's Quarry Woods to be preserved under conservation easement   (Portland Press Herald, 7/19/06)

Kennebec tidal flow an energy source?   (Portland Press Herald, 7/18/06)

Editorial: Make more nuke plants, fuel storage site top priorities   (Portland Press Herald, 7/18/06)

Seven ways to experience Maine through local food   (Associated Press, 7/18/06)

Cony Envirothon Team hopes to dig pay dirt in Manitoba   (Kennebec Journal, 7/18/06)

Editorial: Can we trust the feds on nuclear waste?   (Kennebec Journal, 7/18/06)

Martin sorry for Allagash incident   (Bangor Daily News, 7/18/06)

Editorial: Overfishing is exacerbated because millions of pounds of fish are discarded   (Bangor Daily News, 7/18/06)

Lawmakers explain Allagash road clearing   (Associated Press, 7/18/06)

Senator Martin Apologizes for Allagash Incident   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/17/06)

Whale swims free after it is untangled   (Portland Press Herald, 7/17/06)

Ganging up to stop invaders   (Portland Press Herald, 7/17/06)

Editorial: Panel should push for real ethics reform   (Portland Press Herald, 7/17/06)

Few loon plate drivers use free pass to parks   (Bangor Daily News, 7/17/06)

Rescuers free whale entangled in rope   (Bangor Daily News, 7/17/06)

Eat locally with community agriculture   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/17/06)

Could Maine Yankee become a regional nuclear waste site?   (Portland Press Herald, 7/16/06)

Diving in to count the fish   (Portland Press Herald, 7/16/06)

Even modest lifestyles can create waste   (Kennebec Journal, 7/16/06)

Opinion: Smart wind power, or not-so-smart?   (Kennebec Journal, 7/16/06)

Orono Bog boardwalk a paradise for birdwatchers   (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/06)

Editorial: Martin's provocation sunders fragile peace on the Allagash   (Portland Press Herald, 7/15/06)

Acadia group vaunts its work   (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/06)

Riverbank crew continues work on paper spill   (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/06)

Editorial: Forest Legacy Form   (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/06)

Opinion: Lawmakers RESTORED road in northern Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/06)

Editorial: When state plate's great, loon's losses loom large   (Portland Press Herald, 7/14/06)

Opinion: State's rivers focus of new respect   (Portland Press Herald, 7/14/06)

Editorial: A sneak attack on the Allagash   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/14/06)

Editorial: Sen. Martin: Get off that bulldozer and fight fair   (Kennebec Journal, 7/14/06)

NRCM suggests ethics panel lacks accountability   (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/06)

Landfill seeks OK to accept N.H. oily waste   (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/06)

Editorial: Allagash Roadblock   (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/06)

State Institutions Purchasing Antibiotic- Free Meat   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/13/06)

Loon plates in decline, state projects suffer   (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/06)

Saddleback gets OK for condo units, house lots   (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/06)

Editorial: North Woods parcels welcomed by state   (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/06)

Farm waste rules come up for discussion   (Kennebec Journal, 7/13/06)

Editorial: Land deals add to Maine's richness   (Kennebec Journal, 7/13/06)

Proteus and the Blueprint Project   (The Phoenix, 7/13/06)

Sears Island committee hears ownership debate   (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/06)

UM professor accepts award for climate change research   (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/06)

LNG offices, firms vandalized Down East   (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/06)

Editorial: Too Few Fish in the Sea   (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/06)

Opinion: Road repair exacerbates problems in Allagash   (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/06)

Katahdin forest, Machias River areas to be conserved   (Associated Press, 7/12/06)

Allagash action raises controversy   (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/06)

LNG fallout divides Perry town leaders   (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/06)

Scientist assails N-energy plan   (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/06)

Editorial: LURC is right to separate Plum Creek conservation agreement from application for development   (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/06)

Lawmakers repair road near Allagash   (Portland Press Herald, 7/12/06)

Forest deal to preserve 202,000 acres   (Portland Press Herald, 7/12/06)

Opinion: Plum Creek holding conservation hostage to development   (Portland Press Herald, 7/12/06)

Proposed creation of house lots and timeshare condominiums on Saddleback Mountain   (Kennebec Journal, 7/12/06)

Conservation groups give 200,000 acres to preserve   (Kennebec Journal, 7/12/06)

Legislators investigated for clearing a road to Allagash   (Kennebec Journal, 7/12/06)

Fishy situation blocks plans to rebuild Hallowell barrier   (Kennebec Journal, 7/12/06)

Editorial: We need stronger, not weaker, limits on fishing   (Kennebec Journal, 7/12/06)

Opinion: The hullabaloo surrounding the conduct of Rep. Tom Saviello   (Kennebec Journal, 7/12/06)

LURC members eye wind farm site   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/12/06)

Lawmakers Investigated for Bulldozing a Closed Road   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/11/06)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gulf of Maine Coastal Program Website Launched   (USFWS, 7/11/06)

Maine a tempting target for nuclear waste   (Kennebec Journal, 7/11/06)

Editorial: Maine air quality remains at risk   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/11/06)

LURC questions Plum Creek on resorts, housing   (Bangor Daily News, 7/11/06)

Libra grant to fund top fish scientist   (Portland Press Herald, 7/11/06)

Federal Proposal To Reprocess Nuclear Waste Called Dangerous   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/10/06)

Opposition to tidal project surfaces  (Brunswick Times Record, 7/10/06)

Cleanup at old mine could hit $25 million   (Portland Press Herald, 7/10/06)

Opinion: Frankenstein fish in Maine?   (Kennebec Journal, 7/10/06)

Lead paint rules draw criticism   (Bangor Daily News, 7/10/06)

Editorial: Sedentary entertainment lures Americans from nature   (Portland Press Herald, 7/10/06)

Environmental group grades lawmakers   (Associated Press, 7/9/06)

Study finds failings in fisheries restoration   (Associated Press, 7/9/06)

Growing pains in unorganized territory   (Kennebec Journal, 7/9/06)

A dozen legislators receive perfect environmental score   (Portland Press Herald, 7/9/06)

Lax regulation blamed as fish stocks lag   (Portland Press Herald, 7/9/06)

Editorial: As ozone declines, Maine breathes easier   (Portland Press Herald, 7/9/06)

Editorial: Eagles' success a cautionary tale for policymakers   (Portland Press Herald, 7/9/06)

Biodiesel plans rile neighbors   (Kennebec Journal, 7/8/06)

Editorial: Senate politics roil chemical security effort   (Portland Press Herald, 7/8/06)

On the trail of beach bacteria   (Portland Press Herald, 7/8/06)

Marsh-mall group talks about listing guidelines   (Bangor Daily News, 7/8/06)

'Pike dike' addresses fishery challenge   (Bangor Daily News, 7/8/06)

Lawmakers Graded by Environmental Group   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 7/7/06)

Studying the migratory birds of Great Duck Island   (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/06)

LURC seeking clarification of Plum Creek plan   (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/06)

Editorial: Events will turn up the heat on the climate change debate   (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/06)

Editorial: Problems caused by illegally stocked fish are hard to fix   (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/06)

Opinion: Penobscot River restoration is cause for celebration   (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/06)

Studying the migratory birds of Great Duck Island   (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/06)

Hancock Lumber earns stewardship certification for lumber yard   (Associated Press, 7/7/06)

State seeks credit for better air   (Portland Press Herald, 7/6/06)

Editorial: Can the wind deliver the promise of hydrogen?   (Portland Press Herald, 7/6/06)

A fresh look at fishing the Penobscot River   (Village Soup, 7/6/06)

Editorial: Chemical security bill flawed, but still a major step   (Kennebec Journal, 7/6/06)

Pine Tree Landfill preps for shutdown of system   (Bangor Daily News, 7/6/06)

FarmLink names new coordinator   (Bangor Daily News, 7/6/06)

DEP frustrated over 'Spitball Mountain'   (Bangor Daily News, 7/6/06)

Bacteria levels remain unsafe at Blue Hill beach   (Bangor Daily News, 7/6/06)

Editorial: Lobster population keeps growing despite record catches   (Bangor Daily News, 7/6/06)

Acadia falcons hatch   (Portland Press Herald, 7/5/06)

Senate fight threatens chemical watchdog bill   (Portland Press Herald, 7/5/06)

Pollution's effect on eagles studied   (Portland Press Herald, 7/5/06)

Bacteria count closes beach to swimming in Kennebunk   (Portland Press Herald, 7/5/06)

Young falcons flying at Acadia   (Bangor Daily News, 7/4/06)

BEP to hold hearing on state ozone   (Bangor Daily News, 7/4/06)

Damariscotta Lake Watershed group doubles holdings   (Kennebec Journal, 7/3/06)

Editorial: Georges Bank is no place for drilling rigs   (Portland Press Herald, 7/3/06)

Opinion: Setting record straight about Canada lynx   (Kennebec Journal, 7/2/06)

Editorial: Bill would promote more buses around Acadia   (Portland Press Herald, 7/2/06)

Editorial: Tidal power in Maine? Not for many moons   (Portland Press Herald, 7/1/06)

Katahdin Lake deadline extended   (Bangor Daily News, 7/1/06)

Editorial: Chestnut Trees Returning   (Bangor Daily News, 7/1/06)

Maine among first states to ban computer dumping   (Associated Press, 6/30/06)

House approves drilling 50 miles off Maine coast   (Kennebec Journal, 6/30/06)

Computers, TVs banned from dumps   (Portland Press Herald, 6/30/06)

Forum explores 'green' resources   (Bangor Daily News, 6/30/06)

Regionwide tribal coalition embraces Kyoto Protocol   (Bangor Daily News, 6/30/06)

Bucksport wind power plan generates interest   (Bangor Daily News, 6/30/06)

Editorial: Sturgeon in the Penobscot   (Bangor Daily News, 6/30/06)

Federal Court Paves the Way for Coal-Tar Cleanup   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 6/29/06)

FERC report policy riles LNG foes   (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/06)

Judge: Bangor liable for 40% of river coal-tar cleanup   (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/06)

Mound of soggy paper sitting in the Penobscot River, may soon get cleaned up   (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/06)

Plymouth Superfund site concerns raised   (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/06)

American Birding Association members visit for field trip   (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/06)

Editorial: Sustaining Maine's Green Infrastructure,   (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/06)

Opinion: Tidal power: Charting its history and future in Maine   (Kennebec Journal, 6/29/06)

Bill calls for mainland transportation to Acadia   (Portland Press Herald, 6/29/06)

Opinion: Plum Creek's new plan a better deal   (Portland Press Herald, 6/29/06)

Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust has received two $10,000 grants   (Bangor Daily News, 6/28/06)

Editorial: In a wetlands case decided recently, the Supreme court muddied the water   (Bangor Daily News, 6/28/06)

Opinion: Keep Maine safe from toxic chemicals   (Bangor Daily News, 6/28/06)

Editorial: Clean air case no reason to delay   (Portland Press Herald, 6/28/06)

Editorial: A vision for Maine's green infrastructure   (Kennebec Journal, 6/24/06)

Maine officials heartened as battle about greenhouse gases continues   (Portland Press Herald, 6/27/06)

Court to settle fight on CO2 limits   (Portland Press Herald, 6/27/06)

High Court To Hear Air Pollution Case Initiated By Twelve States Including Maine   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 6/26/06)

In Acadia, native plants returning: Park team aims to aid local species   (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/06)

Bucksport councilors to consider wind power option for industrial park   (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/06)

Allagash task force begins river management review   (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/06)

Researchers: Maine's tides could make cheap electricity   (Portland Press Herald, 6/26/06)

State proposes protection for New England cottontail   (Associated Press, 6/26/06)

Conservationists continue crusade against invasive plants   (Kennebec Journal, 6/26/06)

16 of Maine's at-risk species considered for special-protection lists   (Kennebec Journal, 6/26/06)

Sears Island preservationists prevail at meeting   (Bangor Daily News, 6/26/06)

DEP, Greenville to set landfill closure plan   (Bangor Daily News, 6/26/06)

'Experimental' fall salmon season OK'd   (Portland Press Herald, 6/25/06)

State resumes fighting hydrilla in pond   (Portland Press Herald, 6/25/06)

Editorial: Sturgeon population points to river recovery   (Portland Press Herald, 6/25/06)

Editorial: Senate fishery law rewrite a step in the right direction   (Portland Press Herald, 6/25/06)

Unlikely crusader Al Gore makes his poignant point   (Kennebec Journal, 6/24/06)

Filmgoers say Gore's movie a reminder of Earth's fragility   (Kennebec Journal, 6/24/06)

Editorial: New report highlights the contributions of woods, fields and waters to the state economy   (Portland Press Herald, 6/24/06)

Allagash task force begins its work Monday   (Bangor Daily News, 6/24/06)

Encounter with thrush fueled interest   (Bangor Daily News, 6/24/06)

Moosehorn eaglet soon to take wing   (Bangor Daily News, 6/24/06)

Juniper Ridge installs new misting system   (Bangor Daily News, 6/24/06)

Maine Island Trail cleanup project produces piles of trash   (Bangor Daily News, 6/24/06)

Salmon group has worries about pike   (Bangor Daily News, 6/24/06)

Sturgeon returning to Penobscot   (Bangor Daily News, 6/22/06)

Conservation projects use funds from voters   (Bangor Daily News, 6/22/06)

DIF&W hearings target species protection issues   (Bangor Daily News, 6/22/06)

FERC approves 5 LNG projects outside state   (Bangor Daily News, 6/22/06)

Al Gore film's Waterville debut spurs activists   (Kennebec Journal, 6/22/06)

Endangered Sturgeon Caught in Penobscot River   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 6/21/06)

Owners urged to leash dogs while hiking coastal marsh   (Portland Press Herald, 6/21/06)

Bottlers, States and the Public Slug It Out in Water War   (Washington Post , 6/12/06)

Opinion: 'Yes' to wind power -- if it's put in the right place   (Kennebec Journal, 6/18/06)

Groups criticize latest Plum Creek plan   (Portland Press Herald, 6/21/06)

Editorial: Kempthorne repudiates noxious national park vision   (Portland Press Herald, 6/21/06)

Opinion: Plum Creek's Moosehead strategy a blueprint for success?   (Portland Press Herald, 6/21/06)

Further Plum Creek revisions sought   (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/06)

All eyes on the sky as national bird-watcher convention comes to Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/06)

FERC OKs Cutler study: Engineer plans tidal power plant   (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/06)

Tomato greenhouse called Madison 'turning point'   (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/06)

Revised Plum Creek project ripped   (Kennebec Journal, 6/21/06)

Environmentalists Say Plum Creek Plan Still Unacceptable   (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 6/20/06)

Environmental groups ask for more revisions to Plum Creek plan   (Associated Press, 6/20/06)

Salmon researchers seek government help in solving ocean mystery   (Associated Press, 6/20/06)

Group urges opponents of $150 million wind farm to reconsider position   (Portland Press Herald, 6/20/06)

Editorial: Fishing fleet buyout is no silver bullet   (Portland Press Herald, 6/20/06)

Endangered species hearing set for Bangor   (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/06)

Nonprofit voices support for wind farm   (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/06)

Backwoods dumping a growing issue   (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/06)

Editorial: Compliance with federal ozone standards   (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/06)

Environmentalists Criticized for Opposing Wind Project   (Maine Public Radio, 6/19/06)

Backlogged park maintenance eased, but list keeps growing   (Associated Press, 6/19/06)

NJ files petition challenging EPA mercury rules   (Associated Press, 6/19/06)

State parks need repairs, maintenance, report says   (Associated Press, 6/19/06)

Buyout program may lure fishermen to quit   (Portland Press Herald, 6/19/06)

State parks need a shot of green   (Portland Press Herald, 6/18/06)

Editorial: Energy settlement shows need for conservation   (Portland Press Herald, 6/18/06)

Opinion: Ecosystem-based management needed to protect our oceans   (Portland Press Herald, 6/18/06)

Editorial: Scoring Baldacci's record on the environment   (Kennebec Journal, 6/17/06)

Collecting toxic waste from homes   (Kennebec Journal, 6/17/06)

Eagles among creatures thriving at Pushaw   (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/06)

Group working on review of groundwater regulations   (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/06)

American Birding Association's annual convention in Bangor   (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/06)

Editorial: In Freeport, groups want to put an end to idling   (Portland Press Herald, 6/15/06)

Mainers mobilize for piping plover count   (Portland Press Herald, 6/14/06)

Parks' impact: $95 million   (Portland Press Herald, 6/14/06)

Opinion: Will chemical security be anti-terror priority?   (Portland Press Herald, 6/14/06)

Land access task force releases suggestions   (Bangor Daily News, 6/14/06)

Editorial: Chemical Security   (Bangor Daily News, 6/14/06)

Lung group claims new air hazard   (Portland Press Herald, 6/13/06)

Editorial: Take care not to create problem bears   (Portland Press Herald, 6/13/06)

Plan to temporarily shut down part of Pine Tree Landfill's gas extraction system   (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/06)

Editorial: Vision and hard work brings back Cobbossee Lake   (Kennebec Journal, 6/13/06)

Lung Association Warns of Pollution from Outdoor Wood Boilers   (Maine Public Radio, 6/12/06)

Sea Urchin Industry Seeking a Comeback   (Maine Public Radio, 6/12/06)

Editorial: We need wind power to fight global warming   (Kennebec Journal, 6/12/06)

Opinion: Reducing Maine's dependence on electricity made from fossil fuels   (Portland Press Herald, 6/12/06)

LNG opposition draws strength from varied sources   (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/06)

The LNG Question: Does Liquefied Natural Gas Have a Viable Future in Maine?   (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/06)

Hearing proves Penjajawoc issue still subject of some confusion   (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/06)

Editorial: Growth is good, but unmanaged growth is not   (Kennebec Journal, 6/11/06)

Cobbossee Lake goes in right direction   (Kennebec Journal, 6/11/06)

Editorial: LURC decisions show focus on remoteness   (Portland Press Herald, 6/11/06)

Is Burnt Jacket ruling a clue for Plum Creek?   (Portland Press Herald, 6/11/06)

Greenhouse aims to grow tasty tomatoes   (Portland Press Herald, 6/11/06)

Kittery to vote on mosquito eradication plan   (Portland Press Herald, 6/10/06)

Cutler diesel oil spill contained   (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/06)

LURC rejects utility line permit for project along Schoodic Lake   (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/06)

Editorial: Sears Island Opportunity   (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/06)

Freedom voters back wind turbine project   (Kennebec Journal, 6/8/06)

Sierra Club urging Freeport to post anti-bus idling signs   (Portland Press Herald, 6/8/06)

Opinion: Keep Wolfe's Neck Farm as a working farm   (Portland Press Herald, 6/8/06)

Burnt Jacket LLC development denied   (Bangor Daily News, 6/8/06)

Protecting Great Pond and Lower Penobscot Forest   (Bangor Daily News, 6/8/06)

Maine Consumers Appear To Be Conserving Electricity   (Maine Public Radio, 6/7/06)

Opinion: National Animal ID System intrusive  (Brunswick Times Record, 6/7/06)

No canned tuna, magazine warns pregnant women   (CNN, 6/6/06)

Visitor harm to Cadillac Mountain a key concern   (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/06)

Opinion: Burnt Jacket LLC's rezoning proposal   (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/06)

Editorial: Baldacci's veto for the people   (Kennebec Journal, 6/6/06)

Opinion: What's the best way to save endangered species?   (Kennebec Journal, 6/6/06)

Farmers share meals, ideas to preserve their way of life   (Portland Press Herald, 6/6/06)

Opinion: The Penobscot and the Presumpscot: A tale of two rivers   (Portland Press Herald, 6/6/06)

Fish and game club funds record number of pupils to learn about outdoors   (Bangor Daily News, 6/5/06)

Hikers brave rain to tour Acadia park paths   (Bangor Daily News, 6/5/06)

Portland tour shows off majestic trees rooted in history   (Portland Press Herald, 6/4/06)

Truck fueled almost exclusively by discarded vegetable oil   (Portland Press Herald, 6/3/06)

Salmon restoration hands-on for some   (Bangor Daily News, 6/3/06)

DEP says all counties meeting ozone standards   (Bangor Daily News, 6/3/06)

Mall-marsh area preservation discussed   (Bangor Daily News, 6/3/06)

Horseshoe crabs focus of trip   (Bangor Daily News, 6/3/06)

Panel rejects house lot plan on Moosehead   (Portland Press Herald, 6/2/06)

Fishery waste has conservation group concerned   (Kennebec Journal, 6/2/06)

Editorial: Weighing benefits of Plum Creek's conservation plan   (Kennebec Journal, 6/2/06)

LURC staff pans Beaver Cove plan   (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/06)

Opinion: Protecting a natural treasure in Orland   (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/06)

Experts stress need for east-west highway   (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/06)

Conservationists Say Heavy Fishing "Bycatch" Unacceptable   (Maine Public Radio, 6/1/06)

LURC Prepares to Vote on Timberland Issue   (Maine Public Radio, 6/1/06)

Long-awaited Sears Island Planning Initiative   (Waldo Independent, 6/1/06)

Penobscot restoration participants still upbeat   (Bangor Daily News, 6/1/06)

Superfund site in Plymouth can't be cleaned up, EPA says   (Bangor Daily News, 6/1/06)

River group seeks more federal aid   (Bangor Daily News, 6/1/06)

Bitterns thrill birdwatchers   (Bangor Daily News, 6/1/06)

Water from at least 80 private wells in York county undrinkable   (Portland Press Herald, 6/1/06)

Editorial: One of the biggest natural threats to the state's freshwater resources remains Eurasian milfoil   (Portland Press Herald, 6/1/06)

Key step taken in pact to remove Penobscot dams   (Portland Press Herald, 6/1/06)

Groups say Penobscot fish plan succeeding   (Kennebec Journal, 6/1/06)

Mahoosuc Mountains range has a new 42-mile backpacking trail   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 6/1/06)

Al Gore Sounds Global Warming Alert   (MPBN: All Things Considered, 6/1/06)

Brunswick neighborhood's efforts to encourage recycling  (Brunswick Times Record, 5/31/06)

Senate energy bill is a smart road map to the future   (Portland Press Herald, 5/31/06)

Three dams to getpower upgrades along Penobscot   (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/06)

Baldacci mulls veto for petition bill   (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/06)

Sears Island uses floated 60 participate in feisty forum   (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/06)

Editorial: Fund Forest Legacy   (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/06)

Increasing popularity of boating on the lakes has meant more environmental dangers   (Portland Press Herald, 5/30/06)

Summer camps worry about mosquitoes, thanks to Triple-E   (Associated Press, 5/29/06)

Sell the gas guzzler? Do some math first   (Portland Press Herald, 5/29/06)

Opinion: Maine's greenhouse vegetable production will nearly double with a 23-acre complex   (Kennebec Journal, 5/29/06)

Salmon advocates reach out to children to preserve fish stocks   (Bangor Daily News, 5/29/06)

Opinion: Traditional guiding in a quality environment   (Bangor Daily News, 5/29/06)

Driving style has big impact on gas mileage   (Associated Press, 5/28/06)

Worrisome levels of dioxin in lobster tomalley   (Portland Press Herald, 5/28/06)

Editorial: Protecting species is responsible stewardship   (Portland Press Herald, 5/28/06)

Plan would use tidal river to generate power   (Associated Press, 5/27/06)

Birds, watchers flock to birding festival   (Bangor Daily News, 5/27/06)

EPA lauds Corinna cleanup as ideal   (Bangor Daily News, 5/27/06)

EPA may file waiver for Plymouth site   (Bangor Daily News, 5/27/06)

Group aims to quash revised plan for Plum Creek project   (Portland Press Herald, 5/26/06)

180-mile ski hut system OK'd   (Kennebec Journal, 5/26/06)

Meat-product makers defend Pleasant Pond water quality   (Kennebec Journal, 5/26/06)

Floating down to clean up the Presumpscot   (Portland Press Herald, 5/25/06)

DIF&W urges additions, cut to endangered listing   (Bangor Daily News, 5/25/06)

Land-use Referendum Approved by Legislature   (Ellsworth American, 5/25/06)

Maine receives high marks for school bus pollution   (Associated Press, 5/25/06)

Sportsmen Poll Says Nation’s Energy Policy “Is on the Wrong Track”   (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 5/24/06)

Editorial: Veto bill that will dramatically curb the ability of citizens to control development   (Kennebec Journal, 5/24/06)

Decision expected on Beaver Cove subdivision   (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/06)

Now open: a natural jewel, Walden Parke Preserve   (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/06)

Schoolchildren on MDI dabble in water ecology   (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/06)

Fishing industry losses in spotlight   (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/06)

Opinion: United States needs to pick up its implementation to use renewable energies   (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/06)

Juniper Ridge Landfill in full operation, mixing process complete   (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/06)

Opinion: In Maine, we have witnessed the benefits of the Clean Water Act   (Portland Press Herald, 5/24/06)

Survey Finds Climate Change a Concern of Hunters and Anglers   (Maine Public Radio, 5/23/06)

TU report calls Maine brook trout stronghold   (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/06)

Former mine in Brooksville subject of Superfund investigation   (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/06)

Osprey removal from pole causes stir   (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/06)

In Maine, It's Not Easy Being "Green" When You're in the Junk Business   (Maine Public Radio, 5/22/06)

Volunteers clean up Penobscot   (Bangor Daily News, 5/22/06)

Towns' farmers' markets ready for opening week   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/22/06)

Opinion: Global warming should be issue of next election   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/22/06)

Editorial: It's important to save farmland and farmers in Maine   (Kennebec Journal, 5/21/06)

Event celebrates the revival of the Kennebec River's herring, and the 1999 demolition of Edwards Dam   (Kennebec Journal, 5/21/06)

Litchfield to mull what to do with farm waste water   (Kennebec Journal, 5/21/06)

Floodwater threatens coastal wildlife   (Portland Press Herald, 5/21/06)

Opinion: Our waters and the wildlife that depend on them are at risk   (Portland Press Herald, 5/21/06)

Editorial: House should work to improve fishery act rewrite   (Portland Press Herald, 5/20/06)

Down East group protests Calais bridge project   (Bangor Daily News, 5/20/06)

Blue Hill mine cleanup ordered   (Bangor Daily News, 5/20/06)

Opposition Mounts over Proposed Site of International Bridge   (Maine Public Radio, 5/19/06)

Big biomass boiler bust   (Portland Phoenix, 5/19/06)

Kingfield turns back moratorium targeting Poland Spring   (Associated Press, 5/19/06)

Farmers' markets energize Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/06)

Eagle cam lets viewers watch nature's drama in Maine nest   (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/06)

Editorial: Organic and Wal-Mart   (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/06)

River dumps flood trash on beaches   (Portland Press Herald, 5/19/06)

Editorial: Sappi should seek solutions in fish fight   (Portland Press Herald, 5/19/06)

Volunteers cleaning up the shoreline and marsh areas of Portland's Back Cove   (Portland Press Herald, 5/19/06)

American Eel May Be Heading for Endangered Species List   (Maine Public Radio, 5/18/06)

Maine land conservation projects to share $12 million in funding   (Portland Press Herald, 5/18/06)

Runoff, red tide threaten shellfish   (Portland Press Herald, 5/18/06)

Fishing bill gets House panel OK   (Portland Press Herald, 5/18/06)

Festival hails rebound of Kennebec river, fish numbers   (Kennebec Journal, 5/18/06)

Fayette farm picked for preservation   (Kennebec Journal, 5/18/06)

Aroostook group sticks with salmon restoration   (Bangor Daily News, 5/18/06)

Penobscot environmentalist honored by national council   (Bangor Daily News, 5/18/06)

Poland Spring Faces Opposition to Expansion Plans   (Maine Public Radio, 5/17/06)

State designates $12M for land conservation   (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/06)

County backs revised Plum Creek plan   (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/06)

Landfill proposes brief gas system shutdown   (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/06)

Finances at issue in LNG dispute   (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/06)

Beaches hosting more harp seals   (Portland Press Herald, 5/17/06)

Opinion: Cleansed and ready to fulfill its promise, the Kennebec River ties our history and future together   (Kennebec Journal, 5/17/06)

Environmentalists Condemn Attempt to Overturn New Fishing Regulations   (Maine Public Radio, 5/16/06)

High court backs state in dam case   (Portland Press Herald, 5/16/06)

Environmental risks mount as York County waters rise   (Portland Press Herald, 5/16/06)

Opinion: Why risk a partnership that has cleaned up our waters?   (Kennebec Journal, 5/16/06)

Locally farm-raised pork is gaining a foothold in the Maine market   (Bangor Daily News, 5/16/06)

Smelt farm promising for fisheries   (Bangor Daily News, 5/16/06)

Scientists warn of hemlock parasite   (Bangor Daily News, 5/16/06)

Supreme Court Rejects SAPPI's Discharge Argument   (Maine Public Radio, 5/15/06)

System of trails, huts moves ahead in western Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 5/15/06)

Editorial: Saving the last of the brook trout   (Kennebec Journal, 5/15/06)

Population boom's effects on environment focus of talk   (Bangor Daily News, 5/15/06)

Sears Island planning panel to meet May 30   (Bangor Daily News, 5/15/06)

Birds are back, festival to follow Warblers   (Bangor Daily News, 5/15/06)

Editorial: New DEP permits a clear win for the Androscoggin River   (Portland Press Herald, 5/15/06)

Editorial: Researchers have found that mothers now pass along to children the legacy of decades of use of potentially toxic industrial chemicals   (Kennebec Journal, 5/15/06)

New Munjoy Hill school eco-friendly   (Portland Press Herald, 5/13/06)

Regulators clear way to remove Sandy River dam   (Portland Press Herald, 5/13/06)

Editorial: Controlling greenhouse gases from the ground up   (Portland Press Herald, 5/13/06)

Brunswick lands EPA grant  (Brunswick Times Record, 5/13/06)

State seeks to speed up cleanup of Androscoggin   (Associated Press, 5/12/06)

Vernal pool protection now state law   (Kennebec Journal, 5/12/06)

Energy program has helped businesses save $4.6 million   (Kennebec Journal, 5/12/06)

Mainers' love of SUVs persists   (Portland Press Herald, 5/12/06)

Permit could lead to the siting of as many as 100 hydroelectric generators in the Penobscot River   (Ellsworth American, 5/12/06)

Editorial: Tidal Energy Rises Again   (Bangor Daily News, 5/12/06)

DEP seeks tougher mill discharge rules   (Bangor Daily News, 5/12/06)

Stringent Pollution Controls Proposed for Papermills   (Maine Public Radio, 5/11/06)

Survey Shows Impact of Gas Prices on Car Buyers   (Maine Public Radio, 5/11/06)

Gathering focuses on global warming threat   (Portland Press Herald, 5/11/06)

Global warming's effects on Maine examined   (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/06)

State official questions LNG pier sites   (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/06)

Groups post comments on FERC Web site   (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/06)

Tidal energy project eyed for river   (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/06)

Spiraling costs wallop Maine farms   (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/06)

State official questions LNG pier sites   (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/06)

Maine Climate Change Conference   (Maine Public Radio, 5/10/06)

Mulch company fined for clearing 5 acres near Milford without a permit   (Bangor Daily News, 5/10/06)

Farmers receive grants   (Kennebec Journal, 5/10/06)

Researcher Recommends Tidal Power for Maine   (Maine Public Radio, 5/9/06)

Briefing to reveal tidal power plan - Project seeks to harness Eastport tides   (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/06)

Union Trust to give $25,000 to Maine's state parks   (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/06)

Bangor's first forester retires after planting 812,809 trees in 42 years   (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/06)

Tribe's LNG meetings remain closed, court rules   (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/06)

ATV drivers face new penalties   (Portland Press Herald, 5/9/06)

Editorial: The day we fill up our landfills is already upon us   (Kennebec Journal, 5/9/06)

Court Sides With Tribe On LNG Documents   (Maine Public Radio, 5/8/06)

Cottontail Rabbits Could Be Headed For Listing   (Maine Public Radio, 5/8/06)

Making a purchase at a farmers' market is a win-win for all involved   (Portland Press Herald, 5/7/06)

Nature cams hook viewers   (Portland Press Herald, 5/7/06)

Editorial: Regional LNG site review is a better approach   (Portland Press Herald, 5/7/06)

Opinion: All Mainers have stake in Plum Creek as public caretakers   (Portland Press Herald, 5/7/06)

Tom's of Maine receives annual EPA Merit Award   (Portland Press Herald, 5/6/06)

Maine is brookies' last stronghold   (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/06)

Bittern provides distinctive vocalization   (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/06)

Penobscot Nation official receives environmental honor   (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/06)

Fly fishers sponsoring statewide spring cleanup   (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/06)

Tons of trash bagged at MDI   (Bangor Daily News, 5/5/06)

BEP OKs debris burning curbs   (Bangor Daily News, 5/5/06)

Efforts to protect Maine's watersheds receive infusion of federal assistance   (Kennebec Journal, 5/5/06)

Rep. Tom Allen Pushes Administration to Raise Fuel Economy Standards at Hearing   (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 5/4/06)

New law puts restrictions on debris burning   (Portland Press Herald, 5/4/06)

Lawmakers urge regional approach to siting LNG terminals   (Portland Press Herald, 5/4/06)

Sustainable Portland Task Force established   (Portland Phoenix, 5/4/06)

Support surges for wind power plan   (Kennebec Journal, 5/4/06)

Audubon center sets free area bird walks   (Bangor Daily News, 5/4/06)

Maine's Trout Population Strongest in the Eastern U.S.   (Maine Public Radio, 5/3/06)

Maine among states suing over fuel rules   (Portland Press Herald, 5/3/06)

Red tide fears expand shellfishing closures   (Portland Press Herald, 5/3/06)

Fate of littlest eaglet up in the air   (Portland Press Herald, 5/3/06)

Tidal power, LNG floated for Cutler   (Bangor Daily News, 5/3/06)

First lady to help open new farmers' market   (Kennebec Journal, 5/3/06)

States Sue Federal Government Over Vehicle Emission Standards   (Maine Public Radio, 5/2/06)

Invasive Northern Pike Threatening Sebago Salmon   (Maine Public Radio, 5/2/06)

Different fuel moves buses 'into the future'   (Portland Press Herald, 5/2/06)

Commercial fishing time shrinks anew   (Portland Press Herald, 5/2/06)

Editorial: Invest in alternative fuel research, more efficient cars   (Portland Press Herald, 5/2/06)

Couple try organic dairy farming   (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/06)

Milfoil menace generates alert   (Kennebec Journal, 5/2/06)

Northern pike move into Sebago   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/2/06)

Trash Day reveals recycling potential   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/2/06)

Twenty-somethings veer away from classic career paths this spring to try organic farming   (Portland Press Herald, 5/1/06)

Clean-burning Busses Introduced In Portland   (Maine Public Radio, 5/1/06)

Birders rejoice at spring chorus   (Bangor Daily News, 5/1/06)

Police maintain patrols during Earth First! event   (Bangor Daily News, 5/1/06)

Opinion: Preserving Grafton forest will ensure Maine's outdoor heritage will be accessible   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/30/06)

EPA: Maine's toxic releases are growing after years of decline   (Associated Press, 4/30/06)

Farmers intent on extending the harvest   (Kennebec Journal, 4/30/06)

Gas prices spark high-octane views   (Portland Press Herald, 4/30/06)

Report: State's toxic releases up   (Portland Press Herald, 4/30/06)

Editorial: Politics threaten to sink Cape Wind   (Portland Press Herald, 4/30/06)

Editorial: Katahdin Lake deal a timeless gift to Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 4/30/06)

Opinion: Conservation Department works with all outdoor interests   (Portland Press Herald, 4/30/06)

Moosehead plan redux   (Kennebec Journal, 4/29/06)

Hut system to go before Carrabassett Valley hearing   (Kennebec Journal, 4/29/06)

Energy bill OK'd, awaits funding   (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/06)

Biologist to discuss Penobscot salmon fishing   (Bangor Daily News, 4/29/06)

Muzzy feels good about Plum Creek revisions   (Bangor Daily News, 4/29/06)

It's unusual to spot a meadowlark   (Bangor Daily News, 4/29/06)

Editorial: Plum Creek Review   (Bangor Daily News, 4/29/06)

Opinion: National Animal Identification System   (Bangor Daily News, 4/29/06)

City of Portland purchases a week’s worth of clean electricity   (Portland Press Herald, 4/28/06)

Plum Creek submits application for Moosehead plan   (Portland Press Herald, 4/28/06)

LURC receives Plum Creek application   (Associated Press, 4/28/06)

10 states sue EPA over global warming   (Associated Press, 4/28/06)

Wild acreage may increase in Augusta, Vassalboro   (Kennebec Journal, 4/28/06)

Editorial: Get a handle on regional growth   (Kennebec Journal, 4/28/06)

Editorial: Allagash suffers under a new law   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/28/06)

Plum Creek submits plan   (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/06)

Development threatens sanctuary tranquility Birdsacre refuge under siege   (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/06)

Contamination cleanup work under way at Dexter plant site   (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/06)

Editorial: Newfound conservation appreciation was short-lived   (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/06)

New eagle chicks are stars of online nature show   (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/06)

Mainers driven to guzzle less   (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/06)

Allagash use focus of new task force   (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/06)

Orono Bog Boardwalk   (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/06)

LNG issues incite infighting on Perry panel   (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/06)

Editorial: Amendment to kill a Massachusetts wind farm   (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/06)

Toxic sludge cleanup begins soon at tannery   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/27/06)

Small Woodland Pools to be Protected by the State   (Maine Public Radio, 4/26/06)

Global Warming Presents Different Kind of Environmental Threat   (Maine Public Radio, 4/26/06)

Plum Creek to release plan quietly   (Portland Press Herald, 4/26/06)

Opinion: ATV-Maine now has 16,000 members   (Kennebec Journal, 4/26/06)

Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program 2005 Maine Lakes Report is now available online   (Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program , 4/25/06)

Baldacci signs bill to add lake and land to Baxter State Park   (Portland Press Herald, 4/25/06)

Editorial: Rising seas may take bigger bite than thought   (Portland Press Herald, 4/25/06)

Editorial: Lessons from a land deal that almost got away   (Kennebec Journal, 4/25/06)

New Law Paves the Way for Baxter State Park Expansion   (Maine Public Radio, 4/24/06)

Eliot is weighing whether to attack mosquitoes with chemicals in order to prevent another outbreak of Eastern Equine Encephalitis   (Maine Public Radio, 4/24/06)

Biodiesel catching on in Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 4/24/06)

Small vernal pools pose big impact on building   (Portland Press Herald, 4/24/06)

Editorial: Pombo's fishery bill is no keeper   (Portland Press Herald, 4/24/06)

Opinion: LURC has good handle on issues   (Portland Press Herald, 4/24/06)

Biologists concerned with winter's effect on animals   (Associated Press, 4/24/06)

Mainers celebrate Earth Day   (Bangor Daily News, 4/24/06)

Opinion: Is Plum Creek a qualified guardian?   (Bangor Daily News, 4/24/06)

Editorial: Why do Lewiston and Auburn families generate nearly twice as much garbage as those in Portland?   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/13/06)

Editorial: The day after Earth Day: What next?   (Kennebec Journal, 4/23/06)

Opinion: LURC has good handle on issues   (Portland Press Herald, 4/23/06)

Opinion: What's the Maine Backcountry Project and why is it meeting in secret?   (Portland Press Herald, 4/23/06)

Saving the Earth, one tilled acre at a time   (Portland Press Herald, 4/23/06)

Lodging owners hope, tourists will look for Maine's green lodging logo   (Portland Press Herald, 4/23/06)

Lawnmowers, pesticides threaten killdeers   (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/06)

Maine backs off animal ID plan   (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/06)

Volunteers needed for frog survey   (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/06)

Editorial: Up to Congress to restore funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund   (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/06)

Opinion: Sacrifice in behalf of wind power   (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/06)

Opinion: Bill promoted by developers, Wal-Mart and a phalanx of interest groups   (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/06)

State to Challenge Federal Claim to Authority Over Emission Standards   (Maine Public Radio, 4/21/06)

Salmon Farms Could Receive Help   (Ellsworth American, 4/21/06)

Branch Lake Site Seen as Too Environmentally Sensitive for Y camp   (Ellsworth American, 4/21/06)

BEP approves new rules to protect shore wildlife   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/06)

Wind turbine blades en route to Mars Hill   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/06)

UMM to plant garden in spirit of Earth Week   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/06)

Opinion: A step toward Maine's clean energy future   (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/06)

Editorial: Loss of rabbit habitat in Maine bugs bunnies   (Portland Press Herald, 4/21/06)

Editorial: An Earth Day Rx: Use less oil   (Portland Press Herald, 4/21/06)

Opinion: Better mileage standards imperative for Earth Day   (Portland Press Herald, 4/21/06)

Groundwater Issue Re-Surfaces   (Maine Public Radio, 4/20/06)

Annual cleanup planned in Calais   (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/06)

Group may sue to limit trapping   (Portland Press Herald, 4/20/06)

LNG debate continuing in Washington County   (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/06)

Opinion: Control water withdrawal in Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/06)

Settlement reached in lawsuit tied to LI Sound lobster deaths   (Associated Press, 4/19/06)

Tribal group links fates of LNG, whales   (Bangor Daily News, 4/19/06)

Cleanup begins as heating oil spills, seeps into Phillips Lake   (Bangor Daily News, 4/19/06)

Possible $700M LNG plan includes jobs, tourism, noxious emissions   (Bangor Daily News, 4/19/06)

Maine IF&W Sued over Trapping Policy   (Maine Public Radio, 4/18/06)

Tribal Opponents of LNG File Suit Against Federal Government   (Maine Public Radio, 4/18/06)

Acadia won't face federal budget cuts   (Bangor Daily News, 4/18/06)

Editorial: A reasonable way to deal with construction debris   (Kennebec Journal, 4/18/06)

Editorial: Plum Creek has 'audacious' plan for Moosehead   (Kennebec Journal, 4/17/06)

Wood Heat Goes Back to School   (Maine Public Radio, 4/17/06)

Editorial: A forward-looking solid waste proposal  (Brunswick Times Record, 4/17/06)

Fundraising next job for Baxter deal $11.5M, timberland trade elements of lake acquisition   (Bangor Daily News, 4/17/06)

Voters to decide mosquito controls   (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/06)

Wanted: Effective rules for fisheries   (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/06)

Fundraising next job for Baxter deal $11.5M, timberland trade elements of lake acquisition   (Bangor Daily News, 4/17/06)

Editorial: Katahdin Lake deal a victory for all of Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/06)

Efforts try to aid scarce cottontails   (Portland Press Herald, 4/16/06)

Editorial: LURC has comprehensive land use planning authority over 10.4 million acres of unorganized territory   (Portland Press Herald, 4/16/06)

New Maine law adds more force in mercury fight   (Portland Press Herald, 4/15/06)

Researchers: Seeds sown for another algae outbreak   (Portland Press Herald, 4/15/06)

Plum Creek delays filing Moosehead region development plan   (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/06)

Lawmakers OK bill on Allagash   (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/06)

Ambassador joins LNG fracas   (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/06)

Opinion: Real energy policy needed   (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/06)

Maine Industries Score Low in Reducing Pollution   (Maine Public Radio, 4/13/06)

Lawmakers told Maine may become region's 'dumping ground'   (Associated Press, 4/13/06)

Maine sees increase in firms' toxic emissions   (Portland Press Herald, 4/13/06)

Move to halt debris burning rejected after House debate   (Portland Press Herald, 4/13/06)

Environmental issues in the air at Farmington symposium   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/13/06)

Invasive plants eyed   (Kennebec Journal, 4/13/06)

Debris burning bill OK'd   (Bangor Daily News, 4/13/06)

Century-old photos illuminate Katahdin   (Bangor Daily News, 4/13/06)

House approves sale of state forests   (Bangor Daily News, 4/13/06)

Protesting Activist Removed From The Statehouse   (Maine Public Radio, 4/12/06)

House votes for access to Allagash   (Portland Press Herald, 4/12/06)

House backs Baxter deal   (Portland Press Herald, 4/12/06)

Advocates want more for parks   (Portland Press Herald, 4/12/06)

Protest of a plan to burn out-of-state trash   (Kennebec Journal, 4/12/06)

House OKs plans for Baxter, Allagash   (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/06)

LNG firm: Pipeline would skirt wildlife refuge   (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/06)

Ag day count: Dairy farm tally dwindling   (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/06)

Biomass bill protest disrupts House   (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/06)

Opinion: Do the arithmetic of renewable energy   (Bangor Daily News, 4/12/06)

LURC Set to Examine Wilderness Proposal   (Maine Public Radio, 4/11/06)

Baldacci signs legislation to give Maine's coastal fisheries more protection from pesticide drift   (Associated Press, 4/11/06)

Editorial: Allagash battle unnecessary   (Kennebec Journal, 4/11/06)

Opinion: Hydrogen 'a good fit' for Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 4/11/06)

Opinion: Allagash bill would undo much good work   (Portland Press Herald, 4/11/06)

Return of ospreys heralds spring at Moosehorn refuge   (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/06)

Impact studies urged for LNG sites   (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/06)

Plum Creek may be set with a scaled-back plan   (Portland Press Herald, 4/10/06)

Fish lifts to begin working this year   (Portland Press Herald, 4/10/06)

Plum Creek local fund idea praised   (Bangor Daily News, 4/10/06)

Editorial: Climate change and the insurance claims   (Bangor Daily News, 4/10/06)

The world of environmentally friendly household cleaners   (Portland Press Herald, 4/9/06)

Fort Halifax dam removal timing remains uncertain   (Kennebec Journal, 4/9/06)

Plum Creek TV ads draw fire   (Portland Press Herald, 4/8/06)

Canada labels LNG 'dangerous cargo'   (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/06)

LNG meetings show issue divisive   (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/06)

Toxins found at guard training base   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/7/06)

Granola maker stays ahead of health trend   (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/06)

Editorial: House right to reject eco-terror bill   (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/06)

Large clients backing wind farm proposal   (Kennebec Journal, 4/7/06)

Dioxin Issue Discussed by National Guard Leaders   (Maine Public Radio, 4/6/06)

House rejects bill targeting eco-terrorism   (Kennebec Journal, 4/6/06)

Proposed mountain wind farm has deal to sell 'green' power   (Portland Press Herald, 4/6/06)

NRCM Responds to Plum Creek Announcement   ( Natural Resources Council of Maine, 4/6/06)

ATV users destroying west side of Acadia park   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/06)

Katahdin-area towns find merit in newest land-swap proposal   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/06)

Debate still flows over Allagash proposals   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/06)

Editorial: Katahdin Lake Compromise should be approved   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/06)

Opinion: Bipartisan,unanimous report on vernal pool bill   (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/06)

Revised Plum Creek plan still massive   (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/06)

Wind firm permits Freedom time to draft rule   (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/06)

FERC to hear public comment on LNG plans   (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/06)

Change of plans from Plum Creek   (Portland Press Herald, 4/5/06)

Editorial: Katahdin Lake deal too good to pass up   (Portland Press Herald, 4/5/06)

Plum Creek Pledges Conservation in Wilderness Development Region   (Maine Public Radio, 4/4/06)

Plum Creek alters Moosehead plan   (Kennebec Journal, 4/04/06)

Opinion: Legislature is not always the best place to patch together a land conservation deal   (Kennebec Journal, 4/04/06)

Deal gives Katahdin Lake plan new life   (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/06)

Mainer seeks to protect wildlife   (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/06)

Opinion: Create urban areas where people want to live   (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/06)

Wetlands block Augusta shopping center, city connection   (Kennebec Journal, 4/04/06)

DEP: Casella knew request denial ahead   (Bangor Daily News, 4/4/06)

Local communities to join Audubon forestry project   (Bangor Daily News, 4/4/06)

Samoset seeks DEP permit for pier to be built next to city breakwater   (Bangor Daily News, 4/4/06)

Allagash bill rekindles access feud   (Portland Press Herald, 4/2/06)

Keep your lawn healthy and be kind to environment at same time   (Portland Press Herald, 4/2/06)

Opinion: Without drastic measures, Gulf of Maine cod fishery will be lost forever   (Portland Press Herald, 4/2/06)

Saco looks into harnessing power of wind   (Portland Press Herald, 4/1/06)

Wilderness hut system heads for series of votes   (Portland Press Herald, 4/1/06)

Cheney Plans Maine Hunting Trip   (Kennebec Journal, 4/01/06)

LNG Terminal Planned for Capitol Park in Augusta (Kennebec Journal, 4/1/05)

Nation's Snowmen March Against Global Warming   (The Onion, 4/01/06)

Casella pulls landfill plan application   (Bangor Daily News, 4/1/06)

Environmentalists, berry growers debate aerial pesticide spray ban   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/06)

Plum Creek proposal shields 400,000 acres   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/06)

Committee backs Allagash access bill   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/06)

Ship pilots to learn about LNG tankers   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/06)

Camp owner waits for news on Baxter annex   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/06)

Lawmakers revived guidelines for generating energy by burning wooden debris   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/06)

Opinion: Allagash 'River Drivers Agreement' endangered   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/06)

Opinion: Keep Maine lights lit with nuclear power   (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/06)

Plan to conserve Plum Creek forests offered   (Portland Press Herald, 3/31/06)

Judge dismisses clean water lawsuit   (Portland Press Herald, 3/31/06)

Plum Creek Pledges Conservation in Wilderness Development Region   (Maine Public Radio, 3/30/06)

Environmental Terrorism Measure Advances in Legislature   (Maine Public Radio, 3/30/06)

Report: The Effects of Large-Scale Blueberry Production on Endangered Atlantic Salmon   (Maine Environmental Policy Institute, 3/30/06)

Mercury bills signed; military leave bills enacted   (Associated Press, 3/29/06)

Bill on burned debris altered   (Kennebec Journal, 3/29/06)

Opinion: Baxter Park unpopular in area   (Kennebec Journal, 3/29/06)

Measures aim to reduce mercury discarded in Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/06)

LNG suitors float bridge idea at Eastport   (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/06)

St. Andrews mayor: Accord on LNG   (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/06)

Editorial: LMF's Sears Island solution   (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/06)

Opinion: Dumping on ex-Mainer's bottle bill   (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/06)

Future of Biomass Energy Moves to Front Burner in Augusta   (Maine Public Radio, 3/28/06)

Bald Eagle Making Strong Comeback   (Maine Public Radio, 3/28/06)

Freedom Turbine project delays requested   (Kennebec Journal, 3/28/06)

White Mountain Forest plan can take effect; no appeals received   (Associated Press, 3/28/06)

Illegal dumping in Leeds   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/28/06)

Turning old mills into biorefineries   (Portland Press Herald, 3/28/06)

Officials keep eyes on state's poultry   (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/06)

Editorial: Consider a regional approach to broadly decide where best to locate LNG   (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/06)

Waldo County Town Opposes Genetically Altered Crops   (Maine Public Radio, 3/27/06)

Opinion: The single most important thing I can do for the Earth was to eat local food  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/27/06)

Montville bans genetically altered seeds   (Bangor Daily News, 3/27/06)

Editorial: Air Law Back Together   (Bangor Daily News, 3/27/06)

Residents weigh in on Allagash plan   (Bangor Daily News, 3/27/06)

FERC slates visit to proposed LNG site   (Bangor Daily News, 3/27/06)

Editorial: Special interest politics threaten Katahdin Lake deal   (Portland Press Herald, 3/27/06)

Conservation account seeks to protect land   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/27/06)

Opinion: Despite some troubles, forest industries still doing well for Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 3/26/06)

Developer seeks permit to fill wetlands   (Kennebec Journal, 3/25/06)

Northern Maine Residents Raise Objections to Allagash Plan   (Maine Public Radio, 3/24/06)

AG Urged to Sue Paint Companies over Toxic Lead Issue   (Maine Public Radio, 3/24/06)

No accord reached by park panel: Divided report expected on Katahdin Lake acres   (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/06)

Councilor warns of more land deals   (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/06)

Treaty trumps LNG politics   (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/06)

Editorial: Legislative study group should use the River Drivers Agreement as Allagash framework   (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/06)

Rampant wastewater violations point to inadequate treatment   (Portland Press Herald, 3/24/06)

Opinion: Saviello case about politics, not ethics   (Portland Press Herald, 3/24/06)

Committee backs compromise on Katahdin Lake proposal   (Portland Press Herald, 3/24/06)

Athens Burning issue remains   (Kennebec Journal, 3/23/06)

Bill that proposes to save 6,000 acres of land outside Baxter State Park   (Kennebec Journal, 3/23/06)

Opinion: What we don't accept is the notion that every parcel of open land should be open to hunters   (Kennebec Journal, 3/23/06)

Plan to expand Baxter stuck on hunting access   (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/06)

Saviello will not be investigated on ethics charges   (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/06)

Senate backs ban on selling mercury-added batteries   (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/06)

Opinion: Plum Creek a real challenge to Mainers   (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/06)

Sighting of extinct woodpecker challenged   (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/06)

Eagle lands in Calais for her 16th summer   (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/06)

Save Passamaquoddy Bay plans anti-LNG rally   (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/06)

Locals oppose Allagash management plan   (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/06)

Opinion: Redington wind farm part of the solution   (Portland Press Herald, 3/22/06)

Editorial: Katahdin Lake Compromise   (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/06)

Editorial: Pollution ruling victory for Maine   (Kennebec Journal, 3/22/06)

Hearings to air views on Allagash Waterway   (Bangor Daily News, 3/21/06)

Panel OKs agriculture nominee   (Bangor Daily News, 3/21/06)

Changes stall donations for Katahdin Lake deal   (Portland Press Herald, 3/21/06)

Schalit to lead opinion page   (Kennebec Journal, 3/21/06)

Katahdin plan falling to pieces?   (Kennebec Journal, 3/21/06)

Landfill deal may help sell G-P mill   (Bangor Daily News, 3/20/06)

Editorial: Council's Moosehead vision not the last word   (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/06)

Editorial: Future economy of Maine's North Woods won't look anything like its past   (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/06)

Freedom residents aren't sure about windfarm   (Kennebec Journal, 3/18/06)

States win air quality appeal   (Portland Press Herald, 3/18/06)

Maine bald eagles star in Web reality show   (Portland Press Herald, 3/18/06)

Reports: Plum Creek can reduce oversight   (Bangor Daily News, 3/18/06)

BEP wants biomass public response   (Bangor Daily News, 3/18/06)

Norton Pond developer seeks extension   (Bangor Daily News, 3/18/06)

Bird Migrants' return from southern climes gaining momentum   (Bangor Daily News, 3/18/06)

Mill Closure Raises Questions About Landfill Deal   (Maine Public Radio, 3/17/06)

Lawmakers favor splitting Katahdin Lake parcel in two   (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/06)

FERC plans LNG impact study   (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/06)

Guides, parks bureau agree to reparations: Conovers cut branches, trees along Allagash trail   (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/06)

Baxter's intent on hunting spurs land deal debate   (Bangor Daily News, 3/16/06)

Bill may secure traditional uses of Allagash   (Bangor Daily News, 3/16/06)

PUC chief aims to diversify energy sources   (Bangor Daily News, 3/16/06)

Hay Raised Over Livestock Tracking   (Ellsworth American, 3/16/06)

Ag Committee Concedes; Animal ID Plan on Hold   (Ellsworth American, 3/16/06)

Compromise reached on vernal pool regulations  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/15/06)

Resources council adds its vision to Plum Creek plan   (Bangor Daily News, 3/15/06)

Group unveils Moosehead option   (Portland Press Herald, 3/15/06)

Environmental group issues its Plum Creek idea   (Kennebec Journal, 3/15/06)

New Questions Arise as Plum Creek Prepares to Reveal New Plan   (Maine Public Radio, 3/14/06)

Environmental group releases Moosehead development alternative   (Associated Press, 3/14/06)

House OKs mercury amalgam monitoring requirement   (Associated Press, 3/14/06)

NRCM Releases Vision for Moosehead Region   (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 3/14/06)

Proposals abound for Katahdin Lake Traditional uses weighed for Baxter parcel   (Bangor Daily News, 3/14/06)

Allagash bill backers plan Augusta trip   (Bangor Daily News, 3/14/06)

Manure flingers end farm-rules session   (Portland Press Herald, 3/14/06)

Poland Spring wins permission for pumping station in Dallas Plantation, near Rangeley   (Portland Press Herald, 3/14/06)

Redington Wind farm proposal likely set for hearing   (Kennebec Journal, 3/14/06)

Lawmakers kill seed tax exemption   (Kennebec Journal, 3/14/06)

Environmentalists Critical of Fishery Observer Cutback   (Maine Public Radio, 3/13/06)

Manure assault ends livestock identification meeting   (Associated Press, 3/13/06)

Freedom of Access law and DEP   (Kennebec Journal, 3/13/06)

Brunswick wildlife rule may soon be tested   (Portland Press Herald, 3/12/06)

Editorial: Loss of Baxter deal would be a travesty   (Portland Press Herald, 3/12/06)

Opinion: Sprawl has reached our unorganized territory   (Portland Press Herald, 3/12/06)

Scientists Predict Right Whale Births   (Maine Public Radio, 3/10/06)

'Experimental' salmon season proposed on Penobscot   (Portland Press Herald, 3/10/06)

A controversy deep in the woods   (Bangor Daily News, 3/10/06)

Town councilor to testify about land swap   (Bangor Daily News, 3/10/06)

Penobscot may open to salmon fishermen   (Bangor Daily News, 3/10/06)

Study: Maine's lakes thawing faster   (Portland Press Herald, 3/9/06)

Lawmakers examine Katahdin Lake hunting   (Bangor Daily News, 3/9/06)

Wind farm proposal talk of the town in Freedom   (Bangor Daily News, 3/9/06)

Judge rules in favor of Old Town landfill   (Bangor Daily News, 3/9/06)

Regulators advance review process for LNG proposal   (Bangor Daily News, 3/9/06)

Gray wolves gaining ground up north   (Portland Press Herald, 3/8/06)

Editorial: Brunswick passes rural sprawl-fighting rules   (Portland Press Herald, 3/8/06)

DEP warns Norway demolition company   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/8/06)

Plum Creek to present project revisions: New concept plan result of public meetings   (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/06)

Old Town landfill open weekends   (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/06)

Third Down East Birding fest set for Cobscook Bay in May   (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/06)

Moosehorn eagle pair get new perch   (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/06)

Editorial: Approach should include a strict overall catch limit coupled with a quota system   (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/06)

Newport farmer nominated to lead agriculture department   (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/06)

NAFTA, global competition hard on wood products firms   (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/06)

Newport Farmer Chosen to Head Agriculture Department   (Maine Public Radio, 3/7/06)

'Smart Growth' OK'd in 5-4 vote  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/7/06)

Editorial: New evangelical group says global warming real  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/7/06)

Mapled Crusaders: Community forests help revitalize New England towns   (Grist Magazine, 3/7/06)

Lawmakers attempting to salvage the Katahdin Lake land deal   (Bangor Daily News, 3/7/06)

Baldacci commissioner resigns; agriculture head to be named   (Bangor Daily News, 3/7/06)

Dragon foes pull federal lawsuit   (Bangor Daily News, 3/7/06)

Casella eyes gas-to-energy plan   (Bangor Daily News, 3/7/06)

Brunswick Council OKs law to guard habitat   (Portland Press Herald, 3/7/06)

Allagash Wilderness Waterway Plan In Jeopardy   (Maine Public Radio, 3/6/06)

Friends of the Allagash question the possible reported losses of traditional access   (Bangor Daily News, 3/6/06)

Opinion: Winterwalk 2006: telling the rest of the story   (Bangor Daily News, 3/6/06)

Portland's coyote problem   (Portland Press Herald, 3/6/06)

Editorial: Aliens threaten Kennebec River fishery   (Portland Press Herald, 3/6/06)

Opinion: Ethics commission's lack of effectiveness now the big news story   (Portland Press Herald, 3/6/06)

Lobster fishermen haul in record value for '05 catch   (Portland Press Herald, 3/5/06)

Resistance to Baxter park plan runs deep   (Portland Press Herald, 3/5/06)

What would Gov. Baxter have wanted for Katahdin Lake?   (Portland Press Herald, 3/5/06)

Opinion: Maine takes a step toward taking toxics out of our lives   (Portland Press Herald, 3/5/06)

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge has done some clear-cutting this winter   (Bangor Daily News, 3/4/06)

3 turbines proposed in Freedom   (Bangor Daily News, 3/4/06)

Plumage traits help determine bald eagle's age   (Bangor Daily News, 3/4/06)

Peregrines, eagles topic of program   (Bangor Daily News, 3/4/06)

Editorial: Don't Lose Katahdin Lake   (Bangor Daily News, 3/4/06)

Opinion: Katahdin Lake lands are worthy of protection   (Bangor Daily News, 3/4/06)

Editorial: Seaweed study a window on a changing Casco Bay   (Portland Press Herald, 3/3/06)

Invasive pike found in tributary linked to Kennebec River   (Portland Press Herald, 3/3/06)

IMaine firm collects used cooking oil   (Portland Press Herald, 3/3/06)

Committee asks DEP to tweak vernal pool rules  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/2/06)

Saviello won't return to natural resource panel   (Portland Press Herald, 3/2/06)

Opinion: Vernal pool rules nothing new for Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 3/2/06)

Presence of voracious northern pike in Mosher Pond could have far-reaching implications   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/2/06)

Trek's Allagash use questioned; Conovers cut trees at campsites   (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/06)

Task force seeks bear-baiting study   (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/06)

Proposed revisions to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway Management Plan   (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/06)

Opinion: Traditional use essential for Katahdin Lake lands   (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/06)

Opinion: Let's keep Katahdin Lake forever wild  (Brunswick Times Record, 3/1/06)

Following Ethics Controversy, Lawmaker Steps Down from Committee   (Maine Public Radio, 3/1/06)

Editorial: Maine takes important step in reducing the prevalence of toxic chemicals in everyday items   (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/06)

Biddeford seeks new deal in meetings with MERC   (Portland Press Herald, 3/1/06)

Editorial: Building green is good for business   (Portland Press Herald, 3/1/06)

Opinion: Wind power's fine, but not in Western Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 3/1/06)

Plum Creek, nature tourism examined   (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/06)

Katahdin Lake land sale splits pro-, anti-hunters   (Kennebec Journal, 2/28/06)

Damaged streams draw fines   (Kennebec Journal, 2/28/06)

Editorial: Legislature has responsibility to investigate Saviello   (Kennebec Journal, 2/28/06)

Milfoil summit will be Friday   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/28/06)

$4 million Portland office project is designed to be kinder to the environment and use less energy   (Portland Press Herald, 2/28/06)

Casco Bay's seaweed changing   (Portland Press Herald, 2/28/06)

Editorial: Abuse of process imperils Cape Cod wind project   (Portland Press Herald, 2/28/06)

Activities at Baxter addition debated   (Bangor Daily News, 2/28/06)

Hunters Upset With Major Land Swap Proposal   (Maine Public Radio, 2/27/06)

Wal-Mart Policy To Support Fishing Industry   (Maine Public Radio, 2/27/06)

Corn fuel examined as alternative to oil and wood   (Associated Press, 2/27/06)

Opinion: Katahdin Lake and surroundings are the most important conservation priority in the Northeast  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/27/06)

Woman pursues hope of creating state's first 'green' cemetery   (Portland Press Herald, 2/27/06)

Editorial: Having a bigger LNG terminal not necessarily bad for state   (Portland Press Herald, 2/27/06)

Editorial: Critics may derail Katahdin Lake deal   (Portland Press Herald, 2/27/06)

Editorial: Ethics commission puts its head in the sand   (Portland Press Herald, 2/27/06)

LURC considers Salem stream violations   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/27/06)

Ethics ruling irks environmentalists   (Kennebec Journal, 2/26/06)

Lawmakers to hear debate on land deal that would make Katahdin Lake off limits to hunters and snowmobiles   (Bangor Daily News, 2/25/06)

Land swap stirs fear in Millinocket   (Bangor Daily News, 2/25/06)

Town may offer input if land deal passes   (Bangor Daily News, 2/25/06)

Exterminators make gains with pesticides panel   (Bangor Daily News, 2/25/06)

Seal Mortalities on the Increase   (Maine Public Radio, 2/24/06)

Editorial: By ducking the issue, ethics commission did not clear Rep. Saviello of wrongdoing   (Bangor Daily News, 2/25/06)

Bowdoin College heightens emphasis on climate study, energy conservation  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/24/06)

Regional coalition proposes new model for conservation and economic development   (Bethel Citizen, 2/24/06)

Environmentalists outraged over ethics finding   (Associated Press, 2/24/06)

Ethics panel backs Rep. Thomas Saviello   (Bangor Daily News, 2/24/06)

Council seeks voice in land deals   (Bangor Daily News, 2/24/06)

Wind farm options bought in County   (Bangor Daily News, 2/24/06)

People feed deer in winter, but biologists say it's harmful   (Bangor Daily News, 2/24/06)

North-south highway project debated in council meeting   (Bangor Daily News, 2/24/06)

Program to register livestock locations   (Bangor Daily News, 2/24/06)

Lawmakers call for regional approach to LNG planning   (Portland Press Herald, 2/24/06)

Environmental Activists Question Ethics Commission Ruling   (Maine Public Radio, 2/23/06)

Baldacci directs the state to avoid buying hazardous products   (Kennebec Journal, 2/23/06)

State to tout Baxter land-swap proposal   (Bangor Daily News, 2/23/06)

State urged to capitalize on ecotourism   (Bangor Daily News, 2/23/06)

DEP presses Penobscot officials   (Bangor Daily News, 2/23/06)

Company proposes bigger LNG terminal for Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 2/23/06)

Editorial: 'Eco-terror' bill headed in the wrong direction   (Portland Press Herald, 2/23/06)

LNG project grows, Quoddy Bay LLC quadruples plans   (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/06)

New Friends of Acadia director to start in June   (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/06)

Editorial: Bill would increase funding for Efficiency Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/06)

Three parcels of land recently protected by the Kennebec Land Trust   (Kennebec Journal, 2/22/06)

Maine dam case argued at high court   (Portland Press Herald, 2/22/06)

Opinion: Collaboration is key to ending fishing crisis   (Portland Press Herald, 2/21/06)

DEP decried for landfill 'double standard'   (Bangor Daily News, 2/21/06)

Experts to deer feeders: Don't   (Portland Press Herald, 2/20/06)

Editorial: Seed tax exemption has outlived its usefulness   (Kennebec Journal, 2/20/06)

Livestock tagging on track   (Portland Press Herald, 2/19/06)

Maine dam case reaches top court   (Portland Press Herald, 2/19/06)

Crow hunting as sport seems poised for growth spurt in Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 2/19/06)

Bill that would make environmental terrorism a felony   (Portland Press Herald, 2/18/06)

Editorial: Removing bald eagles from the endangered species list   (Bangor Daily News, 2/18/06)

Editorial: Withdrawing from the grid will give Maine more control over its own power decisions   (Bangor Daily News, 2/18/06)

River Dam Issue Set for Supreme Court Arguments   (Maine Public Radio, 2/17/06)

Pine Tree Landfill application deadline extended   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/06)

Robbinston panel OKs next step for LNG plan   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/06)

Pulling Maine out of the New England power grid may affect renewable sources   (Portland Press Herald, 2/16/06)

Editorial: On the Androscoggin, DEP should start over   (Portland Press Herald, 2/16/06)

St. Andrews mayor storms out of meeting with Maine LNG developer   (Associated Press, 2/16/06)

Madawaska, DEP address snow dumping issue   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/06)

Penobscot to meet with DEP on discharge issue   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/06)

Environmental group honors Hampden man   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/06)

Editorial: Banning mercury-containing button cell batteries   (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/06)

Seasonal habitat rules spark debate   (Portland Press Herald, 2/15/06)

Wildlife day at State House to focus on watchers, not hunters   (Portland Press Herald, 2/15/06)

House keeps bill alive exempting seeds from sales tax   (Portland Press Herald, 2/15/06)

Opinion: Future of the Route 27 boat launch on Messalonskee Lake in Belgrade   (Kennebec Journal, 2/15/06)

Feds look for LNG 'comments' at open houses   (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/06)

Downeast LNG asks FERC to start environmental review   (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/06)

Editorial: Governor's plan calls for a 10 percent increase in renewable power resources in Maine by 2017   (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/06)

Opinion: Wind power right choice for Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/06)

Legislative Committee Hears Habitat Protection Rules   (Maine Public Radio, 2/14/06)

Hampden landfill wells aim to remedy odor problems   (Bangor Daily News, 2/14/06)

Requests for land conservation funds double program's budget   (Kennebec Journal, 2/14/06)

Bald eagle closer to coming off endangered species list   (Associated Press, 2/13/06)

Mercury in fish: Be smart, eat safely   (Portland Press Herald, 2/14/06)

Editorial: Maine leads with bill to control mercury release   (Portland Press Herald, 2/14/06)

Hatchery plans wastewater system to meet new regulations   (Bangor Daily News, 2/13/06)

Paper mills want to burn the debris to help cut energy costs   (Portland Press Herald, 2/12/06)

Residents oppose burning construction and demolition debris in Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 2/12/06)

State chips away at toxic materials in waste stream   (Portland Press Herald, 2/12/06)

Editorial: Conservation a continuing investment in Maine's future   (Portland Press Herald, 2/12/06)

Many bids to save land go to board for funding   (Portland Press Herald, 2/11/06)

Millinocket officials oppose Katahdin Lake land swap   (Bangor Daily News, 2/11/06)

Birdwatchers get rare glimpse of great gray owls   (Bangor Daily News, 2/11/06)

DIFW aims to stuff more turkeys into Aroostook   (Bangor Daily News, 2/11/06)

Council seeks common ground on Smart Growth  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/10/06)

Thirty-three land-conservation projects around the state are competing for $10 million in grants from the LMF   (Portland Press Herald, 2/9/06)

Study envisions new bioproducts industry in Maine   (Portland Press Herald, 2/9/06)

Tom's of Maine using renewable wind energy   (Portland Press Herald, 2/9/06)

Automakers lose legal bid to postpone emissions rule   (Portland Press Herald, 2/9/06)

Baldacci plan calls for more alternative energy   (Portland Press Herald, 2/9/06)

Opinion: Plum Creek isn't all that deserving   (Portland Press Herald, 2/9/06)

Baxter park land swap coming under scrutiny   (Bangor Daily News, 2/9/06)

LNG developers report progress   (Bangor Daily News, 2/9/06)

Opinion: Geothermal pump gives free heat   (Bangor Daily News, 2/9/06)

Governor Promotes New Energy Plan   (Maine Public Radio, 2/8/06)

3,700 acres of Maine a top priority   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/8/06)

Maine land first in line for funding   (Portland Press Herald, 2/8/06)

Opinion: Maine must do more to support, promote outdoor economy   (Kennebec Journal, 2/8/06)

Bush's budget would conserve land in Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/06)

Maliseets plan biodiesel plant on tribal land   (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/06)

Casella eyes fuel supplyfor G-P   (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/06)

Mixed Reaction to Lynx Habitat Proposal   (Maine Public Radio, 2/7/06)

'Smart growth' plan tabled  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/7/06)

Bill to make environmental terrorism a felony offense   (Bangor Daily News, 2/7/06)

Opinion: Vernal pool protection does not mean an end to development   (Bangor Daily News, 2/7/06)

Warm weather leads to 'worst winter' for loggers   (Portland Press Herald, 2/7/06)

Opinion: No need to add to hunting lands for Baxter   (Portland Press Herald, 2/7/06)

New Law Sought For "Eco-Terrorism"   (Maine Public Radio, 2/6/06)

Toxin levels in livers of bald eagles analyzed   (Bangor Daily News, 2/6/06)

Tribal officials lay out plans for Calais LNG site   (Bangor Daily News, 2/6/06)

Editorial: Further reduction in the number of days groundfishermen can go out to sea   (Bangor Daily News, 2/6/06)

Opinion: Anglers want large fish, lots of fish   (Bangor Daily News, 2/6/06)

Opinion: Clearing up some of the murky issues around mercury and fish   (Portland Press Herald, 2/5/06)

DEP sees no peril in old sludge pit   (Kennebec Journal, 2/5/06)

Scientists say they have a better way to count fish   (Portland Press Herald, 2/4/06)

Editorial: Fisheries managers must chart a new course   (Portland Press Herald, 2/4/06)

Number of western birds sighted in Maine   (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/06)

Views on Bush energy vision mixed at State House   (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/06)

Opinion: Baxter's vision completed   (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/06)

Opinion: Wildlife needs continuity of habitat  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/3/06)

Opinion: 'Rural Smart Growth' not so smart  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/3/06)

Greenville officials detail concerns in letters to development companies   (Bangor Daily News, 2/3/06)

Vermont Peregrine falcon breeds record number of young   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/3/06)

MIT scientists come up with better way to track fish populations   (Associated Press, 2/3/06)

New fishing limits aim to reduce cod catch   (Portland Press Herald, 2/3/06)

Opinion: Wind power offers mostly benefits   (Portland Press Herald, 2/3/06)

Touting the distinctiveness and importance of Maine's forestland   (Bangor Daily News, 2/3/06)

Developer defends plans for Beaver Cove   (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/06)

Water management regulations debated by farmers   (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/06)

Fishing days to be cut again   (Portland Press Herald, 2/2/06)

Moosehead Lake Development Project Presented   (Maine Public Radio, 2/1/06)

Petition demands organic field care in Brunswick  (Brunswick Times Record, 2/1/06)

Editorial: Maine lawmakers should remain true to Gov. Baxter's vision   (Kennebec Journal, 2/1/06)

Allagash group seeks to retain access   (Bangor Daily News, 2/1/06)

Eastport manager decries Split Rock LNG plan   (Bangor Daily News, 2/1/06)

Editorial: DEP must evenhandedly enforce its rules and craft new ones based on scientific evidence, not outside pressure   (Bangor Daily News, 2/1/06)

Opinion: Ten ideas on bear hounding, trapping   (Bangor Daily News, 2/1/06)

State will not replace the dam that created Sherman Lake in Newcastle   (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/06)

Brunswick: Petition calls for ban on use of pesticides, sludge on fields   (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/06)

Herring rules allowed to stand   (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/06)

Saco seeks law forcing MERC to pay city   (Portland Press Herald, 1/31/06)

Opinion: Wind turbines would industrialize mountains   (Bangor Daily News, 1/30/06)

Law allows environmentally friendly e-waste disposal   (Kennebec Journal, 1/29/06)

Groundfish declines mean new limits on fishermen   (Portland Press Herald, 1/29/06)

Editorial: Baxter's vision reflected in Katahdin Lake plan   (Portland Press Herald, 1/29/06)

Questions Raised over Salmon-Stocking Proposal   (Maine Public Radio, 1/27/06)

Property owners will be adversely impacted by Smart Growth plan  (Brunswick Times Record, 1/27/06)

Greenville plans list of concerns for Plum Creek   (Bangor Daily News, 1/27/06)

State hosts meeting on uses of Sears Island   (Bangor Daily News, 1/27/06)

Idling trains subject of Statehouse debate   (Kennebec Journal, 1/27/06)

Chain takes over Portland Whole Grocer   (Portland Press Herald, 1/27/06)

A Piece of Deer Isle's History and Shoreline is Conserved   (Maine Coast Heritage Trust , 1/26/06)

Thomas Island Conserved   (Maine Coast Heritage Trust , 1/26/06)

Record Numbers Tell LURC They Oppose Plum Creek's Proposed Developments   (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 1/26/06)

Athens meets on biomass plant   (Bangor Daily News, 1/26/06)

Wooded island located in the Mount Desert Narrows will be protected from development   (Bangor Daily News, 1/26/06)

Editorial: Federal government has opened more land in Alaska to oil exploration   (Bangor Daily News, 1/26/06)

Opinion: Contamination of canola seed by biotech pollution is taking away farmers' right to choose to grow non-GE crops   (Bangor Daily News, 1/26/06)

Growth ban rejected in Phippsburg   (Portland Press Herald, 1/26/06)

Traditional uses at issue in Baxter plan   (Portland Press Herald, 1/26/06)

Wind-farm debate: Why not make it pretty? (Portland Phoenix, 1/26/06)

Environmental activists are in the final stages of drafting a strategic plan they hope will bolster their work (Portland Phoenix, 1/26/06)

Baxter Park about to add lake, acreage   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 1/25/06)

Katahdin Lake tract protected   (Kennebec Journal, 1/25/06)

Deal would preserve picturesque lake   (Portland Press Herald, 1/25/06)

$14 M deal may expand Baxter park Land trust to buy 6,000 acres, Katahdin Lake; funds sought   (Bangor Daily News, 1/25/06)

Husson and Unity colleges partnership agreement will enhance the field of environmental business   (Associated Press, 1/25/06)

Canadian MP vows to fight LNG terminal   (Bangor Daily News, 1/25/06)

Ellsworth forum addresses sprawl   (Bangor Daily News, 1/25/06)

Deal Would Realize Percival Baxter's Dream of Adding Katahdin Lake to Park (Phyllis Austin, Maine Environmental News, 1/24/06)

Size of pesticide board debated   (Portland Press Herald, 1/24/06)

Opinion: Steps Maine can take to energy independence   (Portland Press Herald, 1/24/06)

Hampden raises landfill concerns   (Bangor Daily News, 1/24/06)

Health of Maine woods debated Conflicting views offered to LURC   (Bangor Daily News, 1/24/06)

Opinion: Collins' Antarctica visit reveals much about global warming   (Bangor Daily News, 1/24/06)

Greenville to critique Plum Creek plan   (Bangor Daily News, 1/23/06)

Washington County task force supports LNG development   (Bangor Daily News, 1/23/06)

Future of scallop seeding still has promise   (Bangor Daily News, 1/23/06)

Number of dairy farms has decreased to 378 from a peak of 5,100 in 1945   (Bangor Daily News, 1/23/06)

Sprawl on agenda for two Ellsworth meetings   (Bangor Daily News, 1/23/06)

Warm weather could spell trouble for syrup crop   (Bangor Daily News, 1/23/06)

Washington County task force supports LNG development   (Bangor Daily News, 1/23/06)

DEP wants more time to review Pine Tree Landfill application   (Bangor Daily News, 1/21/06)

LURC forced to mediate Burnt Jacket access argument   (Bangor Daily News, 1/21/06)

As a songbird, shrike is rare: It's a predator   (Bangor Daily News, 1/21/06)

Messalonskee Lake Association's recent proposal to close boat ramp   (Kennebec Journal, 1/21/06)

DEP finds elevated phosphorous levels in Sewall Pond  (Brunswick Times Record, 1/21/06)

Opinion: Questions and answers about the Rural Bruns-wick Smart Growth project  (Brunswick Times Record, 1/21/06)

Old Town earmarks landfill host funds   (Bangor Daily News, 1/20/06)

Merrill expresses support for the cleanup of the Androscoggin River   (Portland Press Herald, 1/20/06)

Editorial: Job one for new DEP chief: protect the environment   (Portland Press Herald, 1/20/06)

Opinion: Maine needs a comprehensive, proactive energy strategy   (Portland Press Herald, 1/20/06)

Panel backs nominee to head DEP Littell vows to restore public trust in agency   (Bangor Daily News, 1/19/06)

Lawmaker argues that vegetable seeds should not be taxed   (Portland Press Herald, 1/19/06)

Editorial: Maine's electronic waste program uses market forces wisely   (Portland Press Herald, 1/19/06)

Makers Start Bearing the Cost of Recycling TV's in Maine   (New York Times, 1/19/06)

DEP finds elevated phosphorous levels in Sewall Pond  (Brunswick Times Record, 1/18/06)

New law forces manufacturers to pick up recycling costs   (Associated Press, 1/18/06)

Sales tax on vegetable seeds used by home gardeners   (Kennebec Journal, 1/18/06)

Editorial: Proposal to build Athens incinerator should go up in smoke   (Kennebec Journal, 1/18/06)

Panel endorses Littell as DEP leader   (Portland Press Herald, 1/18/06)

Recycling electronics gets easier under new state law   (Portland Press Herald, 1/18/06)

Proposal Says Penobscot River Can Sustain Limited Salmon Fishery   (Maine Public Radio, 1/18/06)

New E-waste Statute Hailed by Environmentalists   (Maine Public Radio, 1/17/06)

Endangered right whales sighted off Texas coast   (Associated Press, 1/17/06)

Leading environmental and conservation groups unveil top legislative priorities for the year   (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 1/17/06)

Planned Allagash rules anger County residents (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/06)

New leader has plans for college Unity 'ready to take next step,' chief says (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/06)

Editorial: Rewriting the law that governs commercial fishing (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/06)

Editorial: Milfoil threat requires closing boat ramp on Messalonskee Lake   (Kennebec Journal, 1/17/06)

Opinion: Smart growth or overgrowth?  (Brunswick Times Record, 1/16/06)

Callahan site in Brooksville on Superfund list (Bangor Daily News, 1/16/06)

Towns to band together in e-waste recycling effort (Bangor Daily News, 1/16/06)

Residents protest plan to incinerate demolition debris (Kennebec Journal, 1/15/06)

Growers plant seeds of eat-local strategy (Portland Press Herald, 1/15/06)

Saviello is clearly getting the benefit of doubts about his ethics   (Portland Press Herald, 1/15/06)

Lake group asks state to close ramp to stem milfoil spread (Portland Press Herald, 1/15/06)

Opinion: My advice is to eat fish several times per week, and don't be afraid of farm-raised fish (Portland Press Herald, 1/15/06)

Environment expert to head Unity College (Portland Press Herald, 1/14/06)

Spill sends oil into Pemaquid Harbor (Portland Press Herald, 1/14/06)

Goshawk uses maneuverability, speed in hunting (Bangor Daily News, 1/14/06)

Goshawk uses maneuverability, speed in hunting (Bangor Daily News, 1/14/06)

Editorial: Maine's salmon aquaculture industry is undergoing a rebirth (Bangor Daily News, 1/14/06)

Mercury disposal tops environment bills (Kennebec Journal, 1/13/06)

Editorial: Saviello, DEP, and ethicsIl (Kennebec Journal, 1/13/06)

UM researcher cites GE contamination; Genetic herbicide resistance found in seeds (Bangor Daily News, 1/13/06)

Public hearing set on Beaver Cove Moosehead development (Bangor Daily News, 1/13/06)

Panel tables bill on demolition debris disposal (Bangor Daily News, 1/13/06)

Editorial: Maine's new rules for automobile emissions (Bangor Daily News, 1/13/06)

Trails groups buy 'Gateway' to Presumpscot River (Portland Press Herald, 1/13/06)

Editorial: Potential base toxic hazards deserve thorough scrutiny (Portland Press Herald, 1/13/06)

Friends of Acadia faults NPS policy proposal (Bangor Daily News, 1/12/06)

Greenville residents discuss Plum Creek plan (Bangor Daily News, 1/12/06)

Department of Conservation plans Sears Island meeting (Bangor Daily News, 1/12/06)

Editorial: Maine should Consider the Nuclear Option (Ellsworth American, 1/12/06)

State's personal watercraft ban challenged (Portland Press Herald, 1/11/06)

Developer lauds approval of LNG plan (Portland Press Herald, 1/11/06)

Robbinston votes in favor of LNG terminal in town (Bangor Daily News, 1/11/06)

Vast majority of the world’s scientists don’t doubt that there is an out-of-control greenhouse effect occurring (Bangor Daily News, 1/11/06)

Madawaska must stop dumping snow in river (Bangor Daily News, 1/11/06)

Agricultural trades show opens in Augusta (Bangor Daily News, 1/11/06)

Editorial: Saviello takes only move left (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 1/11/06)

Dirty Maine mall-area stream is focus of cleanup effort (Portland Press Herald, 1/11/06)

Opinion: Smart growth in Maine (Kennebec Journal, 1/11/06)

Study looks at impact of change of ownership of timberlands   (Associated Press, 1/10/06)

Another Brunswick vote on 'smart growth'? (Brunswick Times Record, 1/10/06)

Activists fear Maine will be region's landfill (Kennebec Journal, 1/10/06)

Groups gather to protest debris burning (Bangor Daily News, 1/10/06)

Aircraft de-icing fluid are present in a small tributary of Kenduskeag Stream (Bangor Daily News, 1/10/06)

Mixed views aired in forum on gas pipeline (Bangor Daily News, 1/10/06)

Maine farmers to swap ideas at show (Bangor Daily News, 1/10/06)

Lawmaker with Paper Industry Ties Steps Down from Natural Resources Panel   (Maine Public Radio, 1/9/06)

Small wind farm welcomed (Portland Press Herald, 1/9/06)

Editorial: Moratoriums not the best way to handle growth (Portland Press Herald, 1/9/06)

Bangor-area bird count yields rare western tanager (Bangor Daily News, 1/09/06)

Editorial: The future of Acadia National Park (Bangor Daily News, 1/09/06)

Editorial: What if sea level rose by 80 feet? (Bangor Daily News, 1/09/06)

Opinion: Caverly has earned Mainers' gratitude (Bangor Daily News, 1/09/06)

Youth drain plus unchecked sprawl will erode the region's character (Portland Press Herald, 1/8/06)

Alliances can help boost growth and halt sprawl (Portland Press Herald, 1/8/06)

Tribal council can close LNG meetings (Portland Press Herald, 1/8/06)

Editorial: Committee should take a look at the conduct of Wilton representative Thomas Saviello (Portland Press Herald, 1/8/06)

Editorial: Legislature can make quick work of automaker suit (Portland Press Herald, 1/8/06)

Debris incineration foes to rally over proposed DEP regulations (Bangor Daily News, 1/07/06)

Pushaw pike posing problems; DIF&W seeking help from public to control spread of fish (Bangor Daily News, 1/07/06)

Counters spot varied thrush, northern shrike (Bangor Daily News, 1/07/06)

LURC chooses Bangor for hearing on proposed 70-lot subdivision in Burnt Jacket (Bangor Daily News, 1/07/06)

Opinion: Plum Creek infomercial overdone and tremendously unbalanced (Bangor Daily News, 1/07/06)

Former Environmental Regulator Weighs-in on River Cleanup Controversy (Maine Public Radio, 1/6/06)

LNG Lease Agreement Ruled Off-limits to Public (Maine Public Radio, 1/6/06)

Opinion: Maine DMR to beef up shellfish monitoring (Brunswick Times Record, 1/6/06)

Judge rules open meetings not required for LNG project (Bangor Daily News, 1/06/06)

Public hearing on Plum Creek plan next week (Bangor Daily News, 1/06/06)

Greenville officials await word on landfill (Bangor Daily News, 1/06/06)

Public criticizes Hampden landfill (Bangor Daily News, 1/06/06)

DEP: West Old Town Landfill Truck in crash not in violation (Bangor Daily News, 1/06/06)

Support builds for promoting less energy use (Portland Press Herald, 1/6/06)

More than milk keeps farm afloat (Portland Press Herald, 1/6/06)

Allied Whale Still A Research Leader (Ellsworth American, 1/5/06)

Governor taps interim DEP chief (Bangor Daily News, 1/05/06)

Vassalboro Biodiesel plant sited (Kennebec Journal, 1/5/06)

DIF&W: Vanishing vernal pools, freshwater mussels and more (Portland Press Herald, 1/5/06)

Littell's goal is to move DEP forward (Portland Press Herald, 1/5/06)

Automakers sue over emissions rules (Portland Press Herald, 1/5/06)

Art college to pay fine over wastes (Portland Press Herald, 1/5/06)

Ex-DEP chief, legislator discussed 'trade' (Portland Press Herald, 1/5/06)

Hope for changes at the DEP (Portland Phoenix, 1/5/06)

Automakers Sue over Maine's Tough Emission Standards (Maine Public Radio, 1/4/06)

Susan Collins travels to Antarctica to learn more about climate change (Portland Press Herald, 1/4/06)

Recycling mercury thermostats urged (Portland Press Herald, 1/4/06)

Editorial: Cruise ship discharge rules benefit public and industry (Portland Press Herald, 1/4/06)

Editorial: Local air pollution law shouldn't target one specific firm (Portland Press Herald, 1/4/06)

Farmers oppose turkey relocation program (Bangor Daily News, 1/03/06)

Editorial: Baxter State Park's new chief a steady hand at the helm (Portland Press Herald, 1/3/06)

Organic milk profits found to be elusive (Kennebec Journal, 1/3/06)

Judge to rule on Penobscot river cleanup issue (Kennebec Journal, 1/3/06)

Sprawl big issue for Maine (Kennebec Journal, 1/2/06)

Messalonskee Lake Association is already getting ready for the season (Kennebec Journal, 1/2/06)

Whitefield couple plans to leave it all behind for the birds (Kennebec Journal, 1/2/06)

Editorial: Plum Creek offers encouraging news on North Woods plan (Kennebec Journal, 1/2/06)

New zoning in Falmouth aimed at preserving land (Portland Press Herald, 1/2/06)

Biddeford's air-pollution ordinance has exposed a familiar rift (Portland Press Herald, 1/2/06)

Editorial: DEP violated records law in paper mill permit case (Portland Press Herald, 1/2/06)

Coal-tar cleanup awaits verdict -- Judge to rule on city's responsibility (Bangor Daily News, 1/02/06)

Messalonskee Lake Association is already getting ready for the season (Kennebec Journal, 1/2/06)

DEP found in violation of state law -- AG: Documents withheld in Androscoggin cleanup (Bangor Daily News, 12/31/05)

Mushroom business is growing (Bangor Daily News, 12/31/05)

Maine Attorney General Says DEP Erred In Freedom Of Access Case (Maine Public Radio, 12/30/05)

Opinion: 'SustainMaine' series hits milestone (Brunswick Times Record, 12/30/05)

State Officials Oppose More Lenient Federal Rules on Toxic Emissions (Maine Public Radio, 12/29/05)

Environmentalists Hail New Report on Mercury Emissions (Maine Public Radio, 12/29/05)

No Delay or Environmental Damage From Tugboat Sinking at City Dock (Ellsworth American, 12/29/05)

Veteran employee named head of Baxter State Park -- Park authority unanimously backs interim director (Bangor Daily News, 12/29/05)

LNG firm presents Robbinston plans -- Officials say vote not last word on project (Bangor Daily News, 12/29/05)

Opinion: Preserve Baxter's history (Bangor Daily News, 12/29/05)

Acting Baxter park chief Bissell replaces Caverly as director (Associated Press, 12/28/05)

State wastewater rules target cruise ships (Portland Press Herald, 12/28/05)

Editorial: Baldacci right to force resignation of DEP commissioner (Kennebec Journal, 12/28/05)

$2.2 million to preserve nearly 10,000 acres of forestland in Hancock County (Portland Press Herald, 12/27/05)

Editorial: DEP should focus on clean air and water (Portland Press Herald, 12/27/05)

Annual bird count records 50 species Two uncommon visitors noted (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/05)

Conservancy completes land purchase -- Hancock County parcel home to endangered salmon (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/05)

Robbinston hearing on LNG plan (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/05)

Opinion: FERC giveaway of local autonomy by our bought-and-paid-for Congress (Bangor Daily News, 12/28/05)

Organic Dairy Farmers Struggling to Survive in the Marketplace (Maine Public Radio, 12/27/05)

Environmental terrorists in lawmakers' sights (Associated Press, 12/27/05)

Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) on track to complete nearly 30 land conservation projects in 2005, including the protection of 10 coastal islands (MCHT, 12/27/05)

Baiting of deer growing (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/27/05)

Editorial: Burning trash must be done in a way that minimizes contamination and pollution (Bangor Daily News, 12/27/05)

Editorial: Dumping waste oil and engine bilge into the oceans - estimated at 65 million gallons per year (Portland Press Herald, 12/27/05)

Editorial: Plum Creek deserves a chance to make development work (Portland Press Herald, 12/26/05)

Film focuses on fight for Maine river (Portland Press Herald, 12/26/05)

Penobscot River future tied to past (Bangor Daily News, 12/26/05)

Editorial: Onward on climate change (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/26/05)

Editorial: DEP chief resigns amid mounting troubles (Portland Press Herald, 12/25/05)

Editorial: Atlantic salmon nearing the brink (Portland Press Herald, 12/25/05)

Opinion: Groundwater precious and renewable (Portland Press Herald, 12/24/05)

DEP's acting chief vows to rebuild faith in agency (Portland Press Herald, 12/24/05)

Editorial: Water tax the wrong way to fund needed protections (Portland Press Herald, 12/25/05)

Ignoring the role of the Penobscot in a salmon recovery plan (Bangor Daily News, 12/24/05)

Baxter park panel to name director (Bangor Daily News, 12/24/05)

Fewer visitors to state parks counted in '05 (Bangor Daily News, 12/24/05)

Numerous redpolls arriving: Species able to survive extreme cold of winter (Bangor Daily News, 12/26/05)

Head of DEP quits after deal alleged: Gallagher accused of offering to swap favors with lawmaker (Bangor Daily News, 12/23/05)

Squirt Alert: A tiny marine alien is emerging as a coastal grinch (Science News, 12/23/05)

Editorial: Difficult job at the Department of Environmental Protection (Bangor Daily News, 12/23/05)

Plum Creek vows to rework its plan (Portland Press Herald, 12/23/05)

DEP chief resigns amid investigation (Portland Press Herald, 12/23/05)

Editorial: Regional emissions cap will benefit Maine (Portland Press Herald, 12/23/05)

Editorial: Conserving all kinds of energy will help lower power bills (Portland Press Herald, 12/23/05)

State Environmental Commissioner Resigns (Maine Public Radio, 12/22/05)

Editorial: Clean power plan positions Maine for better future (Kennebec Journal, 12/22/05)

Grudgingly, Snowe and Collins vote for Alaska drilling (Portland Press Herald, 12/22/05)

Plan aims to stave off wild salmon extinction (Portland Press Herald, 12/22/05)

Editorial: Filibuster threat kills ANWR gambit (Portland Press Herald, 12/22/05)

DEP chief disputes river deal (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/22/05)

Editorial: Carrabassett Valley the right location for a wind farm (Kennebec Journal, 12/22/05)

Plan to restructure hazardous waste staff comes under fire (Associated Press, 12/21/05)

Editorial: Brunswick's biosolids debate (Brunswick Times Record, 12/21/05)

Plum Creek may alter Moosehead area plans (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/05)

New federal plan for Atlantic salmon contains few changes (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/05)

Affordable 'green' house models viewed (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/05)

State assembles LNG panel (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/05)

Editorial: Preserving Maine's water, and using it well (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/05)

Opinion: Global warming, species extinctions, peak oil (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/05)

Opinion: Serious oil debate needed now more than ever (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/05)

Final Salmon Plan Released (Maine Public Radio, 12/21/05)

NRCM charges abuse of power; Agency: Lawmakers tried to shape DEP (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/05)

Maine joins greenhouse compact (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/05)

Baxter panel close to picking director (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/05)

Penobscot County eyes end to chemical spill unit (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/05)

Plans for the construction of Maine's first liquefied natural gas terminal (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/05)

Editorial: Changing habits to conserve energy now makes sense (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/05)

Opinion: LNG - it's a tough question for Maine (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/05)

Environmentalists challenge proposal to reorganize DEP (Portland Press Herald, 12/21/05)

States to reduce greenhouse gas pollution (Portland Press Herald, 12/21/05)

Details of LNG terminal provided (Portland Press Herald, 12/21/05)

Editorial: Wind farm plan moves to regulators (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/21/05)

DEP in Financial Bind (Maine Public Radio, 12/20/05)

Maine Signs Greenhouse Gas Agreement (Maine Public Radio, 12/20/05)

Former Game Warden Leads Protest Against Allagash Waterway Plan (Maine Public Radio, 12/20/05)

Another Application Filed for LNG Facility on Tribal Land (Maine Public Radio, 12/20/05)

Biosolids ban to expire (Brunswick Times Record, 12/20/05)

Water tax backers lose ballot bid (Bangor Daily News, 12/20/05)

Wind power firm files with LURC (Bangor Daily News, 12/20/05)

Perry group negotiates offer with LNG firm (Bangor Daily News, 12/20/05)

Wind is Maine's most promising new source of renewable energy (Bangor Daily News, 12/20/05)

Editorial: Weigh wind power proposal against generating alternatives (Portland Press Herald, 12/20/05)

Tax on bottlers fails Not enough valid names on ballot petition (Kennebec Journal, 12/20/05)

Petition drive fails, but water issues bubble (Kennebec Journal, 12/20/05)

Water Tax Petitions Fall Short But the Issue Remains Alive (Maine Public Radio, 12/19/05)

Windmills Plan for the Western Maine Mountains (Maine Public Radio, 12/19/05)

Tennessee Lawmaker Wants to Pattern Bottle Bill After Maine's (Maine Public Radio, 12/19/05)

Ski champ Miller buys farm in Sugar Hill, will go organic (Associated Press, 12/19/05)

Peepers report good conditions for annual Christmas bird count (Kennebec Journal, 12/19/05)

Those who want to drill wells to collect water face relatively few restrictions (Portland Press Herald, 12/19/05)

Wind turbines proposed for Sugarloaf area (Portland Press Herald, 12/19/05)

Banning wintertime driving on China Lake (Portland Press Herald, 12/18/05)

Family takes steps to ensure the survival of their farm in Cape Elizabeth (Portland Press Herald, 12/18/05)

Firm files papers to signal LNG intent (Portland Press Herald, 12/18/05)

Northern Maine residents decry Allagash plans (Bangor Daily News, 12/19/05)

Pine grosbeaks pay surprise visit to eastern Maine (Bangor Daily News, 12/19/05)

Northeast Greenhouse Gas Pact Still In Effect Despite Two Defections (Maine Public Radio, 12/16/05)

BEP worries over wood waste use (Bangor Daily News, 12/16/05)

Investigations show no significant issues at airport fuel farm (Bangor Daily News, 12/16/05)

Rockland City Council rejects landfill contract (Bangor Daily News, 12/16/05)

Opinion: Moosehead region is best served by maintaining its unfragmented landscape (Bangor Daily News, 12/16/05)

Opinion: LNG & Maine's underbelly (Bangor Daily News, 12/16/05)

Seboomook Management Plan Criticized for Favoring Motorized Recreation (Phyllis Austin, Maine Environmental News, 12/15/05)

Editorial: Global climate change is a serious issue (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/13/05)

Seasonal bird count a rite of rare sights (Kennebec Journal, 12/16/05)

Federal fisheries bill gets hung up over catch limits (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/05)

Sappi makes its case for new source of fuel (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/05)

Connecticut to sign pact to cut greenhouse gases (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/05)

Editorial: Dumping snow in river only a temporary fix (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/05)

Opinion: Fishery 'tenure' key to new rules (Portland Press Herald, 12/16/05)

City may dump snow in harbor (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/05)

Norton pushes drilling for oil in Arctic refuge (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/05)

Lobster catch down, but outlook upbeat (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/05)

Portland Water District has ordered Standish to stop using the land around the town's boat launch (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/05)

Opinion: Fragile truce over the planting of "biotechnology" crops in Maine is starting to unravel (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/05)

Debate on lynx aired in Orono (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/05)

Katahdin resort plan features hotel, houses (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/05)

Wilderness Guides fill void with new group (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/05)

Editorial: All's Well on the Allagash (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/05)

Opinion: Science homework on vernal pools (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/05)

Task force weighs water extraction rules (Bangor Daily News, 12/14/05)

Editorial: Congress prepares to update federal fishing rules (Bangor Daily News, 12/14/05)

Opinion: Carbon dioxide only a tiny influence on climate (Portland Press Herald, 12/14/05)

Subdivision Plan Stirs Controversy on Penobscot Bay Island (Maine Public Radio, 12/13/05)

Wilderness guides form lobbying group (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/13/05)

Robbinston sets vote on LNG (Bangor Daily News, 12/13/05)

Editorial: Beyond Climate Talk (Bangor Daily News, 12/13/05)

Power supply waning; state issues alert (Kennebec Journal, 12/13/05)

Cutting power use could net $1,000 rebate (Kennebec Journal, 12/11/05)

Snowy owl seen in Wells (Bangor Daily News, 12/10/05)

St. Andrews residents apprehensive on LNG (Bangor Daily News, 12/10/05)

Fishing for salmon one step closer (Bangor Daily News, 12/10/05)

Editorial: Bush's Clear Skies proposal and two competing air pollution measures (Bangor Daily News, 12/10/05)

Spreading sludge: What's the risk? (Brunswick Times Record, 12/10/05)

Colby College student researchers recommended alum treatment for China Lake (Kennebec Journal, 12/9/05)

Brunswick asks feds for $1.6M to remove coal ash from Maine Street Station (Brunswick Times Record, 12/8/05)

Troubled waters in Maine: Residents are divided as bottlers seek new sources in vast wilderness (Associated Press, 12/8/05)

Scientists: Greenland glaciers receding at alarming pace (Associated Press, 12/8/05)

Nearly 7,700 acres from Machias River headwaters to be projected (Associated Press, 12/8/05)

Old Town City Council to vote on landfill pact (Bangor Daily News, 12/8/05)

State energy head touts wind power to LURC (Bangor Daily News, 12/8/05)

Allagash waterway management debated: Advisory panel struggles to balance uses (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/05)

Moosehead development scrutinized: Two Greenville groups air concerns on Plum Creek plan (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/05)

Reviewing the state's solid waste management policy (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/05)

Acadia receives gift in memory of skier (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/05)

Bird-watching remains a viable activity even during bone-chilling cold (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/05)

Opinion: Small-scale, local agriculture represents the fastest-growing segment of Maine's agricultural sector (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/05)

GoMOOS reeling over lost funding (Portland Press Herald, 12/7/05)

Opinion: Global warming: The time to act is now (Portland Press Herald, 12/7/05)

Editorial: Governor's energy-saving effort is no gamble (Portland Press Herald, 12/7/05)

Greenville-area citizen group is asking the Plum Creek Timber Co. to scale back and revise its development plans (Kennebec Journal, 12/7/05)

Woodbury Pond reaping rewards of summer's improvement efforts (Kennebec Journal, 12/7/05)

Opinion: Advertising for Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge and our most spectacular state park at Cobbscook Bay (Kennebec Journal, 12/7/05)

Area Residents to Guide Moosehead Region Development (Maine Public Radio, 12/6/05)

Energy-saving program adds incentive (Portland Press Herald, 12/6/05)

Editorial: International climate change conference in Montreal (Bangor Daily News, 12/5/05)

Opinion: Conservation is not simply a luxury we can overlook if we choose (Bangor Daily News, 12/5/05)

Tensions raised on Androscoggin river rules (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/5/05)

Opinion: Fisheries reform must heed science (Portland Press Herald, 12/5/05)

Pollution problems on Belgrade agenda (Kennebec Journal, 12/4/05)

Editorial: Baxter authority should seek input on hire (Portland Press Herald, 12/4/05)

Opinion: Things are finally looking up for the Androscoggin River (Portland Press Herald, 12/4/05)

Plan for bridge to avoid eagle nest has residents squawking (Portland Press Herald, 12/4/05)

Inuits say warming is eroding ice and their way of life (Portland Press Herald, 12/4/05)

Editorial: Even the skeptics now agree: Global warming is real (Portland Press Herald, 12/4/05)

Sappi's plan for burning wood waste targeted (Portland Press Herald, 12/3/05)

Region's energy capacity faulted (Portland Press Herald, 12/3/05)

DEP extends deadline for input from public on landfill project (Bangor Daily News, 12/3/05)

State tables LNG permit request (Bangor Daily News, 12/3/05)

Editotial: For every four pounds of fish that are kept, fishermen discard an unwanted one pound of fish (Bangor Daily News, 12/3/05)

UMaine Researchers Release Impact Study Regarding Proposed LNG Facility (University of Maine, 12/2/05)

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative To Move Forward (Maine Public Radio, 12/2/05)

Opinion: Coalition forms to save Moosehead (Brunswick Times Record, 12/2/05)

Maine Audubon states opposition to Moosehead Lake development (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/2/05)

State to cut emissions by new vehicles (Portland Press Herald, 12/2/05)

Baxter relatives criticize search for park director (Portland Press Herald, 12/2/05)

Gulf of Maine Research Institute $2.2 million learning center (Portland Press Herald, 12/2/05)

Editorial: Seriously flawed rule to regulate mercury air emissions (Bangor Daily News, 12/2/05)

Maine Adopts Strict Emissions Standards Modeled on California Law (Maine Public Radio, 12/1/05)

Board of Environmental Protection Approves New Tailpipe Standards (Environment Maine, 12/1/05)

First Global Study Reveals Health Risks of Widely Eaten Farm Raised Salmon (University at Albany, 12/1/05)

Study: Health risks of farmed salmon may outweigh benefits (Associated Press, 12/1/05)

Scientists say too many fish are snared in the wrong nets (Associated Press, 12/1/05)

Fire plagues Hampden landfill (Bangor Daily News, 12/1/05)

Jay mill, DEP in tussle on permit (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/1/05)

Editorial: DEP sings new tune on river (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/1/05)

Deal would cap out-of-state trash (Portland Press Herald, 12/1/05)

Opinion: Adopt tailpipe emission controls (Portland Press Herald, 12/1/05)

Four people from Manchester and Hallowell fined for filling freshwater wetlands (Kennebec Journal, 12/1/05)

DEP Prepares to Re-Open Controversial Pollution Discharge Issue (Maine Public Radio, 11/30/05)

Casella offers deal to DEP Waste limits vs. projects' OK (Bangor Daily News, 11/30/05)

Editorial: Maine has followed California's standards for motor vehicle emissions (Bangor Daily News, 11/30/05)

Judge hears lawsuit on tribe's LNG talks (Portland Press Herald, 11/30/05)

Uncertainty about the precise impact of global warming (Portland Press Herald, 11/29/05)

Editorial: Maine's waters to benefit from new runoff rules (Portland Press Herald, 11/29/05)

Gas, odor escaping Hampden landfill (Bangor Daily News, 11/29/05)

Suit asks access to meetings on LNG Tribe disputes papers' argument (Bangor Daily News, 11/29/05)

Opinion: Tailpipe emissions and the business climate (Bangor Daily News, 11/29/05)

Opinion: Moosehead Region Futures Committee (Brunswick Times Record, 11/28/05)

Businesses are being warned about meeting the rules on polluted runoff (Portland Press Herald, 11/28/05)

Unity College sets example of energy efficiency (Kennebec Journal, 11/27/05)

Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium (Kennebec Journal, 11/27/05)

Planners reject biodiesel plan (Kennebec Journal, 11/26/05)

Cave swallows taking roost in Vacationland (Bangor Daily News, 11/26/05)

Opinion: LNG: Two sides of Passamaquoddy Bay (Bangor Daily News, 11/26/05)

Opinion: Current development of rules around "vernal" pools is such a cautionary tale (Bangor Daily News, 11/26/05)

Exploring the history of climate and examining the interplay of ice, oceans, and greenhouse gasses (Bangor Daily News, 11/26/05)

DEP acknowledges error in secret cleanup talks (Portland Press Herald, 11/25/05)

Salmon lost in vandalism valued at $2.5M (Bangor Daily News, 11/25/05)

Landfill issues on Hampden agenda (Bangor Daily News, 11/25/05)

Land beneath old restaurant deemed tainted (Kennebec Journal, 11/24/05)

DEP: Private talks 'wrong' (Portland Press Herald, 11/23/05)

Legislator urges tougher penalties for eco-terrorism (Portland Press Herald, 11/23/05)

Editorial: Restricting summer herring trawls a wise move (Portland Press Herald, 11/23/05)

Old Town, Casella reach accord on host agreement (Bangor Daily News, 11/23/05)

Phippsburg asked to halt large-scale subdivisions (Brunswick Times Record, 11/22/05)

Baldacci deliberates with six LNG opponents (Bangor Daily News, 11/22/05)

Hampden OKs tax request from Casella Waste (Bangor Daily News, 11/22/05)

Feds killing gulls to fight germs in lake (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 11/22/05)

Plea to consultant: More details from Plum Creek (Bangor Daily News, 11/21/05)

Regulators to address future of Greenville landfill management (Bangor Daily News, 11/21/05)

Editorial: Maine lobsters have a problem (Bangor Daily News, 11/21/05)

Opinion: Coastline near Lubec suitable for LNG (Bangor Daily News, 11/21/05)

Opinion: Environmentalists risking disconnecting from the average American (Portland Press Herald, 11/21/05)

Wind farm proposals spreading in N.H., Vermont (Associated Press, 11/20/05)

River cleanup plan encountering setback (Associated Press, 11/20/05)

Maine forest is loaded with wood that has been cut, and left to rot (Kennebec Journal, 11/20/05)

Editorial: Open government: DEP not yet clear on the concept (Portland Press Herald, 11/20/05)

Firm balks at paying for Androscoggin cleanup (Portland Press Herald, 11/20/05)

Paper industry's influence on DEP debated (Portland Press Herald, 11/20/05)

Herring ban targets food chain mainstay (Portland Press Herald, 11/20/05)

Sappi wins award for pollution prevention (Kennebec Journal, 11/20/05)

Robbinston gets another LNG petition (Bangor Daily News, 11/19/05)

Cianbro, Passamaquoddy reach LNG deal (Bangor Daily News, 11/19/05)

Conservationists Fed Up With Government's Inaction on Farmed Salmon Escapes (Atlantic Salmon Federation, 11/17/05)

Wind Energy Test in Support of Proposal to Build Wind Farm (Maine Public Radio, 11/17/05)

Vandalism sets farmed salmon free Thousands loose in Passamaquoddy Bay (Bangor Daily News, 11/18/05)

Sixth tower to test wind power in St. John Valley (Bangor Daily News, 11/18/05)

Report: LNG would boost Down East (Bangor Daily News, 11/18/05)

Editorial: Centering the LNG Debate (Bangor Daily News, 11/18/05)

Report takes new look at development Down East (Portland Press Herald, 11/18/05)

Business meets environmentalism (Portland Press Herald, 11/17/05)

Federal fishing bill would update rules (Portland Press Herald, 11/17/05)

Volunteer lake program gets governor's award (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 11/11/05)

Augusta Residents air concerns on wildlife and development (Kennebec Journal, 11/17/05)

Group fights Moosehead plan with cartoon (Kennebec Journal, 11/17/05)

The Big Moosetake cartoon: Plum Creek's Plans to Spoil Moosehead ( Natural Resources Council of Maine, 11/17/05)

Hampden Citizens Coalition Group opposed to landfill growth receives grant (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/05)

Vt. firm hired to supply LNG impact study (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/05)

Energy prices force schools to conserve (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/05)

Editorial: Kill the House ESA re-write (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/05)

Editorial: Make Wal-Mart a more responsible corporate citizen (Brunswick Times Record, 11/9/05)

DOT Sears island plan blasted (Courier, 11/16/05)

Expansion of LNG pipeline eyed (Courier, 11/16/05)

Group wants Sappi to scrap burn plan (Portland Press Herald, 11/16/05)

Editorial: Fisheries council must get tough to save cod (Portland Press Herald, 11/16/05)

Opinion: Plum Creek needs to start over again (Portland Press Herald, 11/16/05)

Landfill issue put on hold in Rockland (Bangor Daily News, 11/16/05)

School officials: DEP lauds China on asbestos (Kennebec Journal, 11/16/05)

Canadian Atlantic salmon group says Ottawa dragging feet on fund (Associated Press, 11/16/05)

Citizen Group to Fight Sappi Fuel Proposal (Maine Public Radio, 11/15/05)

Attorney general probes state DEP deal with mills (Associated Press, 11/15/05)

Anglers cast ideas on opening Penobscot to salmon fishing (Bangor Daily News, 11/15/05)

Opinion: BEP: Heed global warming alert (Bangor Daily News, 11/15/05)

Fishermen debate how to target new limits on cod catches (Portland Press Herald, 11/15/05)

Editorial: Retreat on ANWR provision a welcome surprise (Portland Press Herald, 11/15/05)

Commission Proposes Re-opening The Penobscot To Salmon Fishing (Maine Public Radio, 11/14/05)

Saco uses land fund to protect two sites (Portland Press Herald, 11/14/05)

Lynx volunteer drivers lauded for their efforts (Bangor Daily News, 11/14/05)

Lobster rebound rescues season (Portland Press Herald, 11/13/05)

Wildlife-friendly backyard pleases critters (including owners) (Portland Press Herald, 11/13/05)

Editorial: Lynx habitat plan deserves careful review (Portland Press Herald, 11/13/05)

Augusta group wins environmental award (Kennebec Journal, 11/2/05)

Coots' migration biggest reason for stops in area (Bangor Daily News, 11/12/05)

Editorial: Getting Americans to care about fuel consumption (Bangor Daily News, 11/12/05)

Editorial: Fishermen could be allowed to hook a salmon on the Penobscot River (Bangor Daily News, 11/12/05)

Maine Environmental Action 2005: 6th Annual conference of Toxics Action Center and the New England Grassroots Environment Fund (takes place Saturday, November 12, at Colby College) (Toxics Action Center, 11/10/05)

RWS: Mercury is everybody's business (Portland Press Herald, 11/11/05)

Editorial: DEP has managed to alienate every stakeholder along the Androscoggin River (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 11/11/05)

Editorial: Shrimp stocks are plentiful, but should be well-watched (Portland Press Herald, 11/11/05)

Bottled water giant becomes a target in Maine (Associated Press, 11/11/05)

Maine affected by Canada lynx proposal (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/05)

Milk truck to make a daily run Down East bringing organic milk to market (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/05)

Developers will construct a 55-megawatt natural gas and diesel-fired power generation plant at Loring (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/05)

Was MERC buyout refusal 'a tax thing'? (Portland Press Herald, 11/10/05)

Canada lynx finds haven in Maine (Portland Press Herald, 11/10/05)

Hydrogen energy technology on display (Portland Press Herald, 11/10/05)

Editorial: Bonds voted down, but MERC issue won't vanish (Portland Press Herald, 11/10/05)

Back River Trail will link Chewonki with Wiscasset (Brunswick Times Record, 11/9/05)

Environmental bonds pass (Bangor Daily News, 11/9/05)

Election results statewide, county, town & precinct (Bangor Daily News, 11/9/05)

Constitutional amendment on waterfront taxes wins big (Bangor Daily News, 11/9/05)

Old Town seeks disclaimer on landfill request (Bangor Daily News, 11/9/05)

Voters dump plan to buy, close MERC (Portland Press Herald, 11/9/05)

Regulators double shrimpers' season (Portland Press Herald, 11/9/05)

Editorial: Note to DEP: Keep a copy of clean-water agreements (Portland Press Herald, 11/9/05)

DEP and two paper companies along the Androscoggin River have set aside key agreements (Maine Public Radio, 11/8/05)

Subdivision Planned for Picturesque Maine Island (Maine Public Radio, 11/8/05)

DEP drops agreements on Androscoggin river pollution (Portland Press Herald, 11/8/05)

Editorial: Flushed medications can contaminate drinking water and harm wildlife (Brunswick Times Record, 11/7/05)

Petitioners seek organic care of Brunswick fields (Brunswick Times Record, 11/7/05)

Petitioners seek LNG vote delay pending study (Bangor Daily News, 11/7/05)

Blue jays always seem to be going somewhere (Bangor Daily News, 11/7/05)

The future of medical waste (Bangor Daily News, 11/7/05)

Editorial: Threats are mounting for the national parks (Bangor Daily News, 11/7/05)

Opinion: New England can lead fight against global warming (Bangor Daily News, 11/7/05)

Editorial: If Congress has its way, "organic" might not mean what you think it does (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 11/7/05)

Shrimp stocks healthy, industry seeks to build new markets (Associated Press, 11/7/05)

Towns look at options for conserving energy (Portland Press Herald, 11/7/05)

Sherman Lake completely gone, drained after a dam washed away (Portland Press Herald, 11/7/05)

The lake that disappeared (Portland Press Herald, 11/7/05)

Shrimpers: Set up 2 seasons to boost processor capacity (Portland Press Herald, 11/7/05)

Editorial: Local actions can help keep Casco Bay healthy (Portland Press Herald, 11/7/05)

Heed town's lawn routine to help limit use of pesticides at home (Portland Press Herald, 11/6/05)

Issues sessions lead to revision of Plum Creek's concept plan (Bangor Daily News, 11/5/05)

Baldacci mulls special session on energy (Bangor Daily News, 11/5/05)

Wary, watchful snow buntings difficult to approach (Bangor Daily News, 11/5/05)

Overweight trucks noted at landfill Hampden data part of case concerning Old Town site (Bangor Daily News, 11/5/05)

Opinion: Bond issue helps save land access (Bangor Daily News, 11/5/05)

State Environmental Department Under Fire For Androscoggin Cleanup Agreements (Maine Public Radio, 11/4/05)

U.S. timberland gets pricey as big money seeks shelter (Wall Street Journal, 11/4/05)

Orrington acting to conserve energy at school (Bangor Daily News, 11/4/05)

Split Rock divides LNG sides: Opponents hold smudging ceremony, discuss tribal lawsuit (Bangor Daily News, 11/4/05)

Editorial: Yes on Question 5 (Bangor Daily News, 11/4/05)

Casco Bay's bill of health: Mostly clean (Portland Press Herald, 11/4/05)

Environmental convict arrested in Bay State (Portland Press Herald, 11/4/05)

Editorial: Biddeford and Saco voters to decide MERC's fate Tuesday (Portland Press Herald, 11/4/05)

Disappointing Lobster Landings Are Having Widespread Impact (Ellsworth American, 11/3/05)

Consultants report on Hampden landfill effects (Bangor Daily News, 11/3/05)

DOT plans forum about Sears Island (Bangor Daily News, 11/3/05)

Passamaquoddy groups challenge federal action on LNG (Associated Press, 11/3/05)

New car emission standards adopted by Vermont (Associated Press, 11/3/05)

Boy in special-education program at school because of chronic lead poisoning (Kennebec Journal, 11/2/05)

Land question has 'fairly good' shot on Nov. 8 (Bangor Daily News, 11/2/05)

State landfill capacity near limit (Bangor Daily News, 11/2/05)

Tribal group to sue over LNG lease (Bangor Daily News, 11/2/05)

Biddeford airs proposed MERC contract (Portland Press Herald, 11/2/05)

Longtime park chief honored: Buzz Caverly worked to preserve Baxter (Bangor Daily News, 11/1/05)

$8.9M environmental bond on ballot (Bangor Daily News, 11/1/05)

Salmon fans: Messalonskee dam fine as is (Kennebec Journal, 11/1/05)

MERC question confronting four candidates in Saco City Council race (Portland Press Herald, 11/1/05)

State aid expected in buyout of MERC (Portland Press Herald, 11/1/05)

Maine groups lobby against cuts in social services, environment (Portland Press Herald, 11/1/05)

Subdivision sets tone for North Woods project (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/05)

Resorts would sit on either side of Moosehead, while homes would be scattered around Moosehead and a dozen other lakes and ponds (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/05)

Will Moosehead Lake area retain its appeal? (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/05)

U.S. Forest Service says 1 million acres of American forestland is being developed each year (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/05)

Voters must weigh costs, benefits of closing MERC (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/05)

Opinion: Energy conservation, now (Bangor Daily News, 10/31/05)

Nonprofits save on energy with rate program (Bangor Daily News, 10/31/05)

Editorial: Quimby/Gardner deal promising turn at a time when state and federal funds for land purchases are limited (Bangor Daily News, 10/31/05)

Orono moves to reduce Marsh Island deer herd (Bangor Daily News, 10/31/05)

Backers seek new vote on 'smart growth' (Brunswick Times Record, 10/28/05)

Opinion: Land for Maine's Future — Vote 'Yes' on Q. 5 (Brunswick Times Record, 10/28/05)

Swap protects forest, its uses (Portland Press Herald, 10/28/05)

Quimby/Gardner Land Swap Will Protect Wassataquoik Stream and Land East of Baxter Park (Phyllis Austin, Maine Environmental News, 10/26/05)

Organic industry: Reject tougher standards (Portland Press Herald, 10/26/05)

Wind power project meets opposition (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 10/25/05)

Congress Asked To Review Effects Of Maine Organics Lawsuit (Maine Public Radio, 10/25/05)

LNG Backers Look Once Again To Perry (Maine Public Radio, 10/25/05)

Perry considered for new LNG plan (Bangor Daily News, 10/25/05)

Opinion: Long before LNG speculators arrived, Passamaquoddy Bay was an inappropriate site for heavy industrial development (Bangor Daily News, 10/25/05)

Old Town Landfill operator works to solve odor issue (Bangor Daily News, 10/25/05)

More and more Mainers are using the sun to generate their own power (Bangor Daily News, 10/24/05)

Legislative panel is evaluating land ownership changes and the rapid development taking place in the state's unorganized territories (Bangor Daily News, 10/24/05)

World's population could double to 12 billion by 2050 (Bangor Daily News, 10/24/05)

Editorial: Many questions remain about the prospects for LNG facilities in Washington County (Bangor Daily News, 10/24/05)

Sanford candidates differ on how to control growth (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/05)

Conservation defended as economic asset (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/05)

Woodland owners seek public's respect for private property (Kennebec Journal, 10/23/05)

Biodiesel plant before China board (Kennebec Journal, 10/23/05)

Tidal power study considers test sites in Maritimes (Associated Press, 10/22/05)

Blue jays are omnivorous and will take advantage of almost any food (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/05)

Lubec LNG queries lead back to Okla. developer (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/05)

Editorial: The other solution is energy conservation (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/05)

Opinion: Arctic petroleum debate an unwelcome distraction (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/05)

Wind power has its foes (Kennebec Journal, 10/21/05)

Disease a threat to deer in Maine (Portland Press Herald, 10/21/05)

Editorial: Sales of some of the largest SUVs are down by as much as half (Bangor Daily News, 10/21/05)

Paper Mill Discharge Permits Challenged (Maine Public Radio, 10/21/05)

DMR Regulation Stirs Pot, Fishermen Seeing Red (Ellsworth American, 10/20/05)

Changing Salmon Industry Still a Source of Controversy (Ellsworth American, 10/20/05)

Crews dig trenches to contain Aroostook oil spill (Bangor Daily News, 10/20/05)

LNG promoters tout safety of gas (Bangor Daily News, 10/20/05)

Big diesel fuel spill hits Aroostook River (Bangor Daily News, 10/19/05)

Park commissioners cement LNG opposition (Bangor Daily News, 10/19/05)

Opinion: Mainers need help to cut energy costs this winter and beyond (Portland Press Herald, 10/19/05)

Removal of the Sandy River dam will open up Atlantic salmon spawning grounds (Kennebec Journal, 10/19/05)

Sprawl is happening fast in Maine (Kennebec Journal, 10/19/05)

Sprawl's costs will be focus of study: Is Maine's quality of life imperiled? (Bangor Daily News, 10/18/05)

Opinion: Sportsmen, vote yes on Question 5 (Bangor Daily News, 10/18/05)

Photovoltaic discussion attracts students (Kennebec Journal, 10/17/05)

Groups push tax protection for fishermen (Portland Press Herald, 10/17/05)

Company signs DEP agreement on waste (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 10/17/05)

Sanford seen as a study in growth (Portland Press Herald, 10/16/05)

Opinion: Is America's love affair with the automobile in jeopardy? (Portland Press Herald, 10/16/05)

Book review: Which do we save first? Whales, fish or fishermen? (Portland Press Herald, 10/16/05)

Opinion: EPA should promote technology, not loopholes (Portland Press Herald, 10/16/05)

Opinion: We can manage sprawl, but will we? (Portland Press Herald, 10/16/05)

Hunting to expand in Moosehorn wildlife refuge (Bangor Daily News, 10/15/05)

Veazie forms chapter of Orono Land Trust (Bangor Daily News, 10/15/05)

Black-throated green warblers linger in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 10/15/05)

Dedham to set hearing on Green Lake subdivision (Bangor Daily News, 10/14/05)

FERC, Baldacci headed to Calais for LNG talks (Bangor Daily News, 10/14/05)

Renewed opportunity in designing on-site power systems (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/05)

Opinion: Build cleaner cars that burn less gas (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/05)

Environmentalists Support Anti-Incinerator Measure (Maine Public Radio, 10/13/05)

Moratorium Sought on Genetically Engineered Trees (Maine Public Radio, 10/13/05)

Lawmakers seek major changes to Agent Orange inquiry (Associated Press, 10/13/05)

Fish Escaped from Canadian Farms May Pose Risk to Downeast Rivers (Ellsworth American, 10/13/05)

Coalition launches land bond campaign (Portland Press Herald, 10/13/05)

Editorial: Maine DEP should show demolition wood is safe to burn (Portland Press Herald, 10/13/05)

Yarmouth residents air concerns about subdivision (Portland Press Herald, 10/13/05)

Plan for creating Canton wetland developed (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 10/13/05)

Editorial: Maine Yankee Lessons (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/05)

Campaign Launched by Supporters of Land Bond Proposal (Maine Public Radio, 10/12/05)

Maine Experiments Could Lead to Cleaner, Renewable Fuel (Maine Public Radio, 10/12/05)

Tidal power project considered (Bangor Daily News, 10/12/05)

Dedham subdivision opposed (Bangor Daily News, 10/12/05)

Angry dozen blast FMC over waste smells (Bangor Daily News, 10/12/05)

Editorial: Lawmakers should take aim at Sunday hunting ban (Kennebec Journal, 10/12/05)

Editorial: Fuel prices fluctuate, but efficiency saves money (Portland Press Herald, 10/12/05)

Opinion: We can catch more groundfish without risking stocks (Portland Press Herald, 10/12/05)

More Mainers Turning to Solar Energy (Maine Public Radio, 10/11/05)

Toxics Action Center is seeking nominations for the dirtiest polluters in New England to "honor" as 2005 Dirty Dozen (Toxics Action Center, 10/11/05)

GE Free Maine issues a call for a ban on the release of genetically engineered trees into the environment (GE Free Maine, 10/11/05)

Welcome to the North Woods of Maine, the last great wilderness east of the Mississippi (National Parks Conservation Association magazine, 10/11/05)

Lobstermen don't like mussel-farm plan (Portland Press Herald, 10/11/05)

Baldacci, others can gas-guzzlers (Portland Press Herald, 10/11/05)

Donation preserves Barters Island parcel (Portland Press Herald, 10/11/05)

Perry group seeks LNG storage tanks (Bangor Daily News, 10/11/05)

State citizens board takes charge of Dragon's waste permit (Village Soup, 10/10/05)

Mainers Seeking Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels (Maine Public Radio, 10/10/05)

Broader system urged for fisheries management (Portland Press Herald, 10/10/05)

Editorial: Don't weaken Toxics Release Inventory (Bangor Daily News, 10/10/05)

Sappi plan to burn demolition debris fuels air fears in Westbrook (Portland Press Herald, 10/9/05)

Editorial: Fishing quotas deserve another look in New England (Portland Press Herald, 10/8/05)

BEP to control permitting of Dragon's waste piles (Bangor Daily News, 10/8/05)

Editorial: Anyone want to talk about improved fuel-economy standards? (Bangor Daily News, 10/8/05)

Opinion: Two strikes against acid rain (Bangor Daily News, 10/8/05)

NRCM presents interviews with hybrid car owners in Maine (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 10/7/05)

Plan to cut auto emissions spurs debate (Portland Press Herald, 10/7/05)

Hunt Southern Maine moose in November, speakers say (Portland Press Herald, 10/7/05)

Nitrogen in tires aids fuel economy (Portland Press Herald, 10/7/05)

Group cleaning Androscoggin river gets Planet Dog grant (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 10/7/05)

Editorial: Hybrid cars aren't living up to the hype (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 10/7/05)

Auto industry, environmentalists clash over emissions rules (Associated Press, 10/7/05)

Environmental Regulators Focus on Auto Emission Standards (Maine Public Radio, 10/6/05)

Brunswick Tree counters look to future (Brunswick Times Record, 10/6/05)

Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge has a new 15 year management plan (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/05)

Editorial: Fighting sprawl generating as much heat as light (Portland Press Herald, 10/6/05)

Head of herbicide probe at base resigns, citing health (Associated Press, 10/5/05)

Wal-Mart stores pay $7,100 for late toxic waste reports (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 10/5/65)

Editorial: Maine Yankee's ghost may be with us a while (Portland Press Herald, 10/5/05)

Brunswick 'Smart' growth plan is rejected (Brunswick Times Record, 10/4/05)

NRC signs off on the decommissioning of the former Maine Yankee nuclear power plant (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 10/4/65)

Proposal to preserve Brunswick's wildlife habitat rejected (Portland Press Herald, 10/4/05)

Old Town moves to cut deer population (Bangor Daily News, 10/4/05)

East-west highway a federal priority (Bangor Daily News, 10/4/05)

Editorial: Americans need to be better energy conservers (Bangor Daily News, 10/4/05)

NRC signs off on Maine Yankee's decommissioning (Associated Press, 10/3/05)

Invasive willow threatens wetlands, rare plants in East (Associated Press, 10/2/05)

Fish-quota plan gets mixed reviews (Portland Press Herald, 10/2/05)

Book examines land conservation success stories (Portland Press Herald, 10/2/05)

Moosehead plan will be modified (Portland Press Herald, 10/1/05)

Plum Creek stressing conservation (Bangor Daily News, 10/1/05)

Mussel farm at Eastern Bay discussed (Bangor Daily News, 10/1/05)

Sounds of migrating birds audible in evening (Bangor Daily News, 10/1/05)

Editorial: Mercury Cleanup (Bangor Daily News, 10/1/05)

Meeting on carbon dioxide emissions ends with no agreement (Associated Press, 9/29/05)

FERC official outlines LNG approval process (Bangor Daily News, 9/30/05)

Editorial: Leadership at Friends of Acadia (Bangor Daily News, 9/30/05)

Opinion: Sustainable construction: Green Building Standards (Brunswick Times Record, 9/29/05)

Gulf of Maine Research Institute Celebrates Milestone (Maine Public Radio, 9/30/05)

Androscoggin River Rebounding but Still Below Clean Water Standards (Maine Public Radio, 9/30/05)

Conservancy to acquire 10,000 acres Down East (Bangor Daily News, 9/29/05)

Botanists battle aliens in Acadia park (Bangor Daily News, 9/29/05)

FERC official to answer LNG permit questions (Bangor Daily News, 9/29/05)

Back Cove group to hold meeting on preservation (Portland Press Herald, 9/29/05)

Baileyville: LNG terminal plans outlined for 250 acres in Red Beach (Portland Press Herald, 9/29/05)

Biodiesel plan still drawing interest in China (Kennebec Journal, 9/29/05)

Biodiesel producer plans to make alternative fuel more available (Associated Press, 9/28/05)

Third LNG project surfaces Down East (Associated Press, 9/28/05)

Editorial: Need refineries and clean air (Brunswick Times Record, 9/28/05)

Agreement Reached in Aquaculture Case (Maine Public Radio, 9/27/05)

Farmington sewage treatment plant's effluent toxic (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 9/28/65)

Reviewing the state's solid waste management policy (Bangor Daily News, 9/28/05)

LNG firm outlines plan for Calais area (Bangor Daily News, 9/28/05)

Opinion: Plum Creek at Roach Pond: No success story (Bangor Daily News, 9/28/05)

$200M cleanup proposed at Holtrachem site (Bangor Daily News, 9/27/05)

Medway biomass boiler project on tap again (Bangor Daily News, 9/27/05)

Smog days double in New England (Associated Press, 9/27/05)

Mercury cleanup making progress (Portland Press Herald, 9/27/05)

Maine's split moose season begins without much of a bang (Portland Press Herald, 9/27/05)

Editorial: State's hands dirty without testing vehicle emissions (Portland Press Herald, 9/27/05)

Opinion: Fairy-tale approach to fuel isn't helping (Portland Press Herald, 9/27/05)

Winthrop Commerce Center property is the source of oil spill (Kennebec Journal, 9/27/05)

Governor Announces HoltraChem Cleanup Plan (Maine Public Radio, 9/26/05)

Big stir over big plan for Maine forest (Christian Science Monitor , 9/26/05)

Moosehead plan stirs emotions (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 9/26/65)

Kucinich lauds organic farmers (Kennebec Journal, 9/26/05)

Would Plum Creek project bring wealth or destruction? (Portland Press Herald, 9/26/05)

Editorial: Closing of MERC plant remains a primary goal (Portland Press Herald, 9/26/05)

Teaching youngsters about the need for a sustainable forest (Bangor Daily News, 9/26/05)

Editorial: Framework for improving the nation's fishing policies (Bangor Daily News, 9/26/05)

Opinion: No LNG in St. Andrews (Bangor Daily News, 9/26/05)

Cleaner vehicles may be ordered (Portland Press Herald, 9/25/05)

Opinion: Fishing equation may not have solution (Portland Press Herald, 9/25/05)

Kennedy critical of Bush environmental policies (Portland Press Herald, 9/24/05)

Petitions turned in to force vote on a bottled water tax (Portland Press Herald, 9/24/05)

RFK Jr. spreads green message (Bangor Daily News, 9/24/05)

Minke whale washes ashore (Bangor Daily News, 9/24/05)

Fairgoers eye alternative energy ideas (Bangor Daily News, 9/24/05)

Opinion: Addressing global warming is good for business and Maine (Bangor Daily News, 9/24/05)

Opinion: Wind power and the future of BNAS (Brunswick Times Record, 9/23/05)

Deal for Lewiston landfill held up by state regulators (Portland Press Herald, 9/23/05)

Opinion: Is there adequate water for Plum Creek project? (Bangor Daily News, 9/23/05)

Common Ground Country Fair this weekend! (Kennebec Journal, 9/22/05)

Regulators unveil a 10-year plan to clean up the Androscoggin River (Portland Press Herald, 9/22/05)

Editorial: Northeast states show smarts in attacking greenhouse gases (Portland Press Herald, 9/22/05)

Local author pens book on whale entanglement (Bangor Daily News, 9/22/05)

DEP orders Greenville to close its landfill (Bangor Daily News, 9/22/05)

LNG firm promotes $30M pipeline extension (Bangor Daily News, 9/22/05)

Alton residents OK Old Town landfill benefits agreement (Bangor Daily News, 9/22/05)

States poised to set limits on emissions (Portland Press Herald, 9/21/05)

Biddeford: Chamber directors support closing of MERC incinerator (Portland Press Herald, 9/21/05)

Region's largest seal rescue team short on funds (Portland Press Herald, 9/21/05)

Opinion: National standards bill needed to protect fishery (Portland Press Herald, 9/21/05)

Activist offers tips to LNG opponents (Bangor Daily News, 9/21/05)

Quoddy Bay submits application for lease (Bangor Daily News, 9/21/05)

Bar Harbor passes development moratorium (Bangor Daily News, 9/21/05)

Opinion: Replace all or part of our petroleum needs with oil extracted from numerous oil-bearing plants (Bangor Daily News, 9/21/05)

Lake Auburn milfoil spreads (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 9/20/65)

Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline to explain expansion plans at open house (Bangor Daily News, 9/20/05)

Land trust cheers Lubec acquisition (Bangor Daily News, 9/20/05)

Sebasticook Lake was dying 34 years ago (Bangor Daily News, 9/20/05)

Opinion: Greenhouse gas controls bad business (Bangor Daily News, 9/20/05)

DEP fines two Peaks wastewater dischargers (Portland Press Herald, 9/19/05)

Opinion: Overall, groundfish stocks healthier (Portland Press Herald, 9/19/05)

Expert warns of energy crisis in U.S. (Bangor Daily News, 9/19/05)

Resident geese pester New England (Bangor Daily News, 9/19/05)

River Coalition members accepted at national academy (Bangor Daily News, 9/19/05)

Opinion: Greenville is a Field of Dreams in a world that has few of them left (Bangor Daily News, 9/19/05)

Opinion: Tax on the commercial extraction of water is a logical option for Maine (Kennebec Journal, 9/19/05)

Editorial: L.L. Bean will donate $1.25 million to fund the operation of the Island Explorer (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 9/16/65)

Editorial: Expansion of moose permits a good idea on many levels (Portland Press Herald, 9/18/05)

Environmental group decries Plum Creek plan (Bangor Daily News, 9/17/05)

Meetings set on proposed changes to moose hunt (Bangor Daily News, 9/17/05)

Ecotourism forum debates Plum Creek (Bangor Daily News, 9/17/05)

Sludge study group named (Brunswick Times Record, 9/16/05)

Opinion: We have a clearly delineated fork in the road with regard to our energy policy (Brunswick Times Record, 9/16/05)

Advocates oppose relaxing Wyman standards (Falmouth Forecaster, 9/16/05)

Marine biologist: 'Protect our oceans' (Bangor Daily News, 9/16/05)

Editorial: Energy Department a decade behind schedule in setting efficiency standards (Bangor Daily News, 9/16/05)

State may expand moose hunt south (Associated Press, 9/16/05)

Ongoing oil leak into Annabessacook Lake (Kennebec Journal, 9/16/05)

Stores asked to post warnings on mercury in tuna, swordfish (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 9/16/65)

Hearings to begin on Agent Orange controversy at military base (Associated Press, 9/16/05)

Stores Urged to Issue Fish Mercury Warnings (Maine Public Radio, 9/15/05)

L.L. Bean will donate $1.25 million to maintain the 7-year-old Island Explorer bus system on Mount Desert Island (Bangor Daily News, 9/15/05)

Tests find higher-than-allowed mercury levels in storebought fish (Associated Press, 9/15/05)

Store-bought swordfish and tuna contain levels of mercury that may be hazardous to human health (Oceana, 9/15/05)

Mercury Found in Swordfish and Tuna Bought in Maine (NRCM, 9/15/05)

Strategic Plan for Implementing the Maine Nature Tourism Initiative (Fermata, 9/15/05)

L.L. Bean will donate $1.25 million to maintain the 7-year-old Island Explorer bus system on Mount Desert Island (Bangor Daily News, 9/15/05)

New Brunswick Salmon Council honors BDN publisher (Bangor Daily News, 9/15/05)

Pike may threaten Penobscot (Bangor Daily News, 9/15/05)

Editorial: EPA's budget has been cut and inept political hacks have been put in key positions (Bangor Daily News, 9/15/05)

Editorial: Collins, Snowe not backing down on mercury emissions (Kennebec Journal, 9/15/05)

Disappointing cod data suggest a reckoning (Portland Press Herald, 9/15/05)

Demand growing in Maine for biofuels (Brunswick Times Record, 9/14/05)

Senate rejects tougher mercury rules (Brunswick Times Record, 9/14/05)

LNG opponents launch 'Whole Bay Campaign' Down East, N.B., Passamaquoddy leaders unite in funding effort (Bangor Daily News, 9/14/05)

Cod populations plummeted more than 20 percent between 2001 and 2004 (Portland Press Herald, 9/14/05)

Biddeford: Anti-MERC organization slates recruitment meeting (Portland Press Herald, 9/14/05)

Editorial: Biddeford should not lose momentum on MERC (Portland Press Herald, 9/14/05)

State to pick up cleaning tab for Winthrop oil leak (Kennebec Journal, 9/14/05)

Eco-friendly trips will up Maine tourism, study says (Kennebec Journal, 9/14/05)

Opinion: Exotic species of animals and plants are wrecking Maine's environment (Kennebec Journal, 9/14/05)

Maine to Launch Major Eco-Tourism Project (Maine Public Radio, 9/13/05)

Editorial: Putting the wind to work (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 9/13/65)

Senate votes on EPA mercury emission rules amid veto threat (Associated Press, 9/13/05)

White House says Bush will veto changes to mercury emissions rule (Associated Press, 9/13/05)

Storm-water pollutants eyed in lawsuit threat (Kennebec Journal, 9/13/05)

Hybrid sales rising with gas prices (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/05)

Biddeford's mayor wants to delay vote on MERC (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/05)

Sea squirt colonies larger but not as thick, survey finds (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/05)

Yarmouth to consider adding 14 acres to riverfront preserve (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/05)

Rockland asphalt runoff triggers threat of environmental lawsuit (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/05)

State tracking West Nile (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/05)

Portland: RWS officials break ground on expansion of ash landfill (Portland Press Herald, 9/13/05)

BDN, Quoddy Tides sue tribe for LNG right-to-know access (Bangor Daily News, 9/13/05)

Conflicting studies cited in river tar case (Bangor Daily News, 9/13/05)

Portland-based Trash to Energy Facility Plans Expansion (Maine Public Radio, 9/12/05)

Police Suspect Landfill Vandalism May be Linked to Environmental Group (Maine Public Radio, 9/12/05)

March of petroleum prices has renewed interest in alternative fuels (Bangor Daily News, 9/12/05)

Trial over tar cleanup in river begins today (Bangor Daily News, 9/12/05)

Vandals damage West Old Town Landfill (Bangor Daily News, 9/12/05)

State's women farmers on rise, but acreage loss clouds future (Bangor Daily News, 9/12/05)

Editorial: Deeply flawed rule regarding the emissions of mercury (Bangor Daily News, 9/12/05)

Opinion: Addressing Maine's energy problem (Bangor Daily News, 9/12/05)

Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed to build a boat wash station at Norcross Point (Kennebec Journal, 9/11/05)

Warblers' fall plumage means confused birders (Bangor Daily News, 9/10/05)

Cathance River Education Alliance's new ecology center (Brunswick Times Record, 9/9/05)

Tainted loons at heart of EPA battle (Associated Press, 9/9/05)

Greenville Vote on Plum Creek discussed (Bangor Daily News, 9/9/05)

Editotial: Bush administration coal-fired power plant reg unacceptable (Bangor Daily News, 9/9/05)

Editotial: It is up to the visitors to help preserve Acadia's beauties (Bangor Daily News, 9/9/05)

Opinion: With spiraling gas prices,energy conservation needed (Bangor Daily News, 9/9/05)

Senator Collins Says EPA Mercury Rule is Flawed (Maine Public Radio, 9/8/05)

Opinion: Renewable energy is practical now (Portland Press Herald, 9/8/05)

Environmentalists gather, share ideas (Portland Press Herald, 9/8/05)

States file energy-efficiency suit (Portland Press Herald, 9/8/05)

Oil leak remedy in front of DEP (Kennebec Journal, 9/8/05)

School head looks to cut energy costs (Kennebec Journal, 9/8/05)

Court case trying to halt the West Old Town Landfill project (Bangor Daily News, 9/8/05)

Editorial: Mainers and Americans must use less oil (Bangor Daily News, 9/8/05)

Conservationists rank Maine lawmakers (Portland Press Herald, 9/7/05)

Environmental group rates lawmakers (Associated Press, 9/7/05)

Editorial: Restoring Bangor's Birch Stream (Bangor Daily News, 9/7/05)

Opinion: First National Conference on Ecotourism in Bar Harbor (Bangor Daily News, 9/7/05)

Discussions on the water chemistry in Belgrade lakes (Kennebec Journal, 9/7/05)

Oil price spikes make electric GEM car more appealing (Kennebec Journal, 9/6/05)

Unity: America's Environmental College (Bangor Daily News, 9/6/05)

Opinion: Oppose siting of any LNG terminal anywhere within Passamaquoddy Bay (Bangor Daily News, 9/6/05)

Presence of WNV in local crow populations (Bangor Daily News, 9/6/05)

Opinion: Regional power emissions compact a gas (Portland Press Herald, 9/6/05)

Council to discuss capping portion of landfill (Kennebec Journal, 9/6/05)

Farmers' markets yield economic fruits (Portland Press Herald, 9/5/05)

Huge Plum Creek plan puts small agency in the hot seat (Portland Press Herald, 9/4/05)

Planning for a bust amid lobster boom (Portland Press Herald, 9/4/05)

Editorial: Exploration of wind farm is worthwhile for Maine (Portland Press Herald, 9/4/05)

Governor swaps cars, environmentalists gloat as gas prices rise (Associated Press, 9/4/05)

Bright side to higher fuel costs? (Portland Press Herald, 9/3/05)

Lawnmower powered by the sun (Brunswick Times Record, 9/2/05)

Democrat calls for policy shift on energy (Associated Press, 9/2/05)

Pulp-paper official: Adaptation critical to industry's future (Bangor Daily News, 9/2/05)

Wyman requesting looser air standard (Portland Press Herald, 9/1/05)

Kennebec River Rail Trail has hit a snag in Farmingdale (Kennebec Journal, 9/1/05)

DEP: Birch Stream impaired (Bangor Daily News, 9/1/05)

Cutler lawmaker forges own path in LNG fray (Bangor Daily News, 9/1/05)

With referendum defeated, bear hunters return to Maine (Bangor Daily News, 9/1/05)

Communities Offer Mixed Reactions To Poland Spring's Search For Water (Maine Public Radio, 8/31/05)

Canadian Firm Plans Maine Windpower Operation (Maine Public Radio, 8/30/05)

Wind farm permit process to begin (Original Irregular, 8/31/05)

Maine wind farm planned (Bangor Daily News, 8/31/05)

LNG foes question ethics of 2 public officials (Bangor Daily News, 8/31/05)

Opinion: Plum Creek: deeper questions (Bangor Daily News, 8/31/05)

Reilly after Bush administration to regulate global warming gases (Associated Press, 8/24/05)

Environmental coalition offering plan for Sears Island (Waldo Independent, 8/30/05)

Sears Island group preps action plan (Bangor Daily News, 8/30/05)

Resort planned for the Schoodic and Ebeemee lakes region (Bangor Daily News, 8/30/05)

Monday marked the opening day of Maine's bear-hunting season (Bangor Daily News, 8/30/05)

Opinion: Concern about the effects of Plum Creek's proposal to develop a 600-acre RV park at Kokadjo (Bangor Daily News, 8/30/05)

Opinion: How the DEP ruined our business (Bangor Daily News, 8/30/05)

Opinion: Maine on right energy course (Bangor Daily News, 8/30/05)

Invasive Plant Patrol Workshop (Camden Village Soup, 8/29/05)

Opinion: The right to choose to grow non-GMO crops free from the risk of genetic pollution ( Courier Publications, 8/29/05)

Owners find electric car an easy ride (Portland Press Herald, 8/29/05)

Editorial: Wolves at the Door (Bangor Daily News, 8/29/05)

Opinion: LURC is fully ready to review Plum Creek concept plan (Portland Press Herald, 8/29/05)

Company seeks wind turbines in Vermont (Bangor Daily News, 8/27/05)

Funds earmarked to conserve habitat Maine program receives $650,000 grant (Bangor Daily News, 8/27/05)

Nighthawks adapt to manmade environment (Bangor Daily News, 8/27/05)

Opinion: Plum Creek's planned wilderness sprawl (Brunswick Times Record, 8/26/05)

Penobscot River mercury study ready to begin (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/05)

DEP seeks answers on growing landfill (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/05)

Timber firm honored for conservation (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/05)

3rd firm interested in building coastal LNG facility (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/05)

Editorial: Cooked-up CAFE Standards (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/05)

Opinion: Wolf recovery will benefit Maine's economy (Bangor Daily News, 8/26/05)

Bill threatens clean-air efforts (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/26/65)

Hundreds attend last forum on Plum Creek (Portland Press Herald, 8/25/05)

Canadian official opposes Maine LNG terminals (Portland Press Herald, 8/25/05)

Coalition agrees to cap emissions by power plants (Portland Press Herald, 8/25/05)

Editorial: Boaters could play a key role in a cleaner Casco Bay (Portland Press Herald, 8/25/05)

Opinion: Bio-fueled hybrid cars a good bet (Portland Press Herald, 8/25/05)

E-waste Generates State E-headaches (Ellsworth American, 8/25/05)

Invasive Sea Squirt Could Threaten Fishing Industry (Ellsworth American, 8/25/05)

Hallowell homeowner fined for new pond (Kennebec Journal, 8/25/05)

Weeks Mills site would host the first plant in the US to turn waste vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel (Kennebec Journal, 8/25/05)

Pine Tree Landfill application meets DEP rejection (Bangor Daily News, 8/25/05)

Responses vary on Plum Creek development plan (Bangor Daily News, 8/25/05)

Plans for resort, conference center in Katahdin area nearly complete (Bangor Daily News, 8/25/05)

Hancock company lauded by the EPA: Coastal Recycling receives merit award (Bangor Daily News, 8/25/05)

State-initiated Classic Salmon Program (Bangor Daily News, 8/25/05)

Opinion: Why the number of spawning salmon declined in the 1990s is not entirely clear (Bangor Daily News, 8/25/05)

Regulators Shut Down a Portion of George's Bank (Maine Public Radio, 8/25/05)

Don't throw out those TV sets or computers — recycle them! (Brunswick Times Record, 8/24/05)

Plum Creek is trying to win back the support of Greenville's selectmen (Bangor Daily News, 8/24/05)

Canadian premier pans plan for LNG (Bangor Daily News, 8/24/05)

Editorial: Improved air quality is the result of stringent federal rules (Bangor Daily News, 8/24/05)

Horse powered farming (Kennebec Journal, 8/24/05)

Editorial: Saco likely to join neighbor in voting on MERC-removal bond (Portland Press Herald, 8/24/05)

Maine gets B-minus on greenhouse rating (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/24/05)

Maine Receives Grade of B- on Actions Taken to Reduce Global Warming Pollution ( Natural Resources Council of Maine Environment Maine, 8/24/05)

Plum Creek surprised when selectmen rescind support for project (Associated Press, 8/24/05)

Greenville selectmen pull back their endorsement of Plum Creek's development (Portland Press Herald, 8/23/05)

Saco puts bond on ballot to buy out MERC plant (Portland Press Herald, 8/23/05)

EPA asked to ban discharge of boat waste in Casco Bay (Portland Press Herald, 8/23/05)

Editorial: Federal judge steps in on the side of restoring eastern gray wolves (Portland Press Herald, 8/23/05)

Invasive sea squirts found in Cobscook Bay (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/05)

St. Andrews meeting draws LNG opponents (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/05)

Editorial: Future of land conservation and development in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 8/23/05)

Hazardous material at the former Wolman Steel Co. site (Kennebec Journal, 8/23/05)

Greenville Selectmen Back Off Support Of Plum Creek Development Plan (Maine Public Radio, 8/22/05)

Invasive Sea Squirt Could Cause Trouble For Fishermen Downeast (Maine Public Radio, 8/22/05)

Editorial: Global warming is real (Brunswick Times Record, 8/22/05)

Gulf of Maine bluefin tuna not as healthy as before (Portland Press Herald, 8/22/05)

Collins: Alaska trip increases resolve on greenhouse gases (Portland Press Herald, 8/22/05)

Outside weighs in on plan for Moosehead resort (Portland Press Herald, 8/22/05)

Louisiana man describes LNG impacts Activist to speak tonight in N.B. (Bangor Daily News, 8/22/05)

Editorial: Routine use of antibiotics on farms Maine (Bangor Daily News, 8/22/05)

DEP ascribes Winthrop oil pollution to former mill (Kennebec Journal, 8/21/05)

Opinion: Leave North Woods' heartland unspoiled by big development (Portland Press Herald, 8/21/05)

Plum Creek plan called 1st step to wide development (Kennebec Journal, 8/20/05)

Toxic threats plague schools (Kennebec Journal, 8/20/05)

Can Frisbee golf save the farm? (Portland Press Herald, 8/20/05)

Editorial: Maine can lead the nation in 'e-waste' protection (Portland Press Herald, 8/20/05)

Favorite birding spot - the little marsh off Witter Farm Road in Orono (Bangor Daily News, 8/20/05)

Alternative energy focus of Machias talk (Bangor Daily News, 8/20/05)

Nature Trust cleans up Passamaquoddy Bay islands (Bangor Daily News, 8/20/05)

Opinion: Plum Creek plan will be scrutinized (Bangor Daily News, 8/20/05)

Editorial: Congress goes glacial on a red-hot climate problem (Bangor Daily News, 8/20/05)

Judge orders feds to promote wolf restoration in Northeast (Associated Press, 8/19/05)

Plan to expand Regional Waste Systems' ash landfill (Portland Press Herald, 8/19/05)

State begins rulemaking for TV disposal law (Kennebec Journal, 8/19/05)

Toxic Chemical catastrophe averted in truck crash (Kennebec Journal, 8/19/05)

Sunrise Council endorses Downeast LNG (Bangor Daily News, 8/19/05)

Editorial: Biddeford sets MERC vote; Saco has a chance to follow (Portland Press Herald, 8/19/05)

State Takes Up E-Waste Funding Issue (Maine Public Radio, 8/18/05)

Shellfish industry rebounds, researchers learn from red tide (Associated Press, 8/18/05)

Gardiner contractor gets $2,000 DEP fine (Kennebec Journal, 8/18/05)

Groups seek pesticide limits; Aerial spraying ban, better notification of chemical use sought (Bangor Daily News, 8/18/05)

Perry bus use for LNG talk spurs conflict (Bangor Daily News, 8/18/05)

Editorial: Fuel Efficiency Failure (Bangor Daily News, 8/18/05)

Collins says Alaska visit confirms climate change (Associated Press, 8/18/05)

Two conservation groups team up to buy six islands (Portland Press Herald, 8/16/05)

MERC plant's future appears as hazy as ever (Portland Press Herald, 8/16/05)

State works on details of 'e-waste' plan (Portland Press Herald, 8/16/05)

Opinion: Energy deficit grows, solutions wither (Portland Press Herald, 8/16/05)

Marsh Island deer control debated (Bangor Daily News, 8/16/05)

Editorial: The future of Maine's North Woods (Kennebec Journal, 8/16/05)

Friends of Bigelow Preserve question authorities about timber harvest (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/15/05)

Three tons of trash hauled from the Androscoggin River (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/15/05)

Getting young people involved in increasing the profile of organic farming (Portland Press Herald, 8/15/05)

Years of hard work not enough to save Buxton farm (Portland Press Herald, 8/15/05)

Proposal may settle sand dune conflict (Portland Press Herald, 8/15/05)

Editorial: Economics of alternative energy look bright (Bangor Daily News, 8/15/05)

Shakers have reached an agreement to protect 1700 acres (Portland Press Herald, 8/14/05)

Editorial: Public sector must play catch-up with Plum Creek (Portland Press Herald, 8/14/05)

Plum Creek: Project aids state (Kennebec Journal, 8/13/05)

Pine Tree Landfill odor complaints up for July, blamed on humid weather (Bangor Daily News, 8/13/05)

LNG meeting to happen without firms (Bangor Daily News, 8/13/05)

Boat launch gets state's OK (Brunswick Times Record, 8/12/05)

Island Institute agrees to transfer ownership of six coastal islands (Bangor Daily News, 8/12/05)

Intern at DEP educates residents about area's storm water runoff (Bangor Daily News, 8/12/05)

Maine tribes get $500,000 for conservation projects (Associated Press, 8/12/05)

New Sand Dune Regulations Coming Soon (Maine Public Radio, 8/11/05)

Ponds illegally stocked in Albany Township (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/11/05)

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens accepts a donation of 120 acres of shorefront property (Portland Press Herald, 8/11/05)

Fire ants devise ways to thrive in Maine (Portland Press Herald, 8/11/05)

Pest control experts' busiest time of year for battling bats (Bangor Daily News, 8/11/05)

Acadia to get $7M transportation grant (Bangor Daily News, 8/11/05)

Editorial: Northeast's greenhouse-gas reduction plan (Bangor Daily News, 8/11/05)

LURC Prepares for Public Hearings on Wilderness Development Plan (Maine Public Radio, 8/10/05)

Researchers share results of massive air study (Associated Press, 8/10/05)

Web camera offers live close-up look at puffin colony (Associated Press, 8/10/05)

Oil inventory OK spurs Georges Bank worries (Portland Press Herald, 8/10/05)

Plan would protect Cumberland forest (Portland Press Herald, 8/10/05)

Plum Creek report backs its claims (Portland Press Herald, 8/10/05)

Editorial: Energy bill has some merit, but not as environmental law (Portland Press Herald, 8/10/05)

Opinion: State still encourages bears to eat our leftovers (Portland Press Herald, 8/10/05)

Hallowell joins regional effort to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions (Kennebec Journal, 8/10/05)

Opinion: Stop trying to create northern Quebec in northern Maine (Kennebec Journal, 8/10/05)

DEP official fields questions about Hampden landfill (Bangor Daily News, 8/10/05)

LNG firms to skip St. Andrews forum (Bangor Daily News, 8/10/05)

Economist touts proposal by Plum Creek (Bangor Daily News, 8/10/05)

Editorial: Energy bill recently passed by Congress is flawed (Bangor Daily News, 8/10/05)

Androscoggin River cleanup under way (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/10/05)

Developer: Moosehead plan means more jobs (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/10/05)

Higher tides linked to beach closings (Portland Press Herald, 8/9/05)

Tom's of Maine's new building not the ultimate in environmentally friendly (Portland Press Herald, 8/9/05)

Baldacci highlights benefits of bond package (Portland Press Herald, 8/9/05)

Volunteers are studying Royal River tributary to see how its water quality has been affected (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/9/05)

Governor signs $83M bond package (Bangor Daily News, 8/9/05)

Opinion: The North Woods will be sliced and diced out of existence (Bangor Daily News, 8/9/05)

Energy Companies Eye Potential Oil Reserves in the Gulf of Maine (New Hampshire Public Radio, 8/8/05)

Salmon Count Low in Maine (Maine Public Radio, 8/8/05)

Land for Maine's Future purchase protects key Abbagadassett river frontage (Brunswick Times Record, 8/8/05)

Moosehead area can't find space for septic waste (Portland Press Herald, 8/8/05)

Opinion: As the bear-baiting season begins we should revisit what currently passes as wildlife management in our state (Bangor Daily News, 8/8/05)

Opinion: Strong principles are needed to conserve the natural heritage of the Maine woods (Bangor Daily News, 8/8/05)

Opinion: Energy bill filled with more of the status quo (Bangor Daily News, 8/8/05)

Landfills making comeback in Maine (Portland Press Herald, 8/7/05)

Grass versus ground cover (Portland Press Herald, 8/7/05)

Editorial: 'Organic' is growing as an economic force (Portland Press Herald, 8/7/05)

Opinion: Acadia needs help, bill provides it (Portland Press Herald, 8/7/05)

Scientists look for nonnative species in Cobscook Bay (Associated Press, 8/7/05)

Secrets in the family life of the American robin (Bangor Daily News, 8/6/05)

Lake initiatives to be discussed, Cathance, Phillips proposals (Bangor Daily News, 8/6/05)

Energy Companies Eye Potential Oil Reserves in the Gulf of Maine (Maine Public Radio, 8/5/05)

LNG firm, residents discuss facility (Bangor Daily News, 8/5/05)

Night walk lets visitors sense new side of Acadia (Bangor Daily News, 8/5/05)

Petition Calls for Oysters to be Listed as an Endangered Species (Maine Public Radio, 8/4/05)

State-of-the-art Ocean Aquarium A Dream Come True for MERI (Ellsworth American, 8/4/05)

Editorial: Sludge solutions (Brunswick Times Record, 8/4/05)

Land trust to hold annual meeting (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 8/4/05)

Projects aimed at curbing the spread of milfoil (Kennebec Journal, 8/4/05)

UM research farm developing crops of future (Bangor Daily News, 8/4/05)

Brooksville to mull mine cleanup (Bangor Daily News, 8/4/05)

Opinion: Greenville should seize Plum Creek opportunity (Bangor Daily News, 8/4/05)

Group refuses to participate in sludge review (Brunswick Times Record, 8/3/05)

Maintaining Maine: A Rural Community Debates its Future (E Magazine, 8/3/05)

Developer has resort plan for Brownville (Bangor Daily News, 8/3/05)

Teens present Pushaw Lake pollution study (Bangor Daily News, 8/3/05)

Casella submits application to boost landfill capacity (Bangor Daily News, 8/3/05)

Restored mountain trail dedicated in Acadia Park (Bangor Daily News, 8/3/05)

Editorial: Getting lawmakers to acknowledge and talk about climate change is an important step (Bangor Daily News, 8/3/05)

MERC closure referendum approved (Portland Press Herald, 8/3/05)

Scientist to offer strategy for ending U.S. oil dependence (Portland Press Herald, 8/3/05)

Editorial: Ongoing debate about wilderness, and wilderness values (Kennebec Journal, 8/3/05)

Council slows 'smart growth' plan (Brunswick Times Record, 8/2/05)

Environmentalists Call for Cap on Power Plant Emissions (Maine Public Radio, 8/2/05)

State set to 'scope' Plum Creek proposal (Kennebec Journal, 8/2/05)

Master plan for Falmouth's Tidewater Farm has preservation in mind (Portland Press Herald, 8/2/05)

Lobster restocking results in Canada appear positive (Associated Press, 8/1/05)

Organic, niche farmers keeping Maine young (Kennebec Journal, 8/1/05)

Maine's young farmers buck national trend (Portland Press Herald, 8/1/05)

Fast-moving glaciers surprise research team (Portland Press Herald, 8/1/05)

Hazardous waste collection helps residents clean up (Bangor Daily News, 8/1/05)

Doubts loom over promised LNG funds (Bangor Daily News, 8/1/05)

Opinion: Plum Creek Plan carefully balanced (Bangor Daily News, 8/1/05)

Growing number of Mainers learning how to care for their lawns and landscapes without lots of fertilizers, lawn chemicals (Portland Press Herald, 7/31/05)

Editorial: Before any Plum Creek decision, make a plan for Moosehead Lake (Portland Press Herald, 7/31/05)

Editorial: In order to protect dunes, new rules require scrutiny (Portland Press Herald, 7/31/05)

Plan aims to slow sprawl in Freeport (Portland Press Herald, 7/30/05)

Lawmakers put compromise to work to pass bond package (Portland Press Herald, 7/30/05)

$83M bond package enacted (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/05)

Energy bill called mixed bag for Maine (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/05)

Interior bill appropriates $13M for Maine projects (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/05)

Opinion: Farmer's Market adds layers to sense of community (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/05)

Canadian official weighs in on Maine LNG plans (Bangor Daily News, 7/30/05)

Timber Companies Seek to Bridge Remote Wassataquoik Stream at Orin Falls (Phyllis Austin, Maine Environmental News, 7/29/05)

Snowe: Energy Bill a "a step forward" (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/05)

Editorial: Bond package contains needed funding for Maine (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/05)

Rep. Allen: Sound Energy Policy Is Key to “the Prosperity, Security and Well-being of All Americans" (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 7/29/05)

Bond package inclusion boosts waterfront plan (Bangor Daily News, 7/29/05)

Opinion: Acknowledging LNG's place in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 7/29/05)

Rep. Allen: Energy Bill Conference Report Eliminates “Worst of the Many Sweet Deals for Special Interests" (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 7/28/05)

Bill may fuel Mars Hill wind farm (Bangor Daily News, 7/28/05)

Panel OKs bond package (Bangor Daily News, 7/28/05)

Towns to address deer overpopulation (Bangor Daily News, 7/28/05)

Opinion: Americans need to understand how fortunate we are to have nuclear power (Bangor Daily News, 7/28/05)

Editorial: Trashing old cell phones harmful to environment (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/05)

Opinion: EPA mercury rules sensible, affordable (Portland Press Herald, 7/28/05)

Editorial: Bond package should invest more for Maine's future (Kennebec Journal, 7/28/05)

Opinion: Congress has decided to deal with the energy problem by buying time (Kennebec Journal, 7/28/05)

Legislative Panel Reaches Approval on Bond Package (Maine Public Radio, 7/27/05)

Editorial: Times Record is proud of its efforts to respect the environment (Brunswick Times Record, 7/27/05)

Paper company sued over river pollution (Portland Press Herald, 7/27/05)

Biddeford officials favor incinerator referendum (Portland Press Herald, 7/27/05)

Conservation groups battle lake project (Portland Press Herald, 7/27/05)

Tests aim to track beach bacteria (Portland Press Herald, 7/27/05)

Editorial: Closing beaches not enough to address water problem (Portland Press Herald, 7/27/05)

NRCM, NRDC Sue International Paper for Polluting Androscoggin River (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 7/27/05)

Campaign to derail the huge development proposed for the Moosehead Lake (Kennebec Journal, 7/27/05)

Moosehead plan ripped as 'sprawl' (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/27/05)

Environmentalists sue IP over pollution (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/27/05)

Plum Creek foes cite 'sprawl' (Bangor Daily News, 7/27/05)

Marine institute to expand in Blue Hill (Bangor Daily News, 7/27/05)

Alternatives to LNG plant aired in Machias (Bangor Daily News, 7/27/05)

Canada town against LNG (Bangor Daily News, 7/27/05)

Editorial: Energy Bill Lacks Power (Bangor Daily News, 7/27/05)

Opinion: Wilderness heritage at stake in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 7/27/05)

Environmentists Seek to Halt Plum Creek Project (Maine Public Radio, 7/26/05)

Suit Filed Againt International Paper Alleges Violations of Clean Water Act (Maine Public Radio, 7/26/05)

Environmental report names top power plant polluters in Northeast (Associated Press, 7/26/05)

Environmental activists launch campaign against Moosehead project (Associated Press, 7/26/05)

Environmental activists launch campaign against Moosehead project (Associated Press, 7/26/05)

Critics pan Plum Creek development (Bangor Daily News, 7/26/05)

Detail work stalls bond talks progress (Bangor Daily News, 7/26/05)

Land trust buys 4,200 acres in Orland (Bangor Daily News, 7/26/05)

Cement plant neighbors push for regulation of dust (Portland Press Herald, 7/25/05)

Opinion: Many questions on planned High Street development (Brunswick Times Record, 7/25/05)

Disposal of cell phones is part of a growing focus in Maine on electronic waste (Portland Press Herald, 7/25/05)

Special farm day lets visitors see where their food comes from (Portland Press Herald, 7/25/05)

Dune rules get final tweaking (Portland Press Herald, 7/25/05)

Island Rover is his treasure, and a tribute to recycling (Portland Press Herald, 7/25/05)

Editorial: CDC report suggests value in cutting toxin exposure (Portland Press Herald, 7/25/05)

Opinion: Web of life requires saving right whales (Portland Press Herald, 7/25/05)

Farm Day links generations (Bangor Daily News, 7/25/05)

Demand exceeds supply of organic milk in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 7/25/05)

Community Group Angered by Dragon Cement Plans (Maine Public Radio, 7/24/05)

Maine conservationist Bob Cummings honored (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/05)

Some Cobscook Bay clam flats reopen (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/05)

Editorial: Adding storage tanks for LNG will be a benefit for Maine (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/05)

Opinion: Plum Creek plan will be an obstacle to nature-based ecotourism (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/05)

Many more right whales may be dying than previously thought (Associated Press, 7/23/05)

LNG developers seek public input (Bangor Daily News, 7/23/05)

Robbinston panel to send LNG plans to residents (Bangor Daily News, 7/23/05)

DEP challenged on Dragon action Citizens group files petition for review (Bangor Daily News, 7/23/05)

Opinion: Drinking water bond essential for Maine (Bangor Daily News, 7/23/05)

Baldacci may pull lead paint tax over bond fight (Maine Public Radio, 7/22/05)

Endocrine Disruptors Detected In Maine Rivers (Maine Public Radio, 7/22/05)

Environmental health activists across Maine hosting two dozen toxic-free lemonade stands ( Environmental Health Strategy Center , 7/22/05)

Snowe, others want data on MTBE (Portland Press Herald, 7/22/05)

Farms show off methods for success (Portland Press Herald, 7/22/05)

BIA tow tractor goes from diesel fuel to battery power cuts air pollution (Bangor Daily News, 7/22/05)

Beach closed on MDI, again (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/05)

Lake ecology taught in County (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/05)

Less odor reported at West Old Town landfill (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/05)

Opinion: Bonds critical for the people of Maine (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/05)

Opinion: Stewards of Land for Maine's Future (Bangor Daily News, 7/21/05)

New red tide bloom may cause closures (Portland Press Herald, 7/21/05)

Editorial: MERC closure will take discussion and determination (Portland Press Herald, 7/21/05)

Downeast Shellfish Harvesters Prepare For Another Bout With Red Tide (Maine Public Radio, 7/20/05)

The unanswered question of the Androscoggin’s cleanliness (MaineBiz, 7/20/05)

Save Passamaquoddy Bay thinks LNG is the wrong choice for Washington County (MaineBiz, 7/20/05)

Unhealthy air quality not part of recent heat (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/05)

St. Croix River management plan lauded (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/05)

Mount Desert seeks plan on deer (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/05)

Development's impact on aquifers eyed (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/05)

Millinocket firm to help pay for How's Corner cleanup (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/05)

Red tide spreads Down East (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/05)

Cobscook Bay clam diggers want action (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/05)

List of Maine Farmers Markets (Bangor Daily News, 7/20/05)

Lawmakers look to protect farmland and working waterfronts (Kennebec Journal, 7/20/05)

LNG proposal stirs up community: Robbinston area residents wonder about impact on larger ecosystem (Bangor Daily News, 7/19/05)

Environmental 'crisis' can unite religions, rabbi says (Bangor Daily News, 7/19/05)

Robbinston LNG storage proposed (Bangor Daily News, 7/19/05)

Some legislators say bond package too small (Bangor Daily News, 7/19/05)

Editorial: Second proposal to build an LNG terminal on Passamaquoddy Bay (Bangor Daily News, 7/19/05)

New standards for building homes in designated wildlife districts (Portland Press Herald, 7/19/05)

Challenging Maine businesses to cut their greenhouse-gas emissions (Portland Press Herald, 7/19/05)

Two LNG Developers Flesh Out Plans That Involve the Same Town (Maine Public Radio, 7/18/05)

Moosehorn eagle pair proud parents of 17th hatchling in 15 years at refuge (Bangor Daily News, 7/18/05)

22nd annual Maine Audubon loon count (Bangor Daily News, 7/18/05)

Editorial: Acadia National Park Improvement Act (Bangor Daily News, 7/18/05)

Opinion: Developing Green Building Standards (Portland Press Herald, 7/18/05)

Mainers conduct weekend searches for wildlife (Associated Press, 7/17/05)

Marine Animal Lifeline faces mounting workload (Associated Press, 7/17/05)

Maine's first gated golf community in Wells (Portland Press Herald, 7/17/05)

Divers take plunge to count fish in Gulf of Maine (Portland Press Herald, 7/16/05)

Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge may grow by 87 islands (Bangor Daily News, 7/16/05)

Tourist spots red-billed tropicbird on island (Bangor Daily News, 7/16/05)

Opinion: Plum Creek's fine print important (Bangor Daily News, 7/16/05)

Penobscots keep close tabs on their ancestral river (Bangor Daily News, 7/16/05)

Opinion: Allagash experience always memorable (Brunswick Times Record, 7/15/05)

Study Finds Babies Threatened by Chemical Toxins in the Environnment (Maine Public Radio, 7/14/05)

Proposed Biodiesel Project Could Mean Millions in Investments (Maine Public Radio, 7/15/05)

Annual Loon Count a Maine Tradition (Maine Public Radio, 7/14/05)

Congressman vows to pursue effort “to remove this outrageous and unfair MTBE liability shield from the energy bill” (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 7/15/05)

Toxins in babies' blood prompt call for action (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/05)

Interactive lake ecology sessions will shed light on invasive plants (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/05)

Lease language, appeal process divides parties in LNG project (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/05)

Mill Cove LNG officials meet residents (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/05)

Editorial: Republicans want the Endangered Species Act overhauled (Bangor Daily News, 7/15/05)

Study Finds Industrial Pollution Begins in the Womb (Environmental Health Strategy Center, 7/14/05)

State to review Sears Island plan (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/05)

Blaze idles PERC boiler: Manager cites mechanical fault (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/05)

Tainted water at landfill addressed (Bangor Daily News, 7/14/05)

Editorial: Protectors of whales take an unfair shot at Coast Guard (Portland Press Herald, 7/14/05)

Mars Hill windmill project on hold (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/05)

Group to contest Pine Tree landfill expansion (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/05)

Robbinston residents meet LNG developers (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/05)

Environmental work continues at Irving Tanning's Hartland site (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/05)

Firefighters battle raging PERC blaze (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/05)

College pays EPA fine for chemical danger (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/05)

Opinion: No future in nuclear (Bangor Daily News, 7/13/05)

Lands piece of bond deal said to be worth $10 million (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/05)

Another LNG terminal proposed (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/05)

Opinion: Piping plovers and beachgoers have coexisted in Maine for years (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/05)

Old Orchard Beach resident sees ballpark as eco-center (Portland Press Herald, 7/13/05)

Organic Poultry plant nears approval (Kennebec Journal, 7/13/05)

Second LNG Proposal in the Running (Maine Public Radio, 7/12/05)

Lawmakers Report Successful Talks on Bond Package (Maine Public Radio, 7/12/05)

Leaders discuss bond proposal (Portland Press Herald, 7/12/05)

Bid to protect whales from ships hits snag (Portland Press Herald, 7/12/05)

LNG opponents ask for scrutiny of lease agreement (Portland Press Herald, 7/12/05)

Opinion: Make chemical plants harder to target for terror (Portland Press Herald, 7/12/05)

Androscoggin is becoming like the Appalachian Trail of river trails (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/12/05)

Feds reviewing information to determine cause of BIA spill (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/05)

Acadia National Park plans Beetle Bio Blitz (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/05)

LNG suitor unveils Robbinston plan: Facility would have storage tank, new pier (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/05)

Ansel Adams show at the University of Maine Museum of Art (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/05)

Opinion: Farmers' markets and the Maine economy (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/05)

Opinion: Plum Creek's offer worth considering (Bangor Daily News, 7/12/05)

U.S. Coast Guard is refusing to help protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale ( Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), 7/11/05)

DEP favors boat launch (Brunswick Times Record, 7/11/05)

Couple feels right at home in eco-friendly house made of straw (Portland Press Herald, 7/11/05)

Trade group honors Plum Creek forester (Kennebec Journal, 7/11/05)

Editorial: If proposed site works, LNG terminal worthwhile (Portland Press Herald, 7/10/05)

Appalachian Mountain Club project on climate change and air quality (Portland Press Herald, 7/9/05)

Tribe's LNG lease studied (Bangor Daily News, 7/9/05)

Downy woodpeckers marked by small beaks (Bangor Daily News, 7/9/05)

North Atlantic warmest in 59 years of data-keeping (Portland Press Herald, 7/8/05)

Maine LNG plant may open in 2009 (Portland Press Herald, 7/8/05)

Griffin Park study nets little on health issues (Bangor Daily News, 7/8/05)

BEP examines state's fee plan for e-waste costs (Bangor Daily News, 7/8/05)

DEP to mull landfill design (Bangor Daily News, 7/8/05)

Bureau of Indian Affairs approves LNG lease deal (Kennebec Journal, 7/7/05)

Augusta man's request leads to review of eels (Kennebec Journal, 7/7/05)

Mainers join fast 'to slow global warming' (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/05)

Seven central Maine towns to weigh regional recycling (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/05)

Land trust seeks input on Beech Nut plan (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/05)

Fishway on Pittsfield planning board's agenda (Bangor Daily News, 7/7/05)

Editorial: Paints and other chemicals with potential toxic impacts (Portland Press Herald, 7/7/05)

Sludge use halted for now (Brunswick Times Record, 7/6/05)

Paddlers under way on cleaner, fresher Androscoggin River (Portland Press Herald, 7/6/05)

Organic farmers to host second annual 'Tastings' (Portland Press Herald, 7/6/05)

Endangered birds move offshore, it appears (Portland Press Herald, 7/6/05)

Independent company to test for toxins at New Brunswick military base (Associated Press, 7/6/05)

Tribe, developer to announce LNG news (Bangor Daily News, 7/6/05)

Pine Tree Landfill operator seeks capacity boost by raising height (Bangor Daily News, 7/6/05)

Scientist helps poor Africans help themselves (Bangor Daily News, 7/6/05)

Editorial: Decisions need to be made about what ecotourism is (Bangor Daily News, 7/6/05)

Kayaking so close, yet in another world (Portland Press Herald, 7/6/05)

EPA finds art college lax with hazardous waste (Portland Press Herald, 7/6/05)

Editorial: Plum Creek has merit, but Moosehead lacks overall plan (Portland Press Herald, 7/5/05)

Editorial: Pro-conservation Senate heads in right direction (Portland Press Herald, 7/5/05)

20-day Canoe Trek raises awareness of Androscoggin (Associated Press, 7/5/05)

Editorial: Collins and Snowe put mercury pollution ahead of party politics (Kennebec Journal, 7/5/05)

Studying the 35,000 acres Roxanne Quimby owns near the eastern border of Baxter State Park (Bangor Daily News, 7/4/05)

Farmer's produce program helps seniors (Bangor Daily News, 7/4/05)

Unique hiking opportunities hidden in Down East Maine (Portland Press Herald, 7/4/05)

Camping loses allure in Acadia (Portland Press Herald, 7/4/05)

Editorial: Lawmakers should compromise on a bond package (Portland Press Herald, 7/4/05)

Gate at intersection leading to Tumbledown and Jackson mountains (Portland Press Herald, 7/3/05)

Opinion: Country needs to update its energy policy (Portland Press Herald, 7/3/05)

Fireworks canceled to keep birds safe (Portland Press Herald, 7/2/05)

Woodpeckers nest areas defended (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/05)

Upward Bound probes healthof Pushaw Lake (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/05)

Scientists at sea investigating red tide (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/05)

Editorial: Allowing fish farms up to 200 miles out to sea (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/05)

Opinion: Downeast Lakes Land Trust purchasing and protecting land (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/05)

Cap on landfill in Old Town aims to negate odors (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/05)

Late strawberry season now bearing fruit (Bangor Daily News, 7/2/05)

Years of neglect take their toll on upkeep of State parks (Kennebec Journal, 7/2/05)

Opinion: Merrymeeting's Bay checkered past and potential recovery (Brunswick Times Record, 7/1/05)

Tax break bill passage is a compliment to legislative skill of the forest industry (Portland Phoenix, 7/1/05)

Piping plovers could force Ogunquit to cancel its holiday fireworks show (Portland Press Herald, 7/1/05)

Editorial: Promotion of solar energy also makes economic sense (Portland Press Herald, 7/1/05)

Editorial: Maine should continue fight on EPA's new mercury rules (Portland Press Herald, 7/1/05)

Belgrade Lakes Association sponsoring three free events: a cruise aboard a "floating classroom" and workshops (Kennebec Journal, 7/1/05)

Editorial: Federal rules on mercury pollution are too lenient (Bangor Daily News, 7/1/05)

Opinion: Agent Purple deadlier than Agent Orange (Bangor Daily News, 7/1/05)

Developer revamps plans for Nantucket wind farm (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 7/1/05)

Opinion: Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust's campaign to buy more of Crystal Spring Farm (Brunswick Times Record, 7/1/05)

Maine’s turtles can often use a helping hand (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 6/30/05)

Sierra Club Report Profiles Special Places Nationwide: Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness (Sierra Club, 6/30/05)

Rep. Tom Allen Leads House Fight to Block Bush Mercury Rule (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 6/30/05)

New law encourages solar energy use (Portland Press Herald, 6/30/05)

Senators sign on to force vote on mercury (Portland Press Herald, 6/30/05)

Editorial: Debate over the formation and goals of the Northern Forest Lands Council (Bangor Daily News, 6/30/05)

Opinion: Invasive plants in Acadia National Park (Bangor Daily News, 6/30/05)

Moosehead-area group to work with Plum Creek (Bangor Daily News, 6/29/05)

Opinion: Bring on the Maine Woods National Park, protect all the land up north (Kennebec Journal, 6/29/05)

Problem areas along the upper and lower Sunday River watershed (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 6/29/05)

LNG poised to become large part of Atlantic Canada's energy mix (Associated Press, 6/29/05)

State works to stem spread of hydrilla in Limerick pond (Portland Press Herald, 6/28/05)

Swimmers urged to avoid water at Kennebunk beach (Portland Press Herald, 6/28/05)

Lawmakers tour Maine's North Woods (Kennebec Journal, 6/28/05)

Swan Island wildlife management area gets tower (Kennebec Journal, 6/28/05)

Opinion: New rules for lobster gear to protect right whales (Bangor Daily News, 6/28/05)

Fishermen and scientists alike would love to have Menhaden or pogies return (Maine Public Radio, 6/27/05)

Decline in codfish stocks may not be reversible (Portland Press Herald, 6/27/05)

Editorial: Siting an LNG terminal a job for the feds (Portland Press Herald, 6/27/05)

Group hopes to keep Union River pristine (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/05)

LNG firm eyes no-tank design on tribal land (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/05)

Hancock conservancy group opens Ellsworth nature trail (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/05)

Business seeks to locate fish farm in Gouldsboro (Bangor Daily News, 6/27/05)

Opinion: Local foods represent a particularly enticing economic sector for Maine (Portland Press Herald, 6/26/05)

Activist urges Greens at convention to work for Maine tax on bottled water (Portland Press Herald, 6/26/05)

Save the whales, save the fishermen (Portland Press Herald, 6/26/05)

New law gives tax break for forest preservation (Portland Press Herald, 6/26/05)

Baxter's dream loses a guardian (Portland Press Herald, 6/26/05)

Paddlers shouldn't get too close to loons (Bangor Daily News, 6/25/05)

Greer Island owner disputes property status (Bangor Daily News, 6/25/05)

Appeals Court Sides With EPA On Power Plants (Maine Public Radio, 6/24/05)

Plum Creek project blasted (Kennebec Journal, 6/24/05)

NRCM Opposes Largest Subdivision Ever Proposed in Maine (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 6/24/05)

Editorial: Settling on Bonds (Bangor Daily News, 6/24/05)

Editorial: Sometimes, big changes grow from small potatoes (Portland Press Herald, 6/24/05)

Environmental group states opposition to Moosehead proposal (Associated Press, 6/24/05)

States may lose control of LNG (Portland Press Herald, 6/23/05)

Falcon nest sites receive mixed success in Acadia (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/05)

Northern Katahdin Region one of northern Maine’s best-kept secrets (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/05)

Study examines potential cost of nationwide MTBE cleanup (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/05)

Agent Orange use concerns guard (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/05)

Editorial: Counting Red Tide Losses (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/05)

Opinion: An international response on wild salmon (Bangor Daily News, 6/23/05)

Annual ecology overnight on Sparks Island (Ellsworth American, 6/23/05)

Maine Lobstermen Object To Whale Protection Plan (Maine Public Radio, 6/22/05)

Longtime Baxter State Park Director To Resign (Maine Public Radio, 6/22/05)

Baxter Park's great defender is retiring (Portland Press Herald, 6/22/05)

Northern Forest facing pressures (Portland Press Herald, 6/22/05)

Mainer makes energy from potato waste (Portland Press Herald, 6/22/05)

"Buzz" Caverly is retiring (Bangor Daily News, 6/22/05)

Swollen river makes salmon count tricky (Bangor Daily News, 6/22/05)

LNG developer plans to set up advisory panel (Bangor Daily News, 6/22/05)

Panel urges protection for NE forest (Kennebec Journal, 6/22/05)

Investigation: Human waste fell into wetlands (Kennebec Journal, 6/22/05)

Report finds forest conservation advances, but economies lag (Associated Press, 6/21/05)

Opinion: Is Smart Growth something Bath really wants or needs? (Brunswick Times Record, 6/21/05)

Potatoes fuel drive to make ethanol (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/05)

Bill to require 10 percent of new cars to be super clean, low-emission vehicles (Portland Press Herald, 6/21/05)

Soggy spring stunts crops (Portland Press Herald, 6/21/05)

River bill becomes state law (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 6/21/05)

Truck dumps sludge at Maine Turnpike (Kennebec Journal, 6/21/05)

Potatoes fuel drive to make ethanol (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/05)

Red tide weakens in western Gulf of Maine, worsens Down East (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/05)

Mussel farm forum tonight in Bar Harbor (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/05)

Editorial: Easements can be a good way to preserve land (Bangor Daily News, 6/21/05)

Officials Update Residents On LNG Terminals (Maine Public Radio, 6/20/05)

Sludge petition on way to town (Brunswick Times Record, 6/20/05)

Portland one of the 20 Greenest Towns in the Country (Portland Press Herald, 6/20/05)

Editorial: Energy independence worth effort to achieve (Portland Press Herald, 6/20/05)

Opinion: Closing MERC an economic priority (Portland Press Herald, 6/20/05)

Winterport voters support fishway at dam (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/05)

Group seeks to revive ecotourism (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/05)

Cuban delegation to buy 50 cows from Maine farms (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/05)

Old Town landfill gets OK for construction (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/05)

Merlins mimic cycle of life in Maine migration (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/05)

Red tide spurs appeal to feds (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/05)

Lupine lovers halt Acadia effort to eradicate 'non-native' plants (Bangor Daily News, 6/18/05)

Some shellfish toxins reaching record levels (Portland Press Herald, 6/18/05)

LNG facility topic of talk at Machias (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/05)

Cobscook Bay closed to harvesting (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/05)

Chestnut tree planting a step toward restoration of species (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/05)

Opinion: Proposed federal rules to minimize the risk to right whales (Bangor Daily News, 6/17/05)

Red tide paranoia hurting Maine shellfish sellers (Portland Press Herald, 6/17/05)

Editorial: Closing MERC a matter for the entire state (Portland Press Herald, 6/17/05)

Variance request for a gravel pit off West River Road (Kennebec Journal, 6/17/05)

Four Towns Watershed Association would monitor chicken operation (Kennebec Journal, 6/17/05)

Environmental film made by Longfellow fourth-grade students (Brunswick Times Record, 6/16/05)

Panel to look beyond MERC (Portland Press Herald, 6/16/05)

Acquisition of key Jamies Pond tract lacks $18,000 (Kennebec Journal, 6/16/05)

Weather puts farmers in bind (Bangor Daily News, 6/16/05)

Friends of Acadia president to resign (Bangor Daily News, 6/16/05)

Opinion: Opponents of liquefied natural gas have genuine concerns (Bangor Daily News, 6/16/05)

Visit your local Farmers Market (Bangor Daily News, 6/15/05)

Marine mammal group rescues harbor seal pup (Bangor Daily News, 6/15/05)

Editorial: Construct an acceptable energy bill (Bangor Daily News, 6/15/05)

Hot line for reporting whale sightings on the Maine coast (Portland Press Herald, 6/15/05)

Editorial: Flexibility could save both whales and lobster fishery (Portland Press Herald, 6/15/05)

New rules could save whales, irk lobstermen (Portland Press Herald, 6/14/05)

Opinion: Fight against sprawl has to occur at local level (Portland Press Herald, 6/14/05)

Boat-wash idea is floated to stop the spread of milfoil (Kennebec Journal, 6/14/05)

Editorial: Business leaders calling for regulation of emissions of greenhouse gases (Bangor Daily News, 6/14/05)

Clean-Up Continues at Loring Base Site (Maine Public Radio, 6/13/05)

They'll adjourn, but lawmakers still won't agree on global warming (Kennebec Journal, 6/13/05)

Compromise between Penjajawoc marsh advocates and developers (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/05)

Red tide stings businesses, fishermen (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/05)

Lobster hatchery nearing completion in Stonington (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/05)

Number 1 threat to Maine's forests is fire (Bangor Daily News, 6/13/05)

America's love of SUVs leads to gargantuan limos (Associated Press, 6/13/05)

Real estate boom puts pressure on blueberry land (Portland Press Herald, 6/13/05)

Opinion: Time to put land bond on ballot (Portland Press Herald, 6/13/05)

Opinion: LURC has staff, rules and experience to handle Plum Creek plan (Portland Press Herald, 6/13/05)

Ozone, smoke from Quebec making breathing woes worse (Bangor Daily News, 6/11/05)

Invasive Zebra Mussels Found On Boat In New Hampshire (Maine Public Radio, 6/10/05)

Quebec wildfires cause Maine air pollution (Portland Press Herald, 6/10/05)

Bath housing project concerns neighbors (Portland Press Herald, 6/10/05)

Paint fee would go toward lead education effort (Portland Press Herald, 6/10/05)

Shellfish limits mount as red tide outbreak creeps north (Bangor Daily News, 6/10/05)

Landfill odor gripes up after TV report (Bangor Daily News, 6/10/05)

Maple fungus blackens leaves (Bangor Daily News, 6/10/05)

Citizens prevail in Washington quarry quarrel (Kennebec Journal, 6/10/05)

Editorial: Opponents of Class A compost in Brunswick should move on to other environmental issues now (Brunswick Times Record, 6/9/05)

Editorial: Oceans' S.O.S. (Brunswick Times Record, 6/9/05)

Audubon offering Bigelow trips (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 6/9/05)

Legislators lobbied to support the Land for Maine's Future Program (Kennebec Journal, 6/9/05)

Residents 'sick' of Old Town landfill stench (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/05)

Hampden landfill seeks to boost capacity (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/05)

City planners OK Kenduskeag Avenue subdivision (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/05)

Beaver Cove subdivision announced by builder (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/05)

Editorial: Fund Forest Legacy (Bangor Daily News, 6/9/05)

RWS considers a greener name, leaner method of doing business (Portland Press Herald, 6/9/05)

Red tide has closed shellfish beds from Bar Harbor to Martha's Vineyard (Portland Press Herald, 6/9/05)

Proposal Would Move Acquaculture Projects Further Offshore (Maine Public Radio, 6/8/05)

Soggy spring delays farmers' markets (Kennebec Journal, 6/8/05)

State launches campaign against West Nile virus (Kennebec Journal, 6/8/05)

Opinion: Maine is making a serious mistake in its approach to garbage (Kennebec Journal, 6/8/05)

Measure to encourage fish, shellfish farms in federal waters (Bangor Daily News, 6/8/05)

Opinion: Concerned about the landscape we leave behind (Bangor Daily News, 6/8/05)

Editorial: Funding for forest program should be restored in Senate (Portland Press Herald, 6/8/05)

Aquifer zone rules OK'd (Brunswick Times Record, 6/7/05)

Opinion: Scientist found sludge 'White Paper' biased (Brunswick Times Record, 6/7/05)

Hudson testifies in favor of coastal protection act (Brunswick Times Record, 6/7/05)

Editorial: Environmental cleanup should be figured in base closings (Portland Press Herald, 6/7/05)

Editorial: Salmon lawsuits and draconian regulations (Bangor Daily News, 6/7/05)

Petition launched to block use of sludge (Brunswick Times Record, 6/6/05)

Acadia visitors awed by falcon hatchlings (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/05)

COA grads mark rite with recycling (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/05)

MOFGA Herb Fest '05 lures hundreds to Unity (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/05)

Base advocates: Cleanup costs may be key flaw in BRAC logic (Portland Press Herald, 6/6/05)

Teen's air quality bill becomes law (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/05)

Editorial: Keeping Canadian loggers out of the Maine woods (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/05)

Maine Wildlife Park to host programs (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/05)

Hiking in Maine is full of variety Coastal, inland treks are popular (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/05)

Opinion: Land for Maine's Future reality check (Bangor Daily News, 6/4/05)

Opinion: Sustainable agriculture innovations abound in Maine (Brunswick Times Record, 6/3/05)

Opinion: Wastewater industry demonized in Brunswick sludge debate (Brunswick Times Record, 6/3/05)

Opinion: Applying sludge to land will put water supply and town at risk (Brunswick Times Record, 6/3/05)

Opinion: Editorial: Debate about Class A composted sludge (Brunswick Times Record, 6/2/05)

Opinion: Class A biosolids about the safest organic material available (Brunswick Times Record, 6/2/05)

Red tide continues spread down New England coast (Associated Press, 6/3/05)

Editorial: Green is good, but not if it slows affordable housing (Portland Press Herald, 6/3/05)

Old Town copes with landfill stench Fumes not dangerous to breathe, say officials (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/05)

Weather delays strawberry harvest (Bangor Daily News, 6/2/05)

Industry angry over decision to further study wood supply (Associated Press, 6/2/05)

Editorial: Plum Creek vandals (Portland Press Herald, 6/1/05)

Governor signs bill requiring more 'clean' cars (Portland Press Herald, 6/1/05)

Vandals target developers of Moosehead plan (Portland Press Herald, 6/1/05)

Lawmakers deny 'crazy' nuclear waste dump rumor (Portland Press Herald, 6/1/05)

New law drives clean cars ahead (Kennebec Journal, 6/1/05)

Editorial: Feds should clean up closed military facilities completely, quickly (Kennebec Journal, 6/1/05)

Conservationists say Canada fails to protect wild salmon (Associated Press, 6/1/05)

New England fishery management gets low marks (Associated Press, 6/1/05)

Passamaquoddy want LNG plant on fast track (Bangor Daily News, 6/1/05)

Bucksport to buy IP lake parcel (Bangor Daily News, 6/1/05)

Opinion: Access to healthy foods is key to food security (Bangor Daily News, 6/1/05)

Report Applauds Maine's Effort To Minimize Salmon Threats (Maine Public Radio, 5/31/05)

Vandals Hit Plum Creek Office (Maine Public Radio, 5/31/05)

Junked cars concern DEP (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/05)

Rainfall puts a damper on eagles' care for young (Bangor Daily News, 5/31/05)

Portland Trust for Public Land (Portland Press Herald, 5/30/05)

Groundfishing fight heats up Down East (Portland Press Herald, 5/30/05)

Editorial: Bond package is a good place for chemical cleanup project (Portland Press Herald, 5/30/05)

Editorial: Plum Creek proposal should be put on hold (Portland Press Herald, 5/29/05)

Group promotes ‘green’ community (Bangor Daily News, 5/30/05)

Birdathons popular local conservation fund-raisers (Bangor Daily News, 5/28/05)

Maine DEP applauds air quality progress (Bangor Daily News, 5/28/05)

Editorial: Mercury Rule Review (Bangor Daily News, 5/28/05)

Opinion: Biosolids use and the environment (Brunswick Times Record, 5/27/05)

PCB contamination at the former Wolman Steel Co. site in Waterville (Portland Press Herald, 5/26/05)

Editorial: Sears Island pact has something for everyone (Portland Press Herald, 5/26/05)

State's use of biodiesel gets sticky (Kennebec Journal, 5/26/05)

Envirothon, Maine's largest high school environmental education program (Bangor Daily News, 5/26/05)

Drill trains guardsmen for toxic emergencies (Bangor Daily News, 5/26/05)

NRCM: IP is illegally polluting the Androscoggin River (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/25/05)

Environmentalists launch campaign against the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) (E Magazine, 5/25/05)

Red Tide Outbreaks Plague Coastline (Ellsworth American, 5/25/05)

Lean-to near Little Jackson Mountain removed (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/25/05)

Not much buzzing in orchards, fields (Kennebec Journal, 5/25/05)

Dead fish in Lake Annabessacook (Kennebec Journal, 5/25/05)

'Recycling' real estate more common (Portland Press Herald, 5/25/05)

Pact would limit island's development (Portland Press Herald, 5/25/05)

Panel kills mercury bill aimed at crematoriums (Portland Press Herald, 5/25/05)

Wind-driven red tide closes shellfish beds (Portland Press Herald, 5/25/05)

Meeting on Atlantic salmon plan (Bangor Daily News, 5/25/05)

Jusridiction Questions Muddy LNG Plans (Maine Public Radio, 5/24/05)

Money would pay for an educational campaign about the dangers of lead paint (Kennebec Journal, 5/24/05)

Topsham : Land trust is honored for preserving habitats (Portland Press Herald, 5/24/05)

State, federal role sought in LNG sitings (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/05)

Wet fields plague Maine farmers (Bangor Daily News, 5/24/05)

Editorial: The International Appalachian Trail (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/05)

Acadia closes Precipice Trail for nesting falcons (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/05)

Volunteers make Brewer cleanup a success (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/05)

Editorial: International Appalachian Trail slowly living up to its name (Bangor Daily News, 5/23/05)

Nature-Based Tourism Promotion Proposal (Maine Public Radio, 5/23/05)

New LNG Proposal Divides Tribal Community (Maine Public Radio, 5/20/05)

Dairy farmers heed demand for organic (Kennebec Journal, 5/22/05)

Oyster farming growing with rising tide of demand (Portland Press Herald, 5/22/05)

Editorial: It may be controversial, but LNG deserves a look (Portland Press Herald, 5/22/05)

Baldacci reassesses bond package (Portland Press Herald, 5/21/05)

Some lakes to be managed for bigger salmon (Bangor Daily News, 5/21/05)

Opinion Trojan horses of Maine waste management (Bangor Daily News, 5/21/05)

Coalition seeks more protection for Atlantic salmon in Kennebec (Brunswick Times Record, 5/20/05)

Tribal council approves LNG terminal (Portland Press Herald, 5/20/05)

Editorial: It's time to kick the oil habit (Portland Press Herald, 5/20/05)

Passamaquoddy leaders OK LNG plant (Bangor Daily News, 5/20/05)

Panel shares Sears Island ideas with state (Bangor Daily News, 5/20/05)

Sixth-graders spend day on Penobscot (Bangor Daily News, 5/20/05)

Grant sought for Thompson Lake erosion (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/20/05)

Seal Harbor seeks source of pollution (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/05)

DA: LNG Gas project offer wasn't bribe (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/05)

Bangor mulls plans to remove coal tar from river (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/05)

Levant gasoline cleanup almost complete, state says (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/05)

Editorial: Recommendations from a task force on the Penjajawoc Marsh (Bangor Daily News, 5/19/05)

Editorial: Vernal pools are important for amphibians, other wildlife (Portland Press Herald, 5/19/05)

Contamination A Big Problem At Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (New Hampshire Public Radio, 5/18/05)

Environmental Group Sues To Overturn Mercury Rule (Maine Public Radio, 5/18/05)

NJ again takes lead in multi-state suit against EPA (Associated Press, 5/18/05)

Two bills address energy concerns (Portland Press Herald, 5/18/05)

NRCM to sue EPA over coal-burning power plants (Kennebec Journal, 5/18/05)

Lawmakers let dead keep their fillings (Kennebec Journal, 5/18/05)

Toxics seen at site that Waterville considered (Kennebec Journal, 5/18/05)

Townspeople reject proposal for gate at Tumbledown trail entrance (Associated Press, 5/18/05)

Officials fear E. coli entering St. John River (Bangor Daily News, 5/18/05)

Bill seeks Sears Island use approvals (Bangor Daily News, 5/18/05)

NRCM suing EPA over mercury rule (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/18/05)

UMaine Researcher Develops New Model For Measuring Lobster Population (Maine Public Radio, 5/17/05)

Weaker river bill rolls on (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/17/05)

Testing water for arsenic urged (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/17/05)

Editorial: The Androscoggin River will just have to wait (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/17/05)

Residents seek Branch Lake vehicle ban (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/05)

Salmon debate raged a century ago (Bangor Daily News, 5/17/05)

Activism called way of life at Unity graduation (Kennebec Journal, 5/16/05)

3 million gallons of polluted water from paper mill landfill off Church Hill Road (Kennebec Journal, 5/15/05)

Winter-weary Baxter set to open (Portland Press Herald, 5/15/05)

In Maritimes, LNG among potent friends (Portland Press Herald, 5/15/05)

Grains were once part of every Maine farm’s sustainable growing strategy (Bangor Daily News, 5/14/05)

Restoring fish passage to the West Winterport Dam (Bangor Daily News, 5/14/05)

Quoddy Bay floats 2nd site for LNG (Bangor Daily News, 5/14/05)

Groups seek anti-pollution help (Kennebec Journal, 5/13/05)

Natural Resources Committee considers groundwater plan (Bangor Daily News, 5/13/05)

Passamaquoddy Tribe considers new LNG site (Portland Press Herald, 5/13/05)

Editorial: Energy-efficient appliances worth support by leaders (Portland Press Herald, 5/13/05)

Cornell to study 'aggressive' coyotes (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/13/05)

Fund-raising effort to buy the Dionne Farm property (Brunswick Times Record, 5/12/05)

Androscoggin defenders blast DEP compromise (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/12/05)

Androscoggin River stocked with 700 brown and rainbow trout (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/12/05)

Editorial: Department of Defense has repeatedly tried to exempt itself from environmental laws (Bangor Daily News, 5/12/05)

Opinion: Navy active sonar harming ocean life (Bangor Daily News, 5/12/05)

Opinion: Mercury bill will burden crematories (Bangor Daily News, 5/12/05)

Casco Bay region braces for robust browntail season (Portland Press Herald, 5/12/05)

Remote-control hunting banned (Portland Press Herald, 5/12/05)

Editorial: State has a stake in removal of trash plant in Biddeford (Portland Press Herald, 5/12/05)

Sides drawn on efficiency mandate (Kennebec Journal, 5/12/05)

Dozens of closed military bases on EPA's Superfund list (Associated Press, 5/12/05)

EPA funds mill site cleanup in Brewer (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/05)

Oil leak prompts clam flat closure (Bangor Daily News, 5/11/05)

2004 Land Heritage Award Presented to Quoddy Regional Land Trust (Maine Coast Heritage Trust, 5/11/05)

Libbey Mill cleanup supported (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/11/05)

Editorial: Work session on Androscoggin and St. Croix river bill (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/11/05)

EPA awards city $200,000 for cleanup, redevelopment (Portland Press Herald, 5/11/05)

Tumbledown landowner seeks gate (Portland Press Herald, 5/11/05)

Baldacci calls for study of Biddeford incinerator (Portland Press Herald, 5/11/05)

Recycling change eliminates the paper sorting task (Portland Press Herald, 5/11/05)

Opinion: U.S. Navy ignoring impact of sonar use (Brunswick Times Record, 5/10/05)

New Report Finds Half of All North American Bird Species Depend on Canada's Boreal Forest (Boreal Songbird Initiative, 5/10/05)

Maine team to compete in World Series of Birding (Boreal Songbird Initiative, 5/10/05)

Sorting your recycling is now easier than ever (Portland Press Herald, 5/10/05)

Nuclear industry hurts image through handling of waste (Portland Press Herald, 5/10/05)

Mercury bill riles crematory operator (Associated Press, 5/10/05)

Environmental violations at the Paris town gravel pit (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/10/05)

Residents air concerns about boiler at hearing (Bangor Daily News, 5/10/05)

Editorial: National forests and road construction (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/9/05)

Chewonki Environmental Education Center conference focuses on global warming (Brunswick Times Record, 5/9/05)

Parked railroad cars in Topsham are taken back to Maine Yankee site (Brunswick Times Record, 5/9/05)

Hearing on two Androscoggin River water quality bills lasted eight hours (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/9/05)

Hydrogen energy touted at conference (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/05)

Farmers market time resumes across state (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/05)

Editorial: LD 1379 would encourage the development of small wind projects (Bangor Daily News, 5/9/05)

A third natural food supermarket is coming to Portland (Portland Press Herald, 5/9/05)

Editorial: Repeal of roadless protection is a poor move for the nation (Portland Press Herald, 5/9/05)

Cranberry farmer challenges EPA rules as intrusive (Associated Press, 5/9/05)

Editorial: Dioxin pollution in Maine should still be a worry (Portland Press Herald, 5/8/05)

Opinion: Sustainable architecture makes sense, naturally (Portland Press Herald, 5/8/05)

Power plant's radioactive legacy will last for decades after decommissioning is complete (Portland Press Herald, 5/8/05)

Tainted soil near homes to be moved (Portland Press Herald, 5/8/05)

Indian council to pursue LNG talks (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/05)

Legislators review 3 solid waste bills (Bangor Daily News, 5/6/05)

Petition opposing LNG tax break goes to provincial legislature (Associated Press, 5/5/05)

Large Moosehead Lake development proposal has cleared a hurdle (Kennebec Journal, 5/6/05)

River rules roil waters (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/6/05)

Maine watches for deer disease (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/6/05)

Poland Spring eyes land for plant (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/6/05)

Osprey that was rescued from the Handy Store Bridge euthanized (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/6/05)

Bush Adminstration To Open National Forest To Logging (Maine Public Radio, 5/5/05)

Hearing on river packed (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/5/05)

Injured osprey in Paris (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/5/05)

Gas-guzzling Hummers "the ultimate weapons of mass environmental destruction" (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/5/05)

LURC gives lake concept plan a boost: rejects moratorium (Bangor Daily News, 5/5/05)

Opinion: Legislative process reconsiders Maine bear issue (Bangor Daily News, 5/5/05)

New 'green' grocery planned for Bayside (Portland Press Herald, 5/5/05)

Bill would raise standards for pollution on two rivers (Portland Press Herald, 5/5/05)

Bear hunting restrictions spiked; panel asks for study (Associated Press, 5/5/05)

River standards debated; decline in dioxin discharges reported (Associated Press, 5/5/05)

Editorial: Combining ecology, economy key to Maine's future (Kennebec Journal, 5/5/05)

Contentious legislative battles over a scientific measurement for dissolved oxygen in Maine's rivers (Maine Public Radio, 5/4/05)

Dioxin decline means end to annual testing (Portland Press Herald, 5/4/05)

Let's help keep the 'woods' in 'woodpecker' (Portland Press Herald, 5/4/05)

Mills battle legislator's river efforts (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 5/4/05)

Panel rejects bear-hunting bills (Kennebec Journal, 5/4/05)

Panel: Compromise on bear hunting (Kennebec Journal, 5/4/05)

Webber Pond acres donated for preserve (Kennebec Journal, 5/4/05)

State's paper mills pass DEP dioxin tests (Bangor Daily News, 5/4/05)

Legislative committee kills measures to reform bear hunting (Bangor Daily News, 5/4/05)

Public hearing on G-P biomass boiler set May 9 (Bangor Daily News, 5/4/05)

Editorial: Proposal from Plum Creek Timber Co. (Bangor Daily News, 5/4/05)

Paper Mills Praised for Reducing Pollution (Maine Public Radio, 5/3/05)

New Weapons Help Fight Insect Diseases (Maine Public Radio, 5/3/05)

Editorial: Proposal to protect makers of MTBE from liability (Bangor Daily News, 5/3/05)

Opinion: It's time to finish cleaning up the Androscoggin (Brunswick Times Record, 5/1/05)

River lovers call for a wilder Allagash (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/05)

Mallards more interesting than they might appear (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/05)

DIF&W leader promises changes (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/05)

Down East waste collection effort eyed (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/05)

Pupils learn about salmon, rivers (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/05)

College to try 'zero-waste' celebrations (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/05)

Editorial: Stalled Energy Policy (Bangor Daily News, 5/2/05)

Editorial: Extraordinary discovery reminds nation to save habitat (Portland Press Herald, 5/1/05)

Editorial: If bears lack protection, seek another referendum (Portland Press Herald, 5/1/05)

Opinion: Maine moves to reduce global-warming pollution (Brunswick Times Record, 4/29/05)

Hybrids don't match mileage claims (Kennebec Journal, 4/29/05)

Portland author Phillip Hoose described efforts to save the habitat of the ivory-billed woodpecker (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/05)

Bear-hunting limits return to lawmakers (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/05)

Editorial: Nuclear power plants vital to U.S. energy plan (Portland Press Herald, 4/29/05)

Hearing on bear bills revives fall debates (Kennebec Journal, 4/29/05)

Coming up with a plan to deal with growing development pressures near the Penjajawoc (Bangor Daily News, 4/29/05)

CDC pushes new nontoxic mosquito repellent (CNN, 4/29/05)

Bear Hunting Issues Debated (Maine Public Radio, 4/28/05)

Opinion: We know why Bush's Clear Skies Act actually made the skies dirtier (Brunswick Times Record, 4/28/05)

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Thought Extinct Rediscovered (AP, 4/28/05)

New Study Reveals Thousands of Field Tests of Genetically Engineered Crops Across U.S. (MOFGA, Environment Maine, 4/28/05)

Wetland threatens China Masonic plan (Kennebec Journal, 4/28/05)

Opinion: Creator's mandate to protect the living Earth (Portland Press Herald, 4/28/05)

Towns seeking grant for fisheries center (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/05)

Editorial: Lead painted onto walls in older homes persists (Bangor Daily News, 4/28/05)

Environmental Groups Urge No Vote On Federal Budget (Maine Public Radio, 4/27/05)

Town, DOT ink Sears Island pact (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/05)

Sustainability expert Hunter Lovins lectures businesses (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/05)

Proposal to create a moose hunting season in southern Maine (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/05)

Proponent pushes east-west highway (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/05)

ATV sect working to polish image (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/05)

Bill would block muskie migration (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/05)

Lobbying against Arctic oil drilling targets Maine senators (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/05)

Allagash visitors give it high marks (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/05)

Plum Creek revising application for development (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/05)

Collins, Lieberman plan appeal of EPA's mercury regulations (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/05)

Lawmakers to revisit bear-hunting bills (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/05)

Parish serves heaven by taking care of Earth (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/05)

Web site reels in Gulf of Maine data (Portland Press Herald, 4/27/05)

Editorial: Maine's requirements for renewable energy (Bangor Daily News, 4/27/05)

Bear hunt's new aims (Kennebec Journal, 4/27/05)

Planning Board introduces draft of gravel pit rules (Kennebec Journal, 4/27/05)

Bills would expand lead-hazards efforts (Kennebec Journal, 4/27/05)

Hunter Lovins wants businessess to see the compettitive advantage of environmentally wise businesses practices (Maine Public Radio, 4/26/05)

Mother pushes for warnings on dangers of lead (Portland Press Herald, 4/26/05)

Sears Island debated at hearing; lawmakers spar over use, needs (Bangor Daily News, 4/26/05)

Opinion: If the logging community is not stable and healthy the system won't work (Bangor Daily News, 4/26/05)

Winthrop Oil abates, but source not found (Kennebec Journal, 4/26/05)

Composting saves money (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/26/05)

St. Lawrence Cement scraps plans to build plant in Greenport, N.Y. (, 4/25/05)

DEP restricts shore paths (Bangor Daily News, 4/25/05)

Woodlot owners tour Fulghum Inc. (Bangor Daily News, 4/25/05)

HOPE Festival allows groups to connect (Bangor Daily News, 4/25/05)

Wells Earth Day fair (Portland Press Herald, 4/25/05)

Editorial: Making Maine's air cleaner Bills call for cleaner cars, appliances (Kennebec Journal, 4/25/05)

Editorial: Trail projects like Chewonki's will benefit Mainers and visitors (Portland Press Herald, 4/24/05)

Allen, Allies Fight to Strip MTBE Liability Waiver from Energy Bill (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 4/23/05)

Panels installed at State House to symbolize solar commitment (Portland Press Herald, 4/23/05)

Sea squirt invasion raises concern (Portland Press Herald, 4/23/05)

Editorial: Habitat protection is critical to endangered species recovery (Portland Press Herald, 4/23/05)

Higher Fuel Efficiency Supported by Senator Snowe (Maine Public Radio, 4/22/05)

Baldacci touts solar panels (Kennebec Journal, 4/22/05)

Activists face new kinds of issues (Kennebec Journal, 4/22/05)

Opinion: Legislature should pass bond for Land for Maine's Future (Kennebec Journal, 4/22/05)

Maine restricts ship pollution (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/05)

Dangers of lead paint pervasive (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/05)

Solar array offers 'symbolic reminder' of what all Mainers can do (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/05)

Editorial: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Bangor Daily News, 4/22/05)

Maine DEP approves permit at Topsham Fair Mall (Brunswick Times Record, 4/21/05)

Bass has plan for MTBE cleanup fund, opposes Arctic drilling (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/21/05)

Festival, other events to celebrate Earth Day Friday (Portland Press Herald, 4/21/05)

Two workers injured when chemical spills at cement plant (Portland Press Herald, 4/21/05)

DEP: Spill at Dragon may not need cleanup (Bangor Daily News, 4/21/05)

'Natural capitalism' proponent Hunter Lovins bringing message to Maine (Portland Press Herald, 4/20/05)

Waste from the former Maine Yankee plant sent to Utah being returned to Wiscasset (Portland Press Herald, 4/20/05)

Maine, home to some of the nation's finest cheeses (Portland Press Herald, 4/20/05)

Opinion: RWS defends record on mercury (Portland Press Herald, 4/20/05)

Lobstermen: LNG talks leave us out of the loop (Portland Press Herald, 4/20/05)

Radioactive soil rejected from landfill (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/05)

Jet fuel leak in Bangor remains a mystery (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/05)

Greenland Point Center to be conservation camp (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/05)

Editorial: Cellular phone repeaters and wind turbines on the same tower (Bangor Daily News, 4/20/05)

Tribe's LNG plan still may have life (Bangor Daily News, 4/19/05)

SAD 31 seeks to limit bus emissions (Bangor Daily News, 4/19/05)

Editorial: Walmart and Penjajawoc (Bangor Daily News, 4/19/05)

Syrup producers fear maples' demise (Portland Press Herald, 4/19/05)

N.H. weighs logging regulation, looks to Maine, Vermont (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/19/05)

Canadian fishermen disappointed after meeting over gas terminal (Associated Press, 4/19/05)

Moosehead area residents wary of Plum Creek plan (Bangor Daily News, 4/18/05)

Dragon Products Co. plans to cap its 17-acre dust pile (Portland Press Herald, 4/18/05)

Maine churches take steps to tread more softly on the environment (Portland Press Herald, 4/18/05)

Floodgate use questioned in Old Orchard (Portland Press Herald, 4/18/05)

Timberland sales raise fears of development (Portland Press Herald, 4/18/05)

Bucksport to order area wetlands study (Bangor Daily News, 4/18/05)

Timber towns chafe at logging's fast pace (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/05)

Editorial: What does future hold for Sears Island? (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/05)

Opinion: Lack of funding puts important pieces of Maine at risk (Portland Press Herald, 4/17/05)

Opinion: Speaking up for Maine's special places (Bangor Daily News, 4/16/05)

Eastern Trail is aided by easement (Portland Press Herald, 4/16/05)

EPA gets more time to clear park views (Portland Press Herald, 4/16/05)

Greenville residents share mixed opinions about a massive development (Portland Press Herald, 4/16/05)

Chewonki Helping Pioneer Hydrogen-Powered System (Maine Public Radio, 4/15/05)

Environmental group warns ancient Acadian forest vanishing (Associated Press, 4/15/05)

Rep. Allen Takes Aim at Asthma-Causing Ozone that Plagues Maine (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 4/15/05)

Allen Amendment to Energy Bill Protects Maine’s Right to Ban Poisonous MTBE (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 4/15/05)

Brewer seeks help with river cleanup (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/05)

Lawmakers stuck on antibiotics in meat decision (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/05)

Opinion: Improving the energy bill (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/05)

Opinion: Time running out for Maine's big trees (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/05)

Chewonki Foundation plans a coastal hiking path in Wiscasset (Portland Press Herald, 4/15/05)

Energy-savings bill pits advocates vs. industry (Kennebec Journal, 4/14/05)

Hikers, paddlers should not be expected to pay fees (Kennebec Journal, 4/14/05)

Lawmakers, environmentalists press cruise ship pollution law (Associated Press, 4/14/05)

Wyman halts aerial sprayingt (Portland Phoenix, 4/14/05)

Maine weighs efficiency standards (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/05)

Volunteers needed to monitor frogs (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/05)

Bill targets dental mercury (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/14/05)

Wal-Mart land program aids Maine (Portland Press Herald, 4/13/05)

Opinion: Impact of drilling in Alaska's Arctic refuge could hit close to home (Portland Press Herald, 4/13/05)

Washington County conservation project will get $6.1 million from Wal-Mart (Bangor Daily News, 4/13/05)

ATV riders propose statewide trails (Bangor Daily News, 4/13/05)

Legislature weighs bill to regulate use of slaughterhouse waste as lobster bait (Brunswick Times Record, 4/13/05)

Editorial: A drill-and-burn energy policy (Brunswick Times Record, 4/13/05)

Wisconsin joins 9 states in mercury reduction lawsuit (Associated Press, 4/12/05)

University receives $19 million to study polar ice (Associated Press, 4/12/05)

Origin of oozing oil in Winthrop eludes DEP (Kennebec Journal, 4/12/05)

Opinion: We can build cleaner cars, so why aren't we? (Portland Press Herald, 4/12/05)

Oil spills on Annabessacook's east shore in Winthrop (Kennebec Journal, 4/11/05)

2004 deer kill increased from 2003 total (Kennebec Journal, 4/11/05)

Groups seek wider underpinning for Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department budget (Kennebec Journal, 4/11/05)

Boundary plans please Baxter Park group (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/05)

State panel opposes biodiesel fuel bill (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/05)

Eastport zoologist finds new organism (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/05)

RWS incinerator is top mercury pollution source within Maine (Associated Press, 4/10/05)

Mercury in waste adds to local risk (Portland Press Herald, 4/10/05)

Testing disputes with DEP continue (Portland Press Herald, 4/10/05)

Editorial: Approach Plum Creek project with a mind for the future (Portland Press Herald, 4/10/05)

Raspberry-like color identifies purple finch (Bangor Daily News, 4/9/05)

State takes lead role in Superfund site assessment (Bangor Daily News, 4/9/05)

Editorial: LNG: Local Harm v. Global Good (Bangor Daily News, 4/9/05)

Maine in EPA climate case (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Campobello panel against LNG plan (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Return to refillables envisioned (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Allagash camps will be rebuilt (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Paper mills mull energy options at UM conference (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Officials, conservationists voice opinions on development plan (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/8/05)

Editorial: Grassroots organizations lobbying on our behalf for a clean and healthy Maine (Brunswick Times Record, 4/8/05)

Final Hearing On Whale Protection Plan Held In Portland (Maine Public Radio, 4/7/05)

Wyman to end aerial spraying of fields (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Plum Creek Timber Co.'s plan for the future of the Moosehead Lake region (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Eagles return to nest at Moosehorn refuge (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Board proposes Washington County landfill (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Calls for recognizing the eastern brook trout as the state's "heritage fish" (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Recreational use of northern forests decreasing (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Littleton developing sludge ordinance (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Synthesis Report (Portland Phoenix, 4/7/05)

Debate ensues over Moosehead proposal (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/05)

Blueberry grower agrees to halt aerial pesticide spraying (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/05)

MERC poll offers little guidance to negotiators (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/05)

Fraser Papers selling 240,000 acres (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/05)

Voluntary Conservation Agreement Protects Haddock Island (Maine Coast Heritage Trust, 4/7/05)

School Buses equipped to cut pollution (Kennebec Journal, 4/7/05)

Drawing the Line on Whale Entanglement (Ellsworth American, 4/7/05)

Officials and conservationists weigh in on proposed development (Associated Press, 4/7/05)

Wyman's joins Cherryfield in abandoning aerial spraying (Associated Press, 4/7/05)

Massive development being proposed for Moosehead region (Associated Press, 4/6/05)

Fish and wildlife gets $2M boost (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/6/05)

Plum Creek files plan for homes, two resorts (Portland Press Herald, 4/6/05)

Help for forest industry outlined (Portland Press Herald, 4/6/05)

Draft Sears Island use plan close to complete (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Mercury fillings focus of hearing (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Clam flats closure discussion concerns Bar Harbor residents (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Danby: US Energy conservation (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Opinion: Outdoor enthusiasts should pay as they paddle (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Plum Creek Timber Company submits largest development plan ever for Maine's North Woods (Maine Public Radio, 4/5/05)

Opinion: Boat launch too large for fragile peninsula (Brunswick Times Record, 4/5/05)

Fishing, whale safety weighed (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Antibiotics in meat panel hearing topic (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Expansion possible for turkey hunt (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Maine eyes deer disease in N.Y. (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Foes of national park speak out in Augusta (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Hearings on two logging bills set for Wednesday in Augusta (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Many ATV trails closing for mud season (Portland Press Herald, 4/5/05)

Editorial: Ecosystem report deserves world's focus (Portland Press Herald, 4/5/05)

Opinion: Parents deserve data about mercury in vaccines (Portland Press Herald, 4/5/05)

Crisis in the fields: Honeybees are disappearing (Cox News, 4/4/05)

Knowledge Lacking About Health Hazards Of Lead (Maine Public Radio, 4/4/05)

Groundbreaking new report on occupational exposure to lead in Maine (Environmental Health Strategy Center , 4/4/05)

Pesticide spraying resurfaces as issue decades after ban in Lebanon (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/05)

Editorial: Accessory apartments could help address issue of sprawl (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/05)

Editorial: Ecotourism plan could be a boon to northern Maine (Kennebec Journal, 4/4/05)

Brooklin voters reject modified crops (Bangor Daily News, 4/4/05)

Bill would promote buying organic or natural meat by public schools (Bangor Daily News, 4/4/05)

Editorial: If Maine wants LNG, state government has to enter the fray (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/05)

Opinion: Environmentalism isn't dead, it's just returning to its roots (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/05)

Restoking investment in wood-fired electricity (Portland Press Herald, 4/3/05)

Summit seeks to energize students for environment (Kennebec Journal, 4/3/05)

Fort Halifax Dam backers lose Superior Court ruling (Kennebec Journal, 4/2/05)

Proposal challenges local power over LNGs (Portland Press Herald, 4/2/05)

Tribe, developer regroup after LNG upset (Bangor Daily News, 4/2/05)

Tough new ATV laws (Bangor Daily News, 4/2/05)

Opinion: Pollution discharge in the Androscoggin River could be cut by 30 percent (Brunswick Times Record, 4/1/05)

Researcher Focuses on the Fate of Whales (Maine Public Radio, 4/1/05)

Bill Would Encourage Meat Without Antibiotics (Maine Public Radio, 4/1/05)

LNG Terminal Planned for Capitol Park in Augusta (Kennebunk Journal, 4/1/05)

Environmental Protection Agency to change name (The Onion, 4/1/05)

Mt. Vernon starts program to recycle mercury (Kennebec Journal, 4/1/05)

Mainers told Kyoto is good for business (Portland Press Herald, 4/1/05)

Opinion: LNG issue far more than just tankers (Portland Press Herald, 4/1/05)

'Feisty' wandering seal recovering at UNE (Portland Press Herald, 4/1/05)

Environmental groups concerned over proposed federal cuts (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/1/05)

70-unit subdivision proposed for Popham (Brunswick Times Record, 3/31/05)

Editorial: New guidelines regarding cancer risks some chemicals pose to children (Brunswick Times Record, 3/31/05)

Maine Leaders Renew Their Commitment to a Unified Effort to Combat Mercury Air Pollution Emissions (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 3/31/05)

Satewide campaign to convert Maine’s military manufacturing into environmentally sustainable industry (Portland Phoenix, 3/31/05)

New Whale Protection Rules Up for a Hearing in Ellsworth (Ellsworth American, 3/31/05)

Maine Coastal Program publishes free children's book about the environment (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/05)

Editorial: LNG Long Gone (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/05)

Opinion: Wildlife management at a crossroads (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/05)

Canadian city will continue tax breaks for LNG terminal (Portland Press Herald, 3/31/05)

2004 lobster haul sets record (Portland Press Herald, 3/31/05)

Maine PUC building receives EPA's Energy Star award (Portland Press Herald, 3/31/05)

Editorial: LNG revisited (Brunswick Times Record, 3/30/05)

LNG vote brings regret, relief (Portland Press Herald, 3/30/05)

Friends of Mere Point say project would harm ecologically sensitive wetlands (Portland Press Herald, 3/30/05)

Editorial: Collins identifies danger of chemical plants (Portland Press Herald, 3/30/05)

Opinion: EPA's mercury rules are just one symptom of a greater problem (Portland Press Herald, 3/30/05)

GE-free group supports ban in Brooklin (Bangor Daily News, 3/30/05)

LNG developers 'reassessing' options (Bangor Daily News, 3/30/05)

Veazie to make way for chestnut trees (Bangor Daily News, 3/30/05)

Editorial: Debate between industry representatives and environmentalists over water quality standards (Bangor Daily News, 3/30/05)

Perry Voters Reject LNG Plant (Maine Public Radio, 3/30/05)

LNG terminal is rejected by voters in Perry (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/05)

Maine to sue EPA over mercury emissions (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/05)

Editorial: State should limit sources of mercury pollution (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/05)

Coastal residents sue Dragon plant (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/05)

Perry voters reject LNG proposal (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/05)

Editorial: Plan to require $10 permits for canoes and kayaks (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/05)

Snowe calls for new legislation to reduce mercury emissions (Associated Press, 3/29/05)

Editorial: Sen. Collins is on EPA's trail (Brunswick Times Record, 3/28/05)

Maine Leaders Renew Their Commitment to a Unified Effort to Combat Mercury Air Pollution Emissions (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 2/28/05)

Plans for Down East birding festival well under way (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/05)

Lost bid to create a GE-free zone in Kennebunkport (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/05)

Collins takes on mercury (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/27/05)

Cities working to improve the Androscoggin (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/27/05)

Perry residents to vote on future of Passamaquoddy LNG terminal (Associated Press, 3/27/05)

Perry will cast ballots on a liquefied natural gas terminal (Portland Press Herald, 3/27/05)

New England Wild Flower Society is looking for volunteers (Portland Press Herald, 3/27/05)

Report: Forest industry in Maine is weaker (Kennebec Journal, 3/26/05)

Opinion: Motors best left out of nature's bliss (Kennebec Journal, 3/26/05)

Button batteries in gadgets, toys could be banned (Portland Press Herald, 3/26/05)

Mercury batteries focus of ban (Bangor Daily News, 3/26/05)

Liberty company brings alternative energy home (Bangor Daily News, 3/26/05)

LNG Opponents Seek Bribery Investigation (Maine Public Radio, 3/25/05)

Neighborhood group in Thomaston is filing a federal lawsuit against the Dragon Cement plant (Maine Public Radio, 3/25/05)

Baldacci ready to outline nature tourism initiative (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

LNG foes ask DA to probe offer (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Supporters of proposed LNG facility see positive impact (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Not in our back yard, LNG opponents declare (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Tribe's alliance with Quoddy Bay LLC troubles local leaders (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

The man behind the LNG plan (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Perry area residents soon could see huge tankers sailing past their door (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Maine LNG facility would be latest energy project for Smith (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Opinion: Water- quality standards by necessity represent a careful management of competing interests (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Maine Yankee to donate 200 acres to Chewonki in settlement (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/05)

Maine's forest-products industry faces unprecedented challenges (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/05)

Industrialist has a green conscience (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/05)

Readfield man tackles all of Appalachian Trail (Kennebec Journal, 3/25/05)

Collins assails U.S. agency on mercury rule (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/25/05)

Editorial: Act to reduce air pollution (Brunswick Times Record, 3/24/05)

Workshop helps farmers plan how to transfer ownership (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/05)

Penquis Conference on Sustainable Business Practices (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/05)

Indian Point seeks weigh-in on LNG (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/05)

Maine inventor has a big idea about making energy out of just about anything (Portland Phoenix, 3/24/05)

Critics reply to new LNG proposal (Portland Press Herald, 3/24/05)

Carpet magnate cites companies' need to keep environment sound (Kennebec Journal, 3/24/05)

Supporters and Opponents Wrangle Over LNG Offer (Maine Public Radio, 3/24/05)

Study finds bad chemicals in home air (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Committee rejects bills tied to environment laws (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

House Dems divided over kayaker fees (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Orono developer asks to fill in wetlands (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Ship that belongs to the Washington-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Eastport (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Environmental cleanup is under way at a former Bangor chroming facility (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Agriculture Day showcases Maine's farming diversity (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Editorial: Localize Urchin Decisions (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Damariscove Island, a haven to seabirds and fishermen for the past four centuries, is back in local hands (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/05)

Lawmakers have rejected a proposal to require communities to vote on a national park in Maine before the idea moves forward (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/05)

Study: Household dust a cocktail of chemicals (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/05)

Activists: Delay Moosehead plan (Kennebec Journal, 3/23/05)

LNG Supporters Offer Millions to Locate Plant in Perry (Maine Public Radio, 3/22/05)

Study of Toxic Chemicals from Common Products Found in Maine Homes (Environmental Health Strategy Center , 3/22/05)

State looks to assess fee on canoe, kayak owners to help cover a $5.3 million IFW shortfall (Portland Press Herald, 3/22/05)

Gravel pits in Maine tend to be poorly regulated (Portland Press Herald, 3/22/05)

Hallowell Fuel tank proposal draws heat (Kennebec Journal, 3/22/05)

Old Town Residents concerned about Georgia-Pacific Corp.'s plans to burn construction and demolition debris (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/05)

Mass. DEP fines Casella Waste $18,000 (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/05)

Perry offered $1M-a-year LNG deal (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/05)

Bill would curb harvest of eels in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/05)

Opinion: Integrity of the Androscoggin River watershed is at stake in this debate (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/21/05)

Move Afoot to Put Wilderness Development Plan on Hold (Maine Public Radio, 3/21/05)

LURC asked to delay Moosehead decision (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/21/05)

State hopes to make Fox islands part of Popham Beach State park (Portland Press Herald, 3/21/05)

Yarmouth subdivision plan raises wetlands concern (Portland Press Herald, 3/21/05)

Baldacci backs far-reaching energy measures (Portland Press Herald, 3/20/05)

Opinion: Maine Woods National Park and Preserve worth supporting (Portland Press Herald, 3/20/05)

More garbage is being dumped into Maine's landfills as recycling rates decline (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/05)

Chewonki Helping Pioneer Hydrogen-Powered System (Maine Public Radio, 4/15/05)

Environmental group warns ancient Acadian forest vanishing (Associated Press, 4/15/05)

Rep. Allen Takes Aim at Asthma-Causing Ozone that Plagues Maine (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 4/15/05)

Allen Amendment to Energy Bill Protects Maine’s Right to Ban Poisonous MTBE (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 4/15/05)

Brewer seeks help with river cleanup (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/05)

Lawmakers stuck on antibiotics in meat decision (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/05)

Opinion: Improving the energy bill (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/05)

Opinion: Time running out for Maine's big trees (Bangor Daily News, 4/15/05)

Chewonki Foundation plans a coastal hiking path in Wiscasset (Portland Press Herald, 4/15/05)

Energy-savings bill pits advocates vs. industry (Kennebec Journal, 4/14/05)

Hikers, paddlers should not be expected to pay fees (Kennebec Journal, 4/14/05)

Lawmakers, environmentalists press cruise ship pollution law (Associated Press, 4/14/05)

Wyman halts aerial sprayingt (Portland Phoenix, 4/14/05)

Maine weighs efficiency standards (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/05)

Volunteers needed to monitor frogs (Bangor Daily News, 4/14/05)

Bill targets dental mercury (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/14/05)

Wal-Mart land program aids Maine (Portland Press Herald, 4/13/05)

Opinion: Impact of drilling in Alaska's Arctic refuge could hit close to home (Portland Press Herald, 4/13/05)

Washington County conservation project will get $6.1 million from Wal-Mart (Bangor Daily News, 4/13/05)

ATV riders propose statewide trails (Bangor Daily News, 4/13/05)

Legislature weighs bill to regulate use of slaughterhouse waste as lobster bait (Brunswick Times Record, 4/13/05)

Editorial: A drill-and-burn energy policy (Brunswick Times Record, 4/13/05)

Wisconsin joins 9 states in mercury reduction lawsuit (Associated Press, 4/12/05)

University receives $19 million to study polar ice (Associated Press, 4/12/05)

Origin of oozing oil in Winthrop eludes DEP (Kennebec Journal, 4/12/05)

Opinion: We can build cleaner cars, so why aren't we? (Portland Press Herald, 4/12/05)

Oil spills on Annabessacook's east shore in Winthrop (Kennebec Journal, 4/11/05)

2004 deer kill increased from 2003 total (Kennebec Journal, 4/11/05)

Groups seek wider underpinning for Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department budget (Kennebec Journal, 4/11/05)

Boundary plans please Baxter Park group (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/05)

State panel opposes biodiesel fuel bill (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/05)

Eastport zoologist finds new organism (Bangor Daily News, 4/11/05)

RWS incinerator is top mercury pollution source within Maine (Associated Press, 4/10/05)

Mercury in waste adds to local risk (Portland Press Herald, 4/10/05)

Testing disputes with DEP continue (Portland Press Herald, 4/10/05)

Editorial: Approach Plum Creek project with a mind for the future (Portland Press Herald, 4/10/05)

Raspberry-like color identifies purple finch (Bangor Daily News, 4/9/05)

State takes lead role in Superfund site assessment (Bangor Daily News, 4/9/05)

Editorial: LNG: Local Harm v. Global Good (Bangor Daily News, 4/9/05)

Maine in EPA climate case (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Campobello panel against LNG plan (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Return to refillables envisioned (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Allagash camps will be rebuilt (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Paper mills mull energy options at UM conference (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/05)

Officials, conservationists voice opinions on development plan (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/8/05)

Editorial: Grassroots organizations lobbying on our behalf for a clean and healthy Maine (Brunswick Times Record, 4/8/05)

Final Hearing On Whale Protection Plan Held In Portland (Maine Public Radio, 4/7/05)

Wyman to end aerial spraying of fields (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Plum Creek Timber Co.'s plan for the future of the Moosehead Lake region (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Eagles return to nest at Moosehorn refuge (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Board proposes Washington County landfill (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Calls for recognizing the eastern brook trout as the state's "heritage fish" (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Recreational use of northern forests decreasing (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Littleton developing sludge ordinance (Bangor Daily News, 4/7/05)

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Synthesis Report (Portland Phoenix, 4/7/05)

Debate ensues over Moosehead proposal (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/05)

Blueberry grower agrees to halt aerial pesticide spraying (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/05)

MERC poll offers little guidance to negotiators (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/05)

Fraser Papers selling 240,000 acres (Portland Press Herald, 4/7/05)

Voluntary Conservation Agreement Protects Haddock Island (Maine Coast Heritage Trust, 4/7/05)

School Buses equipped to cut pollution (Kennebec Journal, 4/7/05)

Drawing the Line on Whale Entanglement (Ellsworth American, 4/7/05)

Officials and conservationists weigh in on proposed development (Associated Press, 4/7/05)

Wyman's joins Cherryfield in abandoning aerial spraying (Associated Press, 4/7/05)

Massive development being proposed for Moosehead region (Associated Press, 4/6/05)

Fish and wildlife gets $2M boost (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/6/05)

Plum Creek files plan for homes, two resorts (Portland Press Herald, 4/6/05)

Help for forest industry outlined (Portland Press Herald, 4/6/05)

Draft Sears Island use plan close to complete (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Mercury fillings focus of hearing (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Clam flats closure discussion concerns Bar Harbor residents (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Danby: US Energy conservation (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Opinion: Outdoor enthusiasts should pay as they paddle (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/05)

Plum Creek Timber Company submits largest development plan ever for Maine's North Woods (Maine Public Radio, 4/5/05)

Opinion: Boat launch too large for fragile peninsula (Brunswick Times Record, 4/5/05)

Fishing, whale safety weighed (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Antibiotics in meat panel hearing topic (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Expansion possible for turkey hunt (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Maine eyes deer disease in N.Y. (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Foes of national park speak out in Augusta (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Hearings on two logging bills set for Wednesday in Augusta (Bangor Daily News, 4/5/05)

Many ATV trails closing for mud season (Portland Press Herald, 4/5/05)

Editorial: Ecosystem report deserves world's focus (Portland Press Herald, 4/5/05)

Opinion: Parents deserve data about mercury in vaccines (Portland Press Herald, 4/5/05)

Crisis in the fields: Honeybees are disappearing (Cox News, 4/4/05)

Knowledge Lacking About Health Hazards Of Lead (Maine Public Radio, 4/4/05)

Groundbreaking new report on occupational exposure to lead in Maine (Environmental Health Strategy Center , 4/4/05)

Pesticide spraying resurfaces as issue decades after ban in Lebanon (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/05)

Editorial: Accessory apartments could help address issue of sprawl (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/05)

Editorial: Ecotourism plan could be a boon to northern Maine (Kennebec Journal, 4/4/05)

Brooklin voters reject modified crops (Bangor Daily News, 4/4/05)

Bill would promote buying organic or natural meat by public schools (Bangor Daily News, 4/4/05)

Editorial: If Maine wants LNG, state government has to enter the fray (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/05)

Opinion: Environmentalism isn't dead, it's just returning to its roots (Portland Press Herald, 4/4/05)

Restoking investment in wood-fired electricity (Portland Press Herald, 4/3/05)

Summit seeks to energize students for environment (Kennebec Journal, 4/3/05)

Fort Halifax Dam backers lose Superior Court ruling (Kennebec Journal, 4/2/05)

Proposal challenges local power over LNGs (Portland Press Herald, 4/2/05)

Tribe, developer regroup after LNG upset (Bangor Daily News, 4/2/05)

Tough new ATV laws (Bangor Daily News, 4/2/05)

Opinion: Pollution discharge in the Androscoggin River could be cut by 30 percent (Brunswick Times Record, 4/1/05)

Researcher Focuses on the Fate of Whales (Maine Public Radio, 4/1/05)

Bill Would Encourage Meat Without Antibiotics (Maine Public Radio, 4/1/05)

LNG Terminal Planned for Capitol Park in Augusta (Kennebunk Journal, 4/1/05)

Environmental Protection Agency to change name (The Onion, 4/1/05)

Mt. Vernon starts program to recycle mercury (Kennebec Journal, 4/1/05)

Mainers told Kyoto is good for business (Portland Press Herald, 4/1/05)

Opinion: LNG issue far more than just tankers (Portland Press Herald, 4/1/05)

'Feisty' wandering seal recovering at UNE (Portland Press Herald, 4/1/05)

Environmental groups concerned over proposed federal cuts (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 4/1/05)

70-unit subdivision proposed for Popham (Brunswick Times Record, 3/31/05)

Editorial: New guidelines regarding cancer risks some chemicals pose to children (Brunswick Times Record, 3/31/05)

Maine Leaders Renew Their Commitment to a Unified Effort to Combat Mercury Air Pollution Emissions (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 3/31/05)

Satewide campaign to convert Maine’s military manufacturing into environmentally sustainable industry (Portland Phoenix, 3/31/05)

New Whale Protection Rules Up for a Hearing in Ellsworth (Ellsworth American, 3/31/05)

Maine Coastal Program publishes free children's book about the environment (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/05)

Editorial: LNG Long Gone (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/05)

Opinion: Wildlife management at a crossroads (Bangor Daily News, 3/31/05)

Canadian city will continue tax breaks for LNG terminal (Portland Press Herald, 3/31/05)

2004 lobster haul sets record (Portland Press Herald, 3/31/05)

Maine PUC building receives EPA's Energy Star award (Portland Press Herald, 3/31/05)

Editorial: LNG revisited (Brunswick Times Record, 3/30/05)

LNG vote brings regret, relief (Portland Press Herald, 3/30/05)

Friends of Mere Point say project would harm ecologically sensitive wetlands (Portland Press Herald, 3/30/05)

Editorial: Collins identifies danger of chemical plants (Portland Press Herald, 3/30/05)

Opinion: EPA's mercury rules are just one symptom of a greater problem (Portland Press Herald, 3/30/05)

GE-free group supports ban in Brooklin (Bangor Daily News, 3/30/05)

LNG developers 'reassessing' options (Bangor Daily News, 3/30/05)

Veazie to make way for chestnut trees (Bangor Daily News, 3/30/05)

Editorial: Debate between industry representatives and environmentalists over water quality standards (Bangor Daily News, 3/30/05)

Perry Voters Reject LNG Plant (Maine Public Radio, 3/30/05)

LNG terminal is rejected by voters in Perry (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/05)

Maine to sue EPA over mercury emissions (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/05)

Editorial: State should limit sources of mercury pollution (Portland Press Herald, 3/29/05)

Coastal residents sue Dragon plant (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/05)

Perry voters reject LNG proposal (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/05)

Editorial: Plan to require $10 permits for canoes and kayaks (Bangor Daily News, 3/29/05)

Snowe calls for new legislation to reduce mercury emissions (Associated Press, 3/29/05)

Editorial: Sen. Collins is on EPA's trail (Brunswick Times Record, 3/28/05)

Maine Leaders Renew Their Commitment to a Unified Effort to Combat Mercury Air Pollution Emissions (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 2/28/05)

Plans for Down East birding festival well under way (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/05)

Lost bid to create a GE-free zone in Kennebunkport (Bangor Daily News, 3/28/05)

Collins takes on mercury (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/27/05)

Cities working to improve the Androscoggin (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/27/05)

Perry residents to vote on future of Passamaquoddy LNG terminal (Associated Press, 3/27/05)

Perry will cast ballots on a liquefied natural gas terminal (Portland Press Herald, 3/27/05)

New England Wild Flower Society is looking for volunteers (Portland Press Herald, 3/27/05)

Report: Forest industry in Maine is weaker (Kennebec Journal, 3/26/05)

Opinion: Motors best left out of nature's bliss (Kennebec Journal, 3/26/05)

Button batteries in gadgets, toys could be banned (Portland Press Herald, 3/26/05)

Mercury batteries focus of ban (Bangor Daily News, 3/26/05)

Liberty company brings alternative energy home (Bangor Daily News, 3/26/05)

LNG Opponents Seek Bribery Investigation (Maine Public Radio, 3/25/05)

Neighborhood group in Thomaston is filing a federal lawsuit against the Dragon Cement plant (Maine Public Radio, 3/25/05)

Baldacci ready to outline nature tourism initiative (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

LNG foes ask DA to probe offer (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Supporters of proposed LNG facility see positive impact (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Not in our back yard, LNG opponents declare (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Tribe's alliance with Quoddy Bay LLC troubles local leaders (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

The man behind the LNG plan (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Perry area residents soon could see huge tankers sailing past their door (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Maine LNG facility would be latest energy project for Smith (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Opinion: Water- quality standards by necessity represent a careful management of competing interests (Bangor Daily News, 3/25/05)

Maine Yankee to donate 200 acres to Chewonki in settlement (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/05)

Maine's forest-products industry faces unprecedented challenges (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/05)

Industrialist has a green conscience (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/05)

Readfield man tackles all of Appalachian Trail (Kennebec Journal, 3/25/05)

Collins assails U.S. agency on mercury rule (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/25/05)

Editorial: Act to reduce air pollution (Brunswick Times Record, 3/24/05)

Workshop helps farmers plan how to transfer ownership (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/05)

Penquis Conference on Sustainable Business Practices (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/05)

Indian Point seeks weigh-in on LNG (Bangor Daily News, 3/24/05)

Maine inventor has a big idea about making energy out of just about anything (Portland Phoenix, 3/24/05)

Critics reply to new LNG proposal (Portland Press Herald, 3/24/05)

Carpet magnate cites companies' need to keep environment sound (Kennebec Journal, 3/24/05)

Supporters and Opponents Wrangle Over LNG Offer (Maine Public Radio, 3/24/05)

Study finds bad chemicals in home air (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Committee rejects bills tied to environment laws (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

House Dems divided over kayaker fees (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Orono developer asks to fill in wetlands (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Ship that belongs to the Washington-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Eastport (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Environmental cleanup is under way at a former Bangor chroming facility (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Agriculture Day showcases Maine's farming diversity (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Editorial: Localize Urchin Decisions (Bangor Daily News, 3/23/05)

Damariscove Island, a haven to seabirds and fishermen for the past four centuries, is back in local hands (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/05)

Lawmakers have rejected a proposal to require communities to vote on a national park in Maine before the idea moves forward (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/05)

Study: Household dust a cocktail of chemicals (Portland Press Herald, 3/23/05)

Activists: Delay Moosehead plan (Kennebec Journal, 3/23/05)

LNG Supporters Offer Millions to Locate Plant in Perry (Maine Public Radio, 3/22/05)

Study of Toxic Chemicals from Common Products Found in Maine Homes (Environmental Health Strategy Center , 3/22/05)

State looks to assess fee on canoe, kayak owners to help cover a $5.3 million IFW shortfall (Portland Press Herald, 3/22/05)

Gravel pits in Maine tend to be poorly regulated (Portland Press Herald, 3/22/05)

Hallowell Fuel tank proposal draws heat (Kennebec Journal, 3/22/05)

Old Town Residents concerned about Georgia-Pacific Corp.'s plans to burn construction and demolition debris (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/05)

Mass. DEP fines Casella Waste $18,000 (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/05)

Perry offered $1M-a-year LNG deal (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/05)

Bill would curb harvest of eels in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 3/22/05)

Opinion: Integrity of the Androscoggin River watershed is at stake in this debate (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/21/05)

Move Afoot to Put Wilderness Development Plan on Hold (Maine Public Radio, 3/21/05)

LURC asked to delay Moosehead decision (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/21/05)

State hopes to make Fox islands part of Popham Beach State park (Portland Press Herald, 3/21/05)

Yarmouth subdivision plan raises wetlands concern (Portland Press Herald, 3/21/05)

Baldacci backs far-reaching energy measures (Portland Press Herald, 3/20/05)

Opinion: Maine Woods National Park and Preserve worth supporting (Portland Press Herald, 3/20/05)

More garbage is being dumped into Maine's landfills as recycling rates decline (Portland Press Herald, 3/19/05)

Senate vote opens a door to Arctic oil (Portland Press Herald, 3/17/05)

Vote to open Alaska wildlife refuge to oil drilling (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/17/05)

Environmental group opposes proposed wastewater discharge to Piscataqua River (Associated Press, 3/17/05)

Road salt's environmental cost weighed (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/05)

Sides air positions at Perry LNG hearing (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/05)

Residents discuss 'bay management' (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/05)

Turkeys relocated to build flocks (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/05)

Editorial: President Bush's choice to head the EPA (Bangor Daily News, 3/17/05)

Groundfish Regulations Upheld in Court (Ellsworth American, 3/17/05)

ANWR vote: Maine moderates on key issues may be waning (Maine Public Radio, 3/16/05)

Opinion: Magnificent Utah wilderness at risk (Brunswick Times Record, 3/16/05)

New mercury rules have activists fuming (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/16/05)

Mercury rules meet resistance (Portland Press Herald, 3/16/05)

'Deepest' mercury cuts could be deeper (Portland Press Herald, 3/16/05)

Opinion: Improvements in the quality of air in and around our tribal lands are not always a priority (Bangor Daily News, 3/16/05)

Environmental Group Targets Major Lawn Care Company (Maine Public Radio, 3/15/05)

Editorial: Drilling in ANWR (Brunswick Times Record, 3/15/05)

Opinion: Preserving and creating livable neighborhoods (Brunswick Times Record, 3/15/05)

Members of Maine's congressional delegation - Republicans and Democrats alike - criticize EPA mercury rules (Portland Press Herald, 3/15/05)

Signature gatherers may stay at the polls (Portland Press Herald, 3/15/05)

Velomobiles invade Maine (Portland Press Herald, 3/15/05)

Editorial: Study of MERC closing shows progress won't be cheap (Portland Press Herald, 3/15/05)

Environmentalists Critical Of Proposed Air Emissions Rules Expected From Bush Adminstration (Maine Public Radio, 3/14/05)

Farmers try networking as York County changes (Portland Press Herald, 3/14/05)

Fuel spill expert says LNG poses huge fire danger (Bangor Daily News, 3/14/05)

Maine's innovative Farms for the Future program (Bangor Daily News, 3/14/05)

Editorial: Researchers surprised to find high levels of mercury in forest-dwelling animals (Bangor Daily News, 3/14/05)

Opinion: Forum designed to prevent opponents of LNG from dominating the meetings (Bangor Daily News, 3/14/05)

Landowners rise to For Halifax dam's defense (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/05)

Regulatory action last week was meant to reduce smog and mercury (Portland Press Herald, 3/13/05)

Study: Cities could buy out MERC plant (Portland Press Herald, 3/12/05)

Perry voters face tricky LNG ballot (Bangor Daily News, 3/12/05)

LNG opponents bring in spill expert (Bangor Daily News, 3/12/05)

Horticulture fastest-growing sector of Maine farming industry (Bangor Daily News, 3/12/05)

Pine siskins descend on backyard feeders (Bangor Daily News, 3/12/05)

Controversy Over Baxter Park Logging Plan (Phyllis Austin, Maine Environmental News, 3/11/05)

Plum Creek Wilderness Development Plan Awaits State Approval (Maine Public Radio, 3/11/05)

EPA issues new limits to slow drift of pollution (Kennebec Journal, 3/11/05)

Expert on oil urges conservation steps (Kennebec Journal, 3/11/05)

Survey finds backing for low-pollution cars (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/11/05)

EPA gets tougher on plants' pollution (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/11/05)

22,000 acres protected from development in northern Franklin County (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/11/05)

Editorial: Waiting for the EPA on mercury (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/11/05)

LNG developers try to reassure local fishermen (Bangor Daily News, 3/11/05)

Editorial: Reduce the chances that endangered right whales will get entangled (Bangor Daily News, 3/11/05)

Opinion: Sears Island a gift worth appreciating (Bangor Daily News, 3/11/05)

Snowe lauds federal court ruling on fishing rules (Portland Press Herald, 3/11/05)

Opinion: Clean energy creates jobs, boosts state's economy (Bangor Daily News, 3/11/05)

Sprawl Creeps Into Maine's North Woods (Maine Public Radio, 3/10/05)

MERC Incinerator critics begin search for cash (Portland Press Herald, 3/10/05)

Editorial: New study makes argument for stronger mercury rules (Portland Press Herald, 3/10/05)

Legislature is considering a batch of bills to make gathering signatures for initiative petitions more difficult (Portland Phoenix, 3/10/05)

Editorial: State, volunteers team to protect precious waters (Kennebec Journal, 3/10/05)

Casella has its permit revoked to operate a Pennsylvania transfer station because of repeated violations (Bangor Daily News, 3/10/05)

Opinion: Searching for sustainable climate change policy (Bangor Daily News, 3/10/05)

Backwoods Tradition Threatened by Development (Maine Public Radio, 3/9/05)

Mercury pollution wide-ranging: Study cites 4 Maine hot spots with wildlife at particular risk (Bangor Daily News, 3/9/05)

G-P mill applies for emissions permit change (Bangor Daily News, 3/9/05)

Parties agree on format for March 16 LNG forum (Bangor Daily News, 3/9/05)

Mercury found in Maine songbirds (Kennebec Journal, 3/9/05)

Baldacci hunting proposal rejected (Portland Press Herald, 3/9/05)

Potential cost at $23 million to $33 million to remove MERC (Portland Press Herald, 3/9/05)

Mercury pollution is more extensive in Maine and the Northeast than previously believed (Portland Press Herald, 3/9/05)

Editorial: Saco meeting tonight will explore solutions for MERC (Portland Press Herald, 3/9/05)

Alarming New Data from Mercury Study (Maine Public Radio, 3/8/05)

Budget panel kills Sunday hunting plan (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/05)

Group says ecotourism plan is wrong for Bigelow Preserve (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/05)

LNG firm, tribe offer town tax deal (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/05)

Opinion: Arguments about Maine's efforts to slow climate change are warming up (Bangor Daily News, 3/8/05)

Group lobbies for hut-and-trail system (Portland Press Herald, 3/8/05)

Bill would clear the way for a new trail system in western Maine (Kennebec Journal, 3/8/05)

New Zealand official touts ecotourism's role in economy (Kennebec Journal, 3/8/05)

Should the Maine legislature allow machine-groomed cross country ski trails through part of the Bigelow Preserve? (Maine Public Radio, 3/7/05)

Penobscot River Restoration Project, an ambitious $50 million plan (Bangor Daily News, 3/7/05)

Race on to understand lobster diseases (Bangor Daily News, 3/7/05)

Mourning doves songs signal hope of spring (Bangor Daily News, 3/7/05)

Opinion: World shifts in economic vision alter the value of Sears Island (Bangor Daily News, 3/7/05)

Milfoil containment effort expanding (Kennebec Journal, 3/7/05)

Editorial: New EPA administrator should clean up agency rule-making (Portland Press Herald, 3/7/05)

Tighter rules for 'organic' livestock favor Maine farmers (Portland Press Herald, 3/6/05)

National parks losing their luster (Portland Press Herald, 3/6/05)

Fishermen, lawmakers and environmentalists at the Maine Fishermen's Forum (Portland Press Herald, 3/5/05)

Leave Clean Air Act alone, Baldacci says (Portland Press Herald, 3/5/05)

Saving whales would cost lobstermen (Portland Press Herald, 3/4/05)

Blueberry farm faces suit over aerial spraying (Portland Press Herald, 3/4/05)

Easing herbicide ban gets cold reception in Lebanon (Portland Press Herald, 3/4/05)

Maine's fishing industry gathers to debate its future (Associated Press, 3/4/05)

Forest plan tops Carrabassett Valley agenda (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 3/4/05)

Forum debates fisheries future, airs animosities, collective hopes (Bangor Daily News, 3/4/05)

Jaspery Wyman & Sons Faces Clean Water Act Lawsuit For Spraying Maine Waterways With Toxic Pesticides (Environment Maine, 3/3/05)

Blueberry Company is Target of Environmental Groups (Maine Public Radio, 3/3/05)

LNG developer disputes claims regarding study (Bangor Daily News, 3/3/05)

Swanson Mussel Project Heads to Tremont Selectmen (Ellsworth American, 3/3/05)

Editorial: The Penobscot River Restoration Project proposes to purchase and remove two dams (Bangor Daily News, 3/3/05)

Bond to aid farmers, fishermen (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/05)

Editorial: Sears Island Compromise (Bangor Daily News, 3/2/05)

Maine fears cuts to agricultural programs (Portland Press Herald, 3/2/05)

High Stakes Negotiations Over Fate of Katahdin Lake Tract (Phyllis Austin, Maine Environmental News, 3/1/05)

North Atlantic cod stocks just five per cent of what they were: study (, 3/1/05)

LNG data on Web site disputed (Bangor Daily News, 3/1/05)

Eastport residents demand LNG specifics (Bangor Daily News, 2/28/05)

Winter wren finds barn a seasonal refuge (Bangor Daily News, 2/28/05)

Editorial: Rocket fuel chemical poses health risk to kids (Portland Press Herald, 2/28/05)

Opinion: What do economic policy and organic gardening have to do with each other? (Portland Press Herald, 2/27/05)

Belgrade Officials to display conservation maps (Kennebec Journal, 2/27/05)

Plum Creek officials outline plan for the conservation and development of more than 426,000 acres in the Moosehead Lake (Kennebec Journal, 2/26/05)

Opinion: A regional approach to preserving open space (Brunswick Times Record, 2/25/05)

Coast Guard Inspects Ship Owned by Environmental Activists (Maine Public Radio, 2/25/05)

Limited Sunday hunting endorsed (Portland Press Herald, 2/25/05)

Monsanto is in another dispute with dairy (Portland Press Herald, 2/25/05)

Reps. Allen, Markey, DeLauro, Capps Question Budget Projections for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 2/25/05)

Proposal would boot petition gathers from polling places (Associated Press, 2/25/05)

Save Our Sebasticook group still fighting to save Fort Halifax Dam (Kennebec Journal, 2/25/05)

China tweaks septic tank proposal (Kennebec Journal, 2/25/05)

Opinion: State Energy policy hurts economy (Bangor Daily News, 2/25/05)

Lawmakers eye $8M bond for parks, historic sites (Bangor Daily News, 2/24/05)

Opponents pan LNG safety demonstration (Bangor Daily News, 2/24/05)

Editorial: New strategy to allow drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Bangor Daily News, 2/24/05)

Editorial: Give voters the say on Land for Maine's Future (Portland Press Herald, 2/24/05)

Passamaquoddy divided over $400M LNG plan (Bangor Daily News, 2/23/05)

Conservationists want to spend $75 million on for Maine's Future (Portland Press Herald, 2/23/05)

Group wants Sunday hunting plan tabled (Portland Press Herald, 2/23/05)

Hunting groups seek Sunday consensus (Kennebec Journal, 2/23/05)

Coyote snaring on hold; feds rebuff state proposals (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/05)

LNG safety touted at Perry forum (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/05)

Agriculture research funding in jeopardy (Portland Press Herald, 2/22/05)

Maine moving to cool down climate change (Portland Press Herald, 2/22/05)

Opinion: State's climate change plan badly flawed (Portland Press Herald, 2/22/05)

Group protests Vermont coyote hunt (Associated Press, 2/22/05)

Sunday hunting proposal criticized (Brunswick Times Record, 2/21/05)

Agriculture research faces cuts (Bangor Daily News, 2/21/05)

Maine agriculture programs suffer under proposed Bush cuts (Bangor Daily News, 2/21/05)

LNG developers pursue dialogue to win support (Bangor Daily News, 2/21/05)

MERC plant's future may soon be clearer (Portland Press Herald, 2/21/05)

Demand high for hybrid cars (Kennebec Journal, 2/21/05)

Baldacci created the Office of Energy Independence and Security about two years ago (Kennebec Journal, 2/21/05)

Group committed to a transition to a less energy-dependent lifestyle (Kennebec Journal, 2/20/05)

Book urges people to adopt a lifestyle of low energy consumption (Kennebec Journal, 2/20/05)

Editorial: Lawmakers should reject compromise on Sunday hunting (Kennebec Journal, 2/20/05)

LNG projects raise market questions (Portland Press Herald, 2/20/05)

Baldacci administration wants to jump start a solar-energy industry in Maine (Portland Press Herald, 2/20/05)

Shell disease rare in Maine, so far (Portland Press Herald, 2/19/05)

State's right to regulate dams upheld (Portland Press Herald, 2/19/05)

Increase in backyard feeders allows hawks to winter at home (Bangor Daily News, 2/19/05)

West Old Town Landfill deal has created controversy throughout the state (Bangor Daily News, 2/19/05)

Court finds fault with EPA haze program for parks, wilderness (Associated Press, 2/18/05)

25-lot subdivision atop Beech Hill in Waterford? (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/18/05)

50% recycling goal still eludes Maine, Hank (Bangor Daily News, 2/18/05)

Editorial: Congress' inaction on climate change bills sponsored by Maine's senators (Bangor Daily News, 2/18/05)

Scientists curious about lobster "shell burn" (Maine Public Radio, 2/17/05)

Statement on House Resource Committee Mercury Report (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 2/17/05)

Trio of mussel farms proposed for Eastern Bay (Ellsworth American, 2/17/05)

Governor's Sunday hunting plan dead (Portland Press Herald, 2/17/05)

LNG sites: How much local, state control? (Portland Press Herald, 2/17/05)

Editorial: The absence of Kyoto shouldn't preclude action (Portland Press Herald, 2/17/05)

Plan for Sunday hunting misfires (Kennebec Journal, 2/17/05)

Nearly 8 million gallons of wastewater dumped into St. John River in 2004 (Bangor Daily News, 2/17/05)

Editorial: State should continue to advocate for more recycling (Bangor Daily News, 2/17/05)

Lobster shell disease spreading; cause remains elusive (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/17/05)

Hearing on Sears Island bill postponed (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/05)

Bill to open DIF&W to nonhunters shot down (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/05)

Land trust to get boost of 410 acres (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/05)

Opinion: Solar power: brighter energy future (Bangor Daily News, 2/16/05)

Mainers petition EPA about mercury emissions (Portland Press Herald, 2/16/05)

Local, federal officials spar over locating LNG terminals (Associated Press, 2/15/05)

Editorial: Sears Island should remain site for possible development (Portland Press Herald, 2/16/05)

Residents oppose Sears Island bill (Portland Press Herald, 2/15/05)

North American Farmers' Market Direct Marketing Convention (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/05)

Invasive aquatic plants are posing new challenges for lake associations (Portland Press Herald, 2/14/05)

Recycling in Maine communities 'not as sexy as it used to be' says Hank (Portland Press Herald, 2/14/05)

Editorial: Get dangerous chemicals out of schools quickly (Kennebec Journal, 2/14/05)

Lake associations see financial struggles battling milfoil (Bangor Daily News, 2/14/05)

Researcher of predators hopes photos improve understanding (Bangor Daily News, 2/14/05)

Study: Lobster pain unlikely in boiling water (Bangor Daily News, 2/14/05)

Editorial: Redefining IF&W (Bangor Daily News, 2/14/05)

Lawmakers to consider extending deadline to meet recycling goal (Associated Press, 2/13/05)

Editorial: Governor's bond package has strong potential (Portland Press Herald, 2/13/05)

Editorial: Little Sebago residents can help fight the spread of milfoil (Portland Press Herald, 2/13/05)

Hunting proposal may change (Bangor Daily News, 2/12/05)

Great gray owls invade (Bangor Daily News, 2/12/05)

Opinion: No reason not to avoid pesticides (Brunswick Times Record, 2/11/05)

Old Town landfill saga gets more bizarre by the day (Portland Phoenix, 2/11/05)

Company that crushes cars faces hazardous-waste fines (Portland Press Herald, 2/11/05)

Former warden warns of loss of land access (Kennebec Journal, 2/11/05)

Editorial: Maine should move ahead with a bond package (Kennebec Journal, 2/11/05)

Plum Creek's Big Plan (Phyllis Austin, Maine Environmental News, 2/10/05)

Campaign looks to rid homes of mercury (Associated Press, 2/10/05)

25 percent of bond package to the Land for Maine's Future program (Portland Press Herald, 2/10/05)

Editorial: Bond question would be best for school hazards cleanup (Portland Press Herald, 2/10/05)

Baldacci unveils $197M bond package (Bangor Daily News, 2/10/05)

Editorial: Debate Sunday hunting on its own merits (Bangor Daily News, 2/10/05)

Bill would clear toxics from schools (Kennebec Journal, 2/10/05)

Baldacci proposes $197M in bonds (Kennebec Journal, 2/10/05)

Governor unveils bond package (Maine Public Radio, 2/9/05)

Proposal to log state parks hits snag (Kennebec Journal, 2/9/05)

Lawmakers consider funding to cleanup toxic chemicals in schools (Associated Press, 2/9/05)

Dog dies in snare, owner calls for trap reforms (Associated Press, 2/9/05)

Little Sebago residents enlisted in milfoil fight (Portland Press Herald, 2/9/05)

Partnership benefits salmon effort (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/05)

Lawmakersto revisit land bond (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/05)

Salt Pond partially reopened (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/05)

Acadia park faces higher personnel costs (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/05)

Documents added to West Old Town landfill court case record (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/05)

Manure plant odors prompt Frenchville concern (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/05)

Researcher uses oranges to study ocean's circulation (Portland Press Herald, 2/8/05)

Editorial: EPA's failings on mercury deserve lawmakers' scrutiny (Portland Press Herald, 2/8/05)

Editorial: Pull the Sunday hunting provision out of the budget (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/8/05)

Beginning of Maine's coastwide Bay Management Project (Penobscot Bay Watch, 2/7/05)

Keeping chemically treated construction debris out of Maine landfills and incinerators (Bangor Daily News, 2/7/05)

Editorial: Overdue reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act (Bangor Daily News, 2/7/05)

Opinion: Hunting controversial coyote isn't easy (Bangor Daily News, 2/7/05)

Living off the grid, taking winter in stride (Portland Press Herald, 2/6/05)

Keeping roads snow free packs environmental cost (Portland Press Herald, 2/6/05)

Editorial: Ban on Sunday hunting a tradition tied to what makes Maine special (Portland Press Herald, 2/6/05)

Lobstermen oppose sediment dumping (Portland Press Herald, 2/5/05)

Debate on what to do with the state's marine dredge spoils (Maine Public Radio, 2/4/05)

Editorial: Turf without toxins possible (Brunswick Times Record, 2/4/05)

Trade agreements can harm efforts to use more renewable power sources (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/05)

700 cubic yards of gunk from Portland Harbor to Penobscot Bay for disposal (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/05)

Sunday hunt splits forum (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/05)

Orland to discuss proposed personal watercraft ban (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/05)

Hunting on Sunday has few supporters (Portland Press Herald, 2/4/05)

Sunday hunt fans, foes make pitches (Kennebec Journal, 2/4/05)

Proposed 58-home residential development on 440 acres of the back side of Mount Will (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 2/4/05)

Bar Harbor will host national conference looking at ecotourism (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/05)

Tribe posts LNG sessions (Bangor Daily News, 2/4/05)

Park Avenue maples give in to salt, city life (Portland Press Herald, 2/3/05)

Opinion: Keep state's Sunday hunting ban (Portland Press Herald, 2/3/05)

Opinion: What does the LNG opposition have planned for economic development? (Bangor Daily News, 2/3/05)

Ruling puts gray wolves back on endangered list (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/05)

Flat funding mandate to cost DEP personnel (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/05)

Sears Island pact focus of hearing (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/05)

First class graduates from Fort Kent forestry program (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/05)

Editorial: Maine's fishing industry shouldn't be surprised when the bust eventually comes (Bangor Daily News, 2/2/05)

Group wants Brunswick to ban pesticide and fertilizer from all of its athletic fields (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/05)

Public will get a chance to weigh in on Sunday hunting (Kennebec Journal, 1/27/05)

Editorial: Setting water withdrawal standards (Bangor Daily News, 2/1/05)

Opinion: Maine has role in climate change fix (Portland Press Herald, 2/1/05)

Maine Yankee decommissioning expected to be finished in April (Portland Press Herald, 1/30/05)

Maine firm aims to recycle lobster line (Portland Press Herald, 1/30/05)

Bills would chip away at bear-hunt tactics (Portland Press Herald, 1/29/05)

Editorial: Environmental coalition has difficult work ahead on legislation (Portland Press Herald, 1/29/05)

Opinion: The disintegration of Maine's century-old old forest products industry structure (Brunswick Times Record, 1/28/05)

Lawmakers to weigh changes in Maine's bear hunt (Associated Press, 1/28/05)

Bear hunting debate shifts to outlawing traps (Bangor Daily News, 1/28/05)

Passamaquoddy, group unveil LNG Web site (Bangor Daily News, 1/28/05)

Collection of household hazardous waste in Washington County (Bangor Daily News, 1/28/05)

Different visions for the future of the Penobscot River (Bangor Daily News, 1/27/05)

Energy bills first step in emissions plan (Bangor Daily News, 1/27/05)

Vegetable oil powers commute to UMaine (Bangor Daily News, 1/27/05)

Septic-system replacement ordinance proposed for China Lake (Kennebec Journal, 1/27/05)

Kingfield Residents review bottled water plan (Kennebec Journal, 1/27/05)

More Asthma Sufferers Reported (Ellsworth American, 1/27/05)

Waste-dump felon put on most-wanted criminal list (Portland Press Herald, 1/26/05)

Editorial: Sound forestry, preservation will head off a national park (Portland Press Herald, 1/26/05)

Proposed sale of state-park timber criticized (Portland Press Herald, 1/26/05)

Polluter on state's most wanted list (Bangor Daily News, 1/26/05)

EPA Says Maine Coastal Waters Cleanest In The Northeast (Maine Public Radio, 1/25/05)

Department of IF&W seeks OK for Mere Point wetlands compensation plan (Brunswick Times Record, 1/25/05)

Opinion: Demand Reduction: Consumption of wood products cannot grow indefinitely, because there are limits to how much the earth can supply (Mitch Lansky, 1/25/05)

State plan to raise money by logging state park properties comes under fire (Bangor Daily News, 1/25/05)

Union River group hopes to improve fund raising (Bangor Daily News, 1/25/05)

Drastic bill aims to end prospect of national park (Portland Press Herald, 1/25/05)

Proposed 58-home residential development on 440 acres of the back side of Mount Will (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 1/25/05)

Proposal to sell timber from state parks comes under fire (Associated Press, 1/25/05)

Report gives low mark to coastal waters in Northeast (Associated Press, 1/24/05)

Quimby backs new national park in Maine (Kennebec Journal, 1/24/05)

Opinion: Native concerns about LNG, Quoddy Bay LLC (Bangor Daily News, 1/24/05)

Sunday hunt will face stiff opposition (Kennebec Journal, 1/23/05)

Editorial: Time for Maine to end ban on Sunday hunting (Kennebec Journal, 1/23/05)

Coastal boom building in islands (Portland Press Herald, 1/23/05)

Race is on to build facilities for LNG (Portland Press Herald, 1/23/05)

Small-lot owners possess more than 5.5 million acres, or 33 percent of Maine's woodlands (Portland Press Herald, 1/23/05)

New pests creeping up on us (Portland Press Herald, 1/23/05)

Editorial: There's got to be a better way to control coyotes Down East (Portland Press Herald, 1/23/05)

Potential of catastrophic fire from terrorist attack worries LNG opponents (Associated Press, 1/22/05)

Bill seeks to ban northern park (Bangor Daily News, 1/22/05)

Organizers holding workshops on Penobscot River project (Bangor Daily News, 1/22/05)

Penjajawoc-Bangor Mall group meets (Bangor Daily News, 1/22/05)

Eagles put on displays above Penobscot River (Bangor Daily News, 1/22/05)

Landowner says park could invigorate conservation movement (Associated Press, 1/21/05)

Creating a national park in the state's north woods could help reawaken the nation's slumbering conservation movement (Portland Press Herald, 1/21/05)

Maine forestlands in times of change (Bangor Daily News, 1/21/05)

Vassalboro may seek right to take alewives (Kennebec Journal, 1/21/05)

Legislative committee that will decide if genetically modified organisms are to be grown on PEI (CBC, 1/20/05)

Workshops to outline vision of river restoration project (Bangor Daily News, 1/20/05)

Maine water allocation a concern (Bangor Daily News, 1/20/05)

Hampden mulls protection of bald eagle nesting site (Bangor Daily News, 1/20/05)

Editorial: The environmental story of the next decade is climate change (Bangor Daily News, 1/20/05)

Farmers, woodlot owners pan Sunday hunting plan (Portland Press Herald, 1/20/05)

Editorial: 'Remote hunting' ban a good idea for Maine (Portland Press Herald, 1/20/05)

Bill would require efficiency standards for appliances (Maine Public Radio, 1/19/05)

Littleton residents vote against sludge spreading (Bangor Daily News, 1/19/05)

Woodlot owners, farmers to fight Sunday hunting (Bangor Daily News, 1/19/05)

Hardy souls camp out to reserve space at Baxter (Bangor Daily News, 1/19/05)

Editorial: FERC authority to site liquefied natural gas terminals (Bangor Daily News, 1/19/05)

Editorial: Sunday hunting has been a perennial topic for debate (Bangor Daily News, 1/19/05)

Opinion: Simple way to fund Fisheries and Wildlife (Bangor Daily News, 1/19/05)

UMaine study pours distilled water on discussion of washing produce (Portland Press Herald, 1/19/05)

Editorial: Oak Hill project makes sense in the fight against sprawl (Portland Press Herald, 1/19/05)

Editorial: Coyote derby doesn't belong in cross hairs (Kennebec Journal, 1/19/05)

Mainer in midst of N.H. timber fight (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 1/19/05)

Scott Cowger: Strong voice for clean environment (Brunswick Times Record, 1/18/05)

Editorial: Sunday hunting? Not so fast (Brunswick Times Record, 1/18/05)

MeadWestvaco selling off mills, forest lands (Associated Press, 1/18/05)

Coyote is latest hunting battle (Kennebec Journal, 1/18/05)

Crossbow hunting bills stir controversy (Bangor Daily News, 1/18/05)

Opinion: The hunt for silence on Sunday under fire (Bangor Daily News, 1/18/05)

"Coyote Derby" draws attention to declining deer herd (Maine Public Radio, 1/17/05)

NH Timber cutting raises concerns (Associated Press, 1/17/05)

Meetings set for conservation program in Casco Bay watershed (Brunswick Times Record, 1/17/05)

Trust seeks to preserve Maquoit Bay waterfront parcel (Brunswick Times Record, 1/17/05)

Report finds drop in species diversity of gulf (Portland Press Herald, 1/17/05)

Divisive derby nets 2 coyote (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/05)

Editorial: Avoiding Right Whales (Bangor Daily News, 1/17/05)

Bald eagle in Maine and across the United States has made a remarkable recovery (Portland Press Herald, 1/16/05)

Pesticide board questions plan to levy new fee on chemicals (Bangor Daily News, 1/15/05)

Sandhill crane rare sight in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 1/15/05)

Clean cars, land bond on environmentalists' agenda (Associated Press, 1/14/05)

Coalition of 25 environmental groups outline their legislative agenda (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 1/14/05)

Environmental activists' focus: Cars, land access, water (Portland Press Herald, 1/14/05)

Enviro groups unite to add muscle to advocacy (Bangor Daily News, 1/14/05)

State honors Clayton Lake logger for aiding brook trout project (Bangor Daily News, 1/14/05)

EPA cleans up Van Buren fireworks site (Bangor Daily News, 1/14/05)

Editorial: Coyote derby is expected to start as planned (Bangor Daily News, 1/14/05)

Opinion: Sunday hunting makes sense (Bangor Daily News, 1/14/05)

Town council gives $40,000 to Cape E land trust (Portland Press Herald, 1/13/05)

Mainers divided on Sunday hunting plan (Portland Press Herald, 1/13/05)

Coyote hunting derby may not prove to be a very wily move (Bangor Daily News, 1/13/05)

Lakeside septic has China's attention (Kennebec Journal, 1/13/05)

Biotech crops big issue at annual agricultural show (Bangor Daily News, 1/12/05)

Opinion: Safe Dragon should be top DEP priority (Bangor Daily News, 1/12/05)

Agricultural Trades Show Organizers expect 5,000 visitors (Kennebec Journal, 1/12/05)

Washington County "coyote derby" in which coyotes are hunted with bait and hounds and killed for monetary prizes (Maine Public Radio, 12/10/05)

Selectmen to visit site where Cushing tree cutting occurred (Bangor Daily News, 1/11/05)

Editorial: Baldacci's ideas for DIF&W: One worthy, one to reconsider (Portland Press Herald, 1/11/05)

Pownal Land Trust working to preserve seven-mile trail corridor between Bradbury Mountain and Pineland Farms (Brunswick Times Record, 1/10/05)

A young right whale can swim free again after some high-seas drama (CNN, 1/10/05)

Editorial: Expansion of Baxter State Park and adding Katahdin Lake is welcome news (Portland Press Herald, 1/9/05)

Editorial: Growth caps ineffective way for towns to fight sprawl (Portland Press Herald, 1/9/05)

Sunday hunting part of plan to increase revenue (Kennebec Journal, 1/8/05)

Deal may add lake to Baxter park (Portland Press Herald, 1/7/05)

Opinion: We can reduce our fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions (Portland Press Herald, 1/7/05)

Nonprofits ponder role in National Parks funding (Missoulian, 1/6/05)

First phase of Down East land conservation complete (Portland Press Herald, 1/6/05)

Tribe: LNG project far off (Bangor Daily News, 1/6/05)

Logging looms at Moose Point, Camden Hills state parks (Village Soup, 1/6/05)

New Hampshire timber cuts loom (Associated Press, 1/5/05)

Neighbors continue to criticize plans for Brunswick subdivision (Brunswick Times Record, 1/5/05)

Savvy will make case for LNG project (Portland Press Herald, 1/5/05)

Plow through all the latest dirt at annual Maine Agricultural Trades Show (Bangor Daily News, 1/5/05)

Whitefield man fined by DEP (Kennebec Journal, 1/5/05)

Bill meant to keep wildlife issues from referendum will not be put forward (Kennebec Journal, 1/4/05)

Counters spot 73 species of birds (Portland Press Herald, 1/3/05)

Endangered species list under revision (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 1/3/05)

Editorial: Maine sets an example for mercury reduction (Portland Press Herald, 1/2/05)

Historical society exhibit features the 'North Woods' (Associated Press, 1/2/05)

Parkman man touts fuel-efficient vehicles (Kennebec Journal, 1/2/05)

Thousands of seals finding homes along New England coast (Associated Press, 1/1/05)

Rare Townsend's solitaire sighting excites viewers (Bangor Daily News, 1/1/05)

Opinion: Claim of FERC LNG supremacy empty (Brunswick Times Record, 12/31/04)

Decline of eels a slippery problem, brothers find (Bangor Daily News, 12/31/04)

Editorial: Cabinet-level committee on marine policy (Bangor Daily News, 12/31/04)

Land trust buys isle off Stonington (Bangor Daily News, 12/30/04)

Bangor couple donates land near marsh to trust (Bangor Daily News, 12/30/04)

Editorial: Elevating the EPA from an agency to a department (Bangor Daily News, 12/30/04)

8 acres of shorefront and forest on Chebeague Island will be preserved (Portland Press Herald, 12/30/04)

Audubon to hold workshop on forestry management (Portland Press Herald, 12/30/04)

Drivers should recycle their old Transpass devices - which contain high levels of lead (Portland Press Herald, 12/30/04)

Opinion: Ignore the global warming critics (Portland Press Herald, 12/30/04)

Vassalboro weighs in on ice ban (Kennebec Journal, 12/30/04)

Maine Coast Heritage Trust purchase of 78-acre Saddleback Island (Maine Coast Heritage Trust, 12/29/04)

Farmers benefit from utilizing used cooking oil to heat greenhouses (Portland Press Herald, 12/29/04)

Study: Mousam River cleaner thanks to landfill experiment (Portland Press Herald, 12/29/04)

Hearing set on Winslow dam (Kennebec Journal, 12/29/04)

Editorial: Efforts should be made to reduce, and if possible, eliminate, the use and discharge of hazardous chemicals (Bangor Daily News, 12/29/04)

Seventy acres and 1,300 feet of Kennebec River waterfront proteceted in Woolwich (Brunswick Times Record, 12/28/04)

State has recommended fines in connection with the expansion of a gravel pit in China (Kennebec Journal, 12/27/04)

Editorial: Cars, trucks don't belong on China Lake (Kennebec Journal, 12/27/04)

State to hold hearing on proposed China Lake vehicle ban (Kennebec Journal, 12/26/04)

Mainers lamented caribou's extinction (Bangor Daily News, 12/26/04)

Chem-free demo gardens to feature slow-growing grass (Portland Press Herald, 12/26/04)

Fishing safety, conservation may be examined in lawsuits (Portland Press Herald, 12/26/04)

Annual Audubon bird count yields excellent results (Bangor Daily News, 12/25/04)

Gulf of Maine Institute's new building on Commercial Street (Portland Press Herald, 12/24/04)

Activists target 'persistent polluters' (Bangor Daily News, 12/23/04)

DEP probes elevated methane levels in home well near Hampden landfill (Bangor Daily News, 12/23/04)

Editorial: Preparing for LNG (Bangor Daily News, 12/23/04)

Federal funds to be used for Appalachian trail improvements (Bangor Daily News, 12/22/04)

State may act to close auto emissions loophole (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/04)

Old Town landfill operator wants say in lawsuit (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/04)

More car mercury switches recycled (Bangor Daily News, 12/21/04)

Annual Christmas Bird Count sponsored by the National Audubon Society (Kennebec Journal, 12/20/04)

Every bird counts in annual Christmas tally (Bangor Daily News, 12/20/04)

Climate-change debate heats up (Portland Press Herald, 12/19/04)

Editorial: Plum Creek project is a reminder of missing land bond (Portland Press Herald, 12/19/04)

Pest control proposal bugs Maine firms (Bangor Daily News, 12/18/04)

Editorial: Ambitious plan from Plum Creek Timber (Bangor Daily News, 12/18/04)

Editorial: New Gloucester anti-sprawl plan can preserve Maine's character (Portland Press Herald, 12/17/04)

Vernal pools on Orono High School's property used as an outdoor lab (Bangor Daily News, 12/17/04)

Plum Creek plan to draw scrutiny (Bangor Daily News, 12/17/04)

Editorial: White tailed deer are a mixed blessing (Bangor Daily News, 12/17/04)

Editorial: Organic turf care (Brunswick Times Record, 12/16/04)

Editorial: LNG jurisdiction in question (Brunswick Times Record, 12/16/04)

Right whales reported entangled off coast of Carolinas (Associated Press, 12/16/04)

Scientists look at lilacs for evidence of earlier spring (Associated Press, 12/16/04)

Blue Hill Bay Salmon Farmer Turns to Mussels (Ellsworth American, 12/16/04)

Activists warn of toys with mercury batteries (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/16/04)

Source-water quality and protection in Jay and Livermore Falls (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/16/04)

Editorial: Plum Creek's plan for the Moosehead region (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/16/04)

Plum Creek development could change the character of the Moosehead region forever (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/04)

Plum Creek: Two resorts in works in Moosehead region (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 12/15/04)

NRCM Response to Plum Creek Development Proposal (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 12/15/04)

Bigelow Management Plan under revision (The Irregular, 12/15/04)

Trust buys land on Blue Hill Mountain (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/04)

IP has agreed to sell 100 acres abutting Silver Lake to Bucksport (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/04)

Large shorefront project planned for Moosehead region (Associated Press, 12/15/04)

Activists speak out against toys containing mercury batteries (Associated Press, 12/15/04)

Plum Creek includes conservation incentives with the Moosehead-area development project (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/04)

Falmouth council to consider building ban (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/04)

Falmouth council to consider building ban (Portland Press Herald, 12/15/04)

Training fills need for loggers (Bangor Daily News, 12/15/04)

Timber company presents strategy for conservation, development of 427,000 acres in Moosehead region (Kennebec Journal, 12/15/04)

China cool to ban on cars from lake ice (Kennebec Journal, 12/15/04)

Councilors debate pros and cons of using pesticides on playing fields that are above drinking water supply (Brunswick Times Record, 12/15/04)

Rep. Allen Cautions EPA Administrator Leavitt Against Backtracking on Particulate Pollution (Rep. Tom Allen, 12/14/04)

Speakers at conference warn about the impact of unplanned development (Brunswick Times Record, 12/13/04)

Maine farmers using Internet as marketing tool (Bangor Daily News, 12/14/04)

Group seeks citizen scientists to monitor Casco bay nutrients (Associated Press, 12/13/04)

Editorial: Bangor will burn a biodiesel mixture in its buses, fire trucks and heavy equipment (Bangor Daily News, 12/13/04)

Opinion: Potential impact of the proposed liquefied natural gas import terminal at Pleasant Point (Bangor Daily News, 12/13/04)

State subsidizes its urban sprawl, Angus King says (Portland Press Herald, 12/11/04)

Editorial: Urban sprawl affects natural areas, but also another kind of green (Portland Press Herald, 12/11/04)

Second annual GrowSmart Maine summit (Kennebec Journal, 12/11/04)

Red-tailed Hawks give aerial courtship shows (Bangor Daily News, 12/11/04)

Sprawl Summit Takes Up the Whys and Hows of Too Much Unplanned Development (Maine Public Radio, 12/10/04)

Opinion: Ban pesticides from playing fields; protect aquifer (Brunswick Times Record, 12/10/04)

Long-term future of agriculture, forestry and ecotourism in Maine at risk (Bangor Daily News, 12/10/04)

Editorial: Sprawl Antidote (Bangor Daily News, 12/10/04)

State's natural-resource industries under pressure (Portland Press Herald, 12/10/04)

Worker removes a Back Cove osprey nest from aging transformers and builds the birds a new nest platform (Portland Press Herald, 12/10/04)

Deer kill tops last year but doesn't meet projections (Associated Press, 12/10/04)

Rough Seas For LNG: Series of articles on LNG (Fisherman's Voice, 12/9/04)

Activists: Sprawl's grip felt in midcoast (Portland Press Herald, 12/9/04)

Editorial: State fish and game folks misconstrue their role in debate (Portland Press Herald, 12/9/04)

Maine faulted for PVC incineration (Bangor Daily News, 12/9/04)

Androscoggin may be ready for clean river designation (Maine Public Radio, 12/8/04)

Purchase protects pristine river habitat (Brunswick Times Record, 12/8/04)

Environmental and public health advocates called on consumers to stop buying PVC (Portland Press Herald, 12/8/04)

Atlantic Salmon closure leaves town in a pinch (Bangor Daily News, 12/8/04)

Town of Perry enters controversy over LNG plant (Maine Public Radio, 12/7/04)

Maine declared number one in PVC incineration (Maine Public Radio, 12/7/04)

Bangor officials to convert the city's fleet of snowplows, trucks and buses to run on clean-burning biodiesel (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/04)

Maine Ranks First in Nation in PVC Waste Incineration (Environmental Health Strategy Center, 12/7/04)

Forest Society raises $35 million to protect land (Portland Press Herald, 12/7/04)

Mermaid owner gets hybrid SUV (Portland Press Herald, 12/7/04)

Completion of the West Branch Project (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/04)

Orono man wants court to review landfill approval (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/04)

Ellsworth plans environmental survey near river (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/04)

Perry council to air local opposition to LNG terminal (Bangor Daily News, 12/7/04)

Bangor goes biodiesel, settles claims with EPA (Kennebec Journal, 12/7/04)

Editorial: Maine a leader in dealing with global warming (Kennebec Journal, 12/7/04)

Bush Sets Out Plan to Dismantle 30 Years of Environmental Laws (Independent/UK, 12/7/04)

New director of Maine chapter of The Nature Conservancy (Brunswick Times Record, 12/6/04)

IF&W focusing television advertising campaigns on York and Cumberland counties (Portland Press Herald, 12/6/04)

Editorial: Putting projects on a "Dirty Dozen" toxics list (Bangor Daily News, 12/6/04)

New group seeks to protect Androscoggin (Associated Press, 12/5/04)

Conservation commissioner tries new approach (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 12/5/04)

Sprawl hits Mainers in the purse, group says (Portland Press Herald, 12/5/04)

Activists: Law fails Androscoggin River (Portland Press Herald, 12/5/04)

Vinalhaven co-op dreams of reducing -perhaps even eliminating - the need to import electricity from the mainland (Portland Press Herald, 12/5/04)

Book - The Appalachian Trail: An Aerial View (Portland Press Herald, 12/5/04)

State's plan aims to cut pollution (Bangor Daily News, 12/4/04)

State lays out plan to reduce emissions (Portland Press Herald, 12/4/04)

Editorial: Federal action best to fight impacts of global climate change (Portland Press Herald, 12/4/04)

Experts call for patience with salmon (Bangor Daily News, 12/4/04)

Maine towns have had some success in curbing sprawl (Bangor Daily News, 12/4/04)

State Program Would Reduce Greenhouse Gases (Maine Public Radio, 12/3/04)

Brewer mill cleanup progressing (Bangor Daily News, 12/3/04)

Editorial: Pursuing means to limit the high-level of carbon emissions (Bangor Daily News, 12/3/04)

Maine Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program has a $220,000 revenue shortfall (Brunswick Times Record, 12/2/04)

Keeping urban trees saves cash, agency reports (Bangor Daily News, 12/2/04)

Woodland sales spur use debates (Bangor Daily News, 12/2/04)

Salmon in the Penobscot River are continuing their recent recovery (Bangor Daily News, 12/2/04)

New England biologist laments loss of right whales (Portland Press Herald, 12/2/04)

Toughest limits on mercury left out, activists say (Portland Press Herald, 12/2/04)

State board to weigh tighter emissions rules (Portland Press Herald, 12/2/04)

Augusta gravel pit mining moratorium (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 12/2/04)

Editorial: President Bush wants to eliminate a rule that protects and preserves wilderness areas as roadless (Brunswick Times Record, 12/1/04)

Appalachian Trail Conference will become the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (Associated Press, 12/1/04)

Old Town, Bangor sites make Toxic Action Center's 'Dirty Dozen' list (Bangor Daily News, 12/1/04)

Landfill opponents file suit against BEP (Bangor Daily News, 12/1/04)

Coalition pans Passamaquoddy Bay LNG plan (Bangor Daily News, 12/1/04)

Bill says feds can overrule states on LNG (Bangor Daily News, 12/1/04)

LNG opponents ask for Baldacci's help (Portland Press Herald, 12/1/04)

Agricultural mission heading to Cuba (Bangor Daily News, 11/30/04)

Smaller operations dislike logging law (Portland Press Herald, 11/29/04)

Opinion: Schoodic LNG threat is soundly defeated (Bangor Daily News, 11/29/04)

Land projects aim to curb development around Baxter State Park and around Sebago Lake (Portland Press Herald, 11/28/04)

Opinion: Sebasticook River will see rebirth when dam is removed (Portland Press Herald, 11/28/04)

The long journey from China Lake to the faucet (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/28/04)

Reward offered for solid clues to eagle's death (Portland Press Herald, 11/27/04)

Paper firm initiates sale of New Brunswick acreage (Portland Press Herald, 11/28/04)

New ATV laws require landowner permission (Bangor Daily News, 11/27/04)

Editorial: Maine must quickly decide if it is serious about pursuing LNG (Bangor Daily News, 11/27/04)

Securing a mile of shoreline on Parker Pond in Fayette for conservation (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/26/04)

Wayne endorses dam transfer (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/25/04)

Steps urged on global warming (Bangor Daily News, 11/24/04)

Maine groups unite in push to stop global warming (Portland Press Herald, 11/24/04)

Sea squirts put squeeze on 40 square miles (Portland Press Herald, 11/24/04)

New coalition to seek action on global warming (Associated Press, 11/24/04)

Editorial: Breathing dirty air is bad for your health (Bangor Daily News, 11/24/04)

New animal rights group pledges to be a voice at the Statehouse for those who love wildlife (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/23/04)

Buy-in growing for 'green' ways to do business (Portland Press Herald, 11/23/04)

Invasive Sea Squirt Alive and Well on Georges Bank (USGS, 11/22/04)

Opinion: Global warming's back, but so are the as-yet-unsilenced skeptics (Portland Press Herald, 11/22/04)

Students gather in Unity, ponder greenhouse-gas reduction (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/21/04)

Canadian official faults tribe's LNG plant (Bangor Daily News, 11/19/04)

Environmental groups oppose overhaul of nuclear plant (Associated Press, 11/19/04)

West Old Town Landfill Documents Access and Daily Dump Document Dispatch (We the People, 11/18/04)

Editorial: Develop proper ocean policy before developing our offshore areas (Cape Cod Times, 11/13/04)

Danger from dams cited in declining eel population (Boston Globe, 11/18/04)

Pollution, development and invasive species are blamed for shrinking brook trout populations (Portland Press Herald, 11/18/04)

Editorial: Wolves shouldn't be 'delisted' where they don't exist (Portland Press Herald, 11/18/04)

Editorial: Casco Bay discharge ban a start to ending pollution (Portland Press Herald, 11/18/04)

Two Brothers Seek Federal Protection Of American Eel (Maine Public Radio, 11/17/04)

W. Gardiner pit miner fined (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/17/04)

Mars Hill vote moves windmill project forward (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/04)

Mars Hill vote moves windmill project forward (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/04)

Bangor ready to form Penjajawoc task force (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/04)

State aims to recoup Warren rifle range cleanup costs (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/04)

Editorial: Burning trash in your back yard (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/04)

Opinion: We are failing in our sacred trust to maintain the land and its resources for future generations (Bangor Daily News, 11/17/04)

Infectious disease may have killed friendly beluga whale Poco (Portland Press Herald, 11/17/04)

Water district will review ways to keep raw sewage out of bay (Portland Press Herald, 11/17/04)

Portland Water district will review itself (Portland Press Herald, 11/17/04)

Construction under way on hydrogen power project (Portland Press Herald, 11/17/04)

Opinion by Susan Collins: Wake-up call on climate change (Portland Press Herald, 11/17/04)

State wants discharge ban on Casco Bay (Portland Press Herald, 11/17/04)

Local group formed to win new rules on gravel pits is celebrating a double dose of good news (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/17/04)

Opinion: Preserving public access Those who use other people's land must take care of it (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/17/04)

Dragon neighbors file lawsuit against cement plant (Bangor Daily News, 11/16/04)

Old Town Landfill opponents poised to take battle to court (Bangor Daily News, 11/16/04)

Playful beluga whale Poco dies (Portland Press Herald, 11/16/04)

Editorial: SAM thinks wildlife management should be sacrosanct, but it shouldn't (Portland Press Herald, 11/16/04)

Maine Yankee's decommissioning seen as model for nuclear industry (Brunswick Times Record, 11/15/04)

Environmental groups lauded for their efforts at Toxics Action conference (Bangor Daily News, 11/15/04)

UMFK conference addresses impact of forestland ownership (Bangor Daily News, 11/15/04)

Bideford Gas plant cleanup enters final phase (Portland Press Herald, 11/15/04)

Kids sow seeds for chestnut revival (Portland Press Herald, 11/14/04)

Editorial: IP Land sale won't change much - this time (Portland Press Herald, 11/14/04)

Opinion: Hunters aim for ban on wildlife initiatives (Portland Press Herald, 11/14/04)

Guarding drinking water Proposed DEP rule would restrict development near sources (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/14/04)

Messalonskee hosts milfoil test (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/14/04)

State extols forest certification effor (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/13/04)

Entrepreneur pitches solar power as 'green' and sound (Portland Press Herald, 11/13/04)

Editorial: Landfill may give MERC another reason to shut down (Portland Press Herald, 11/13/04)

Baldacci joins fight over roadless forests (Portland Press Herald, 11/13/04)

Backyard burns continue despite laws, officials say (Bangor Daily News, 11/13/04)

Editorial: The future of Sears Island (Bangor Daily News, 11/13/04)

Opinion: Ignore arctic warming warnings at our own peril (Bangor Daily News, 11/13/04)

LURC lets test poles remain on mountains (Portland Press Herald, 11/12/04)

Opinion: Victory not enough for sportsmen and agency they sway (Portland Press Herald, 11/12/04)

Editorial: Arctic is already seeing the results of climate change (Bangor Daily News, 11/12/04)

State honors Dragon Cement for environment efforts (Bangor Daily News, 11/11/04)

Editorial: 'Green certified' wood becoming more popular and feasible (Portland Press Herald, 11/11/04)

LURC has voted to allow Redington Mountain Windpower LLC to retain 100-foot-high poles on two mountain ridges (Associated Press, 11/11/04)

International Paper has agreed to sell more than a million acres of Maine forestland (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/04)

Composter seeks sludge ban exemption (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/04)

Wind farm hearing airs opposition, support (Bangor Daily News, 11/10/04)

IP to sell 1.1 million acres of its forestland (Portland Press Herald, 11/10/04)

Climate change is altering the American landscape (Portland Press Herald, 11/10/04)

Opinion: Maine's sporting heritage Sportsmen dodged bullet Nov. 2 on bear referendum (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/10/04)

IP is selling off 1.1 million acres in Maine and New Hampshire (Maine Public Radio, 11/9/04)

Eastport officials criticize LNG plan (Bangor Daily News, 11/9/04)

Thinking creatively about uses for 941-acre Sears island (Bangor Daily News, 11/9/04)

Shrimpers allowed longer season (Portland Press Herald, 11/9/04)

Editorial: EPA should get moving on mercury rules (Portland Press Herald, 11/9/04)

Editorial: It turns out it was wrong to mess with Scarborough Marsh (Portland Press Herald, 11/9/04)

Maine makes it easier to dispose of mercury (Portland Press Herald, 11/8/04)

Old Town landfill a factor for MERC (Portland Press Herald, 11/8/04)

Waste plant reducing costs of ash disposal (Portland Press Herald, 11/8/04)

Opinion: Roadless Rule for wilderness areas now an endangered species (Portland Press Herald, 11/7/04)

McCarthy fined in waste probe (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/6/04)

Constitutional amendment would prohibit ballot initiatives on wildlife management issues (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/5/04)

Milfoil foiler praised (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/5/04)

State eyes Sears Island for recreational uses (Bangor Daily News, 11/5/04)

Opinion: Of rails and trails in Maine (Bangor Daily News, 11/5/04)

Draft cruise ship pollution rules studied (Bangor Daily News, 11/5/04)

Baldacci to laud environmental excellence (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/5/04)

Activist: Hunting abuses exposed (Associated Press, 11/4/04)

Bear hunting debate headed to Legislature (Portland Press Herald, 11/4/04)

Defeat of bear-baiting ban comes with price (Maine Public Radio, 11/3/04)

Bear-bait measure narrowly rejected (Bangor Daily News, 11/3/04)

Bear-baiting ban falls in close vote (Portland Press Herald, 11/3/04)

Editorial: Biddeford, Saco should sniff out a way to rein in MERC (Portland Press Herald, 11/2/04)

Gulf restoration plans eyed (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/2/04)

2 allegedly breached mining moratorium (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 11/2/04)

Dragon Cement a focus of environmental suit (Maine Public Radio, 11/1/04)

Scallop grounds reopened for limited fishing (Associated Press, 11/1/04)

Odor hotline for incinerator draws criticism (Portland Press Herald, 11/1/04)

Waste-oil collection to help harbor, fleet (Portland Press Herald, 11/1/04)

Campaign to alter bear hunting practices is stirring an equal swell of emotion (Associated Press, 10/31/04)

Art show urges people to see the 'big picture' of sustainability (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/04)

LNG developers turn sights toward Canada (Portland Press Herald, 10/31/04)

Bear-hunt pros and cons lost amid finger-pointing (Portland Press Herald, 10/30/04)

AD WATCH: Biologists defend current methods (Portland Press Herald, 10/30/04)

AD WATCH: Bear hunting cast as 'cruel, inhumane' (Portland Press Herald, 10/30/04)

AD WATCH: 'Facts' highlights other states' bans on bear baiting (Portland Press Herald, 10/29/04)

TV stations bar anti-bait ads (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/29/04)

Opinion: Bear vote critics use scare tactic (Portland Press Herald, 10/29/04)

Green Store: Environmentally friendly (Brunswick Times Record, 10/29/04)

Dragon Products Cement kiln emissions under fire (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/04)

Rep. Allen to RNC: Retract “Clear Skies” Mailing “At Odds with the Facts and the Bush Record” (U.S. Representative Tom Allen, 10/28/04)

Old Town residents consider going to court to stop contested project (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/04)

Group protests LNG terminal at N.B. summit (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/04)

Coalition facing deadline to regain Greenland Point (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/04)

Opinion: The great bear debate (Bangor Daily News, 10/28/04)

National groups aid foes of bear-baiting (Portland Press Herald, 10/28/04)

Editorial: The Portland Phoenix endorses a yes vote on Question 2 (Portland Phoenix, 10/28/04)

Ellsworth startswork to update the aging and troubled wastewater treatment plant (Ellsworth American, 10/28/04)

LNG protest greets environmental delegates (CBC, 10/27/04)

Editorial: Ideology behind Question 2 (Brunswick Times Record, 10/27/04)

Supporters of Question 2 dispute figures on nuisance bears (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/27/04)

Proposed Irving power plant will affect nuclear decision (Associated Press, 10/27/04)

New Brunswick auditor general calls for salmon farm strategy (Associated Press, 10/27/04)

Madawaska firm faces fine for waste oil spill (Bangor Daily News, 10/27/04)

Group faces deadline to regain Greenland Point (Bangor Daily News, 10/27/04)

Perry residents want say on LNG (Bangor Daily News, 10/26/04)

Greenville-area residents discuss expanded moose season (Bangor Daily News, 10/26/04)

Editorial: No on Question 2 (Bangor Daily News, 10/26/04)

Opinion: Bear hunt's future hangs by a slender thread (Bangor Daily News, 10/26/04)

Opinion: End bear baiting, hounding, trapping (Bangor Daily News, 10/26/04)

Scientists mix chemistry, eco-safety, find solutions (Portland Press Herald, 10/26/04)

Unprepared Katahdin Hikers Burden Baxter Park Staff (Phyllis Austin, Maine Environmental News, 10/25/04)

Experts continue seal death probe (Portland Press Herald, 10/25/04)

University of Southern Maine's Portland campus shuttle bus to use cleaner-burning biodiesel (Portland Press Herald, 10/25/04)

Shed Pond put into land trust; no development (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/25/04)

Parks administrator explains new ATV rules (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/24/04)

Maine unique when it comes to bears (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/04)

Energy conservationists want statewide standards for insulating new houses (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/04)

Opinion: Bait ban or no, one thing's sure: More bear encounters inevitable (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/04)

Center for Environmental Enterprise to graduate to bigger and better physical facilities (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/04)

Opinion: Rural Maine couldn't bear economic impact of Question 2 (Portland Press Herald, 10/24/04)

Bear-vote rallies due in Portland (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/23/04)

Bear-hunt ethics vs. population debated (Portland Press Herald, 10/23/04)

Opinion: Trust bear biologists and vote no on 2 (Bangor Daily News, 10/23/04)

BEP denies Old Town landfill appeals (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/04)

Down East opposition to LNG terminal grows (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/04)

Opinion: Referendum on bear hunting (Bangor Daily News, 10/22/04)

Wolf protection urged at hearing with biologists (Bangor Daily News, 10/21/04)

BEP to hear appeals of West Old Town Landfill approval today (Bangor Daily News, 10/21/04)

DEP: Warren logging road violates wetlands law (Bangor Daily News, 10/21/04)

DEP: McGee violated mine permit (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/21/04)

Environmentalist mounts "Save the Eel" campaign (Maine Public Radio, 10/20/04)

Moose season to get review (Bangor Daily News, 10/20/04)

Opinion: Bear referendum foes distort facts with scare tactics (Bangor Daily News, 10/20/04)

Group: Mercury cutback is cheap (Portland Press Herald, 10/20/04)

Utility seeks ban on cars, trucks on China Lake ice (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/20/04)

Wolf Recovery Advocates Fight A Federal Recommendation (Maine Public Radio, 10/19/04)

Kennebec River: a 'glorious resource' (Brunswick Times Record, 10/19/04)

Searsport to have say in Sears Island future (Bangor Daily News, 10/19/04)

Trust opens public hiking trails in Blue Hill (Bangor Daily News, 10/19/04)

Gray wolf may lose endangered listing (Bangor Daily News, 10/18/04)

Editorial: US lagging when it comes to upping the fuel economy standards for cars (Bangor Daily News, 10/18/04)

Maine finds stockpiles of hazardous chemicals at schools (Portland Press Herald, 10/18/04)

Editorial: Regulation of bear hunt best left to biologists (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/18/04)

Southern counties crucial in bear vote (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/17/04)

Maine bear hunting questions answered (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/17/04)

Where wilderness winds through civilization, Appalachian Trail still provides escape (Associated Press, 10/16/04)

Group: An economic impact study by opponents of proposed new bear hunting regulations is flawed. (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/15/04)

Bear question likely to get voters out (Portland Press Herald, 10/17/04)

Editorial: USM right whale research could provide the answers (Portland Press Herald, 10/18/04)

State has reopened 6,300 acres of fishing grounds around the south end of MDI (Bangor Daily News, 10/16/04)

Biodiesel in Saco (Portland Press Herald, 10/15/04)

USM using cells to study pollution's effects (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/04)

Renewed availability of federal tax credits to promote alternative energy (Portland Press Herald, 10/14/04)

Oyster Farmer Researches Options (Ellsworth American, 10/14/04)

Editorial: Let’s Not Criminalize Bear-baiting (Ellsworth American, 10/14/04)

Maine Land Trust takes the last step in completing the protection of Mount Abraham (Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust, 10/13/04)

Wind power gets federal help (Bangor Daily News, 10/13/04)

Protection of 26,000 acres around Tumbledown Mountain and Mt. Blue State Park (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/13/04)

Opinion: Carter behind the scenes Environmental advocate in political wine cellar (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/13/04)

Funds favor foes of bear hunt restriction (Portland Press Herald, 10/13/04)

Roadside dumping law enforced (Bangor Daily News, 10/12/04)

Fishing ground closure under attack (Associated Press, 10/12/04)

Senators on board to reopen fishing area (Portland Press Herald, 10/12/04)

Maine bear count proves elusive (Portland Press Herald, 10/10/04)

Mitchell lauds environmentalist's 20 years (Portland Press Herald, 10/9/04)

MSHA loses grant to fight lead poisoning (Bangor Daily News, 10/9/04)

Environmentalist honored in Portland (Bangor Daily News, 10/9/04)

Brownie Carson honored for 20 years at helm of Natural Resources Council (Brunswick Times Record, 10/8/04)

Debaters split on ethics of bear hunt (Portland Press Herald, 10/8/04)

Questions linger at Callahan Mine Superfund site (Bangor Daily News, 10/8/04)

DEP wants increase in low emission vehicles (Maine Public Radio, 10/7/04)

DEP approves Machiasport golf course proposal (Bangor Daily News, 10/7/04)

Hearing centers on lake draw-downs (Bangor Daily News, 10/7/04)

NY Tour points up landfill differences (Bangor Daily News, 10/7/04)

Editorial: Progress on the Penjajawoc (Bangor Daily News, 10/7/04)

Executive director for the Natural Resources Council of Maine's 20th year (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/7/04)

U.S. commitment to the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (Associated Press, 10/7/04)

Maine group tours Casella-run landfill (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/04)

Tribe asked to forgo LNG site (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/04)

LURC director: Violation questions resolved (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/04)

Editorial: Blueberry producer will stop aerial spraying of pesticides on its land (Bangor Daily News, 10/6/04)

PUC hearing on proposed rules to require energy efficiencies in new homes (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/6/04)

Berry grower to halt aerial spraying of pesticides (Portland Press Herald, 10/5/04)

Editorial: Rebuild Superfund program with 'polluter pays' program (Portland Press Herald, 10/5/04)

Cherryfield will no longer participate in aerial spraying (Associated Press, 10/5/04)

Blueberry Grower Announces End To Aerial Pesticide Spraying (Maine Public Radio, 10/4/04)

New tool to protect the Earth: Lawsuits (Portland Press Herald, 10/4/04)

Hazardous waste collection in Bangor fills 5 trailers (Bangor Daily News, 10/4/04)

Tank-raised halibut could pad mainers' pockets (Bangor Daily News, 10/4/04)

Life off the power grid (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/3/04)

EPA cleanup nears completion in Corinna (Bangor Daily News, 10/2/04)

AG asked to review old LURC violations (Bangor Daily News, 10/2/04)

New study on bear baiting ban challenged (Portland Press Herald, 10/1/04)

Portland's catch of fish goes up, but value drops (Portland Press Herald, 10/1/04)

Smog days decreased during summer months (Associated Press, 10/1/04)

Would bear bait ban pay? (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/1/04)

Bush administration has slowed cleanup of Superfund sites (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 10/1/04)

Neighbors raise questions about Dragon Products (Bangor Daily News, 9/30/04)

Panel debates future use of Sears Island (Bangor Daily News, 9/30/04)

Television ad against the referendum to ban bear hunting with bait (Portland Press Herald, 9/30/04)

Opinion: Nuclear reactors are still not 'safe' (Portland Press Herald, 9/30/04)

Meddybemps site yields hazardous chemicals, waste (Bangor Daily News, 9/29/04)

Opinion: Generate clean, cheap, local power (Bangor Daily News, 9/29/04)

Editorial: Hard data on costs, benefits of MERC plant will be helpful (Portland Press Herald, 9/29/04)

Another bear referendum ad in dispute (Maine Public Radio, 9/28/04)

Urchins few and far between (Portland Press Herald, 9/28/04)

MERC study focuses on economic impact (Portland Press Herald, 9/28/04)

Editorial: Industry, regulators should plan for lower lobster landings (Portland Press Herald, 9/28/04)

Organic milk viewed as a way to save the dairy farm (Associated Press, 9/27/04)

Eaglets reintroduced to Addison now surviving on their own (Associated Press, 9/27/04)

Volunteers survey erosion along Hartland lake (Bangor Daily News, 9/27/04)

State dairy farms finding success with organic milk (Bangor Daily News, 9/27/04)

Baiting referendum would open woods, supporters claim (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, 9/26/04)